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Wishbone Ash 40-Anniversary Tour 2010 Europe/US/SA

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Topic: Wishbone Ash 40-Anniversary Tour 2010 Europe/US/SA
Posted By: snobb
Subject: Wishbone Ash 40-Anniversary Tour 2010 Europe/US/SA
Date Posted: December 18 2009 at 01:32
javascript:myclick%280%29 - Mezz - visit website
t: + 31 (0) 76 5156677
Breda Holland
January 15
javascript:myclick%281%29 - De Kelder - visit website
t: 033-4227299
Amersfoort Netherlands
January 16
javascript:myclick%282%29 - De Pul - visit website
Uden Holland
January 17
javascript:myclick%283%29 - Paradiso - visit website
t: 020- 626 54 61
Amsterdam Holland
January 19
javascript:myclick%284%29 - Harmonie - visit website
t: 0049-228-61 40 42
Bonn Germany
January 20
javascript:myclick%285%29 - Borse - visit website
t: 0202 243 22 0
Wuppertal Germany
January 21
javascript:myclick%286%29 - Ducsaal - visit website
t: 0049-6582-257
Freudenburg Germany
January 22
javascript:myclick%287%29 - Alte Piesel - visit website
t: +49 (0) 661 37935
Fulda Germany
January 23
javascript:myclick%288%29 - Lokschuppen im Brenzpark - visit website
t: 07321 327-7700
Heidenheim Germany
January 24
javascript:myclick%289%29 - Substage - visit website
t: 0049-721-37 72 74
Karlsruhe Germany
January 25
javascript:myclick%2810%29 - Z7 - visit website
Pratteln Switzerland
January 27
javascript:myclick%2811%29 - Colos Saal - visit website
t: 0049-6021-272 39
Aschaffenburg Germany
January 28
javascript:myclick%2812%29 - Musiktheater Rex - visit website
t: 0049-6251-58 86 65
Lorsch Germany
January 29
javascript:myclick%2813%29 - Gewerkschaftshaus - visit website
t: 0361 5 62 49 94
Erfurt Germany
January 30
javascript:myclick%2814%29 - Blues Garage - visit website
t: 0049-511-724 69 66
Hannover-Isernhagen Germany
January 31
javascript:myclick%2815%29 - Pulp - visit website
t: 0203 3637900‎
Duisburg Germany
February 06
javascript:myclick%2816%29 - Le Bois Aux Dames - visit website
t: + 33(0)450344028
Samoëns France
February 10
javascript:myclick%2817%29 - Seifenfabrik - visit website
Graz Austria
February 11
javascript:myclick%2818%29 - Rockhouse - visit website
Salzburg Austria
February 12
javascript:myclick%2819%29 - Die Halle - visit website
t: 07153 / 958 - 25 6
Reichenbach Germany
February 13
javascript:myclick%2820%29 - Zur Linde - visit website
t: 03771-33997
Affalter Germany
February 14
javascript:myclick%2821%29 - Retro Music Hall - visit website
t: +420222510592
Prague Czech Republic
February 16
javascript:myclick%2822%29 - Proxima - visit website
t: +48 (22) 8228702
Warsaw Poland
February 17
javascript:myclick%2823%29 - Eskulap - visit website
t: 061 639 02 78
Poznan Poland
February 18
javascript:myclick%2824%29 - Quasimodo - visit website
t: 0049-30-312 80 86
Berlin Germany
February 19
javascript:myclick%2825%29 - Zum Rautenkranz - visit website
Barby Germany
February 20
javascript:myclick%2826%29 - Music Hall - visit website
t: 0049-4792-961 51
Worpswede Germany
February 21
javascript:myclick%2827%29 - Rosenhof - visit website
t: 0541 760-6713
Osnabruck Germany
February 23
javascript:myclick%2828%29 - Fabrik - visit website
t: 0049-40-39 10 70
Hamburg Germany
February 24
javascript:myclick%2829%29 - Roxy - visit website
t: +49 46 11 68 79 99
Flensburg Germany
February 25
javascript:myclick%2830%29 - Amager Bio - visit website
t: 32860200
Kobenhavn S Denmark
February 26
javascript:myclick%2831%29 - Herr Nilsen - visit website
t: 22335405
Oslo Norway
February 27
javascript:myclick%2832%29 - Tribute - visit website
t: 51 11 44 55
Sandnes Norway
March 01
javascript:myclick%2833%29 - Bingo`n - visit website
t: 61 05 46 00
Lillehammer Norway
March 13
javascript:myclick%2834%29 - Abbeville Theatre (Andy with Pat McManus) Abbeville France
March 17
javascript:myclick%2835%29 - Le Trabendo (Andy with Pat McManus) - visit website
t: 01 42 01 12 12
Paris France
March 19
javascript:myclick%2836%29 - La Luciole (Andy with Pat McManus) - visit website
t: 02 33 32 83 33
Alençon France
March 24
javascript:myclick%2837%29 - Ramshead Tavern - visit website
t: 410-268-4545
Annapolis USA
March 25
javascript:myclick%2838%29 - Sellersville Theater - visit website
t: 215-257-5808
Sellersville USA
March 26
javascript:myclick%2839%29 - Bull Run - visit website
t: Toll Free 1877 536 7
Shirley USA
March 28
javascript:myclick%2840%29 - Moondog`s - visit website
t: 412-828-2040
Blawnox USA
March 29
javascript:myclick%2841%29 - Winchester Music Hall - visit website
t: 216-226-5681
Lakewood USA
April 01
javascript:myclick%2842%29 - Voodoo Cafe and Lounge - visit website
t: (314) 770-8100
Maryland Heights USA
April 02
javascript:myclick%2843%29 - Fitzgerald`s - visit website
t: (708) 788-2118
Berwyn USA
April 03
javascript:myclick%2844%29 - Shank Hall - visit website
t: 414-276-4545
Milwaukee USA
May 28
javascript:myclick%2845%29 - The Coca-Cola dome - visit website
North Riding, Johannesburg South Africa
May 30
javascript:myclick%2846%29 - ICC Durban Arena - visit website
Durban South Africa
June 01
javascript:myclick%2847%29 - Grand Arena, GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World - visit website
Cape Town South Africa

