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Pulsar keyboards

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Topic: Pulsar keyboards
Posted By: DarioIndjic
Subject: Pulsar keyboards
Date Posted: March 09 2007 at 14:00
My question is stupid but...
..i would like to know what kind of keyboards and synth Pulsar used in their masterpiece 'The Strands of the Future'?I know about mellotron,but that synth sound especially in the song 'Fool's Failure' is so powerful and i would like to know what is the name of that synth played!
Any site containing the info for the instruments played on the album would be also helpful,thanks!

Ars longa , vita brevis

Posted By: erik neuteboom
Date Posted: March 09 2007 at 14:27
I don't own that album (only Halloween) but perhaps the sound is by a Solina string-ensemble, lots of French bands used that vintage keyboard.

Posted By: DarioIndjic
Date Posted: March 09 2007 at 14:49
Well,Eric i went to and listened to the demo of Solina string-ensemble and Arp 2600 (both were used by Pulsar)but none of them had a sound like that synth i've hard...Confused

Ars longa , vita brevis

Posted By: erik neuteboom
Date Posted: March 09 2007 at 15:25
OK, the final solution: PM vintage keyboard specialist Pierreolivier Wink

Posted By: DarioIndjic
Date Posted: March 09 2007 at 15:28

Haha thanks ErikWink

Ars longa , vita brevis

Posted By: erik neuteboom
Date Posted: March 09 2007 at 16:18
I hope to hear soon from you DarioIndjic Wink

Posted By: Cesar Inca
Date Posted: March 10 2007 at 09:45
The string sounds come from a Solina if they indeed use the same instrumentation as in the "Halloween" album, whose credits mention explicitly the Solina. This one was alternetdly played by the constants keyboardist and the flutist - together, the mellotron and the Solina kicked ass at building eerie orchestrations and evocative ambiances. 
I don't know about the ARP, but they sure used the Moog a lot for those effects and layers.
    Kind regards. 

Posted By: pierreolivier
Date Posted: March 10 2007 at 17:06
Originally posted by erik neuteboom erik neuteboom wrote:

I hope to hear soon from you DarioIndjic Wink
Hi Erik and DarioIndjic,
Yesterday,DarioIndjic PM me for informations about the keyboards used in the Pulsar song "Fool Failure".At first,I said that i can't respond since i have never heard any Pulsar music.After my initial message,i went to the Pulsar section of the site and to my surprise,there was an MP3 of the above mentionned song.All I have to said is that Pulsar music is excellent and it will be surely on my future purchases.
As for the keyboards used in the song,I will write my respond that i gave to DarioIndjic for everyone(specially Erik).It's not 100% accurate since I heard the extract 2-3 times but the principal is here.
1.A lot of Mellotron:It's the principal keyboards used on that song.On the extract only,i heard 3 mellotron sound.They used the classic "3 violins" ,"cello" and the "8 voice choir" sounds.That implies that the M400 model was used since the choir sound was not available on older Mellotrons models like the Mark II(the model used by King Crimson on the 3 first albums).I heard a rumour that they had owned a Mark V(a double M400) but they have it only for the "Halloween" album.It's difficult to tell since the Mark V and the M400 share the same sound library but here's,it's probably an M400.The Mellotron is definitely passed trought a reverb device,probably a plate reverb that gave a Crimsonesque feeling.Their Mellotron sound on that piece is simply amazing.Clap
2.Solina string ensemble:Very subtile on the extract,it doubles the Mellotron "3 violins".
3.Monophonic synth:certainly an ARP synth(ARP 2600 or Odyssey) for the melodic line on the extract.Certainly not a Moog (the Moog are more powerful,ARP are more subtile and raffined sound).I play those 2 synths(ARP Odyssey and minimoog)often and can tell them apart and it's surely an ARP synth here for the monophonic melody line.Maybe a Moog was used for background and effects but can't tell for sure.
4.Hammond organ or another kind of organ:Surely a Hammond spinet is used here with a subtle Leslie processed sound.
And a beautiful flute melody.
I didn't know Pulsar since yesterday,thanks for the discovery DarioIndjic!Smile

Posted By: erik neuteboom
Date Posted: March 11 2007 at 07:21
Great thread, great response and I am glad one more proghead has discovered Pulsar!

Posted By: DarioIndjic
Date Posted: March 11 2007 at 17:26

Ars longa , vita brevis

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