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5 stars An improvement over "Become the Other", looks like new members Rad and Seaweed are now finally adjusted. Looked like the band had some financial troubles in the two years between albums because their Dovetail label seemed to have went belly-up, so they signed up with Madfish, a division of Snapper Records (a label, which the band would quickly find themselves in trouble with). I bought this CD in December 1997, which came with this pseudo-acid ink blotter (which was really a psychedelically distorted picture of the band performing on stage in silhouette). You pretty much know what to expect from these guys at this point: extended spacy jams, with some pseudo-techno experiments, with often a strong ethnic bent.

To me, I think this is one of their better albums with Rad and Seaweed, although it doesn't quite live up to the stuff they did when Joie and Merv were still in the band, this is still worth having if you're a fan.

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Posted Thursday, May 6, 2004 | Review Permalink
4 stars I always consider this session to be consumate Tentacles. Start to finish, it whooshes you around the globe in the space of 45 minutes or so- a near-perfect blend of ethnic, psychadelic, electronica. Title track is a masterpiece in that sense - you begin in an the equivalent of an aural Morrocan marketplace... ever-levitating into a hyper-thrash warp speed cruise... end-of-journey promises a light, airy, soft landing.
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Posted Saturday, September 4, 2004 | Review Permalink
5 stars Last year I discovered the Ozrics via Erpland and was intrigued to hear more. I have now acquired all their albums (over 15!) in the last 6 months or so and I must say that Curious Corn is their defining album. It is the album that best defines the Ozrics sound. Pick any song of this album at random and you'ńń be blown away.. that's how good it is! Every song has something different and refreshing to offer to the listener. Before I got this album, I used to to think Waterfall Cities was their best album (check this one out too!) but having heard this one, I must give that title to Curious Corn.

If you're roaming over this site, looking for a good Ozric album to get you started with this band, look no further! This is the album you're looking for. Their most consistent record, their most varied, and simply, their best to date. It will not disappoint, order it now!

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Posted Thursday, May 19, 2005 | Review Permalink
5 stars Having every studio album by the Ozrics myself, I have to agree with a previous reviewer that Curious Corn is their best album. OT has fused together instrumental and electronic to make some of the most amazing music I've ever heard. The synthetic-electronic sounds that are created are beautiful and complex, the guitar is powerful yet supernatural, the flutes are magical, and the rock drumming and base all blend together to create an unparalleled sound. The album is otherworldly, as is much of OT, but listening to it I often picture a pre-historic and unknown planet earth, full of wonder and mystery... with curious corn. This album is intense and beautiful, the most passionate music of my extensive collection, infusing with my soul as well as my mind.

The track Oolite Groove is an excellent example of the genius of their compositioning, where they have blended flute, guitar, and drums with electronic to produce a track that simultaneously rocks like no other and takes you to another planet. I get chills evertime I hear this one and I'm sure that God has this one on his "best of" mix. This may be the best example of OT of their over fifteen albums.

The title track Curious Corn contains the best of Ozric's signature jamming style: fast-paced rocking-out drumming and base guitar along with the psychedelic electronic. And the Ozric's do this best. There are amazing electronic and guitar solos and the structure is characteristic of epic prog with the change-up of a classical piece. I would describe the structure as most similar to Gentle Giant with the tracks "Runaway" or "Proclamation". Of course the style is much different: GG has the medieval or renaissance flavor while OT has a flavor created from their view of some mystical alien planet.

From start to finish the album takes you on an incredible journey. Every track is well composed, from the mostly electronic but absolute genius "Afroclonk" and the complex instrumental-electronic fusion of "Oolite Groove" and "Curious Corn" to both "Spyroid" and "Meander" which cap off the album with the beautiful yet mystical theme (as I see it). This album is profound, transcending the human to touch the mystery of life beyond the everyday. The fusion of electronic sound with an eclectic assortment of instruments comes together in Curious Corn and a landmark alsbum is produced, a major stepping stone to the future of progressive rock and music altogether.

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Posted Monday, July 25, 2005 | Review Permalink
4 stars As always happen with Ozric´s albums to listen "Curious corn" for twice let me to submit this review after understand the sounds and melodies of this. First, Spyroid is a short melody to open the listener´s mind with effects, space rock and so many changes of rhythm. Second Oolite Grove is amazing full of techniche, colors and psychodelia. Third Afroclonk.... the craziest song from OT changing all the time in guitars, drums and others instruments but always keeping a rhythm of a curious clock. Four theme is the main Curious Corn completely from space, dancing with a bizarre drumming from another dimention of life but with the OT classical sounds. Fifth Oddentity, sixth Papyrus and Meander give the full final of the album. Each one take a place in the space rock sounds and classic rock from Hendrix to Pink Floyd because these ones are lesser techno from the previous songs. I give it 4 stars never 5 just because the previous albums are different to "Curious corn" features in the OT discography. I personally think and believe "Jurassic shift", "Punggent effulgent" and "Erpland" are best.....but look it´s my opinion.
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Posted Wednesday, September 21, 2005 | Review Permalink
5 stars Unbelievable music.