Posted By: Easy Livin
Date Posted: December 18 2009 at 03:31
Is this Andy Powell's Wishbone Ash?

Posted By: snobb
Date Posted: December 18 2009 at 03:47
Yes, Andrew Powell,Bob Skeat,guitarist Jyrki "Muddy" Manninen and new drummer Joe Crabtree

Posted By: Ghostmojo
Date Posted: December 18 2009 at 11:17
Originally posted by snobb snobb wrote:

Yes, Andrew Powell,Bob Skeat,guitarist Jyrki "Muddy" Manninen and new drummer Joe Crabtree
You have to laugh though.
The drummer (who is excellent by the way - and a nice chap (I've met him)) wasn't even born when Wishbone Ash formed.
Powell's band are a half-decent kind of tribute/legacy band. They have ONE original member. If you consider this band to be Wishbone Ash (which some mistakenly do) and I don't - then it is really stretching the point a bit because Bob Skeat (also a nice guy) is something like their 7th bassist and Muddy is god knows what number 2nd guitarist.
No, this is not Wishbone Ash. Just the Andy Powell band pretending to be something which they have only 25% of. Many long term fans like me refer to them as APWA (Andy Powell's Wishbone Ash), which is what it is. 
Martin Turner also has his own version of Wishbone Ash. He is also just 25% of the original band, although probably has a better claim to it than Powell, since he wrote the lion's share of their classic material and it was he with Steve Upton who formed (and named) the band inviting Andy and Ted to join.
Martin at least has the decency and integrity to call his band Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash - rather than trying to pass it off as the real thing.
Sadly, this kind of thing with APWA is all too common these days...

Posted By: snobb
Date Posted: December 18 2009 at 12:07
OK, you possibly right, but formally they are Wishbone Ash. And time is serious thing - there are less and leaa original old bands all around. A few months ago I saw "Over The Rainbow"what is "Rainbow" without Ritchie Blackmore and with his son Jurgen (!) on guitar (to be more correct - one of Rainbow versions with JL Turner,Bob Rondinelli,etc). So - we are older every day as well . It's pity, but real thing. Let be realisticConfused

Posted By: ZeD
Date Posted: December 21 2009 at 14:47
quoting - Martin Turner :

