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 Secos & Molhados by SECOS & MOLHADOS album cover Studio Album, 1973
4.94 | 6 ratings

Secos & Molhados
Secos & Molhados Prog Folk

Review by Tarcisio Moura
Prog Reviewer

5 stars It“s hard to picture nowadays the impact this album had in Brazil“s music scene at the time. The mix of rock music to brazilian rhythms and styles were not exactly a novelty: Tropicalia is a good example of giving a modern and psychedelic treatment to MPB the initials for brazilian popular music in portuguese), but it didn“t reach a big audience at the time. Secos & Molhados debut album, on the other hand had an immediate and profound impact. The mix of national folk music and rhythms with rock, blues and prog was so perfect, seemless and subtle no one dared call it a sell out to "american music", like all the other attempts up till then were. And their visual was extremely bold for the time, even dangerous: three androgynous men with heavy make up and outrageous clothes, making provocative poses at the height cold war and military government. It certainly appeal to the "glam"youth, but to a lot of people they just looked like a bunch of weirdos (or worse). Yet, their music captivated just about everybody: from hippies to squares, from adults to children. It was the bestselling album of the decade and one the biggest musical and cultural phenomenons in the brazilian music history.

Looking back, some details can be seen more clear: they had the songs (Joćo Ricardo was a gifted songwriter), an excellent and fluid backing band and, more than anything else, an extraordinary singer in Ney Matogrosso. His unique vocal style made many people think it was a woman singing. Small wonder he is regarded as a MPB“s biggest living legends with an ongoing solo career after all these years. the lyrics were a novelty too: they actually chose to put music into already written poetry, some of it written by Joćo Ricardo“s father, portuguese poet Joćo Apolinįrio. The result was some of the most intelligent and poignant words to be put into music at the time, like Rosa de Hiroshima (Hiroshima“s Rose), a famous poem about the effects of the atomic bomb on people written by famous poet Vinicius de Moraes.

As almost anything that came too much too soon, it wouldn“t last long: the band dissolving about an year latter, among bitter fights regarding money, jealousy and bloated egos. But their legacy was a lasting one. And their music still stands as one of the best to ever graced popular radio and the charts. For once quality music, with sophisticated lyrics, was a big hit. A rare feat indeed. But it did happen. And I still love this CD to this day.

Rating: for all the sheer quality, groundbreaking novelty and historical importance, anything less than five stars would be criminal. Liking it or not. A real classic of the 70“s.


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 Meet The Flower Kings @ Live Recording 2003 by FLOWER KINGS, THE album cover Live, 2003
4.35 | 142 ratings

Meet The Flower Kings @ Live Recording 2003
The Flower Kings Symphonic Prog

Review by Quinino

5 stars My ALL-TIME Greatest #15

Now what do we have here? Oh yes, a double live in the old style!

But this is just the outer physical form, don't be deluded, because when you get in you'll find yourself taken on a wondrous musical journey that will leave you a different person thereafter. That happened to me, anyway, and this was when my profound admiration for this band did begin.

Global Appraisal

Throughout more than 2 and a half hours the FK perform 6 epic tracks, taken from 3 past studio albums and even one from Roine solo album of 1994, and recorded here sequentially on a single date. These long songs, by their own merit already magnificent and grandiose, acquire in this sequential listening an extra dimension that I can only classify as majestic: supreme rulers of the domains.

The richness and diversity of the compositions and arrangements is simply astonishing and were captured here like glued together by the strong collective personality of a band caught on a precise moment in time and space.

This resulting feeling of unity and continuity happens to create the illusion that you are listening to a single gigantic theme of two and a half hours - simply overwhelming, I tell you.


The band, but this everybody already knows and is not a matter of opinion it's an established fact, this particular band is for a great deal responsible of bringing the Symphonic Prog of old to the 21st cent.

This fellow Reingold is a pleasure to listen to; I tend to value very highly the role of bassists in any band, like to say they glue together the otherwise disparate parts. No doubt that's what happens here, a center piece of the whole sound, neatly very "classical" and refined, a true class act.

Roine Stolt - here, in Transatlantic, wherever - exceptional guitar playing and composing (all tracks on this one, 2 with Bodin)


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 Images And Words by DREAM THEATER album cover Studio Album, 1992
4.29 | 2317 ratings

Images And Words
Dream Theater Progressive Metal

Review by justaguy

1 stars Images and Words has been very influential for forming of the new wave progressive metal rock. It is a very complex work of art, played with much craft by gifted musicians. However, for me it doesn't work at all. It' s too smooth, too technical. There are no surprises and no really heavy or really beautiful moments. All is a kind of averaged, no high, no low points. How diffetent that is with Pain of Salvation or Opeth! To me, Dream Theater work, including this record, have cost much time to understand. and after that, I didn't start enjoyong it. I just realized that I wasted my time on them. Overrated.