How have these guys not been given some sort of prize for being one of the most creative bands ever?!

This is completely instrumental music, adding lyrics to this music is definitely not needed though.

I would recommend this music to every musician, especially ones who are interested in listening to music which is as close as you can come to sounding completely unique and unheard before.

The band is full very proficient musicians, really technical and accurate, but the emphasis is not just on technicality. They have great ideas and taste for diverse and intreaguing fills, solos, riffs, moods, textures, melodies, improvisation and so on.

The way they layer their songs is fascinating, you can listen to this music over a long period of time, keep coming back to it and hearing new parts to the music, parts that fit perfectly and probably helped me enjoy the music when I didn't have a full understanding to what they're doing. I think this is a vital part to any piece of good music as you can enjoy it through a large period of your life, allowing it to become an important part to your musical life.

This album is definitely one of Ozric's creative peaks (they seem to have a few), their combination of different influences shows strongly. Oriental/far-eastern, jazz, funk, metal, rock, trance, drum&bass, reggae and more. There's a really ethereal sound to their music, probably due to their unparalelled use of synthesizers and effects, it gives me imagery of space, time and nature mainly.

If you want to be put in a good mood listen to "Afroclonk".

I consider it to be a masterpiece because they have worked so flippin' hard make great use of their wonderfully original and creative talents.

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Posted Monday, October 2, 2006 | Review Permalink
4 stars A bit eclectic. Afroclonk .....must listen to

We all like to be able to be spot influences in band's work. On one level it seems to make the reviewer look more knowledgeable (oh look at me I'm great because I listen to all this music) on the other hand it may help the reader gain some sort of idea what the band being reviewed sounds like. That having all been said..... Oolite groove perhaps is the most Satriani song ever recorded

There is a lot of dance in this album but do not pass this one by. Afroclonk on its own is worth 5 stars.

I've played a lot of Ozrics in the backgound when mates have been round for a few beers etc. Most of them are into british heavy rock and few would be more prog but all of them liked this album for one reason or another.

For me it's a 4. Afroclonk though is an absolute must listen to song: a sure fire prog 5.

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Posted Thursday, February 15, 2007 | Review Permalink
Mellotron Storm
4 stars I was a little surprised at the variety on this record after hearing so many people say their music all sounds the same. It's pretty cool too that the titles of the songs really do give a clue to what they will sound like.

"Spyroid" is a spacey song that does give the impression that the electronic sounds are spiraling. "Oolite Grove" is my favourite song on this record. It has some amazing guitar melodies that soar at times as the drums pound away. Spacey synths and electronics accompany. "Afroclonk" has a funky, dance-like beat. Xylophone and synths add a spacey vibe to this tribal sounding song.

"Curious Corn" has a good beat as well with different sounds coming and going. Some blistering guitar after 3 minutes. It gets very spacey as the drums stop for a while. There is some brief scorching guitar 8 minutes in. The song just seems to drift out into space as it comes to end. "Oddentity" has a pounding beat with a catchy melody. "Papyrus" is an uptempo, Eastern sounding tune with lots of flute solos. "Meander" as the title suggests seems to float and wander along with some good guitar as well.

I really like this cd it's a trip in space. Play it loud !

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Posted Friday, April 13, 2007 | Review Permalink
3 stars This is probably the more diversified Ozric Tentacles album (but I admit that it is not difficult).

It really starts very well with a great spacey and rhythmic opener Spyroid. One of my fave OT song just follows: Oolite Grove: it is a splendid ode to the guitar and the beat throughout this number is just great. It is a highlight of course.

The band are experiencing new musical horizons with Afroclonck. It is a very good mix of Afro-tribal inspired music and space-rock basics. I was never impressed with their mix of reggae and space-rock, but this one works considerably better. It features some excellent percussion work.

OT goes on in their ethnical experience and investigates into more Eastern sounds for the title track. They have been heading these sounds previously and it is always fine to listen to such a number. Curious Corn turns out in a more classical OT track after minute three or so, but it remains upbeat and even the electronic oriented second part offers good moments. So far so good.

The same influence are noticeable in Papyrus (which is just a matter of logic I guess). It is an orgy of great keyboards at times and it is welcome after a disappointing Oddentity which is a mix of reggae and dance music. Although I like the former, I just can't stand the latter.

