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Forum Name: Suggest New Bands and Artists
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Topic: Antimatter
Posted By: Takeshi Kovacs
Subject: Antimatter
Date Posted: October 05 2008 at 06:58
A band certainly worthy of consideration for Prog Archives membership.

Antimatter is a band formed by Duncan Patterson (former bass player and songwriter of Anathema) and Mick Moss. The earlier Antimatter albums, Saviour and Lights Out, focused on melodic vocal lines, dark electronica and balances on the borderline between gothic and trip hop while later works Planetary Confinement and Leaving Eden feature more of an acoustic based melancholic rock sound.

Shortly after the completion of Planetary Confinement, Patterson left the band. Moss continued and released the projects fourth album Leaving Eden, in the early months of 2007.


Saviour (2001)

Over Your Shoulder
God Is Coming
The Last Laugh
Going Nowhere

Total length - 44:29

Bonus Tracks:
Over Your Shoulder - acoustic (Prophecy and TheEnd releases)
Flowers - acoustic (TheEnd release)

Line-up : Duncan Patterson (bass, guitar, keyboards, programming),
Michael Moss (guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals, programming)

Guests : Michelle Richfield (vocals on tracks 1,2,3,4,6,8),
Hayley Windsor (vocals on tracks 5,6,7,9),
Brian Moss (sampling),
Les Smith (sampling),
Mags (lead guitar on "going nowhere")

Bonus Track Personnel:
Michael Moss : Guitar , vocals on 'Over Your Shoulder'
Danny Cavanagh : Guitar , vocals on 'Flowers'
Jenny O'Connor : Vocal accompaniment on 'Flowers'

Lights Out (2003)

Lights Out
Everything You Know Is Wrong
The Art Of A Soft Landing
In Stone
Reality Clash

All instrumentation by Duncan Patterson and Mick Moss

Mick Moss (1,2,3,5,6)
Hayley Windsor (1,2,3)
Michelle Richfield (4,5,7)
Duncan Patterson (1)

Additional percussion by Jamie Cavanagh and Antimatter

Planetary Confinement (2005)

Planetary confinement
The weight of the world
Line of fire
Mr white
A portrait of the young man as an artist
Eternity part 23

Mick Moss - Acoustic guitars, Vocals
Rachel Brewster - Violins
Stephen Hughes - Bass Guitar
Chris Phillips - Drums
Sue Marshall - Additional vocals on 'Legions'

Album Achievements (Planetary Confinement):

Album Of The Month, Zillo, Germany
9/10 points, Orkus, Germany
10/10 points, Sonic Seducer, Germany
13/15 points, Legacy, Germany
Album Of The Month, Shadowshire, Germany
9/10 points,, Germany
7,5/10 points, Metal Maniac, Italy:
8,5/10 points, Dynamite Section of the best albums of the month, Rock Hard, Italy

Leaving Eden (2007):

Another Face In A Window
The Freak Show
Leaving Eden
The Immaculate Misconception
Fighting For A Lost Cause

Mick Moss : vocals, acoustic/electric guitar, organ, electric piano, additional lead guitar on 'landlocked' and 'leaving eden'
Danny Cavanagh : lead guitars, piano, additional synth on 'landlocked'
Ste Hughes: bass guitar
Rachel Brewster : violin
Chris Phillips : drums
Gavin Attard : additional synth on 'another face on a window'

Link to official website:

I'm surprised not to see this band amongst the hallowed Archives already, so when you have time, please give them some consideration.



Details taken from Wikipedia and the band's website.

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Posted By: Kotro
Date Posted: October 05 2008 at 08:48

Apart from the professional links with other prog acts, I don't really hear a lot of prog in their last two albums (the ones I own) - very good melancholic rock, often quite predictable, and very Floyd-influenced. Do you believe their first two albums have a stronger proggish component?

Worthy of considering for Prog-Related, probably not for prog genres.

Bigger on the inside.

Posted By: Takeshi Kovacs
Date Posted: October 05 2008 at 09:52
I think the Archives have opened up in recent times to include bands that just play damn good music, and that can be considered prog related....for instance bands  / acts as diverse as Iron Maiden, Talk Talk and Miles Davis. Whilst some can be considered progressive in the traditional sense of the word (later Talk Talk albums), others are here because principally because they are loved by both prog fans and fans of quality music.

My thought are that if the Archives can consider the aforementioned bands for inclusion, I'm pretty sure Antimatter would fit right in.

If being truly 'progressive' would preclude bands from inclusion here, I think the Archives would be half the size it is now, and that would be a shame.

Let's just keep adding very good music, thereby giving more people the opportunity to discover bands they might come to love. I must admit, when I find a band on here that I like, I don't end up asking myself whether they are truly 'progressive' just whether I like them or not e.g. Dredg - like them - but not progressive in my opinion.

Thanks for the comment nonetheless, and don't take it as if I'm having a go, just wanted to clear up something that's been on my mind for some time regarding the inclusion or non-inclusion of bands.

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Posted By: Kotro
Date Posted: October 05 2008 at 10:41
Originally posted by Takeshi Kovacs Takeshi Kovacs wrote:

Thanks for the comment nonetheless, and don't take it as if I'm having a go, just wanted to clear up something that's been on my mind for some time regarding the inclusion or non-inclusion of bands.
Not at all, in fact just a few days ago I posted a similar line of thought on another topic regarding Tears For Fears. 
However, I don't think just good music should be enough for a band to be added to the Archives - for obvious reasons. I only go as far as sugesting Art-rock bands that are not Prog-Rock (such as TFF). I'm just not sure about Antimatter as an Art-Rock band, even though I love their music (Leaving Eden was probably my favorite album from 2007, more than any prog release, and I just saw them live not two weeks ago). Like I said above, due to their links and a couple of influences, I would definitly add them to Prog-Related. But it's not my call.
On the other hand, your avatar should have been part of the Archives for a long while, it's a shame it hasn't been so. Have you suggested Al-Basim before? 

Bigger on the inside.

Posted By: Takeshi Kovacs
Date Posted: October 05 2008 at 11:11
I haven't yet but will someday soon I think. I understand he's in the process of recording another prog album, according to a mutual acquaintance.

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Posted By: sjohnson2
Date Posted: October 07 2008 at 15:13
i'm going with yes on considering Antimatter into Prog-Related. i'm new to the forum, so i hope it's ok to voice my opinion Embarrassed .  i believe i've listened to all the album and i think their first two albums have a stronge proggish component & the last two, some. I don't believe it's just because of the professional links they have with other prog acts. just my opinion. sam.

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Posted By: Kotro
Date Posted: October 07 2008 at 15:34
Welcome Sam! Obvioulsy you're absolutely welcome to express your opinion - the more the merrier! Like I said above, I have absolutely no idea of the sound on Antimatter's first two albums, just the last two. How would you describe them in comparisson with Planetary Confinement and Leaving Eden?

Bigger on the inside.

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