"...Andy Powell registered the name Wishbone Ash in 1998 as a trademark for his use without the required consent of the other original owners – in fact, without even informing us. The registration only came to light in 2004 during the legal action Andy launched in an (unsuccessful) attempt to shut down my website. Andy’s  registration prevents third parties from using the name, but does not prevent use by any core member who possesses residual rights. The other three original members retain rights to the name. The owners of the name Wishbone Ash are therefore Andrew Powell, Steven Upton, David Turner and Martin Turner. We have no objection to Laurie Wisefield registering his interest, and we also state publicly that we do not seek to deny his rights in any case. In many band’s cases, one man may own the name if he has bought the shares of the other members. In the case of Wishbone Ash, this simply did not happen - FACT! Andy has never paid a penny for our shares – it is like co-owning a house with three brothers, allowing one brother to remain in the house rent free, and then finding out he is claiming he owns the house by virtue of his continued presence.

None of the core members of the band - Steve Upton, Ted Turner, Andy Powell, Martin Turner and Laurie Wisefield - ever sold or otherwise forfeited their rights to the name Wishbone Ash. I am often asked why I chose not to put my share up for sale and I respond that Wishbone Ash is my life - I've never wanted to do anything else and, contrary to what continues to be reported elsewhere, I've never voluntarily left the band. To set the record straight, in 1980 I was effectively 'edged out' by being put in an untenable situation when the band felt changes were vital; in 1991 I was told by Andy (on my birthday!) that my services were no longer required; and in 1995/96 I appeared with Andy on a session basis and was quite prepared to continue, but was subsequently excluded from further activity and Andy choose to continue with sidemen). I am a reasonable man and not one to hold grudges – as has been proven by my continual attempts to work with Andy through the years, with me often compiling albums of re-mastered or archive WA material to coincide with his tours or appearing with his bands at short notice to save him from cancelling shows. I have always remained willing to be involved in Wishbone Ash activity. It saddens me that we have to defend ourselves against Andy’s current legal action by drawing attention to the fact that his 1998 registration of the trademark was made in “bad faith”, according to our counsel. What a ridiculous state of affairs. Once again Andy’s  self pity, bitterness and anger is getting in the way of common sense.

And so to reunions….

As original members of the band, Steve Upton, Ted Turner and myself are in receipt of a significant offer from the UK’s second biggest music promoter to regroup for a series of major venue concerts during 2010 on the basis that the line-up would include at least three of the original members. We are all, in principal, receptive to the idea and are presently reviewing the feasibility of such a project. It should be added that this offer was presented to us – and in turn to Andy - long before Andy announced his 40th anniversary concert in London. Any shows performed would be in the context of the originals performing together for the full duration of the evening - not as 'special guests' alongside Andy's band, or mine for that matter, which would be something of a compromise for both the musicians and the fans. Naturally any reunion shows will be appropriately branded and need not be a threat to either of the existing bands presently performing Wishbone Ash music. In fact the existing bands would only benefit from the extra publicity a high profile reunion would generate. It is blatantly obvious that Andy’s London show was hastily arranged and announced as a deliberate ploy to “trump” the reunion plans already being discussed and to get it on record that we – the original members – had turned down a reunion. Andy was asked about his invitation to the original members during the Planet Rock interview and Nicky Horne enquired as to whether Andy felt he had given us reasonable notice of the invitation before going public. Andy replied to the affirmative. It has already been documented that, in actual fact, Andy gave us just 24 hours notice before going public. I will leave people to make their own minds up as to whether they feel this “reasonable”, taking into account the logistics involved in producing a show of any description, never mind one involving four individuals who have not been in the same room at any one time since July 1990…

The original members of Wishbone Ash remain open to sitting down with Andy and discussing any issues that may be on our minds, or his for that matter...."


Posted By: The Runaway
Date Posted: December 22 2009 at 04:56
Looks like a great tour, too bad I can't go...

-------------" rel="nofollow - Trendsetter win!

The search for nonexistent perfection.

Posted By: Ghostmojo
Date Posted: December 22 2009 at 07:00
ZeD - I suspect you would enjoy Martin's forum. If you go to the - site you will find the link to the fan forum.
Prog Rockers should take note : the High Voltage Festival next year (July) in London features Martin's version of Wishbone Ash alongside a reformed E.L.P., ASIA, Focus, Uriah Heep, Steve Hackett, Marillion and many more. Looks to be a superb weekend. There are supposed to be guests joining MTWA on stage according to various reports. We are hopeful for Ted and/or Laurie joining MTWA - which would be the first time a legitimate, bona fide (in the fans eyes) version of Wishbone has appeared for 15 years or so.