The closing Meander is on the conservative end of their repertoire but it sounds as a fine conclusion. As I have said, this album is rather good. Three stars.

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Posted Saturday, October 4, 2008 | Review Permalink
4 stars In 1997, after having released an album that in my personal taste lacks in creativity issues, (become the other,1995), they come with Curious Corn, an album with great musical diversity, in which some elemments can be hear it of his great work "Arborescence" but with even more style and space, eliminating the heavy-rock that had characterized the band in their old albums. in this album you can appreciate different musical textures in each piece, starting from the small and innovative in style and explore, as the order of the sequence of songs. Each cover of Ozric Tentacles, we can appreciate beautiful creations that sometimes left the audience with big imaginations and fantasies to which the music presented on this album is the level of cover. Ozric Tentacles always makes you travel, you can imagine what the band wants to project, but I think that each album from Ozric Tentacles depends heavily on the perception from the person who hear it. For example listen to the theme of "Spyroid" I imagine it as an exploration into the microscopic life, cellular, and at times like season of change, "afroclonck" excellent song, what a rich composition, the music in this song produces different sensations of tranquility , peace and harmony, and an immense adventure on worlds not scout, apparently with animal sounds, feels like a Paleolithic stage with Afroclonck. and I think the masterpiece is given to the final piece "Meander," a song that starts with natural sounds, athen a promising keyboard, mysterious space, when I refer to Ozric Tentacles, I mean extremely rich compositions, with a context spiritual awakening the soul to be purified, transmitting the music from the foundations of human civilization, it is not easy to listen to Ozric Tentacles, is needed to reach mastery to appreciate.

This album could be a 5 star, but for some reason i will not gave it, possibly oddentity not entirely satisfy me, but if it is a great album, you can start easily with this album if you do not know this magnificent band.

4.5 stars

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Posted Tuesday, February 23, 2010 | Review Permalink
4 stars 7/10

"Curious Corn" is one of the best Ozric Tentacles albums.

The best Ozric Tentacles album? Possibly. Compared to Arborescence, this is a much better album, mainly because the exotic part, as well as the melody, have improved a lot. Plus, it is a surprisingly solid album, with not many boring moments, unlike some other of their albums. After many albums, Ozric Tentacles have finally reached a mature sound, creating a perfect balance between improvisation and melody.

1. "Spyroid". Great song, as well as a great intro, with very cool effects and surrounding, which finally sounds like what the band always tried to reach: a true spacey and psychedelic song.

2. "Oolite Groove". Another great song, with a pretty good guitar that flows perfectly with the rest of the band, creating yet another fascinating atmosphere, very dreamy and spacey, that rarely the band was able to accomplish in such an effective way.

3. "Afroclonk" is exactly what Ozric Tentacles is famous for: the many exotic elements combined with electronic. It always never happens that an OT album has three great songs all in a row. Like the title suggests, there are different elements and instruments that remind of african music.

4. "Curious Corn" is the long title track, another excellent song, with a simple and banal riff that slowly evolves and shapes into many different tunes. If you want to try Ozric Tentacles for the first time, I suggest you listen to this song, if you don't like to listen to an album all at once.

5. "Oddentity" is another( yep, another one) fabulous song, even though the style is pretty much the same as all the other tracks. So nothing special to say about it.

6."Papyrus" is the last great song. Even here though there isn't much to say, and that is why I can't consider this album a masterpiece.

7. "Meander" is an interesting way to end an album: it's more like an ambient song, very different from the rest in a way.

An excellent album, even though, like I said earlier, It tends to be monotone and repetitive. I recommend it to whoever likes space rock, and especially to whoever wants to try the band for the first time.

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Posted Wednesday, May 12, 2010 | Review Permalink
Honorary Collaborator
3 stars On their 7th full length CD release, Ozric Tentacles do not venture much outside their known and worn-out path, but it's still a recommended album because it integrates their techno and space-rock leanings much better then any of the preceding albums had.

Spyroid is a brilliant spiralling progressive electronic piece, it's reminiscent of Vangelis' Spiral so the title can't be a coincidence. Oolite Groove is less remarkable, it's a fairly predictable Ozrics piece with psyched rhythm guitars and layers of thick space-drill, composed of synths, sampled flutes, guitar effects. Nice sound but fairly anonymous composition. With Afroclonk the band grows a new sonic tentacle, the African beats give it a nice Caribbean party vibe, and they develop the theme nicely into a full-blown techno attack halfway in.

