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Osada Vida from Poland

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Topic: Osada Vida from Poland
Posted By: avestin
Subject: Osada Vida from Poland
Date Posted: October 25 2007 at 13:12

Even though most of these threads I made went into PA oblivion, I'll make another attempt. - OSADA VIDA  is an interesting band; you could see them as a prog metal or simply heavy prog band. They have a unique sound, somber and semi-dark and distinct vocals.
Here is the bio from the band's website - -
Biography taken from the band's website with kind permission from the band:

"In the area of today's Benin, there's a small village. Its inhabitants live far from all the civilisation, but in perfect harmony. Their newborn babies are given to pythons, which look after them and protect from dangerous bushes.
This village is called Osada Vida.

Two mates - Adam Podzimski and Lukasz Lisiak - both having the same music tastes. They persuaded the third friend - Blazej Kubica - to join them. First music sessions, first songs. They did not choose one style of playing, everything was born itself. They accepted only one limit in music - no limits at all. The music means pleasure of playing and joy of listening. It did succeeded. But something was missing. The sound wasn't full enough.
Rafal Paluszek - soon appeared, listened to their music and stayed in the band. Osada Vida had its first inhabitants. The whole was fullfilled by a singing Magda Hajda and Luca Juraszek - a lead guitarist.
In fact everyone was different, like from other story, but everyone had already played the music. However, they understood each other and created their own melodies. Each of them added something from himself and that's how Osada Vida mixture was made.
They recorded their sounds on silver discs. First "Critical Moment" (2000), next "Heading For The Moon" (2002) and finally "Osada Vida" (2004).
A few people heard the last CD and somehow they affected Osada Vida's fate. Positive reviews, invitations for concerts, sold cd's. Such things inspire, give new energy to create. But not for all. Magda and Luca decide to leave he band and "move" to different music areas.
The moment of hestitation. A short break. Decision. And here comes Bartek Bereska. Young, talented, full of enthusiasm. And always somehow close to Osada. They started playing together. It really worked. So now there are four of them. The first concert together - really fullfilling. So let's get to work.
New ideas blossom and new sounds are born. Finally "Three Seats Behind A Triangle" is released. Every day brings something new.
Osada Vida welcomes those who have an open mind and want to listen to sounds without clasifying."
Their Myspace - -   
The two reviews of - Three Seats Behind A Triangle

OSADA VIDA "Three Seats Behind A Triangle" reviews

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Collaborators Reviews

OSADA VIDA — Three Seats Behind A Triangle

Review by - erik neuteboom (erik neuteboom)

4%20stars This is a Polish four piece band that is rooted in the late Nineties, it is their third studio album and what a mindblowing effort, these guys are trying to compete with the exciting and dynamic sound of their fellow countrymen of Riverside!

In general the 11 compositions contain frequent heavy and propulsive guitar riffs, a powerful and dynamic rhythm-section, lots of fiery, biting and blistering guitar soli, spectacular synthesizer flights, some swirling Hammond organ runs and many sensational breaks or thrilling shifting moods. Although the guitarplay and rhythm-section often sounds as prog metal, Osada Vida their music is more than prog metal, to me it sounds as ‘heavy progressive’ scouting the borders between symphonic rock and prog metal. The music ranges from mellow to compelling and often heavy, propulsive and dynamic featuring great musical ideas and a subtle variety: a heavy and bombastic first part that shifts into dreamy with acoustic rhythm-guitar and soaring keyboards in Devotion (Part I) - After Hours, a sparkling Grand piano with acoustic guitar, followed by heavy guitar riffs in a prog metal atmosphere and then a break with a tango-like rhythm and a Spanish guitar solo in Devotion (Part II) - Flying Time, jazzy piano and guitar in Boiling Point and the distinctive Fender Rhodes electric piano sound in the alternating Btterly Disappointed.

This is one of the most exciting and dynamic heavy prog albums I have heard in years, I compare my excitement with the sound of late Seventies Rush and early Ayreon era although Osada Vida is (still) not on their superior level. My conclusion: Riverside has serious competion in their country! -

Posted Sunday, July 15, 2007, 07:08 EST | - Permanent link

OSADA VIDA — Three Seats Behind A Triangle

Review by - avestin (Assaf Vestin)

