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prog dvd

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Topic: prog dvd
Posted By: +dreamtheater+
Subject: prog dvd
Date Posted: September 27 2005 at 20:23

what is your favorite prog dvd???

Posted By: Philrod
Date Posted: September 27 2005 at 20:26
I am not the biggest watcher of live concerts on dvds, but from the ones I have, it is probably the Pompei Concert from PF, and my copy of a genesis 1973 tour


Posted By: Gedhead
Date Posted: September 27 2005 at 20:27
R 30 Frankfurt 

Posted By: Chris S
Date Posted: September 27 2005 at 20:29

It aint prog but would have to go with:

The Band - The Last Waltz

Genesis - Second's Out, saw this on film late 70's but never again apart from snippets on rereleases of other Genesis footage.

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Posted By: +dreamtheater+
Date Posted: September 27 2005 at 20:43

what is the best dvd of genesis ????

because i buy the last and i think is not very very good

Posted By: R_DeNIRO
Date Posted: September 27 2005 at 20:48

Dream Theater's Live at Budokan

It's a shaking dvd but maybe the set list could be better. I'm dribbling just to think in Sacrificed Sons/Octavarium recorded in that concert (what a pity) 

Anyway; Great image + great direction + great sound + great musicians = Great DVD.

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Posted By: supper'sready72
Date Posted: September 27 2005 at 23:39

I have this Yes DVD from when they played in Philadelphia in '79. It's one of my absolute


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Posted By: Nipsey88
Date Posted: September 27 2005 at 23:46
Either Transatlantic - Live In Europe or Echolyn's Stars and Gardens

(I only have 200 Motels on VHS so I guess that doesn't count)

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Posted By: transend
Date Posted: September 28 2005 at 00:10
Rush in Rio

Posted By: ClemofNazareth
Date Posted: September 28 2005 at 00:47

The one that came with Kansas Sail On (35th anniversary set).  Has some great videos of their early days on Kirshner's Rock Concert in the 70's.  Also shows what happens when good bands go 80's with some later MTV videos for Monolith and Vinyl Confessions.  Those are really sad, but overall the next best thing to having been able to see them live.

And a promo video of Genesis doing Fountains of Salmacis on BBC in 1971.  Crappy video really, but a really awesome snapshot of history.

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Posted By: WillieThePimp
Date Posted: September 28 2005 at 00:50
Originally posted by Philrod Philrod wrote:

I am not the biggest watcher of live concerts on dvds, but from the ones I have, it is probably the Pompei Concert from PF, and my copy of a genesis 1973 tour

In addition to Opeth - Lamentations

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Posted By: marktheshark
Date Posted: September 28 2005 at 01:07
While the video production may suck, I have to go with Yes Keys To Ascension. The performance and sound is incredible. I just watch the Tsongas DVD and while the video AND sound are great, their performance was lackluster. Sorry, but these guys are really starting to show their age. But it was good to see that they finally ditched that tired track Awaken (great track, but just sick of it) and slip in Ritual. But what the hell is with the fake drums and mechanical arms?

All in all, if Yes wants to breathe some fresh air back into their live shows, just for one tour can Rick and bring back Patrick and do some Relayer. What's it been, 30 years now?

Posted By: Don Quito
Date Posted: September 28 2005 at 01:41

 Does anybody knows where to purchase (online) Magma's Theusz Hamtaahk Trilogie (DVD)????


Posted By: Doesburger
Date Posted: September 28 2005 at 02:26

Here are a few of my present favourites :

Magma - Theusz Hamtaahk

Ozric Tentacles - at the Pongmasters Ball

King Crimson - Eyes Wide Open

Focus - Live in America

PFM - Live in Japan 2002

Hadouk Trio - en Concert au Satellit Café

Don Quito : You can purchase the "Theusz Hamtaahk" dvd direct from Magma's website : -

Posted By: khalpin
Date Posted: September 28 2005 at 12:42

I can't believe no one mentioned:

Gentle Giant - Giant on the Box

Best DVD ever!!!

Posted By: Jeremy Bender
Date Posted: September 28 2005 at 13:21

Roger Waters: In The Flesh

The Doors: 30 Years Commemorative Edition

King Crimson: Eyes Wide Open + Deja Vrooom

ELP: Masters From The Vault + Beyond The Beginning + Live In Concert

Posted By: SomethingGood
Date Posted: September 28 2005 at 13:22

(by PoS, incase you dont already know)

Click the image. CLICK IT!!!

Posted By: stonebeard
Date Posted: September 28 2005 at 14:20
either The Wall, Live at Pompeii, Live at Budokan, or Live inTokyo/5 Years in a Livetime, the first tw by Pink Floyd and the latter two by Dream Theater. They're the only prog DVD's i own.

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Posted By: Olias
Date Posted: September 28 2005 at 14:28


Banks, Rutherford, Collins, Hackett and very special guest Mr. Bill Bruford


I. I Know What I Like

II. Fly on a Windshield

III. Carpet Crawlers

IV. Cinema Show

V. Entangled

VI. Supper´s Ready

VII. Los Endos 

Also an honourable mention for FOCUS "Master from the Vaults"... A fantastic full performance of Hamburger Concerto.


Posted By: Fishy
Date Posted: September 28 2005 at 14:42

Here's some of my current favourites :

  • the new Yes dvd - songs from Tsonga's : great performance and excellent track listing
  • IQ Subteranea : their best worked performed live ; since i've got this cd, I never play the studio version anymore ; spectacular performance including lots of show elements
  • Roger Waters - In the flesh : too bad the rest of Floyd aren't present here ; a great biography of the work of Floyd and Waters, very enjoyable ; been playing this one for years 
  • Rush in Rio - great live show with excellent tracklisting and soundquality, great crowd also


Posted By: DEzerov
Date Posted: September 28 2005 at 14:47
Here are few of my faves from our collection:

Yes - Symphonic Yes
Yes - Live at Tsongas
Pat Metheny Group - We Live Here
Bryan Ferry - Live in Paris at le Grand Rex
Mike Oldfield - Art in Heaven/Live in Berlin
Caravan - Classic Rock Legends Series
Gong -
Classic Rock Legends Series
Steve Hackett - Toyko tapes

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Posted By: Sir Hogweed
Date Posted: September 28 2005 at 15:25

Meet The Flower Kings. Quite boring to watch, except for the performance of mad percussionist Brunnionson and Gildenlow, who is quite busy singing and switching between guitar, percussion and keys.

However, the musicianship is so amazing that you keep watching to figure out how they do it. The extended 7 people line-up (3 vocalists, 3 guitarists, 2 keyboard players, 2 percussionists, and the best rhythm section in prog: Reingold/Czorcz) is able to produce such grandiose sounding renditions of their epic stuff. Highly recommended to TFK-haters. I converted one recently by lending him this DVD for a week.

Posted By: soundspectrum
Date Posted: September 28 2005 at 15:37
i liked tull live at the isle of white festival, and living with the past...kansas device voice drum, ....i havent checked out many more........but i will!

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