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Prog Rock Nation - new Prog Radio - Jul - Progkast

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Topic: Prog Rock Nation - new Prog Radio - Jul - Progkast
Posted By: Progkast
Subject: Prog Rock Nation - new Prog Radio - Jul - Progkast
Date Posted: May 13 2018 at 14:13
Brought to you by "Jul" aka Julie Sanchez, from" rel="nofollow - - "Jul's Progkast" , a new all encompassing Prog Rock radio show called" rel="nofollow - ." rel="nofollow - - airs every Saturday night (US 8pm pt) or Sunday morning/afternoon (UK 4am/Melbourne Aus 1pm) on KTAL-LP FM via tunein.

Each week I present some older music, newer music, major artists, as well as independent artists. Includes sub-genres and near genres such as Psychedelic, Jazz Fusion, Lo-Fi, and music tending towards more of an Experimental nature. Expect choice album cuts, not the hits. :D

I will post the artist playlist a few days before each show. But will only list the particular songs after the show (this is my policy, but it is also sort of an FCC rule in the US).

Last night's detailed playlist:

  • Emerson Lake and Palmer - Knife Edge - 1970
  • Dhani Harrison - Never Know - 2017
  • Jason Rubenstein - Three Ounces Into a Two Ounce Whiskey - 2016
  • PFM - Appena Un Po' - 19
  • Klaatu - Doctor Marvello - 1976
  • Cell 15 - The Messenger - 2015
  • Peter Gabriel - Across the River - 1982
  • RTFact - Gotika - 2017
  • Meta - Death Emerges - 2017
  • David Gilmour - No Way Out of Here - 1978
  • Frontecielo - Monsters & Regrets - 2017
  • Magic Bus Band - Jupiter 3am - 2015
  • Ayreon - The Day That The World Breaks Down - 2017
  • Hawkwind - You Know You're Only Dreaming - 1971
  • Rush - Caravan - 2012

Upcoming show Playlist for 05/19/2018:

  • Moody Blues
  • Big Big Train
  • Renaissance
  • Genesis
  • Sumeritae
  • Pink Floyd
  • Built For the Future
  • Strawbs
  • Wobbler
  • Darwin's Radio
  • King Crimson
  • Thirteen of Everything
  • Agusa

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: May 17 2018 at 21:26

Tune in this Saturday at 8pm pt (US), for my OTHER Prog show, Prog Rock Nation. Given to you via KTAL-LP FM (101.5 in Las Cruces) on or you may also stream on the" rel="nofollow -" rel="nofollow - .

This is an all encompassing show where I play everything from everyone Prog or on the brink of  Prog, everywhere everytime everyway :D

This Saturday May 19th at 8pm PT, the latest version of" rel="nofollow -

Moody Blues, Big Big Train, Renaissance, Genesis, Sumeritae, Pink Floyd, Built for the Future, Strawbs, Wobbler, Darwin's Radio, King Crimson, Thirteen of Everything, Agusa.

And if you think you know what songs I will play from each of these... you'd be wrong :O You may guess Genesis and Wobbler, but not the rest... tune in for some awesome tunes! :D

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: May 19 2018 at 07:13" rel="nofollow -" rel="nofollow - . Please give it a listen and let me know what you think. Jul Smile

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: June 02 2018 at 00:53
All new Prog Rock Nation this weekend. Saturdays 8pm US PT - London UK Sundays 4am - Melbourne Aus Sundays 1pm" rel="nofollow -

Renaissance - Mother Russia (Turn of the Cards) - 1974

Genesis - Firth of Fifth (Selling England by the Pound) - 1973

Sumeritae - Virrey Trefusis (Belleza Anatomia) - 2015 - from Argentina

Pink Floyd - Allons-y(1) (Endless River) - 2014

Built For the Future - Running Man (Chasing Light) - 2015 - from San Antonio TX (new album soon)

Strawbs - Ghosts: 1)Sweet Dream 2)Night Light 3)Guardian Angel (Ghosts) - 1975

Wobbler - From Silence to Somewhere (From Silence to Somewhere) - 2017

Darwin's Radio - Breathe It In (Template for a Generation) - 2009

King Crimson - Cirkus (Lizard - 2010 remixed version) - 1970

Thirteen of Everything - Let It Go (Welcome Humans - Musea Records) - 2005 - from Austin TX (new album soon)

Agusa - Sorgenfri (Agusa) - 2017 - Sweden

Posted By: yam yam
Date Posted: June 02 2018 at 01:34
It would be lovely to have these shows available as podcasts in the same way that Progkast is, since 4am on a Sunday is a bit of an inconvenient time for listeners here in the UK to catch them live.

