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 Clutching At Straws by MARILLION album cover Studio Album, 1987
4.13 | 905 ratings

Clutching At Straws
Marillion Neo-Prog

Review by Obsidian Pigeon

4 stars Marillion's final album with Fish, this would be the end of the 'classic' period that many fans seem to cling to. This album is particularly well-written and a very worthy successor to the band's previous album Misplaced Childhood.

Many of the songs on this album revolve around themes of self-loathing and alcoholism. While the music itself is dramatic, the lyrics are very descriptive and evocative, yet are written in such a way that they may resonate in many listeners. The music as well flows brilliantly at times, and songs such as the dramatic White Russian are highlights.

The amount of variety available on this album additionally contributes to its success. While the style remains similar, the songs possess different themes and tempos which keep it from being too samey or too boring, and the whole thing flows wonderfully.

As many of the songs on here are fantastically written with very poignant lyrics and many great melodies, I feel as though this is one of the albums that encapsulates the Fish era very well.


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 Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory by DREAM THEATER album cover Studio Album, 1999
4.29 | 2142 ratings

Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory
Dream Theater Progressive Metal

Review by Obsidian Pigeon

2 stars I was never the biggest Dream Theater fan. I do remember getting Images and Words and really enjoying that album for a time, and I still do like quite a lot of the songs on there, but all of their other work that I've heard has really underwhelmed me. This album, despite the hype that helped convince me to check it out, failed to really grab my attention.

I find that while the songwriting is not bad, I simply do not really like Dream Theater's new style that they adopted after Awake, which is another album by them that I do enjoy. I attempted several times to listen to this album, but to no avail. I know that many people really enjoy this album, and I was hoping to really enjoy it, as some even consider this album better than Images and Words. I remain fairly unconvinced.

Dream Theater made an album that many deem a classic here, and for that reason I really feel bad with the rating that I am awarding this. However, I personally could never enjoy this album nor really any of the music on here as much as their earlier works, and I feel compelled to rate this album based on how I feel it stacks up against their other releases.


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 Ghost Reveries by OPETH album cover Studio Album, 2005
4.24 | 1102 ratings

Ghost Reveries
Opeth Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

Review by Obsidian Pigeon

3 stars I first encountered Opeth quite a few years ago, through their album Still Life. I was enthralled by the album cover, and decided that I wanted to hear the music that potentially warranted the artwork. I wasn't shocked by what I heard, since I had heard descriptions of what the music sounds like, but I did really enjoy it. However, Opeth is something that I simply can't listen to often. I do, though, acknowledge their abilities.

Ghost Reveries is an album that I checked shortly thereafter, and I found it to have some fairly nice songs. Yet like other Opeth albums, I grew fairly tired of it, and I cannot listen to it the whole way through. Many of the sections within the songs are very nice to listen to, and are fairly brilliantly written and arranged. However, Opeth's style is something that I cannot listen to much of at the same time.

I know that this album is well-written and is great for fans of the genre (which I'm not necessarily one of), and for those reasons I believe it merits a 3 out of 5 stars from me, because my personal tastes come in the way of my enjoyment of the album.


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 The Wake by IQ album cover Studio Album, 1985
3.77 | 411 ratings

The Wake
IQ Neo-Prog

Review by Obsidian Pigeon

2 stars IQ is a band that I'm not terribly familiar with, but I've heard a decent amount of their discography. Neo-prog as a whole is a genre of which I know only a handful of bands, and is still something that I'm still attempting to delve into. Because IQ is considered one of the seminal bands in the genre, I figured it was only fitting that I attempted to get into their music.

I must say, that while much of the content on this album is fairly well-written, it's simply music that I could not really get into, despite several listens. Not really any tracks stood out, and the flow of the album in my opinion was a little shaky. However, only personal opinion really gets in the way of my enjoyment of this album; I can very well see that the members of IQ are very talented at what they do.

This is an album that I can't really listen to for enjoyment, and that I don't find myself wanting to go back to. It does, though, have redeeming qualities, and I'd urge fans of the band or genre to give this a try.


