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Pavlov´s Dog is Unique

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Topic: Pavlov´s Dog is Unique
Posted By: Dr Know
Subject: Pavlov´s Dog is Unique
Date Posted: April 01 2006 at 10:43

I was listening to Pampered Menial the other day. They are so unique that it is impossible for other bands to copy them (mainly because of the vocals) Lots of big prog bands have spawned tons of imitators, but this band is one of a kind.

David Surkamp sings with so much emotion and "longing" it is unbelievable. Some people don´t like his voice, but for me it is phenomenal that anyone can have a voice like that! It sounds like a seven year old child mixed with a woman´s voice, one of a kind.

I don´t think a prog album collection is complete without Pavlov´s Dog. What are your thoughts on The Mighty Unique Dog?


Posted By: The Hemulen
Date Posted: April 01 2006 at 10:48
Uniquely awful, IMO.

Posted By: Tuzvihar
Date Posted: April 01 2006 at 11:08
I heard only what's available on the archives by Pavlov's dog and I liked it very much ! Especially Surkamp's voice! He sings a bit similarly to Geddy Lee, I think.


Posted By: Dr Know
Date Posted: April 01 2006 at 11:16
Imagine the risk the band took with having a singer like that. Don´t forget those albums were in the early seventies.

Posted By: Phil
Date Posted: April 01 2006 at 16:24
An acquired taste. I thought they had some very good songs, but Surkamp does take some getting used to.

Posted By: Dr Know
Date Posted: April 01 2006 at 17:56
Yes, his voice is an acquired taste. I think when introducing Pavlov to somone who has never heard them before it is a good idea to tell them that it is a man singing. My friend said to me"Listen to this band with this guy singing, once you have heard it once you will have to hear it again" That was back in 1978! The last half of Pampered Menial gets more and more progressive as well.

Posted By: SaintVitus
Date Posted: April 01 2006 at 18:33
I bought Pampered Menial on Vinyl a couple of years ago because many people praised it.....well, i hate it and it doesn't get any better - the voice of the singer is the most horrible voice i've ever heard.

Space Is Deep

Posted By: Masque
Date Posted: April 01 2006 at 18:43
Surkamp has a unique quality to his voice, that works perfectly with Pavlov's dog`s music , its emotional and haunting  you will either love it or hate it, I love it 

Posted By: Dr Know
Date Posted: April 01 2006 at 21:53

Masque, I see you are a Kansas fan! Maybe Pavlov´s dog appeals to Kansas fans

Impeccable tasteWink

Posted By: Masque
Date Posted: April 01 2006 at 22:04
Originally posted by Dr Know Dr Know wrote:

Masque, I see you are a Kansas fan! Maybe Pavlov´s dog appeals to Kansas fans

Impeccable tasteWink

  you bet

Posted By: Equality 7-2521
Date Posted: April 02 2006 at 15:01
THeir music conveys so much emotion, its quite amazing, have yet to hear anything like it

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Posted By: ANDREW
Date Posted: April 02 2006 at 15:35
"Pampered Menial" is one of the masterpieces of prog and David Surkamp's voice is awesome!!!

Posted By: Ivan_Melgar_M
Date Posted: April 02 2006 at 17:42

Love or hate them, but in any of both cases Pavlov's Dog is unique.



Posted By: erik neuteboom
Date Posted: April 02 2006 at 18:21
When I heard the wonderful song Julia on the radio I rushed to the records store to buy something from Pavlov's Dog. Although not every track is on the same level I love Pampered Menial, what a great, very distinctive voice and what huge Mellotron drenched album. In my opinion the opener Julia is still one of the most beautiful and dramatic sounding progrock compositions  ! And let's not forget that Bill Bruford joined the band on their second album.

Posted By: cobb
Date Posted: April 03 2006 at 05:05
Originally posted by Dr Know Dr Know wrote:

Imagine the risk the band took with having a singer like that. Don´t forget those albums were in the early seventies.

Perhaps not so much of a risk- Yes were generating money for Atlantic? at that time, and they had a pretty weird sounding singer . I suppose American companies were searching for bands that could dampen the English influx. Seemed to work, from memory Julia was a huge hit.

Posted By: Sean Trane
Date Posted: April 03 2006 at 05:08
Take away the mellotrons and ask yourself whether they were prog at all

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Posted By: pero
Date Posted: April 03 2006 at 05:17

I have their two albums: Pampered menial and At the sound of the bell.

They are definitely prog with or without mellotron.

You even like or dislike Surkap's voice, but as Ivan said they are unique.

Posted By: bundy
Date Posted: April 03 2006 at 08:23

I have both albums as well. (PM on both CD and vinyl and AtSotB on CD). The second album is excellent with both Valkerie and Did You see him Cry being topshelf tracks. While that album is excellent, it pales into insignificance however alongside Pampered Menial. THIS ALBUM IS AN ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE IMO!!!!!

I still vividly remember the first time I heard this album back in March 1987. I was over at a friends house having dinner with the and his wife. After enjoyable meal we were relaxing over a glas of wine. PM was playing in the background. I remember asking him who is this band? The woman singing has an amazing voice. I just about fell off my chair when he replied " Yes, it's a band called Pavlov's Dog and what is really amazing is that is not a woman singing it's a man!"

Needless to say I bought the album not long after that. It has been one of my desert island albums ever since. Only two other albums have ever left me completely gobsmacked the first time I ever heard them: PF - The Wall and KC - In the Court of the Crimson King. Way back in 1980. I was still in high school and listening to bands such as Status Quo and these were my introduction to prog. Twenty six years later here I am.

Ah memories! Pavlov's Dog - David Surkamp - Pampered Menial BRILLIANT!!!!!

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