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Topic: Aghora
Posted By: progger7
Subject: Aghora
Date Posted: September 30 2010 at 12:51
i did a search here for this band and nothing came up. i find that weird considering they've been around for a while and some of the members have been in Cynic. they're really quite talented imo and they're currently working on their 3rd album.

here's a song from their album Formless which happens to be one of my favorite albums of this decade. the song is called Atmas Heave. -

The song i REALLY wanted to show you guys was Open Close The Book though but, i could only find a cover of it on youtube... anyways, cheers and i hope you like it.


Posted By: O666
Date Posted: September 30 2010 at 13:58
Hi. I have one album : Aghora-Aghora-2000. Its very good and I like it. I think its Tech metal . 6-7 months later I wrote one post about them and as you know "No reply"!!! cheers.

Posted By: Negoba
Date Posted: September 30 2010 at 15:00 -
See my review Big smile

Posted By: progger7
Date Posted: September 30 2010 at 16:11
lol i was gonna say you did an awesome review but, i just realized i read the worng one. Pinch


Posted By: progger7
Date Posted: September 30 2010 at 16:18
your review was actually okay though it had some good points although i also read pfdfcc's  review i agreed with his the most especially the part about atmas heave being the weakest track on the album. for some reason that's the most popular one so that's why i posted it. i really wanted to post open close the book but, i couldn't find it.


Posted By: Negoba
Date Posted: September 30 2010 at 16:23
Actually not one of my best, one of the first ones I did. Maybe I should revise it.
Still a 3 star album, but I could describe my feelings on it better.

You are quite a fine person, and I am very fond of you. But you are only quite a little fellow, in a wide world, after all.

Posted By: sleeper
Date Posted: September 30 2010 at 17:17
Its an OK album but for all the talant of the musicians they fail to create any noteworthy or varied compositions IMO. A cas eof what could have been. Mind you, I only have the self titled debut so maybe they got better.

Spending more than I should on Prog since 2005

Posted By: progger7
Date Posted: September 30 2010 at 23:49
IMO, a couple of things they did that made it better was the addition of a new vocalist and the mixing and production on Formless was a slight improvement. i am kind of worried about the new album they are working on because once again they're changing vocalists and rumor has it that it's going to be male vocals this time and they have a new drummer as well called Matt Thompson. suppposedly he used to be in King Diamond. i hope the new album is going to be as good if not,better than Formless but, i'm having some doubts on that. but, of course i will give it a chance. I already know some people who aren't even going to give it a chance just because it's going to be male fronted this time...


Posted By: JJLehto
Date Posted: October 01 2010 at 00:47
I LOVE the band.
I have both their albums (in CD form as well!) and they are great.
"Formless" is one of my favorite albums. I'd put it top 10.

I used to talk to the bassist on his youtube account and they've been working on the 3rd album for sometime. It was due to release a few months ago but he said they got a new, male, vocalist and was going to rework the album a bit to fit the new vocal style.
GREAT band and I hope they release the third album soon! I have been waiting for like a year now LOL

Posted By: frantic
Date Posted: October 27 2010 at 00:45
i like both albums, but formless the most... waiting for the 3rd one impatiently.

hunger for more prog can never be quenched.

Posted By: Prog Geo
Date Posted: November 17 2010 at 05:08
Clapfor Aghora!

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