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Tangerine Dream - Phaedra 2005 (2005)

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Topic: Tangerine Dream - Phaedra 2005 (2005)
Posted By: Ricochet
Subject: Tangerine Dream - Phaedra 2005 (2005)
Date Posted: December 29 2005 at 00:56

I will call this album not a dissapointment,not a failure,but a disaster...I am partially sorry for the words that will appear or may appear here,but I need to confess everything about it and point out most of all the bad parts...This album has petrified me during the 38 minutes that it lasted...It is one of the most non-succesful albums of the year and period,if not stretching further to general comparisons...I feel so miserable after listening to this album...It is not a good is not...Tangerine Dream (or should I dare say Froese?) have turned a spectacular,masterpiece,extraordinary,divine album like Phaedra,into a remix,a tangenitized version of such low quality,you don't feel just annoyed listening to it,you feel offended,you feel hurt,badly hurt...Nothing of what lies in the superb arrangements,structure and composition of the 1974 Pheadra can be reflected here...AS I HAVE FEARED SO MUCH,for this anniversary album has been used nothing but a slight connection towards the theme,a small voice they considered it represents the theme of that specific track,which is absolutely wrong,cause the magnificent Phaedra is composed of several themes,of several in Phaedra 2005 I don't find anything at all...

The title track is the worst of all...NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING of what the original title track contained is reflected here...NOTHING! It is a complete mess.Tangerine Dream have replaced one of the strongest themes ever created by them with an ugly tangenitized version,made in rush and in the lack of inspiration...

As for the rest of the three pieces,as I have expected,the use the original as background layer,upon which they add several voices of "new","fresh","contemporary" elements...a pure,classic case of tangenitizing...

Delfi is something that,compared to the rest of the album,doesn't stand up much at all...It melts into the rest,staying as low as the other pieces other...

Very,very,extremely dissapointed by this album...VERY...I have expected something like this,but not in this way...A definately regress with Phaedra 2005...I hope I don't get the chance to hear another re-release of classic-Golden Era-masterpieces from Tangerine Dream...


Posted By: Chris S
Date Posted: December 29 2005 at 01:09 sounds like TD are trying to emmulate Mike Oldfield with Tubular Bell remakes. Thanks for your insight on this ' Money laundering '  release. I will avoid at all costs!!!

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Posted By: verslibre
Date Posted: December 29 2005 at 01:30


I suspected as much. I knew there was something wrong with an album called Phaedra 2005.

Thanks for taking the time to give us the scoop! Our monies are better spent elsewhere.

P.S. I did order Kyoto  earlier in the year and am quite happy with what it turned out to be.

Posted By: Ricochet
Date Posted: December 29 2005 at 01:51
glad to do it,folks...

Kyoto is nice BTW...


Posted By: greenback
Date Posted: December 29 2005 at 03:30
i will probably like it!


Posted By: salmacis
Date Posted: December 29 2005 at 15:29

Didn't even know the band were re-making this album. I always think it's a curious move to re-record albums, as it suggests that a band that's running out of ideas (something I think happened to Tangerine Dream years ago personally though). What's more, I could imagine how horrible this album sounds all 'digitalised'. The original Tangerine Dream albums had a wonderful analogue feel and as such, were more natural sounding. Digital keyboards often sound too calculated and polished, and for a band who so totally relied on keys as TD did, this could be crippling.

And that album cover is less than inspired too...

Posted By: King of Loss
Date Posted: December 29 2005 at 16:43

I haven't listened to it and probably won't like it!

(Parodies Greenback)

Posted By: Zac M
Date Posted: December 29 2005 at 17:26
I'll stick to the original, it's an incredible album. Thanks for the warning Ricochet!!!

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