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Old Prog Hands Listening Habits

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Topic: Old Prog Hands Listening Habits
Posted By: Slartibartfast
Subject: Old Prog Hands Listening Habits
Date Posted: July 30 2009 at 17:46
Forgive me if I've posed this question before, I've been a prog nut for over 30 years now, so this is directed to old farts more than newbies.  I will of course probably make this over complicated. 

You can choose to include yourself as long as you've been enjoying prog for a few years and I leave it up to you to define exactly what that is. 

Newbies feel free to tell us what you think you'll be doing when you slip into the old fart's club.

Most interested in folks who have been into prog music since the '70's.Big smile

Released date are often when it it impacted you but recorded dates are when it really happened...

Posted By: Progosopher
Date Posted: July 30 2009 at 18:24
The newer stuff gets more play when it is new, but once it gets absorbed into the greater morass of my collection, it becomes older stuff.  My wife kids me that I play a new album once a day for a week, and then it gets placed onto the shelves, where it can remain hidden for some time, depending on how much more new stuff comes in.
I was just writing about when I first discovered Prog, but realized that the exact date is neither important nor discernable.  My first taste of it, or something related, may have been as far back 1968 or 1969 when I heard Deep Purple's version of We Can Work It Out on the radio - even before I heard the Beatles.  Wacko  Is that weird or what?  Or maybe it was Smoke on the Water or Stairway to Heaven, or Money, or even Roundabout on the radio.  Or when I got seriously turned on to Yes and Tull in 1977.  But prior to that I was a big Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin freak.  No matter how you figure it, I'm one of those old farts. Shocked

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Posted By: Snow Dog
Date Posted: July 30 2009 at 18:31
Thje second option for me. I like new stuff, but am still exporing old stuff that I mised the first time.

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Posted By: The Truth
Date Posted: July 30 2009 at 19:05
I don't know if I'm an old fart yet, but my view on what I listen to is just this: I loved all the classic prog and I've made it my neverending journey to find a new band that gives me the same tingly feeling all the classic prog artists gave me. If that makes any sense.

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Posted By: jammun
Date Posted: July 30 2009 at 20:02
Old fart chiming in...I hit 14 years old in the fall of '67, that Summer of Love year LOL  I guess that means I've been listening to prog (or proto-) for 40 years.
I keep the rotation between old and new, not just prog but all types of music, but I suppose a bit more emphasis on the new.  I'm not all that adventurous any longer...Tool, TMV, Decemberists...good enough for me. 
As for the old, I seem to be driven by when the mood strikes or more likely when something new I've recently heard (say, Eli, the Barrow Boy) sends me scrambling for something old (say, the song John Barleycorn Must Die) which always reminds me just how good the old stuff is.  But then again there are those very few albums (my 5 star ones) I'll listen to any time.  Sometimes a guy's just gotta hear LTIA or TAAB or GZD, though most of the prog classics I probably listen to only once a year, if that.
So pardon my essay, but this brings up another point.  I want some new music.  Hmm, I see Rush has a new album, Snakes & Arrows.  So I buy it.  Is this old or new music I am purchasing?  The old farts here should appreciate, if not have an answer to, the conundrum. 

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Posted By: SaltyJon
Date Posted: July 30 2009 at 20:45
I mix old and new together in the rotation.  Sometimes the rotation stops rotating for a while and I stick on a specific album/artist/genre/time period/new/old material, but in general everything gets mixed in.

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Posted By: manofmystery
Date Posted: July 30 2009 at 20:49
I maybe be young and may have only been into prog for a couple of years now but I can say all the really great and interesting music was created well before I was born.  99% of newer prog is either boring* or metal, both of which are major negatives.
*Boring - A) overly produced music sounding so perfectly clean, even vocally, that it lacks any character
                 B) stretching a potentially brilliant 4 minute song concept out well over 12 minutes, leaving it punchless (also known as "Flower Kings syndrome" LOL)


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Posted By: valravennz
Date Posted: July 30 2009 at 21:14
I generally keep rotating between old and new prog - though I have to say that there is so much interesting new progbeing produced in the last few years, that it is grabbing my attention more than the old. Smile


"Music is the Wine that fills the cup of Silence"
- Robert Fripp

Posted By: b_olariu
Date Posted: July 31 2009 at 01:44
Keep a rotation going with old and new mixed together is what I like

Posted By: A Person
Date Posted: July 31 2009 at 01:48
I find a few new albums that I like and will listen to them until they have I have digested them, and then I go back to older stuff. I should start a rotation to help keep it all sounding fresh.

Posted By: mono
Date Posted: July 31 2009 at 02:47
Being born in '85, I couldn't vote on this one.
But I think in a few years, I would probably choose "

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Posted By: fuxi
Date Posted: July 31 2009 at 03:52
I mostly listen to new discoveries in classical music and jazz, but I'm still exploring prog (this week, for example, I discovered TWO RAINBOWS DAILY by Hugh Hopper and Alan Gowen) and other popular music (am now listening to Ry Cooder's CHAVEZ RAVINE). I return to some old favorites (prog or otherwise) a few times a year.

Posted By: friso
Date Posted: July 31 2009 at 04:12
For me this is rather hard to answer. I'm twenty years old, so all the 'old' prog is totally new for me. And I like to stick to the seventies prog. Modern prog doesn't interest me much. 

Posted By: Roj
Date Posted: July 31 2009 at 08:02
Option 2 and 3 combined for me!!

Posted By: Blacksword
Date Posted: July 31 2009 at 11:11
I listen to mostly old stuff, and bit of new-ish. I should probably explore more, but dont seem to to get the time...

Posted By: infandous
Date Posted: July 31 2009 at 11:46
Well, I took old and new to refer to old and new TO ME.  Hope that was what you meant.  But either way I would say I listen to a mix.  I've been listening to to prog at least 20 years now, probably more like 22 (the exact moment I discovered prog is probably impossible to pinpoint, since I recall kind of liking Roundabout and Carry on Wayward son when I heard them on the radio in my single digit years.......also I liked Another Brick in the Wall Pt.2 when it came on the radio in 1980......but I was not a prog fan by any stretch in those days).

I find I buy more modern prog than older stuff these days, and I rarely listen to the 70's giants anymore (though sometimes I still do and they still sound great to me).  But I also pick up 70's stuff that I missed or wasn't even aware of from time to time and a lot of that stays in rotation for a while (Comus First Utterance gets played every month or two for instance, and I just bought it 2 or 3 years ago).

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