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Green Carnation Implode

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Topic: Green Carnation Implode
Posted By: Jared
Subject: Green Carnation Implode
Date Posted: August 23 2007 at 17:25
I guess the following is a modern day morality tale about the precarious nature of the music business:
Although releasing the amazing concert DVD A night under the Dam earlier this year, the band felt drained of energy after the miserable organized USA tour put together by The End Records and their booking agent. The End Records being one of the main supporters of the band the last years, bringing hope back to Green Carnation's view on the music business, left the band with broken promises, huge debts, theft of license money and a poor organized tour draining the band for energy. The band doesnít blame The End Records for all of its problems, but they made a bad situation worse by first giving the tour a green light when the conditions for the tour were doomed from the beginning and then later withdraw license money, merchandise money, merchandise and not paying the band or its sound engineer, leaving the band in debts. All of which could have been avoided by cancelling the tour before it started. The End Records lost money on the tour as well, so why it wasnít cancelled when the contracts for the tour were offered to the label, is a unanswered question.

The deal for the tour was that Green Carnation would cover the flights to and from the USA, while the rest of the tour would be covered by The End Records and tour income. But in the end, the band covered the flights, their own fee, the fee of the sound engineer, some of the gas and hotel expenses during the tour, and paid for CD's that were sold during the tour. On top of that The End Records - withdraw the license money from the last album, took all the merch money and the CD's to cover their own losses. What The End Records had to gain from sending the band across the world, driving across the continent of America twice, just to come to a town where the local promoter havenít been seen around for the last 4 months, or arrive at clubs that donít even know you are coming, to clubs where the local promoter put up another show because the booking agent never replied to their booking confirmation so instead they went ahead and booked other tours on the same date.

In the end, it made the band members avoid live situations, tours and business partners. The band members felt they had little or nothing to give anymore, and I donít blame them. I saw where we were heading and it wasnít where we wanted to be at, so instead of ending up with a mediocre album, we decided to call it the quits after the most spectacular release we have produced so far; A Night Under the Dam on DVD.
It's a very, very sad day indeed when such a great band calls it a day....Disapprove


Posted By: KeyserSoze
Date Posted: August 23 2007 at 18:56
f... Censored Cry

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Posted By: Dean
Date Posted: August 23 2007 at 19:11
You missed the last paragraph Jared,
Tchort will continue writing music under the name Green Carnation, but probably will never play live again with the band."
Still, the worse news I've heard since the demise of In The Woods... Unhappy


Posted By: NotSoKoolAid
Date Posted: August 23 2007 at 22:37
That's horrible. Green Carnation was a band with many sides, and that was displayed on their albums. My stomach turns at the thought that we won't get to see anymore sides from the band as a whole.

Posted By: kazansky
Date Posted: August 23 2007 at 22:58
Damn, such a great band... what a terrible news...

The devil we blame our atrocities on is really just each one of us.

Posted By: darkmatter
Date Posted: August 24 2007 at 01:17
Wow... that sucks....  I just got The Acoustic Verses last Christmas, and I really enjoy it (even if I haven't listened to it recently).  That's disappointing, and they working on a sequel to Light of Day, Day of Darkness, too. Disapprove

Posted By: MikeEnRegalia
Date Posted: August 24 2007 at 01:38
They should try to release their new album without the "help" of a record label ... in the end these labels exist to make money. They will support an artist just as long as they think it will be profitable. Today it's very easy for artists to record and publish music on their own ... and I hope that's what Tchort will try to do. The nice thing about iTunes and other online stores is that you don't have to spend a fortune to manufacture CDs and get them to all the stores in the world ... Smile

Posted By: ProgBagel
Date Posted: August 24 2007 at 02:12
One of my favorite leat they are still going to make the music, I never saw them live anyway...but thats the best way to support them .

Posted By: Paulieg
Date Posted: August 24 2007 at 08:07
Damn.  I had no idea they were playing live in the states.  I definitely would have gone to see and support them.  Too late now.Cry

Posted By: FranMuzak
Date Posted: August 24 2007 at 11:54
I bought i few months ago both Acoustic Verses and A Night Under the Dam, and i was really impressed. I hope Tchort manage to find a way to resurrect the band and keep touring.

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