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 Terra Incognita by METABOLISMUS album cover Studio Album, 1999
4.44 | 7 ratings

Terra Incognita
Metabolismus Krautrock

Review by Mellotron Storm
Prog Reviewer

4 stars METABOLISMUS are a German band who were formed in the latter part of the eighties, they have sought to keep that Krautrock spirit alive and have done a great job with it but unfortunately they are relatively unknown. One big reason very few people know them is that they've had to self-release their early albums with small quantities being released. Since then they've been on small and obscure labels and they seem to want to be as invisible as possible as even on their web-site little information is given. I understand that this is a band which has had as many as 30 members over the years as they are constantly in flux. I also understand that each album is different from the previous one. This is my first taste of this band and I would describe this record as being an organic Electronic recording more than anything else. Oh, and it is really really good.

"Disconnected Areas Of Outer Nothingness" is the over 14 minute opener. It sounds like percussion, electronics and squeeking sounds early on then vibes and bass? replace the percussion and electronics as the squeeking sounds become softer. This is very organic sounding and melancholic as keyboards now drone somewhat as the vibes become less prominant. This is really good people. Things begin to intensify before 11 minutes as the squeeking sounds return. A calm follows as percussion comes in but it's starting to rebuild. Great sound 13 minutes in with all of these interesting sounds even bringing to mind "The Wall" with those helicopter-like synths. "Spiel 2" has more interesting sounds that build to the end in this short piece. "Die Grunen Locher Von Aztal" is eventually led by percussion with an Eastern vibe after this eerie laugh is heard. This might be my favourite track. Sounds cry over top, so good!

"Les Automates Spirituels" is almost 14 minutes long and a top three tune. This one is spacey and dark with what sounds like keys and organ pulsating and droning. It calms down 10 minutes in as sounds swirl slowly. It starts to build including strummed guitar and violin to the end. "Mutter Erde/Terra Incognita" is the almost 9 minute closer. It's Eastern sounding with intricate sounds as spoken German words join in. The words stop as flute joins in before 1 1/2 minutes. The flute then stops and I must say this is a very cool soundscape that is dreamy and experimental. It's somewhat eerie 6 minutes in like the soundtrack of a horror movie. The second part of the song comes in before 8 minutes as we get what sounds like fuzzed out harpsichord.

I dig this one big-time and I applaud the band for keeping that Krautrock spirit alive and well.


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 The Road Of Bones by IQ album cover Studio Album, 2014
4.42 | 464 ratings

The Road Of Bones
IQ Neo-Prog

Review by guillermo68

5 stars IQ have delivered another prog-rock masterwork. The Road of Bones is easily the album of the year so far for me, and maybe one of the best albums ever made. It is easily Iq's best album to date. Every song on both cds' is excellent. The musicianship, the sound, the vocals, and the lyrics, are top notch, I guess just everything about the album is very good. I highly recommend that you get the 2 CD edition because both CDs are full of great IQ music. Maybe the only downside is that, with IQ, we will have to wait another five years for the next album.


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 For The Journey by THRESHOLD album cover Studio Album, 2014
3.44 | 18 ratings

For The Journey
Threshold Progressive Metal

Review by Progrussia

3 stars Threshold's second album with Damian Wilson back at the mike is somewhat slower and simpler affair (songs average 5 minutes with repetitive structure) than its bombastic predecessor. But pretty much sticks to the familiar formula of catchy heavy rock with adult-oriented rock and atmospheric Pink Floyd bits. It's designed for fist pumping and singing along alright, but I kinda feel a lack of inspiration. It's not that it's not very proggy, but too much here is repetitive and reminds of what we've heard on their records before - always a problem with such bands, but even more so. They could write such songs in their sleep. It looks more and more like the bands that started the new wave of heavy prog in the 90s, such as Dream Theater and Threshold, are running out of steam.


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 Cerulean Legacy by PRZEMYSLAW RUDZ album cover Studio Album, 2011
3.72 | 4 ratings

Cerulean Legacy
Przemyslaw Rudz Progressive Electronic

Review by admireArt

3 stars In between 3 and 4 PA stars!

Polish electronic musician Przemylaw Rudz' 2011 "Cerulean Legacy" album, although quiet unique , seems to get stuck here and there with obtrusive and not that original drum box rhythms that subdue the self created electronic proposals he brings on to this prog sub-genre.