Posted By: glassonyonpr
Date Posted: March 13 2010 at 20:44
3/13/2010 - CT - Classic rock legends Wishbone Ash will be performing a select number of US dates on their current major world tour that began this past October. Wishbone Ash embarked on an intensive 6-month tour plan, a 'final fling' taking the band 'round to next July in celebration of the 40th anniversary of its long career. The October tour of the UK began on the 2nd and ended the first week of November. Then in January 2010 the band hit the road again for the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia. Canada's blues prodigy, Jimmy Bowskill, opened for the band on this 6-week tour. After playing Finland and France, the USA east coast tour begins on March 24th in Annapolis, MD and ends April 3rd in Milwaukee, WI. The band will then proceed to Switzerland and Italy just prior to the usual spring UK tour. A US west coast tour, plus a possible Far East visit in conjunction with a two night confirmed Tokyo appearance, is being discussed for June. Also confirmed for June are 3 stadium shows in South Africa with Deep Purple. In addition the band will be revisiting Warsaw and Poznan in Poland plus Prague in the Czech Republic.

Wishbone Ash's US tour dates are as followed:

March 24 - Ramshead Tavern - Annapolis, MD
March 25 - Sellersville Theater - Sellersville, PA
March 26 - Bull Run - Shirley, MA
March 27 - Boulton Theater - Bay Shore, NY
March 28 - Moondog's - Blawnox, PA
March 29 - Winchester Music Hall - Lakewood, OH
March 30 - Callahan's - Auburn Hills, MI
April 1 - Voodoo Cafe and Lounge - Maryland Heights, MO
April 2 - Fitzgerald's - Berwyn, IL
April 3 - Shank Hall - Milwaukee, WI

Founded in England in 1969, Wishbone Ash has released over 30 albums to date, and has been touted as one of the first dual-guitar rock bands, influencing the likes of Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden to say nothing of MCA label mates, Lynrd Skynrd . Rolling Stone magazine boasts that Ash guitarists Andy Powell and Ted Turner are amongst the world’s top 20 best of all time! The group’s 1972 classic release Argus, which was voted ‘Album Of The Year’ by readers of UK’s Melody Maker and NME, was remixed and reissued in 2002 as a special 30th anniversary edition and consequently was Universal / MCA’s fastest selling reissue in the label’s history. In April there will be a new archive box set compilation on release from Universal / Island plus rereleased versions of the band’s first 4 albums with deluxe artwork and additional liner notes.

Wishbone Ash’s current line-up features original founding member Andy Powell, whose name is synonymous with the Gibson Flying V (and he has probably done more to influence its use than any other guitarist!) Through the years, Powell has been prominently featured in such notable publications as Guitar, Guitarist and most recently Vintage Guitar. He has also recorded with the likes of George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Stewart Copeland and Renaissance. Adding to the quartet is guitarist Jyrki “Muddy” Manninen, who brings a blues-y style to the band with his hot slide playing. Bassist Bob Skeat has worked with everyone from Colin Blunstone, Gilbert O’Sullivan and Chris Farlowe to Princess Stephanie of Monaco! Lastly, drummer Joe Crabtree has worked with the likes of King Crimson's David Cross and Pendragon..

The new DVD Wishbone Ash 40 - Live in London was released in Europe on October 10th, 2009. This 40th anniversary show from Shepherd's Bush Empire was produced by RCN TV, the same team who made the highly acclaimed Wishbone Ash Live in Hamburg DVD. There has been an incredible early reaction to advance promo copies of Wishbone Ash's new single "Reason to Believe" from radio stations all around the UK. The single has already been added to the playlists of Blast FM, Afan FM, Total Rock Radio, Delta FM and HFM Radio. Incredibly with the release still almost three months away the single has been added to the BFBS radio playlist and is also rubbing shoulders with the likes of Paramore, Bowling for Soup and The Courteeners around the world on the European Klassic Rock radio playlist at - . Wishbone Ash back in the charts? You bet!

For more information visit the official Wishbone Ash website at -

Press Inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158, mailto:glassonyo[email protected] - [email protected]

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