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Karcius from Quebec

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Topic: Karcius from Quebec
Posted By: avestin
Subject: Karcius from Quebec
Date Posted: October 16 2007 at 20:14
Another attempt at getting some attention to lesser mentioned bands that deserve an equal appreciation as the more renowned ones. - KARCIUS  is a fusion/eclectic instrumental band from Quebec and have released two well crafted and accomplished albums. I myself personally prefer their first album, - Sphere  with its musical ventures into other territories of heavy rock (and metal at times), some quirkier moments and an neverending affinity for discovering more sounds and ideas in their music with a constant lookout for melody.
Their website: -
Myspace: -
Their bio from Myspace:
"Karcius is an instrumental group aiming at playing a mix of progressive rock and fusion jazz music. Four instrumentalists created the band at spring 2001: Dominique Blouin on bass, Thomas Brodeur on drums, Simon LEspérance on guitars and Mingan Sauriol on keyboards. The group objective is to develop different musical ideas and explore styles to generate a surprising and diversified music. The improvisation and written music stand side by side generating a unique and particular musical concept. Karcius invites you in its universe of rhythms, colours, images, emotions and ambiances. Karcius est un groupe instrumental qui exploite des musiques aux accents rock-progressif et jazz-fusion. Le groupe existe depuis le printemps 2001 et compte en sa formation Dominique Blouin à la basse électrique, Thomas Brodeur à la batterie, Simon LEspérance à la guitare et Mingan Sauriol aux claviers. Lobjectif du groupe est délaborer un heureux mélange didées et de styles qui, ensemble, créent une musique surprenante et variée. La musique écrite et limprovisation se côtoient de près pour engendrer un contexte musical particulier et unique. Karcius vous invite dans un voyage à travers son univers chargé de rythmes, de couleurs, dimages, dambiances et démotions."
Both their albums are recommended for people seeking a thrilling musical journey filled with energy, melody and fun.
Here's a review of Sphere from my good friend - sinkadotentree (john davie) whose taste is impeccable:

KARCIUS — Sphere

Review by - sinkadotentree (john davie)

4%20stars 4.5 stars.These guys from Montreal are amazing!This music is often on the heavy side,which i like,yet there is some good variety here,including lighter jazz passages. Things get started with "Kunide" opening with intricate acoustic guitar with background synths.Drums,guitar and keys come in to provide an interesting,tasteful soundscape that intensifies.The melody changes again with heavy bass and drums with some great guitar as well."Liquid Meat" is a crunchy,heavy song with intricate drumming and a great bass solo.The guitar is so good,man these guys would be incredible to see live!"Evolution" opens with a good bass line, with a great guitar melody that comes and goes.There is this amazing,searing guitar solo as well.The next section is called "Lunatik" and consists of the next three songs,starting with "Highway To the Moon".It opens with bass and percussion as synths,guitar and drums create a wonderful sound.Nice bass solo 3 minutes in!There is some piano, light drums and a relaxing guitar melody to follow."Synapse" is an uptempo song with drums and guitar,before the bass and guitar trade solos, until the lead guitar comes in with some scorching melodies."Back To Earth" goes from a light and jazzy sound to a dark and heavy sound.Some more amazing guitar too,as the drums pound away."1111" is dominated with piano melodies,with drums and guitar providing different moods and tempos along the way."Labyrinthe" features the bass outfront again,as RUSH comes to mind in this well crafted tune."Bois Ta Musique" is a lighter,jazzy song that eventually speeds up with some scorching guitar."Absolute Decadence" is quite mellow until about 2 and a half minutes in when the guitar is on fire again!The tempo continues to change in this fantastic song. This is a must have for fusion fans,you won't be disappointed.

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Posted By: avestin
Date Posted: October 16 2007 at 23:40
Logan, you probably know these guys, right? What do you think  of them?

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Posted By: Logan
Date Posted: October 17 2007 at 00:56
Karcius is very good.  Very talented young musicians with a pretty eclectic approach to making music as you've noted, but very professional in their approach (don't just throw everything in a blender unlike some bands, no names). Symph,  metal, jazz, flamenco etc.  The music is energetic, vibrant, fun, and inventive.  Both albums are excellent.

I hope I'll get the chance to see them in concert some time. Like both albums, but I feel like playing Sphere's "Lunatik" suite now... on my kazoo.

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Posted By: Tulak
Date Posted: October 17 2007 at 08:40
The Canadians from Karcius are one of the most interesting new bands that have ever appeared on our planet! They belong to my absolute favourites.
"Spheres" was a brilliant debut (it really dropped my jaw) but they followed it up with something even more inspiring - "Kaleidoscope". This one revealed more colours as it included a bit more wonfderful jazzy moments than Spheres and showed the guys operating on much wider field. Can't wait for the third one!!
They form a group of real professionals whose output shows as much energy as fun, as Logan already mentioned. As a drummer, I'm particularly impressed by Thomas Brodeur's dynamic and expressive drumming.
I was going to see them at the last Crescendo Fest in France but I didn't get there. Well, better luck next time, and that's gonna be soon, I hope. What's also worth emphasizing about these guys is that they really care about their fans, which is great! Thanks Karcius and keep rocking!
Tulak (Irek) - POLAND

Posted By: avestin
Date Posted: October 17 2007 at 21:10
Hi Tulak, welcome to PA and glad to see such enthusiasm for the band, I share it with you!

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Posted By: Man With Hat
Date Posted: October 18 2007 at 02:58
I put them on my radar awhile ago but I never got around to ordering anything by them. Now that I have (finally!) listened to their myspace they will certainly be moved up on my  list. Thumbs%20Up

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Posted By: Tulak
Date Posted: October 18 2007 at 03:43
Thanks. Yeah, you just can't stay unenthusiastic about this music...

Posted By: glass house
Date Posted: October 18 2007 at 15:17
Heard some songs, a great band indeed. Big%20smile

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