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 What is Constant by PTF album cover Studio Album, 2015
4.06 | 55 ratings

What is Constant
ptf Jazz Rock/Fusion

Review by Aussie-Byrd-Brother
Special Collaborator Rock Progressivo Italiano Team

5 stars PTF are a Japanese four-piece instrumental jazz/fusion band who play in a very romantic and symphonic manner, their music frequently driven by Keisuke Takashima's warm and lively acoustic and electric violin playing replacing the need for guitar. Their debut `Percept From...' back in 2013 on the Musea label was a beautiful work full of spirited and energetic performances, and with the same line-up in place, this follow-up `What is Constant' progresses the band nicely, offering a touch more variety than the first disc as well as more ambitious arrangements and an added maturity that further time spent together as a band brings. Throw in some welcome Canterbury Scene touches, classical flourishes and endless symphonic grandeur, and you have one of the most dynamic instrumental albums of 2015!

Looking at the opening and closing pieces first, the striking lead-track `Time Lapse' dashes through moments of Yusuke Seki's thrashing drums, ghostly piano, Hiroyuki Ito's murmuring bass ruminations, searing yet reflective electric violin and Takeya Kito's humming Hammond organ (that takes on some Canterbury-like flavours just after the four minute mark as well!). As for the brilliantly titled closer `The Boundless Scenery of the Spheres', solo violin is slowly joined by the rest of the band to offer a series of joyful and soaring themes full of heart and hope, with a slightly eerie break in the middle to ensure the piece never becomes overly sweet or completely safe.

But the focal point of the majority of the disc is the 42 minute, four-part suite `The Thing (that is Constant)'. The longer running times of each section allows the pieces to develop more carefully, meaning less darting style changes and unhurried, more dramatically satisfying compositions. The opening passage `Glacier Blue' alone runs for 11 minutes, bookended with a glorious violin theme over rambunctious drums and sparkling piano that sneaks off into a spacey keyboard shimmer and brisk Canterbury-styled Hammond break in the middle. There's some darker gothic moods of second movement `The Versatile', all icy piano and sinister creeping violin that gives way to the light of uplifting and mellow symphonic themes with a steady Pink Floyd-like beat, and `Beyond the Ridge' is devilish and furious, scratchy violin racing alongside rumbling bass and manic drums at a break-neck pace. The 18 minute finale `Cloud 9' sprints through a mix of new ideas as well as reprising themes from earlier on in new interpretations, and there's not a single wasted second. Ravishing piano flights of fancy, majestic organ, dignified violin solos that reach symphonic heights as well as any guitar ever could, and there's even playful breaks that include a nimble country hoe-down!

As always, that honed technical precision found in so many intelligent Japanese musicians that perform in jazz and progressive related styles is present, but thankfully PTF's music is still rich with genuine emotion, never turning away from that human touch for even a moment. This follow-up is definitely better balanced than the debut album, lacking quite as much of the overly constant swooning qualities, instead replaced with maturity and sophistication. The entire 59 minute work holds so many strong themes and arrangements that become instantly memorable as soon as you hear them, meaning re- spins quickly allows the listener to focus on how cleverly flowing and impeccably performed and composed the album is. `What is Constant' is truly one of the most dynamic progressive/instrumental/fusion albums of the year from a bunch of exceptional musicians who've now delivered two exquisite works in a row, who will no doubt lift the standard yet again on their next album (but let's give them time to relax after outdoing themselves on this one!)!

Five stars - An essential purchase for violin freaks!


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 The Rule of Three by MOONWAGON album cover Studio Album, 2015
3.23 | 7 ratings

The Rule of Three
Moonwagon Psychedelic/Space Rock

Review by Matti
Collaborator Neo-Prog Team

3 stars - First review of this album -

The Finnish space rock band MOONWAGON has become a trio after the departure of keyboardist Ami Hassinen. The keys on this recent release are shared by guitarist Joni Tiala and bassist Janne Ylikorpi. The album may not have quite as wide sonic pallette as the excellent Foyers of the Future (2012), but it's pleasantly varied, a little more oriented to string instruments (dulcimer and mandolin accompany the guitars). Perhaps one could say that the trio's music is a bit more "down to earth", but nevertheless it still offers fine moments of intelligent space rock.

