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TV Series or Mini-Series (Lost vs. The Lost Room)

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Topic: TV Series or Mini-Series (Lost vs. The Lost Room)
Posted By: Shadowyzard
Subject: TV Series or Mini-Series (Lost vs. The Lost Room)
Date Posted: October 09 2020 at 17:23
Perhaps it's just me but I cannot watch most of the TV series after some episodes or else a season, while I almost always watch every mini-series that interests me, to the end. Of course, TV series demand much more time unless they are untimely cancelled, but I think the key point is not that. The thing is, most (perhaps all) of the mini-series are initiated with a full comprehension (possibly coupled with the decision) about how they are going to end; on the other hand, I assume, regarding almost all the TV series, it is "decided" to continue or not, due to some obvious (hey, we don't make much money) or unknown (unknown to "us", of course) reasons. 

The "Lost vs. The Lost Room" part of the poll's subject is just an example. But it pretty much represents what is/can be exciting and what can be boring for me. (I lost my interest and stopped watching Lost after a season and a couple of further episodes from its 2nd season; whereas, I watched The Lost Room till the end, 3 times or so.)

I also would love to see "mini-series seasons" of some productions; even if there are years of gaps between. (Please, no rush!) Is there such a thing? If no, there should be!

Any thoughts?


Posted By: Matti
Date Posted: October 10 2020 at 00:35
I totally agree. And your example case is very much up to the point.
I really enjoy mini-series with a limited number of episodes, such as Normal People (after Sally Rooney's novel) or Olive Kitteridge (after Elizabeth Strout's prose), and lose my interest for over-extended multi-season series after a while, even when the beginning is highly interesting.

Posted By: Logan
Date Posted: October 10 2020 at 13:49
The Lost Room over Lost, Lost lost me,, and TV miniseries/ limited series generally over long running running multi season series for me. I also am in agreement. There are various series where each season did not llast very long where I enjoyed multiple seasons. I do like to have an end in sight, and so many feel really padded, or plot elements are added just to prolong it. Generally I like to think that the story arc has been worked out in advance, there is an economy to the storytelling, and it is moving to some kind of resolution with an end in sight. So many just go on and on, and end up fizzling out. They donít end at a planned date, but instead when the audience lost enough interest that the show gets cancelled or not renewed. This can lead to a really unsatisfactory end for a show too. Especially when it comes to serials, this can be very important, some anthology shows could go on and on and I would be very happy. Fargo, since each season works as its own serial series, and so becomes a kind of anthology series (not like Twilight Zone, Inside No. 9, The Outer Limits, or Black Mirror where episodes work as standalones). I would love more from.

I can think of some which I really would have loved another season/ series of, such as Utopia, which where each series was only six episodes, and there were two series (or seasons), so 12 each. I would have liked another limited run of at least three more. Twin Peaks is one that ran long with many episodes over three seasons (plus a movie) and a 25 year hiatus, and I would love to see another season, but not so much as a continuation, but exploring a different aspect. A show like Les Revenants kept me hooked over both series, but some would have liked it to stop at season one ( eight episodes per season).

A show like Blakeís 7 kept me mostlty interested throughout, and it had a proper end.   And generally I have liked Doctor Whoís long running approach (it has lost me now and back in the 80s it lost my interest). It depends, but generally I do prefer miniseries, series that may last over several seasons but have not many episodes, and I really like serial forms of drama as well as anthology series.

I find that the American TV I have been into has been more likely to over extend itself with very long seasons and many seasons than the British and French shows that I have been into. And speaking if shorter, I have been very into short films. I love a serial that has been well plotted out with a proper beginning, middle and end, and has a creative vision that is consistent. Often the problem can be that too many writers get involved over too long a time. It lacks cohesion. I often prefer those which have just one or two creators or writers who are involved throughout and can maintain creative control. So much of TV is not auteur driven. Most of my writing heroes in tv comedy and drama are English, someone like Dennis Potter.

ďA witty saying proves nothing" (Voltaire).

Posted By: Shadowyzard
Date Posted: November 20 2020 at 06:39
Hey, there are always (or almost always) exceptions!

12 Monkeys TV series is a pretty solid one. I finished all its 4 seasons.

My American addict much much older self would give it a 9/10 or 10/10.

My "anti-American" self (it was a long time ago) would not bother to watch it till the end.

My current self gives it a 8/10.

Try it out, I say.


Posted By: JD
Date Posted: November 20 2020 at 12:43
I didn't see a real definition of mini-series. Watchmen 2019 was planned as a single season with 9 episodes, so I'll use that as my guide although The Stand 1994 was done in 4 parts so I'm not sure what the criteria for mini-series is.

But it's really all about the writing, acting and production.
There are some series that just take a dump at some point and there are others that stay strong to the end.

Justified did 6 seasons and was stellar all the way, They could have done more seasons I'm sure.
Battlestar Galactica 2004 did 4 seasons and that was just enough.
Watchmen 2019 only did 1 season and definitely could have done more.

Tell the story and tell it well, that's all I ask. How long it takes is up the the writer(s).

I never watched Lost or The Lost Room so I can't comment on those specifically.

Thank you for supporting independently produced music

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