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Posted By: mithaman
Subject: PANDORA
Date Posted: August 12 2006 at 15:26 -
its pretty awesome, you type in artists you like and it creates radiostations for you with similar music, and it letws you rate what you like and dont like
and its free
thought i might share it with those who havent heard of it yet

Posted By: Barla
Date Posted: August 12 2006 at 15:35

Yeah, it's incredible. My uncle recommended me it. I made an account on it 3 months ago and it made me discover a lot of new bands !!

Awesome !! Keep on Rocking, Pandora !!


Posted By: HORSEtheman
Date Posted: August 12 2006 at 16:08
That is simply amazing.  I'm hooked.  Now if only I could get it to log the music to my Audioscrobbler Wink

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Posted By: Paulieg
Date Posted: August 12 2006 at 18:22

Posted By: Supertwister
Date Posted: August 12 2006 at 18:23
I prefer using the recommendation radio, because Pandora came up with some good recommendations but many bad ones.
Also with it submits the songs to audioscrobbler!

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Posted By: aapatsos
Date Posted: August 12 2006 at 21:01
it's very good and I can't use so I am stuck with it

Posted By: GoldenSpiral
Date Posted: September 05 2006 at 23:40
Great site!

Actually I just heard its creator give a speech and answer questions about the site's past and future.  It's a really interesting project.  They have 42 trained musicians classify every piece in their library of music based on a list of 400 different characteristics that make up the 'Music Genome'. 

There's a huge future for this site, as the internet becomes more personalized.

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Posted By: EvilGnome
Date Posted: September 30 2006 at 10:21
Originally posted by HORSEtheman HORSEtheman wrote:

That is simply amazing.  I'm hooked.  Now if only I could get it to log the music to my Audioscrobbler Wink

You can!

There's two methods:

1) Instead of going to, go to and log in with your username. Personally, I don't link the interface but it works.

2) If you use Firefox, there's an extension you can download at that will scrobble your Pandora tracks as they play. I use it all the time and love it. Best of both worlds!


Posted By: Arrrghus
Date Posted: September 30 2006 at 10:54
Pandora pwns!


Posted By: yesfan88
Date Posted: September 30 2006 at 12:15
The only problem I have with Pandora is that they don't have a lot of whole albums in the database. They mostly have greatest hits collections and stuff so you're not getting many more obscure songs.

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Posted By: EvilGnome
Date Posted: September 30 2006 at 12:19
There are definite gaps, but they're adding stuff all the time. Just a few months ago they only had one Flower Kings album and now they have pretty much their whole catalog. Wouldn't mind some more Camel right now, though...


Posted By: Zitro
Date Posted: January 22 2007 at 21:29

I got jordok from Anglagard and Retropolis (flower kings) .. great radio! I can choose the kind of music I want to, even if it is not well-known.

Posted By: Floydian42
Date Posted: January 22 2007 at 21:35
I like it, but after I put too much in, the genre's ranged so much it didn't know what to suggest.

Posted By: proger
Date Posted: January 24 2007 at 00:37
this program dont find me anything.
Im trying to search aradhna"
and its find me nothing

------------- for tomorrow...

Posted By: Bj-1
Date Posted: January 24 2007 at 11:06
Nice site. Has it's flaws, but overall nice!

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Posted By: MikeEnRegalia
Date Posted: January 24 2007 at 11:36
I think their approach is interesting, but I doubt that the results will be useful to "normal" people. It's a very academic method, and I still believe in my own approach (on

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: January 24 2007 at 12:38
I can't comment much on, as I haven't really checked it out (will now though, seeing the recommendations ). While it is true that Pandora is still building its database, they are the place that led to my discovering Italian Prog, and getting back into Prog music generally. I was looking for groups that were similiar to Gentle Giant & was limited in the places where someone might get that sort of guidance. being rather limited, as you have to "stumble" upon a such a review, and their lists aren't exactly been productive in terms of finding out new music because EVERYTHING is a masterpiece, so you end with a lot of unproductive leads... Coming back to Pandora, it suggested PFM as similiar to GG, or at least of interest to fans of GG. PFM led me to Le Orme, which then got me exploring the whole Italian Progressive symphoony scene from the early 70s. At this point, I have about 40 albums of this genre, including all those listed in the genre's top 20 in this site.
But this type of service will always be somewhat hit & miss. I got into Porcupine Tree & found them to be a mix (not a ripoff) of Pink FLoyd & Rush. I leant my PT collection to a friend, who admitted hearing some of those two groups, but mainly felt a huge ALan Parsons Project sound, especially in the production & vocals. So you never know, eh ...

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: January 24 2007 at 12:47
P.S. in reply to a post asking us to name a more intense guitarist than John McLaughlin, my answer would be Ted Nugent. The guy doesn't let anything get in the way of his guitar solos, technique, feedback, taste, repetitiveness, etc ;)... . I don't think that most on this site have any interest in him, but a few years ago, I was surprised to find out that a number of new punk groups thought he was the nastiest player ( in a good way) in hard edged music. This was before the pop punk thing happened, so the bands tended to be influenced by the 1st & 2nd waves of punk back in 70s & 80s.
P.P.S. While I admire some of MR John's work, I find the excesses remind me of the 80s "shred" guitarists. Faster, faster, faster ...  how many notes per second can the human ear actually hear, and frankly at what point does it become musical masturbation or as the brits say "w**king"?

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