Curious Corn is one of the most spacey tracks on the album, with lots of snake-charming Middle-Eastern melodies and the known upbeat Ozric pace. Again it doesn't grow beyond merely good but it will sure please fans. Oddentity finds them in one of their reggae moods. They came up with a very memorable lead guitar/synth interplay and a simply irresistible groove. Excellent track. Also Papyrus is graced with catchy leads and inspired playing. Meander returns to twirling Vangelis sequences before it changes into a laid back beat with fine soloing.

Curious Corn is an album with plenty of good songwriting and some brilliantly executed space grooves. There's one or two less engaging tracks but if you want to expand you Ozric discography with another title next to Erpland and Jurassic Shift then this one is sure recommended. Very good. 3.5 stars

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Posted Friday, June 18, 2010 | Review Permalink
Prog Metal Team
3 stars Since I consider my review of Jurassic Shift to be highly representative for almost all the early Ozric Tentacles-releases, let's go a bit further in their discography and straight into the realms of electronic music!

By the end of the '90s the band began to move further into the realms of electronic music and it was only a matter of time until this direction would take over completely. Curious Corn certainly marked the completion of that transition featuring everything that would be expected of the band from that point on in their development. Actually, to be perfectly honest, I always thought that Space Rock was always striving towards the unexplored frontier of electronica from the get-go. Just recall Pink Floyd's On The Run, from the classic The Dark Side Of The Moon! I would also like to assume that if Pink Floyd began their career today then their music would probably have been entirely electronica-based, to the great discontent of David Gilmour!

Even if Ozric Tentacles comes from a slightly different camp, being primarily influenced by Steve Hillage's escapades into groovy Space soundscapes, their involvement with electronic beats and new sound effects came pretty early on in their career. Still, it never really sounded as extreme as this album's opening track titled Spyroid! This is simply groove electronica at its finest that doesn't really transition into pure Trance music but similarities are certainly there.

After the less spectacular Oolite Grove and the prolonged Afroclonk-jam that merely served as a reminder of the band's scope of versatility, we finally get another exploration of that new interesting Trance music-like setting on the album's title track. Although a bit long, this 11 minute performance certainly pushes all the preconceived notions related to Ozric Tentacles' music and makes me want to groove along to those crazy beats. Oddentity is another throwback to the World Music sounds of Afroclonk while Papyrus marks the unexpected return to the more traditional arrangements that do come off sounding out of place on this otherwise strictly electronica-based recording. Besides, I can't listen to this composition without thinking of how well King Crimson handled that same setting on Talking Drum. The final track feels much more organic in its style and I like how it winds the listener down after the upbeat rhythms that preceded it.

I'll be honest and state that my relation to Ozric Tentacles' music hasn't really improved since my first experience and I consider them to be a bit too groovy just for sake of it, which is not something I support. Even if Curious Corn has spent a lot more time on my play-list than any of their other albums I still can't give it more than a good, but non-essential rating due to the lack of any real innovation here, outside that which has happened within the band.

***** star songs: Spyroid (3:48)

**** star songs: Afroclonk (8:07) Curious Corn (10:56) Oddentity (7:00) Meander (5:13)

*** star songs: Oolite Grove (5:58) Papyrus (5:33)

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Posted Thursday, August 5, 2010 | Review Permalink
4 stars OZRIC 's TENTACLES ''Curious Corn'' came in 1997, after a controversial album, that many believed was the end of a great ''giant''.

The band returned to record excellent new material, releasing an album that reminds most of the first 90's, band's albums. Still it has new elements though, that are carefully building an atmosphere that OZRIC are used to show us. Anyone can figure some JEAN MICHEL JARRE influences, especially at the ''Oddentity'' and ''Meander'' tracks. The ''arabic'' (minor melodic) scales are fully occupying the most of album's compositions, as well as some symphonic parts, too. The MEOLA's style guitar playing, at the ''Papyrus'' track, shows another influence at this well-made effort.

In general, we have a really well-crafted album, that keeps the band's main style, but also appears to be more mature and surely, full of energy, if we consider the total lack of long ''ballad'' style tracks, that make part of some previous albums. The production is once more an excellent one, crystally clear as always...

Excellent effort! 4 stars...

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Posted Saturday, June 18, 2011 | Review Permalink
3 stars With their new members settled in after Become the Other, the Ozrics turned out another capable but comparatively safe album. The trancey opener Spyroid might make you think they are taking on even more influences from dance music than before, but it isn't too long before things are back to business as usual. The production values are decent with a few hiccups - for instance, at points on Afroclonk the electronic drum sound seems particularly thin and unconvincing. On the whole, if you already know and love the Ozrics you know what to expect, if you don't already you might want to steer yourself towards their masterpiece, Jurassic Shift, for your introduction to the band.
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Posted Friday, February 10, 2012 | Review Permalink

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