There are only six tracks with varied lengths. One of them, 'Run to the Sun', features vocals of drummer Jani Korpi. This song has a steady uptempo beat and the vocals make it sound like a vintage HAWKWIND rocker. It is OK in its simple honesty but I'm glad the band didn't go further in that direction. The opening track, starting with a rough, low whisper "The ending is just the beginning" is a typical slice of space rock, built on repetitive riffs (comparable to PHARAOH OVERLORD) and at one point decorated with ghostly echoing notes (reminiscent of some moments of e.g. 'Remember the Future' by NEKTAR or 'Echoes' by PINK FLOYD).

The less psychedelic 'Forgotten by Time' has maginificent contributions of great-sounding bass and soloing electric guitar. 'Fresh Avocados' is a brief and lighthearted acoustic number led by mandolin and percussion. 'Skylines at Night' is nice, like meeting an old friend because the sound and certain melodic lines remind me of Signals-era RUSH (that album was among my earliest listenings, by the way). There is a mild progressive unpredictability within the 8-minute length. The prog expectations are biggest on the 17-minute 'The Journey Back Home'. A hurriless tempo... electric guitar weaving its psychedelic-flavoured solos... a change in dynamics... Here and there I feel that the track is lingering in a slightly tiresome jam-like approach, but in the end it is quite interesting and progressive.

This is a good album that shows MOONWAGON still going strong. As usual, the rounding of my 3½ stars is based on the design. Can't say I'd like the photos from a brutally decayed house full of junk.


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 Another Language by THIS WILL DESTROY YOU album cover Studio Album, 2014
4.08 | 6 ratings

Another Language
This Will Destroy You Post Rock/Math rock

Review by admireArt
Collaborator PSIKE Team

4 stars In these muddy, impending doom, drone-like, shoegaze, noisy, white noisy, trashy and snary, old radio like environments which could simply turn out to sound anonymous due to the fact that all these "musical elements" are a constant in most Post Rock/Mathers bands, you really have to watch out for "unique" proposals to distinguish one from the other.

Well, texan band "This Will Destroy You" brings some new exciting and attractive cards to this Prog sub genre's table in this, 2014, "Another Language". Let me start with its music composition which travels from chaos to peace with an astounding, yet raw, clarity. Its quirky, perfectly built melody lines outstand even among the most explosive abstract sections, offering simultaneous and opposite musical perspectives, taken to highly heavy bombastic altitudes and crash landing peacefully and beautifully by its good and attractive songwriting.

As such everything sounds perfect, but at the end of the day, the inherent musical elements of this style will hardly be distinguishable among the upcoming and ongoing Post Rock/Math Rock bands and crowds, if not for its brilliant songwriting, song selection and disposition which shines all along this dirty and washed out road.

****4 PA stars.


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 Numena by RICH, ROBERT album cover Studio Album, 1987
4.04 | 5 ratings

Robert Rich Progressive Electronic

Review by admireArt
Collaborator PSIKE Team

4 stars Robert Rich's "Numena", a four piece album, is by itself and its date of release 1987, a turning point in progressive electronic music, which by then was happening in the USA not Europe, The Bay Area / Los Angeles school of electronic music, to be specific. By blending different electronic music stylings and primitive or traditional acoustic influences the style uprised and was called "alchemical" or "Sacred" space music.

Therefore according to its date of release and its direct plunge into this kind of artistic expression, NUMENA sets a perfect referential for this "New" school's directions and goals. But this work certainly grows beyond its date or taggins or style. Robert Rich's abilities as electronic composer did find the perfect route, which in his discography will eventually reach extraordinary sophistications, but it all started to take shape with this project and its daring blend of environments which travel back and forth music wise and time wise, thus the combined elements complement each other to perfection.

An unexpected emotional and frantic electronic "sacredness" counterpointed by excellent music composition, a true understanding of its primitive roots and a perfect sense of simplification by not sounding simple but deep and dynamic.

****4.5 PA stars


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 War and Peace by PANDORA SNAIL album cover Studio Album, 2015
4.06 | 44 ratings

War and Peace
Pandora Snail Eclectic Prog

Review by 302

4 stars Very worth while album. Every now and then you can find a new group which happens to play the music you like and in this case they do it very professionally. I happen to like quite a main stream neo-prog. On that frontier you do not come across bands that steal your attention easily. Pandora Snail was able to catch my attention from the first song forward. Pandora Snail is not pure neo-prog but comes quite close in my opinion. Anyone who likes Riverside, Gourishankar or Phideaux type of music mixed with Nordmann and iamthemorning this might be the one to listen.

I hope this is not a 'one album wonder'.


