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Tony Levin is...

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Topic: Tony Levin is...
Posted By: progadicto
Subject: Tony Levin is...
Date Posted: December 12 2006 at 17:16
Just curious... Ah! I mean bass to give a name to all the "things" that Levin plays including stick, fretless, etc... Have fun...

... E N E L B U N K E R...

Posted By: rileydog22
Date Posted: December 12 2006 at 17:25
Having watched the man play from less than ten feet away on two seperate occasions, I consider him one of the Gods of Bass (or at least rock bass, I can't claim to know anything about jazz bassists). 


Posted By: Spacemac
Date Posted: December 12 2006 at 17:28
Great bassist

Posted By: Asyte2c00
Date Posted: December 12 2006 at 17:34
Jaco, Jaco

Posted By: Flemdido
Date Posted: December 12 2006 at 17:42
    Technically very proficient, but as a song writer his stuff is very dull to me, few interesting hooks to make me want to hear it again


GonG is one and one is YOU

Posted By: Sir Hogweed
Date Posted: December 12 2006 at 18:11
Great, but only human. The John Holmes of the bass/stick I would say.

Posted By: Cygnus X-2
Date Posted: December 12 2006 at 18:13
Moustache Man...


Posted By: rushaholic
Date Posted: December 12 2006 at 18:51
A great bassist.

Posted By: Chus
Date Posted: December 12 2006 at 19:03
Uncle Tony

good bassist, not the best though, but pretty good

Jesus Gabriel

Posted By: KoS
Date Posted: December 12 2006 at 19:08
... a bald sexy old man
who knows how to play with his Stick.

Posted By: sleeper
Date Posted: December 12 2006 at 19:52
Trust you to say that Siam.LOL

He's a brilliant bassist.

Spending more than I should on Prog since 2005

Posted By: trauma0
Date Posted: December 12 2006 at 20:10








Posted By: Harry Hood
Date Posted: December 12 2006 at 21:43
The greatest bald bassist


Posted By: Philéas
Date Posted: December 13 2006 at 02:17
To me, a guy who played with King Crimson. Good bassist, but I haven't heard enough of his work to judge if he's "the best ever" or not.

Posted By: yarstruly
Date Posted: December 13 2006 at 10:40
Great Bassist....

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Posted By: Howe Protege
Date Posted: December 13 2006 at 11:17
I like his work with the California Guitar Trio

My favorite pasty faced British pal.

Posted By: Sublimación
Date Posted: December 13 2006 at 20:16
he makes the bass not only bass


Posted By: 1800iareyay
Date Posted: December 13 2006 at 20:22
bass god, second only to John Entwistle. His work with KC, LTE, BLS, and Peter Gabriel is amazing. Haven't heard his solo stuff, though. 

Posted By: cuncuna
Date Posted: December 13 2006 at 20:23
Kind of focused, I guess.

¡Beware of the Bee!

Posted By: The T
Date Posted: December 13 2006 at 21:27
A MASTER.... Not only he shines on stuff like LTE or his amazing work in BozzioLevinStevens, but he manages to shine in Crimson's awful Discipline! A master, a master.


Posted By: el böthy
Date Posted: December 13 2006 at 22:00
My personal bass god...although I was tempted to pick for that bold guy option
also, a totally cool guy, just look at him in the Gabriel shows and DVD´s

"You want me to play what, Robert?"

Posted By: Norbert
Date Posted: December 14 2006 at 08:09

A great bass player, really great.

Posted By: proger
Date Posted: December 14 2006 at 10:05
    I dont like tony levin playing style.
but he still high level bassist

------------- for tomorrow...

Posted By: Wotgorilla
Date Posted: December 16 2006 at 08:29
Does Tony Levin ever sleep? How many different artists has he performed with?

"Thru the darkest age we can surely fly, thru the darkest age with the Fist of Fire"

Posted By: rileydog22
Date Posted: December 16 2006 at 22:01
^the discography in the back of his book was six pages long.  And that's just albums.  Think of all the shows he's played....


Posted By: MadcapLaughs84
Date Posted: December 16 2006 at 22:54
He's a great bass player, but he's a god at Chapman Stick


Posted By: one hand clap
Date Posted: December 17 2006 at 23:57
victor wooten and jaco pastorius are the only true gods of bass, so i'll say "great bassist"

Posted By: ViolinCyndee
Date Posted: December 18 2006 at 02:05
Absolutely fantastic bass and stick player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted By: MattiR
Date Posted: December 18 2006 at 09:06
God of bass

Posted By: Wilcey
Date Posted: December 18 2006 at 09:09
He's great, but "god of bass" goes to the much over looked and simply incredible bass of Mr Peter Gee.
A living bass legend.

Posted By: lucky_man123
Date Posted: December 21 2006 at 20:18
I give him the most credit for introducing the Chapman stick to the world. He wasn't incredibly good at the bass, but he showed us all the stick and that was very good indeed!

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