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Diablo II vs. Baldur's Gate II

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Topic: Diablo II vs. Baldur's Gate II
Posted By: Shadowyzard
Subject: Diablo II vs. Baldur's Gate II
Date Posted: November 07 2020 at 09:19
First of all, I'm a big fan of both. Diablo II is surely better as for action, because it is a hack-and-slash game. On the other hand, BG II has a wonderful story and is faaaaaaar more detailed in many aspects.

I'll go with BG II, because I love everything about the game. I had a "love & hate" relationship with Diablo II, mostly due to the item mania. OK, I confess that the bosses never dropped me an Arachnid Mesh, no matter how hard I tried (perhaps I didn't try hard enough, haha).

In Diablo II, my favourite characters are casters, who are Druid, Necromancer and Sorceress. Specifically: wind druid, bonemancer and frozen orb sorceress.

In Baldur's Gate, I can enjoy many classes, including some fighter ones. Yet, my favourites are mages and then sorcerers. My highest roll for a mage/sorcerer was a total of 97 (twice or thrice, I think).

"It is time for more experiments."



Posted By: moshkito
Date Posted: November 11 2020 at 08:37

Neither for me ... the original Diablo was a game I played for a while but it dried up and it got to the point that I thought was not worth it. D2 was not any better, and I tried my roommate's to see if I wanted to get it ... no go!

By that time (or around there!) I got into EQ and played it until it died and the massive exodus of its best players that went to WoW ... and killed EQ on its tracks ... they have never recovered and never will with bad leadership and a cross relationship with the players for the most part (the ShowEQ situation being one of the big ones) ... and Wow, saw immediately the potential of others helping develop the game with the addons, many of which ended up being incorporated into the game itself.

Wow, is now likely to have a huge fall out ... their "demands" for a computer to handle the next expansion are a $500 (dollars) video card and an expensive processor, W10 Pro (which is not sold on machines regularly -- meaning the cheap stuff at Wall Mart is not gonna go far!) and something like 48/64 Megs of memory, and I think that it will hurt nearly 50% of all the players ... the majority of whom do not have the high level/quality of computer as requested ... basically you will need a gaming machine which is at least $1500 to $2000 of an investment ... for one game alone?

But I have to admit that all of a sudden the simplicity of BG and D2 is much more attractive than the rest of the stuff ... but knowing that I have a 2K computer than will handle the upgrades but within 6 months I have to get another video card because the 8Mg's RX580 is not good enough ... leaves me just about quitting the games altogether.

I appreciate the history and how these games helped develop computers fast and furious, specially the graphics side of it ... but beyond that ... the geek'iness of things, and how the folks at Blizzard (for example) only develop their game on machines that would cost $3K (easily) in the market ... and they think that we should all just throw the money in that direction as well ... specially in a time when Covid is in charge and many folks are out of work ... the idea alone is insane and that person needs to be fired!

I can handle the expansion, but the machine requirements is ridiculous and completely out of line with the majority of players in the game or any game!

... none of the hits, none of the time ... favoritism is not an artistic merit!

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