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Hatfield and the North

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Topic: Hatfield and the North
Posted By: rpe9p
Subject: Hatfield and the North
Date Posted: May 13 2009 at 20:59
I dont own either album and I want to know which to buy first so pick your favorite.

Posted By: Padraic
Date Posted: May 13 2009 at 21:01
Buy the first one first.

Preferably, buy both at the same time.  They are both indispensable.

Posted By: horsewithteeth11
Date Posted: May 13 2009 at 23:51
^ Seconded


Posted By: Jozef
Date Posted: May 14 2009 at 02:48

Both are excellent and are nice introductions to the Canterbury scene.


Posted By: Atavachron
Date Posted: May 14 2009 at 02:54
I only own the first which I like, but Rotters' is supposed to be something special

Posted By: bluewaters
Date Posted: May 14 2009 at 05:01
This is a bad one!! Almost imposs to choose between the two!! Cant we vote for both?!My vote to Rotters......just to bring the balance towards equilibrium!!


Posted By: TealFoxes
Date Posted: May 14 2009 at 06:13
Get or listen to the debut first. It's the most consistent of the two & serves as the best introduction to the Northettes who also worked with National Health.

...THEN go for Rotter's Club. Mumps has some of the best moments in all of the Canterbury Scene!

Posted By: Alberto Muñoz
Date Posted: May 14 2009 at 11:16
The debut


Posted By: Syzygy
Date Posted: May 14 2009 at 11:47
Barely a gnat's whisker between 'em, but I'd start with the debut and proceed to Rotters Club immediately afterwards.

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Posted By: b_olariu
Date Posted: May 14 2009 at 12:08
The Rotters' Club one of the best canterbury albums ever made, entertaining, chalenging and full of good pieces, aswell one of my fav albums ever, so go for that one.

Posted By: Mellotron Storm
Date Posted: May 14 2009 at 12:53
Originally posted by b_olariu b_olariu wrote:

The Rotters' Club one of the best canterbury albums ever made, entertaining, chalenging and full of good pieces, aswell one of my fav albums ever, so go for that one.

My thoughts as well.

"The wind is slowly tearing her apart"


Posted By: Froth
Date Posted: May 14 2009 at 17:22

i bought the rotter's club first. it was just a revelation, these places i had no idea music could go. eventually though i decided the first one is the best (not only the best Hatfield record, but the best record ever). i should say that the first one is the more difficult of the 2 

Posted By: SaltyJon
Date Posted: May 15 2009 at 02:07
I chose Rotter's Club to even the vote out a bit, but I agree with those who say get both.  They're of equal excellence in my opinion.

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Posted By: Raff
Date Posted: May 15 2009 at 06:44
Have to agree with all the previous posters, and urge you to get both at the same time. I got The Rotters' Club first, and then went on to the debut... They are both great, and get regular listens from Micky and I, but I tend to lean slightly towards TRC, while my hubby prefers the debut. Personally, I find TRC somewhat more complete, and opener "Share It" is one of the most infectious tunes I've ever heard - and puts you in a good mood tooSmile!

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Posted By: Zargus
Date Posted: May 15 2009 at 08:44
Both are must haves, The rotters club is my favorite of the 2.


Posted By: el dingo
Date Posted: May 17 2009 at 04:39
Can't add much to the above - get 'em both at the same time if you can afford it

It's not that I can't find worth in anything, it's just that I can't find worth in enough.

Posted By: Philéas
Date Posted: May 17 2009 at 07:31
I prefer The Rotters' Club. But start with the first album anyway, that will make The Rotters' Club sound even better when you buy it.

Posted By: Moogtron III
Date Posted: May 17 2009 at 13:41
Both are very good, and I like Rotter's just a tiny little bit better.
But since they're both special: start with the first one and then move to the second, or buy them both at the same time.

Posted By: ghost_of_morphy
Date Posted: May 17 2009 at 20:53
I prefer the debut by a hair, but you really can't go wrong with either of them.


Posted By: zachfive
Date Posted: May 17 2009 at 22:07
I had to go listen to both albums back to back, then revisit the poll to vote. Rotter's Club ftw!

Posted By: tszirmay
Date Posted: May 17 2009 at 23:12
They are both exceptional, start with debut!

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