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  1. Kevin Holm-Hudson - 2002 - 280 pages
    In this book, the glory days of progressive rock are relived in a series of insightful essays about the key bands, songwriters, and songs that made prog-rock such an innovative style. - Book overview - Preview
  2. Glenn Riley - 2004 - 96 pages
    Finally, here is guidance for the guitarist who's ready to rise above and beyond the confines of simple rock 'n' roll and push the boundaries where few dare to go. The CD demonstrates the examples in the book. 96 pages. - Book overview - Preview
  3. Chris McDonald - 2009 - 255 pages
    Canadian progressive rock band Rush was the voice of the suburban middle class. In this book, Chris McDonald assesses the band's impact on popular music and its legacy for legions of fans. - Book overview - Preview
  4. Jerry Lucky - 2000 - 152 pages
    For progressive rock aficionados and all lovers of classical rock music, this book highlights the 50 most influential and important progressive rock bands, past and present, from around the world. Exploring the artists and their music, ... - Book overview - No preview
  5. Sheila Romeo - 1999 - 96 pages
    Also, as we discussed in Chapter 7, there is a vast use of odd meter in progressive rock. ... Popular progressive rock keyboard sounds were, of course, piano and organ. But the 1960s and 70s were the decades of analog synthesis ... - Book overview - Preview
  6. Bill Martin - 1998 - 356 pages
    I have written other books that explore various dimensions of radical social theory, as well as a book that readers of the present text may be familiar with, music of Yes: structure and vision in progressive rock. This book, about the ... - Book overview - Preview
  7. Edward Macan - 1997 - 290 pages
    Here I can only confess that in this sense another book is needed to round out the picture, a book that tells the story of the progressive rock scene as opposed to surveying the music itself. In the meantime, though, there are good ... - Book overview - Preview
  8. Joe Bouchard, Sheila Romeo - 2007 - 128 pages
    Chapter 2& ^Progressive Progressive rock evolved in the late 1960s and early 70s. It was an era where musical virtuosos brought elements of their classical and jazz backgrounds together with rock instrumentation, early analog ... - Book overview - Preview
  9. Dan Maske - 2007 - 112 pages
    From the classic sounds of the '70s to modern progressive stylings, this book/CD provides you with the theory and technique to play and compose in a multitude of prog rock styles. You'll learn how soloing techniques, form, rhythmic and ... - Book overview - No preview
  10. Stuart Borthwick, Ron Moy - 2004 - 246 pages
    An accessible introduction to the study of popular music, this book takes a schematic approach to a range of popular music genres, and examines them in terms of their antecedents, histories, visual aesthetics and socio-political contexts. - Book overview - Preview