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Jade Warrior

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Topic: Jade Warrior
Posted By: Morningrise
Subject: Jade Warrior
Date Posted: July 21 2011 at 14:15
A couple of weeks ago I saw some Jade Warrior albums in one of my favorite record stores. I'm planning to buy some of them. I only heard the samples here on PA. I know nothing about the band and the ratings on the site don't indicate a clear fan favorite to start with. So I ask you, which one of the 70's releases should I buy first?

Posted By: Horizons
Date Posted: July 21 2011 at 15:15
I've listened to Last Autumn's Dream only, but i enjoyed it.
Won't vote though. 

Posted By: HolyMoly
Date Posted: July 21 2011 at 15:40
I have all of them, so maybe I can provide some direction.

The first three (on the Vertigo label) are recommended if you're looking for vocal-oriented stuff.  It sounds a little like early Jethro Tull with only a tabla/conga player (who doubles on flute) for percussion rather than a rock drum kit, and very little blues in their playing.  The best of these three, in my opinion, is "Last Autumn's Dream", and it's probably my favorite overall.  Although.... the debut album was my first introduction to the band, and it blew me away.  It might be a better introduction to the band (lots of "wow" moments), but Last Autumn Dream's just a better album in the long run.

The next four (on the Island label) are completely different in focus.  Down from a trio to a duo, and completely instrumental now.  Somewhat similar to Mike Oldfield and almost proto-new age in spots, certainly at times straying far from "rock".  This stuff is probably more "progressive" but can get a tad boring to my ears.   Very nice stuff though.  "Floating World" is the most song-oriented, and the heaviest (which isn't saying much).  "Waves" is excellent and features some nice jazzy riffing and nice elongated flow - my pick for the best of these four.  "Kites" is highly recommended if you like Oriental instruments and musical modes.  I'm not quite there yet myself, but I won't knock it.  "Way of the Sun" is one I need to listen to more, but my gut tells me it's my 2nd favorite from this period.  These four albums were available (out of print now, but look for it used) as a 2 CD set called "The Island Years", which is a great deal if you can find it (I did. Yay!)

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Posted By: cannon
Date Posted: July 21 2011 at 16:04
HolyMoly pretty muched nailed it. Anyone of the first three. My fav is Released. The Mk. II version of the band is mostly instrumental and Way Of The Sun or Floating Dream is a good staring point. Elements is a very good compilation.

Posted By: jean-marie
Date Posted: July 21 2011 at 17:56
Way of the sun, but i need to dig the first albums

Posted By: Progosopher
Date Posted: July 21 2011 at 19:33
HolyMoly and Cannon are giving good advice and info, and I will add support to what they say.  Last Autumn's Dream is one of my favorite albums ever, and if you dig that one you will probably also like Released.  As to the Island albums, I also recommend Floating World, which is quite diverse, or Way of the Sun, which has some mellow moments, but several of the tracks are quite high in energy.  Its conclusion is one of the best guitar ballads I know of.  Kites is my least favorite on the list, but it has a lot of substance to it.  A great band, no matter the line up.

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Posted By: Mellotron Storm
Date Posted: July 21 2011 at 23:06
Kites is my favourite.It's the kind of album i just drift away in.

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Posted By: b_olariu
Date Posted: July 22 2011 at 05:41
Waves and Kites for me

Posted By: Morningrise
Date Posted: July 22 2011 at 07:25
Thanks for all the recommendations! . I guess I will have to buy them all though LOL

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