I know you use Soundcloud for archiving your Progkast shows at the moment, but if you wanted to look at an alternative (cheaper!) way of making your shows available on demand you could always use It's totally free, and you can make your entire podcasting library available to your followers, with no storage limit and no bandwidth limit. More info here:" rel="nofollow - .

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: June 02 2018 at 02:08
I had considered doing the archives thing before, but it looked like a p.i.t.b. so I opted not to. I may revisit the idea, perhaps in the future. Thanks for the link Smile

Yes, it would be nice to have the radio show as a podcast. Podcasts are so much more convenient. That is something that they are looking into for the future. Right now it is a new community radio station depending on donations just to keep on the air. Podcasting music requires another, somewhat hefty, licensing fee due to it being considered a public performance rather than broadcast, since it is downloadable. The more popular the show, and the more $ people donate to keep the show, the more likely it will be available as a podcast once they start doing that - if they do. Shocked

Meanwhile, on the bright side, it is very likely that the show will be moved back 2 hrs in the very near future,  making it 6pm Sat. PT US and 2am Sun., UK time Thumbs Up A little bit better (?)

Another thing is they replay some of the shows at different times. You can send the station a message at and tell them that they should repeat the show on another day at a better time for those outside the US. Smile Mine is one of the few shows that is not repeated. 

Posted By: yam yam
Date Posted: June 02 2018 at 02:14
Saturday 11pm in the UK would be brilliant, but wouldn't that be a five hour move back from its current slot?

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: June 02 2018 at 02:19
Yeah, I got my times crossed. I corrected it.

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: July 14 2018 at 19:32
Prog Rock Nation at 9pm MT (US) Saturday.
A little bit for newbies, a little bit for the pure Proggers..." rel="nofollow -

This Saturday July 14, 2018: Crippled Black Phoenix, Utopia, Amber Foil, Yes, Mostly Autumn, The Beatles, Fuzz, Deep Purple, Magenta, King Crimson, Supertramp, Return to Forever, Brand X, Spock's Beard, I Am The Morning, Samurai of Prog, Frontecielo - Saturdays 9-11pm MT stream online" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: August 02 2018 at 21:55
New []Prog Rock Nation[/url] this Saturday 9-11:00pm MT (US) on" rel="nofollow -

For this week's PRN:
Prog Rock Nation airing Saturday August 4, 2018:

First Half Hour :" rel="nofollow - Holy Wave ," rel="nofollow - The Sea Within , Himmelsgrans, Spirit, Ian Anderson," rel="nofollow - Galasphere 347 , Neal Morse Band, Steely Dan, Porcupine Tree," rel="nofollow - Dobbeltgjenger .

Second Half Hour - Progkast #34 with" rel="nofollow - Milo Keysington , MOMA," rel="nofollow - Glorious Wolf ," rel="nofollow - MrBouzouki ," rel="nofollow - Thirteen of Everything , Jahzzar

Starting off with some modern Psych with Holy Wave, and rolling straight into new neo prog with Roine Stolts' new project, "Sea Within", then some more music from Indie Prog band Himmelsgrans... an oldie from Spirit, and more brand new music from Norwegian Proggers Galasphere 347 (you're really gonna like this one!). Then we head towards the end of the first hour with some awesome stuff from the Neal Morse Band, another oldie, this time from Steely Dan, some mid neo prog from Porcupine Tree and then finish it off with new music from an Alt band.... that's right...Alt with a tinge of Psych... Dobbeltgjenger... a really kick song I just had to play...If you like Alt Rock at all, you'll really dig their new album "Limbohead".

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: August 24 2018 at 23:58
All new Prog Rock Nation 9pm Saturday night and 3am Sunday morning on KTAL-LP at" rel="nofollow - - This week... in no particular order... you'll hear new music from Jordsj°," rel="nofollow - Galasphere 347 ," rel="nofollow - Subsignal , and Ludwig G÷ransson (from the Black Panther Soundtrack), along with Van der Graaf Generator, The Flock, Crippled Black Phoenix, Traffic, The Fireman, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, Sunchild, Kyros," rel="nofollow - Lista de Lily , Presto Ballet, The Alan Parsons Project, Sioum and lastly, what I think is one of the Proggiest tunes from the Allman Brothers.

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: August 31 2018 at 21:01
Time change for" rel="nofollow - Stream live at" rel="nofollow -
This week's show features Genesis, The Flower Kings, Eloy, Eye, Big Elf, The Nice, Rush, Gong, Orbiting Freakshow Orchestra, Built for the Future, 23 & Beyond the Infinite, Kayak, Meta, Jukka Tolonen, Adrien Belew, and some Jazzy Prog stuff from Elton John, along with new music from Cell 15, Tusm°rke, Magnum and Mystery.

