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Ed Wynne - Shimmer Into Nature 2019

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Topic: Ed Wynne - Shimmer Into Nature 2019
Posted By: proghaven
Subject: Ed Wynne - Shimmer Into Nature 2019
Date Posted: February 08 2019 at 04:48
First solo studio album by the Ozric Tentacles leader. Released on Jan 25 on vinyl and CD. The complete info:

To be added promptly I'd say. Thanks.

Posted By: Tom Ozric
Date Posted: February 08 2019 at 05:13
I think the last few Ozric albums have been Ed Wynne solo albums in disguise !!! But then, for me, nothing beats the Roly and Zia years.

Posted By: Man With Hat
Date Posted: February 08 2019 at 20:51
I'm looking forward to giving it a listen. 

Dig me...But don't...Bury me
I'm running still, I shall until, one day, I hope that I'll arrive
Warning: Listening to jazz excessively can cause a laxative effect.

Posted By: petersen88
Date Posted: February 09 2019 at 03:42
It`s been out since couple of weeks now and being Ozric Tentacles fan I have to say this does not leave my player. No surprises at all, it explores the same angles that`s been on OT`s several last records, more programmed electronics, fine atmospheres, great guitar licks and melodies. Somehow seems very fresh though.

Inclusion in PsychedelicK/Space Rock very much needed.

Posted By: tigerfeet
Date Posted: February 09 2019 at 21:01
Have to agree with the above, even with Ed Wynne being basically OT,  however there are still some elements missing, for me anyway. However, I really enjoyed listening and will be listening a lot more. 

Posted By: Progfan97402
Date Posted: February 12 2019 at 17:09
I'm glad to see this being discussed. I suggested him as a solo artist here at PA forums over at the "Suggest bands and artists" section just in case no one was looking into it. Regardless I purchased my vinyl copy through Burning Shed and received it a few days ago. I really enjoy this, it's just like a new Ozric release. This album proves how crucial Ed was for that Ozric sound regardless who was in the band. With the thought there may be no new Ozric release, with Ed putting the Ozrics on hiatus, now focusing on Nodens Ictus, Shimmer into Nature is a wonderful substitute. This album sure has been frequenting my turntable quite a bit. 2019 barely started and this is looking to be a favorite of mine this year.

Posted By: Aussie-Byrd-Brother
Date Posted: February 12 2019 at 17:38
It's a damn fine album! It absolutely doesn't do much that the Ozrics albums don't do, but perhaps only having five tracks and running a single vinyl length means it's very easy to constantly replay, and the tracks are quite punchy as well. Really great balance of whirling synth colour with heaps of electric guitar too, in fact I'd probably argue that it's got the most electric guitar and rockier passages of all the last several Ozrics discs. Great to hear that thick and heavy live bass on the first couple of tracks as well.

And it's definitely been a while since I've played a newer `Ozrics' album so much.

Posted By: Tom Ozric
Date Posted: February 12 2019 at 23:15
I’ve got a vinyl copy waiting for me, regardless.
When I bag Ozrics out for being whatever, I still do appreciate their more recent output. I guess there’s things you can just do with programming that is near impossible to pull off with ‘live’ instruments. I just love the sound of real bass and real drums. That said, they’ve never put out a bad album.
This Ed Wynne solo should be a cracker !!

Posted By: proghaven
Date Posted: May 08 2019 at 11:27
And so, two months since this was posted, and almost 14000 views. But the artist and the release are still missing in the PA database. Not progressive enough? 'Qui connaît, messieurs, qui connaît...' (Jules Maigret, a police comissaire, 1931)

Posted By: moshkito
Date Posted: May 10 2019 at 07:27
Originally posted by proghaven proghaven wrote:

And so, two months since this was posted, and almost 14000 views. But the artist and the release are still missing in the PA database. Not progressive enough? 'Qui connaît, messieurs, qui connaît...' (Jules Maigret, a police comissaire, 1931)

It's more progressive than some of the cookie cutter prog and metal stuff that we continuously keep adding simply to make sure that we get new "fans" and folks to post on the board, is my cure ... I mean, guess! I'm OK with that, though, even if it all sounds the same!=, and creativity is about the effect used ... not the playing of the instruments ... notice how no one will unplug any of those, because they will not only sound terrible and awful, but also would be dumped real quick ...

.... never know ... never know ... but mentioning unplug in this board for "progressive music" is almost the same as saying nothing ... like Gentle Giant even needed the amplification ... they did a whole encore the show I saw acoustic and it was better than the original! Sadly, none of that was ever released and i'm thinking that Gary Green thinks that these were fun, but not the kind of stuff they would want GG to be known for!  

Imagine YES doing this ... I know KC can do it and has done it differently many times, so that one is out!

Ed's album is almost a throw back to the early days of the band, just missing the folks that were with him, then. I have NOT disliked the Wynne Family Band, but all in all, it really was not capable of developing music by the feel ... it was too much based on the riff, and while I do not think that the wife is not a good player, I do think that she needs to go play some serious jazz muck to learn to get out of the riff support mode! Make Ed learn his chops ... The kid? ... different, but while I do not wish to suggest he needs something or other to help him get more attuned to the sounds and the music, for him, things are still based on creating a riff off a sound, and the feel of a "story" in the music is gone because of it. A change of notes to create a series of sounds and different bits and pieces, does not necessarily music make ... it's nice, no doubt about it, but the creative side and (I call it) the tripping side is missing ... music, for me, was not about just tripping so stoned that the music made no difference, except that the sex was good, even when you did not have it! And sometimes, this is what it feels like to me ... nice music, but it has no life under it. It's just notes with different synth settings.

All that said, and the band is a nice one, and the comments are not exactly a down thing as much as they are a joke thing, however, Ed's solo album has a lot more "purpose" to its design than the family albums, whose titles seem to be there just to be funny and weird ... Ed's album seems much more serious and detailed than that. My guess is that he did not have to have anyone else's input on it, and that helped him design it better, or at the very least, the album is more cohesive and enjoyable than the last couple of family albums.

... none of the hits, none of the time ... now try finding your own mirror/art!

Posted By: deafmoon
Date Posted: May 11 2019 at 06:34
The album SMOKES.


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