4%20stars This Polish rock/metal band has been around for several years now and has released so far 2 official albums and two unofficial ones (one an EP and the other an LP). This album is their first one written in English. Like many other prog bands, they mingle styles and thus create You might think: Polish rock/metal band, does it sound like Riverside? Well to me there are no real similarities and the occasional similar style of riff doesn’t really call for a comparison. Each band has its own sound and natural “niche” which they occupy. Their sound is comprised of the somewhat somber and effective vocals of Lukasz Lisiak, guitar riffs that go from the heavier metallic side to a more subtle approach, and great synthesizer lines that either accompanies the music creating the envelope or playing solo’s of its own. At times a bit dark in sound and typically mid-tempo pace (granted, with some faster moments but not overtly rapid), the album has a full and rich sound that envelops me the listener bringing me into their world or into the story of this concept album which I’ll mention below. There is good balance between the keyboards and the guitar (both electric and acoustic), each accentuating different emotions and moods throughout the story or rather the journey that is told in this album. Those two main instruments either mingle or take turn as the lead at the forefront. There is a good mix of different sounds and styles played here, from a more laid back rock and dreamy parts to more dynamic and metallic guitar driven (keyboards enhanced) parts, to Hammond organ lead excursions. I find the songs to be well composed, in that they have appealing melodies and are varied enough in both sound and structure to keep me hooked, while allowing the instruments free space to express themselves in an suitable manner, i.e. not too wildly and out of context of the song. This is not purely metal; this is heavy (progressive) rock that more often than not ventures into the metal “realm”. It is mostly heavy but would appeal (a lot) to people who don’t like metal, as their sound is far from being an alienating one; on the contrary, it is rich and evocative.

So what is the story of this album? I’ll give you an abstract of what the liner notes say. This is an album about Dreamers. What do they mean by Dreamers? Well, it is about all the people, everywhere, which have some kind of desire to do something meaningful in their lives. Therefore, it speaks of potentially all of us. No matter what they want to do in their lives, what their passion is, they want to excel in it, making it their life-style, their niche and to create something that will be noticed and appreciated. Those everyday life people with full of ideas and ideals, when trying to mingle in society, are often not well perceived and appreciated. Many times they realize they must compromise for some time in order to achieve a position in which they could fulfill their desired purpose. In this “temporary” state of wait their passions are set aside to be done in their free time. They get burnt out, depressed, and their passion withers away. Their idealistic dreams are cast aside by their surroundings and only people strong and free enough to resist that can prevail. For others, their passion becomes their hobby, something for them to privately enjoy. This is when they take their “unwanted seats: three seats behind a triangle”, which is as the band says, is not really a noticeable or interesting place in the orchestra. The songs in the album cover this story line from the “birth of passion” to them “taking their seats”. While this may sound that the album might has a depressing sound, a sad feel to it, this is only partly so as I hear it. It doesn’t sound to me so much sound as it sounds sober – i.e. showing the realization of those dreamers that they can’t fulfill their dreams, and they must settle for something else. Of course there is a variety of other emotions portrayed here but this is the general feel I get from the album.

This album is a very well done progressive rock/metal release, one that is diverse and rich in sound and that makes for a very enjoyable listen. Great listening experience, highly recommended.

Posted Sunday, July 15, 2007, 13:32 EST | - Permanent link

A well done and compelling concept album, recommended!

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Posted By: bhikkhu
Date Posted: October 25 2007 at 14:38
Oh yeah, jump on this one right away! I have been promoting Osada Vida as well. Whatever it is they are doing over there in Poland, I hope they keep it up. There is some fantastic music coming from there lately.

a.k.a. H.T." rel="nofollow -

Posted By: erik neuteboom
Date Posted: October 25 2007 at 15:08

Exciting music with excellent work on guitar but ....... another promising unknown new progrock band that is overlooked here on Prog Archives. And to all those progheads who flood the site with their Black Sabbath reviews: search for the adventure, I am sure that many fans of harder-edged prog will be delighted by Osada their strong debut Thumbs%20Up

Posted By: bhikkhu
Date Posted: October 25 2007 at 15:22
Originally posted by erik neuteboom erik neuteboom wrote:

Exciting music with excellent work on guitar but ....... another promising unknown new progrock band that is overlooked here on Prog Archives. And to all those progheads who flood the site with their Black Sabbath reviews: search for the adventure, I am sure that many fans of harder-edged prog will be delighted by Osada their strong debut Thumbs%20Up


There is a lot of great stuff here to explore. I've already turned a couple of friends of mine onto this and Indukti. They are diehard Tool fans, and they love it. The old standards will always be there, so try something different.

a.k.a. H.T." rel="nofollow -

Posted By: darkmatter
Date Posted: October 25 2007 at 17:41
I've been meaning to get one of their albums, I'll try to get on top of that soon.

Posted By: avestin
Date Posted: November 06 2007 at 18:14
Bumpcz.... (Bump in Polish....).
Will appeal to people who like a slightly heavier form of their prog, with enough sophistication and melodiness to keep you hooked.

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