For starters and for good, he employs rather metallic sounding atmospheres, distancing it somehow of the airy and spacy sounds usually found in prog-electronics. Other great attributes I find are the enticing melody lines and a highly achieved balance between his "zillion" synths and the guest inclusion of an electric guitar, that comes forward in a couple of the pieces.

Never minimizing that the best parts, which are no few, behold a unique musical idiom which keeps this project inches away of becoming true to PA's 4 star rating of "essential". Anyway it turns out to be a very enjoyable listening experience which any prog-electronic (and maybe other prog) audiophiles will also appreciate.

Nevertheless in a 5 long songs album, a third part, is more or less spoiled with the before mentioned synth/drum box rhythms, which remind me of Alan Parsons' "I Robot", the song not the album. Besides that, this album is close of becoming unique and essential.

Therefore 3.5 "give it a try, you won't regret it and you already have been forewarned" PA stars.


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 Anima by INTROITUS album cover Studio Album, 2014
4.00 | 15 ratings

Introitus Neo-Prog

Review by DrömmarenAdrian

3 stars I am glad to review an album from a Swedish band, when I am a swede myself and this one is called "Introitus" and has been making records since 2007. After the debut "Fantasy" and the follow up "Elements" it is now 2014 time for their third "Anima" which cover shows a dance couple in front of a lake. A lot of musicians cooperate on this album: Mats Bender (keyboard), Anna Jobs Bender(vocals), Johanna Bender(vocals), Mattias Bender(drums and vocals), Henrik Ben..., no I meant Björlind (flute and additional keyboards), Pär Helje (guitar) and Dennis Lindkvist(bass). The size of the record is quite big, the songs are few which prog songs use to be.

The musical containt on "Anima" is interesting. The coexistence of many styles and aspects make this fusioned world and I do like many of them. I'll start with everything I like. It is clear this is well done and composed music with a lot of musicallity in performances. The album is full of great guitar solos, drums in a high class and symphonic keyboard walls. The melodies come as big structures and sometimes they are so symphonic. An example of that is the title track "Anima" of sixteen minutes. The second half of that song is very interesting with a male vocalist, subert instrumentalists and a choir as well. "Broken Glass" has also a lot to get high about. The best song though is "Free" where I love the Swedish folk song which is similar to Monica Törnell who did similar things in the seventies and the folk melody here is lovely. That is a bright shining point on "Anima" and "Free" gets 8/10.

I must though say that even if the music here and there is interesting and sweet, is my lack of interest in what the music gives me the must apparent for me. I find the songs uninspiring and especially the vocals are a total mess. I don't say the singer aren't good but it is certainly not my style. As soon as the music turns instrumental I like it and the good things on this album are not few so I will give it three stars, even if they are weak. The absolutely best song is "Free" and I recommend it!


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 Starless And Bible Black by KING CRIMSON album cover Studio Album, 1974
3.89 | 1219 ratings

Starless And Bible Black
King Crimson Eclectic Prog

Review by thesameoldfears

4 stars "Starless and Bible Black" is perhaps the misunderstood second act of a glorious trilogy. While "Larks Tongues" and "Red" are focused and methodical, this album is a little bit more meandering, heavy on improv and has dramatic shifts in style and temperament over the course of the disc.

This albums ends about a million miles from where it starts. The first two tracks are more straight-ahead rock (which I think is the least interesting part of the album) whereas the entire second side of the album is completely instrumental, and actually pretty scary and intense. "Fracture" closes the album and is one of the most well-structured instrumentals I've ever heard. Starts of curiously quiet and dissonant and explodes to a thunderous crescendo with overlapping time signatures. Pretty thrilling.

The improv "Trio" is a Crimson classic and the fact that they made up such a well-structured piece on the spot is really mind-blowing. I really like "The Night Watch" too, and I only learned later that the first half is live, and was spliced with the second half in the studio (the reason for this was that the mellotron broke down halfway through the song). But it sounds fine even with this edit and you don't catch it if you're not listening for it. See the Rembrandt painting on which the lyrics are based for context.

There are a few uneven parts on this album. I still don't understand "The Mincer" since it is very unsettled and meandering, and just kind of drops off because the tape ran out. But I like it that they put this strange track on the album because even though it doesn't work for me, it shows the band trusted the listener enough to follow them on the journey.

Great stuff.


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