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: October 12 2018 at 06:51

Coming up on Saturday/Sunday's PRN: Pink Floyd, The Enid, Tame Impala, Spock's Beard, Tiger Waves, Yes, Independent music from Cirkus, Thirteen of Everything, Zoliborz, Intrinsic Nature, and an epic piece from J.Conspiracy, plus newer music from Mystery and Malady. Saturday 8-10pm MT, Sunday 3-5am MT at" rel="nofollow - And don't forget PRN is also on" rel="nofollow - This weeks PRN on CRR is the "Phil Collins: the Drummer" special that played on" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: October 27 2018 at 18:44
Special Halloween edition of Prog Rock Nation... ... Alice Cooper, King Crimson, Supertramp, Eye, Frontecielo, Van der Graaf Generator, Ayreon, Alan Parsons Project, The Womb, and more....

Saturday 8-10pm MT and Sunday 3-5am MT at

Also, the night before Halloween on  -  Drop D gives you two hours of Halloween music followed by 2 hours of Prog Rock Nation -

Drop D starts at 6pm then PRN is on at 8-10pm PT, 9-11pm MT, 10pm -12am CT, 11pm - 1am ET - US

That's 2am for all 4 hours, 4am for PRN Halloween day (Oct 31st) in the UK, 12 noon for four hours and PRN starts at 2pm Halloween day in Melbourne.

Keep updated on upcoming shows at

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: October 31 2018 at 22:11
Special Halloween show on NOW... and for next two hours :D At

Posted By: zwordser
Date Posted: November 03 2018 at 12:27
Cool, another New Mexican playing Prog Rock on the air!


Posted By: christophTJC
Date Posted: November 27 2018 at 16:15
Please, please, please, listen to & support this great prog radio show by Julie and honor her great work for prog artists from all over the world.

Cheers from Germany
The J Conspiracy

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: November 30 2018 at 23:45

Coming up Saturday the 1st of December... the much anticipated (and some of you would differ on this,... lol ;) ) "Everything you ever wanted to know and didn't want to know....well, not quite everything...about 'Revolution 9'"... an all new Prog Rock Nation... Saturday at 8pm MT (US) and Sunday at 3am MT (US). Also brand new Evership, Stickmen (featuring Bass extraordinaire, Tony Levin), They, Sea Within... as well as Frank Zappa, Thank You Scientist, Steely Dan, Astra, Faun, Mannheim Steamroller and oh so much more" rel="nofollow - - Capital Rock Radio out of Melbourne Australia

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: December 13 2018 at 22:44
This week's" rel="nofollow - - - - Australia -  this will be streamed Friday evening in the US and Saturday morning in the US - Check the schedule grid at" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: December 22 2018 at 12:41
On this week's Prog Rock Nation:

Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO), Ian Anderson, new music form Indie Prog/Metal band Axiom, New (meaning within the past year) music from Magnum, Nightwish, Newish from Agusa, New from Kino, Jean Luc Ponty, Asia, new from Indie Prog/Metal/Hard Rock, etc. band Dizzy Mystics," rel="nofollow - Secret Garden, Caravan, rare music from Jack Lancaster and Robin Lumley - with Cozy Powell, Phil Collins, Gary Moore, Manfred Mann - .... the list goes on :O, New music from the Soft Machine, Meta, new music from the Tangent, Big Big Train, Gryphon, and new music from Indie Prog/Metal band Spiral Key.

Remember, this may not be playable "on demand", but each Prog Rock Nation show is broadcast twice, and streamed four times All information is on the profile image and cover image on the" rel="nofollow -" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: cstack3
Date Posted: December 22 2018 at 13:24
Thanks!  I found this fine article about TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra), it mentions their prog origins and influences." rel="nofollow -

I am not a Robot, I'm a FREE MAN!!

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: March 23 2019 at 06:52
On this week's PRN (#32):

The Nice, Kamelot, Nektar, Wishbone Ash," rel="nofollow - Anthriel , King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Anthony Phillips, Adrian Belew," rel="nofollow - KRAKOW ," rel="nofollow - Sub Swara , Some unlikely Prog Fusion from Elton John. Ind bands" rel="nofollow - Meta ," rel="nofollow - Frontecielo , and new Ind music from" rel="nofollow - Fervent Send , relatively new from" rel="nofollow - Residuos Mentales , and" rel="nofollow - TOUCH Official , and... that song by Book of Fears that sounds an awful lot like Hawkwind's "We Took the Wrong Step Years Ago" WinkWink .... I think that's it, Shocked

Saturday 8-10pm MT and Sunday 3-5am MT at" rel="nofollow - Repeated again next week on" rel="nofollow - Friday 4-6pm MT and Saturday 4-6am MT (check schedule as times may change due to Australian DST/US DST).

