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Pekka Pohjola RIP

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Topic: Pekka Pohjola RIP
Posted By: OT Räihälä
Subject: Pekka Pohjola RIP
Date Posted: November 27 2008 at 14:24
One of the best bass players and composers of prog rock, Pekka Pohjola has died at 56.

Pohjola was an influential member of Wigwam and Mike Oldfield's group but is best known and most appreciated for his solo albums of the 1970's. This is a sad loss.

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Posted By: Bj-1
Date Posted: November 27 2008 at 14:29
This is tragic news, and 56 is way too young! Cry
Rest in Peace, Pekka!

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Posted By: fuxi
Date Posted: November 27 2008 at 14:33
Oh no! This comes as a complete shock to me! For three decades, 'Pekka Pohjola' has been a magic name to me: I've loved THE MATHEMATICIAN'S AIR DISPLAY ever since it was released, but I've only just started exploring Wigwam...

In his music he lives on!

Posted By: Dean
Date Posted: November 27 2008 at 14:33

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Posted By: Kotro
Date Posted: November 27 2008 at 14:39
What a crappy year this is turning out...

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Posted By: Logan
Date Posted: November 27 2008 at 14:42
A very sad loss.... :( 

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Posted By: Alberto Muñoz
Date Posted: November 27 2008 at 14:50
Originally posted by Kotro Kotro wrote:

What a crappy year this is turning out...


Posted By: Jimbo
Date Posted: November 27 2008 at 16:24
What a terrible year. Esbjörn Svensson, Rick Wright, Pekka Pohjola... Cry

I'm struggling to find the right words. To me, he was a genius - a word I don't use very lightly. Broken Heart

RIP, Pekka.


Posted By: Rainer Rein
Date Posted: November 27 2008 at 16:27
Very sad news. He was absolute genius. I'll take my hat off...

Posted By: Syzygy
Date Posted: November 27 2008 at 16:30
Like Frank Zappa with stricter quality control - a longtime favourite of mine. I'll be revisiting Heavy Jazz this evening I think; an immensely sad loss coming hard on the heels of Esbjorn Svensson and Rick Wright, as Jimbo pointed out.

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I've got my doubts about how much to contribute
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Posted By: Atavachron
Date Posted: November 27 2008 at 16:31
oh no, that's awful, magnificent music.. 56, terrible

Posted By: pimpfest
Date Posted: November 27 2008 at 17:22

Posted By: Pekka
Date Posted: November 27 2008 at 18:40
I was just at an Uzva gig, and after one song they said "this next song is for the memory of Pekka Pohjola" and played Metsonpeliä. I said "memory?! Shocked"out loud and the girl next to me explained that he had indeed just died... RIP, you great musician.

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Posted By: splyu
Date Posted: November 27 2008 at 20:11
Sad news indeed. Even though Mathematician's Air Display is the only album of his that I'm familiar with, I really like it a lot. I'm going to listen to it tomorrow.

Posted By: hemmetti
Date Posted: November 28 2008 at 02:09
Cry Listening to "Hereilläkin uni jatkuu" fromHarakka Bialoipokku -lp. One of the greatest bass players gone... He was sick for some time before perishing, I've heard... Time has no mercy for anybody.

Posted By: Man Erg
Date Posted: November 28 2008 at 02:15
Very sad news indeed.



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Posted By: Stool Man
Date Posted: November 28 2008 at 03:33
RIP Pekka

In the late 70s my dad had a tape of Mathematician's Air Display, which I played over and over, without noting who it was by.  Apart from Pink Floyd it was my first introduction to any of the music now featured on PA

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Posted By: Cesar Inca
Date Posted: November 28 2008 at 08:17
Yet another tragic loss in the world of prog. WIGWAM was a hell of a band while he was in it, and how can anyone deny that he provided a solid foundation for the ambitious pieces performed at Mike Oldfield's Exposed tour: he was precise, charismatic and original a a bass player, write and multi-instrumentalist.

Posted By: memowakeman
Date Posted: November 28 2008 at 09:14
One more Cry


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Posted By: Finnforest
Date Posted: November 28 2008 at 09:26
Very talented guy, what a sad day for proggers.  

Posted By: aureola
Date Posted: November 29 2008 at 04:02
Cry Pihkasilmä kaarnakorva,  rest in peace!

Posted By: NotSoKoolAid
Date Posted: November 29 2008 at 18:36
I started listening to him only a couple of days ago. Not only creepy but sad. RIP

Posted By: Sean Trane
Date Posted: December 01 2008 at 11:18
Au revoir l'artiste!!!!
et merci pour tout!!

Posted By: fusionfreak
Date Posted: December 01 2008 at 12:13
Too bad,another great musician 6 feet under,RIP

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Posted By: Nipsey88
Date Posted: December 01 2008 at 13:15

R.I.P. Indeed.

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Posted By: Factorplayer
Date Posted: December 01 2008 at 18:05
Originally posted by Jimbo Jimbo wrote:

What a terrible year. Esbjörn Svensson, Rick Wright, Pekka Pohjola... Cry

Ah sh*t, not Esbjörn Svensson!! I did not know about him.  I guess I should stay in the loop.  I got to see him play in Austin in 2000 and he sold me his last copy of  "From Gagarin's Point of View" that night.

And of course Pekka too - perhaps someone can recommend some of his best that I might seek out to appreciate. 

Posted By: tmay102436
Date Posted: December 02 2008 at 04:20
This is really, really sad news. In fact, I had just found a couple of hard to get CD's of Pekka's, and was so admiring his wonderful blend of composition, performance.

Does anyone know what he died of? I am friends with Jim Pembroke, and will try and found out any details.

Another, hidden gem passes to the next moment. Long live Pekka Pohjola!

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Posted By: OT Räihälä
Date Posted: December 05 2008 at 17:24
Originally posted by tmay102436 tmay102436 wrote:

Does anyone know what he died of?

Of course it's all guessing, but throughout his last years, he had some hard times with the King Alc....
In the meantime, just take a look at/listen to his solo in this: -
Pekka at his best as a bass player. What a fantastic musician. So sad that belongs to the past now.  Cry

Posted By: Jimbo
Date Posted: December 05 2008 at 18:01
^ Yup, not to mention this one (which I find more interesting musically): -


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