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Steve Hackett (Genesis)

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Topic: Steve Hackett (Genesis)
Posted By: Conor Fynes
Subject: Steve Hackett (Genesis)
Date Posted: July 08 2011 at 14:11
Steve Hackett picture

Steve Hackett is a musician whose reputation precedes him. As the classic guitarist for prog rock heavyweights Genesis, he is one of the figureheads of the '70s prog scene, and has since moved on to a successful solo career. Hackett was kind enough to take a few minutes to answer some questions about himself, and his music.

How did you get into music, and playing guitar?

I come from a musical family and my Dad introduced me to guitar.

What is your process of songwriting? What inspires you?  

I get inspired by everything from my partner Jo to a good book, painting or dream, and places I visit can be rich food for the imagination. Every song is different. They all require different portals. Some arrive fully fledged in the shower whilst others nudge at me for years.

What has Steve Hackett been busy with lately? 

I've just finished a new album and I'm currently working on a live DVD of an electric band show from last year.

Genesis Selling England By The Pound album cover

What memories do you have of Genesis?
I remember we started out as a little band that did the clubs and the band ended up surpassing all my expectations. We learned a lot from each other too. 

What had you decide to pursue a solo career?

I found that composition by committee had its limitations and I was overflowing with ideas.

Steve Hackett Out Of The Tunnels Mouth album cover
What are some of your favourite personal music moments, either in your time with Genesis, or in solo career? 

Selling England by the Pound with Genesis and both Spectral Mornings and Out of the Tunnel's Mouth in my solo career. I enjoyed playing Madison Square Garden and the LA Forum amongst other American venues.

Steve Hackett Rails album cover

Lately you released a two disc live album 'Rails', no doubt an involving ordeal. What did that entail?

Live Rails was the result of the best of over 100 shows from both sides of the Atlantic edited together. It was an exciting process as the band are very strong.

What are your views on performing live, compared to playing in a studio?
They are both energising in different ways. Live produces a rapport between band and audience. It's a feeling that's hard to beat. Recording allows me to perfect those difficult moves.

The solo to 'Fifth Of Firth' is one of my favourite guitar solos ever. Can you tell a little about that, and how you went about composing it?

I wanted to make the piano melody sound exotic in an eastern way. I wanted to give it a vocal quality with my guitar. It's a powerful piece. 

Another song... 'Last Train To Istanbul'; what was your inspiration and thought behind that song?

On visiting Sarajevo I was struck by the Turkish influence on both music and culture - it created a unique country of the mind... a magic carpet ride of a journey... A Thousand and One Nights meets the modern world.

What do you think of the current state of the music industry, and the changes associated with the advent of the internet?

It allows everyone a shop window to pedal their wares, either virtually or with good old fashioned CDs. I stilll like handing physical product of favourites.
What are your views on the current progressive scene? Any modern bands that have particularly caught your attention?
I think Mews and Elbow both cover aspects of progressive music without compromising their commerciality. I enjoy listening to them.
What lies in the future for Steve Hackett?
I'll keep making albums and touring for as long as possible!
Any final words or comments?

I hope you enjoy my new album as much as I do, which will be out in the early autumn and is entitled Beyond the Shrouded Horizon.It's a journey and a half! 
Many thanks -I've enjoyed this interview.

Best wishes,
Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett's PA profile can be found" rel="nofollow - here .
Genesis' PA profile can be found" rel="nofollow - here .

A special thanks to Steve for taking the time to do this interview!

Posted By: Epignosis
Date Posted: July 08 2011 at 14:14
The man responds like he plays the guitar.

Posted By: lazland
Date Posted: July 08 2011 at 14:24
An excellent interview with a man who is clearly a true gentlemanClapClap


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Posted By: progtapper
Date Posted: July 08 2011 at 14:40
Thanx for this nice little interview! Clap
I'm going to see Hackett live again on the 25th of november in salle le Kursaal in Limbourg, Belgium.
Alkways a great experience.

Posted By: Finnforest
Date Posted: July 08 2011 at 21:45

Posted By:
Date Posted: July 09 2011 at 05:17
Nice, thanks Conor!

Also, Mr. Hackett likes Mew and Elbow! Heart

Originally posted by Epignosis Epignosis wrote:

The man responds like he plays the guitar.


Posted By: Slartibartfast
Date Posted: July 09 2011 at 05:22
Finished up his biography book recently.  Good read.  I haven't been by his site in a while so this is the first place I heard about a new studio album in the works.


Posted By: Icarium
Date Posted: July 09 2011 at 05:31
I like Mew aswell (so me and Mr Hackett share a familiar trait)


Posted By: tupan
Date Posted: July 09 2011 at 12:42
Short but good answers.

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Posted By: Prog Geo
Date Posted: July 09 2011 at 12:53
Nice interview! He likes Mew and Elbow. Good!

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Posted By: Moogtron III
Date Posted: July 09 2011 at 13:36
Originally posted by Slartibartfast Slartibartfast wrote:

Finished up his biography book recently.  Good read.  I haven't been by his site in a while so this is the first place I heard about a new studio album in the works.
I didn't know that there was a biography book. Interesting.
Nice interview by Conor BTW Clap

Posted By: Chris S
Date Posted: July 09 2011 at 13:41
Great interview - although i wish he would show more passion!!!
Office we come :-)

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Posted By: memowakeman
Date Posted: July 09 2011 at 14:12


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Posted By: Man With Hat
Date Posted: July 10 2011 at 15:57
Cool to read. Short and sweet.

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Posted By: Lark the Starless
Date Posted: July 10 2011 at 18:44
I wish Steve would come to the States soon.

Good job, Conor!


Posted By: Barbu
Date Posted: July 10 2011 at 21:52
Great !   

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Posted By: Garion81
Date Posted: July 11 2011 at 00:24
Thank you that was a great read.  Love Mr hackett and wish he would get out to California with his band soon.  Suppose we will have to wait for Sqackett. 


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Posted By: DylanCici
Date Posted: July 12 2011 at 02:56
The man responds like he plays the guitar.

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