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: April 27 2019 at 15:22
New Prog Rock Nation this weekend (In no specific order...): Galasphere 347" rel="nofollow - , Shadowfax, Telergy, new Roine Stolt's The Flower King, Steve Howe, new Great Wide Nothing, Laurie Anderson, Genesis, Kansas, new Icicle, Soft Machine, Styx, Jethro Tull, Beardfish, and new Karfagen." rel="nofollow -" rel="nofollow - - Capital Rock Radio Friday nights (USA times) and repeated again Saturday mornings (USA times)(check website for times in your area).

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: April 27 2019 at 23:14

Tonight's playlist (PRN #34) 04/27/2019:

Genesis - Squonk (A Trick of the Tail -1976) - Vinyl LP Record

Great Wide Nothing - Monument (The View From Olympus -2019)" rel="nofollow -

Steve Howe - Double Rondo (The Steve Howe Album - 1979) Vinyl LP Record

Styx - Man of Miracles (Man of Miracles -1974)

Karfagen - Dragon Island Suite (Part 1) (Echoes From Within Dragon Island - 2019) (Album is Symphonic Prog Rock Suite based on the poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson)

Soft Machine - Breathe (Hidden Details - 2018)

Laurie Anderson - O Superman (Big Science - 1982)

Kansas - The Spider (Point of Know Return - 1977) - Vinyl LP Record

Galasphere 347 - Fallen Angel (Gallasphere 347 - 2018)

Jethro Tull - Songs from the Wood (Songs from the Wood - 1977) Vinyl LP Record

Shadowfax - Linear Dance (Watercourse Way - 1976)

Beardfish - Tightrope (Mammoth - 2011)

Telergy - Accusations (The Legend of Goody Cole - 2013)" rel="nofollow -

Roine Stolt's The Flower King - Rio Grande (Manifesto of an Alchemist - 2018)

Icicle - Trans-Siberian Express (Provenance - 2019)" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: October 29 2019 at 23:09
New Halloween special of" rel="nofollow - - Soundcloud here (Progkast) and" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: January 10 2020 at 20:53

Tomorrow night (or morning for some ;) ) on PRN #60:Chaometry, Sky, Cosmograf, Nightwish, Blackmore's Night, Psychotic Waltz, Great Wide Nothing, Papergrass, Tall Talker, Dreaming Madmen, Elephant9, Strawbs... and more... Saturday 8-10pm MT, and Sunday 3-5am MT." rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: January 15 2020 at 02:20
Past shows available to listen on" rel="nofollow - - PRN #54 from November 2019 now available: featuring Spock's Beard, Focus, Steve Howe Trio, Clintmusic, Falaena, Pyramids on Mars, Gryphon, KBB, Marillion, Anthony Phillips, Shadowfax, Flower Kings, Pink Floyd, Br÷selmaschine, Machines Dream, and Porcupine Tree

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: February 22 2020 at 06:45
Hey all! So what's new? It's a bit of Sons of Apollo's latest, MMXX, along with Mahavishnu Orchestra with Billy Cobham killing it on the drums, Steve Hackett, Magic Pie, Brian Eno, Styx, Chris Squire, Jethro Tull, Home Brewed Universe, When Mary, Marc Bonilla, Panoply, Puppet Show, Sumeritae, upcoming release from Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate, and Melody Fields - tonight (Saturday) 8-10pm MT and Sunday 3-5am MT - at" rel="nofollow - KTAL-LP 101.5 fm in Las Cruces

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: October 30 2020 at 16:21
New, 5th annual Progkast/Prog Rock Nation" rel="nofollow - - HERE

Alan Parsons Progject, Long Earth, Crack the Sky, Meta, Serpentyne, Pattern Seeking Animals, Zorbonauts, Alice Cooper and more :D

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: February 26 2021 at 20:29
This week on" rel="nofollow - - KTAL-LP 101.5 FM online .

Past episodes of Prog Rock Nation can also be heard on demand at" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Progkast
Date Posted: April 02 2021 at 22:24
PRN #102 tomorrow - 22 hrs from now - Submarine, Colour Tongues, J. Crist, David Gilmour, It Bites, Jonathan Wilson, Karmamoi, Flying Caravan, , Traffic, Todd Rundgren, Secret Garden, Jethro Tull, Barclay James Harvest, David Bowie, Daniel Weiss, 35 Tapes, The Beatles, and an animation Rock Rarity from the early 2000s." rel="nofollow - - KTAL-LP Radio 101.5 FM Las Cruces 8-10pm Saturday and 3-5am Sunday US MDT.

Listen to archived shows at" rel="nofollow -

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