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 Les Ronfleurs Dorment - Le Film by JACK DUPON album cover DVD/Video, 2014
5.00 | 2 ratings

Les Ronfleurs Dorment - Le Film
Jack Dupon RIO/Avant-Prog

Review by ProgShine
Collaborator Errors & Omissions Team

5 stars So, a week ago I reviewed the French Avant Prog band Jack Dupon latest release T'te De Chien. This time I decided to check also the DVD released a few months after the live CD.

Les Ronfleurs Dorment (2014) is a pair for the live album T'te De Chien (2014) and it was in later 2014. Recorded in December 2013 the DVD (like the CD) covers a concert based on their latest studio release (at the moment the band is mixing their new studio album), J'sus L'aventurier (2013). Out of the 6 tracks presented in the DVD 5 of them belong to that studio album. The exception being 'Miaou', a new short piece written to match this DVD.

The CD was just great to listen begin to end, but the DVD... ah the DVD! You actually watch the band being crazy, as they normally are! The short movie (just under 58 minutes) is a sight for the eyes! It is not a high budget DVD but it is well filmed, using a bunch of different camers and I think it captures well the band and the little stages they play!

Especially because bands like Jack Dupon are completely different and they become big monsters in a live enviroment. They play this pieces in a new way, if they seemes improvised in their studio versions you have something even more improsived here. And this DVD is a great way to capture this!

A must have for Avant Prog lovers!


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 Mist Season by MIST SEASON album cover Studio Album, 2004
3.46 | 6 ratings

Mist Season
Mist Season Jazz Rock/Fusion

Review by Matti
Collaborator Neo-Prog Team

4 stars It's actually eight years ago when I first borrowed the Finnish MIST SEASON's two first albums from a library and was pretty pleased. The CD booklets were packed with beautiful outdoor photography, mostly nocturnal in the case of the debut, suitably steering my reception towards starry-eyed romanticism. Perhaps my music taste was back then slightly mellower than today, as some of this music now feels too spinelessly soft. "Too nice for its own good", headlines Finnforest's two-star review for this debut. I certainly understand his thought: MIST SEASON's instrumental, highly melodic and smooth jazz-fusion indeed often sounds harmlessly nice, especially when it is at its happiest mood. My female friend recently commented on this album that some tracks sound like opening themes for TV quiz programmes, preferably from the late 70's or 80's, and I agreed. The first track 'Peppermint Patty' is exactly in that style with the joyous sax melody. I usually prefer melancholia over happiness in music anyway.

'Lydia', also composed by the keyboard player Timo Kajamies, succeeds in combining brighter sections with slow, dreamy and deeply romantic ones. 'My Joy' and 'Life Is' are other TV theme-like tunes. The playing is very polished, the saxophone is a bit cheesy all the way and the bright piano decorations of 'My Joy' are slightly oriented to easy-listening / New Agey stuff. But luckily the album gets better.

'Siren's Gaze' by drummer Kimmo Pörsti and bassist Keijo Hakala is a relaxed, serene ballad and quite beautiful as such. The mellow guitar sound reminds me of PAT METHENY. All in all the romantic emotions that grace the whole album come to life much better when the general mood is less joyous than on the earliest tracks. 'Kati' by Pörsti is a delicate love tune, featuring lovely flute playing. The drummer is without a doubt a romantic soul, and it can be witnessed also in PAIDARION's music that he has composed.

The tightest composition of the 11 is 'Skeptoscopic Detector' which allows the guitarist Tommi Varjola to show off his skills -- that could have been put in much larger use on the album. The track approaches the Fusion era's halcyon days of the mid-seventies. 'Lullaby for the Little One', again by Timo Kajamies who composed tha lion's hare of this album, is a peaceful and pretty closing tune.

Even though I don't like the rather naive happiness of some tracks and would welcome some more spine, I'm rounding my 3½ stars upwards with the help of the lavish and beautiful layout. This band is warmly recommended to all friends of mellow and melodic jazz/fusion.


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  84. Script For A Jester's Tear
  85. Doomsday Afternoon
  86. Felona E Sorona
    Le Orme
  87. Lateralus
  88. Elegant Gypsy
    Al Di Meola
  89. Until All The Ghosts Are Gone
  90. Part the Second
    Maudlin Of The Well
  91. If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You
  92. Voyage Of The Acolyte
    Steve Hackett
  93. Caravanserai
  94. Choirs Of The Eye
    Kayo Dot
  95. Uzed
    Univers Zero
  96. Anabelas
  97. Bitches Brew
    Miles Davis
  98. Symbolic
  99. Operation: Mindcrime
  100. Obscura

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