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Close to Edge vs. Supper's Ready

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Topic: Close to Edge vs. Supper's Ready
Posted By: progistoomainstream
Subject: Close to Edge vs. Supper's Ready
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 15:23
Have at it.


Posted By: dwill123
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 15:51
Close to the Edge

Posted By: Luna
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 15:55
like it hasn't been done enough

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Posted By: MattGuitat
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 16:05
Already been done, but I still go with Suppers Ready.

Posted By: Snow Dog
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 16:12
This old chesnut

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Posted By: akaBona
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 16:16
Close To The Edge.

Posted By: dr prog
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 16:31
Supper is probably the 4th or 5th best song on it's own album. Good song but cringeworthy in parts
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Posted By: Mellotron Storm
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 16:35
Supper's Ready might be the best song ever.

"The wind is slowly tearing her apart"


Posted By: TheOppenheimer
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 16:37
Supper's Ready for me.

Both are masterpieces, both are overrated. But I like genesis' better.

A veces es cuestión de esperar, y tomarte en silencio.

Posted By: Wanorak
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 16:39
I much prefer Supper's Ready; especially the live version on Seconds Out!


Posted By: progtapper
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 16:59
What a question! Disapprove
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Posted By: Prog Geo
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 17:25
Supper's ready!

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Posted By: twosteves
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 18:03
CTTE is 100% perfect----Supper's Ready is 99% perfect---Smile

Posted By: The Miracle
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 18:14
CTTE is great and all Supper's Ready is my favorite piece of music ever.
Rock music anyway.

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Posted By: Catcher10
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 18:36
I like the other song......
(Its an endless loop.....)


Posted By: Little Arabella
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 18:51
Supper's Ready

Posted By: Triceratopsoil
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 18:52
Supper's Ready is about the only "classic" prog epic I dislike more than Close to the Edge

Posted By: Dellinger
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 19:26
When I did this poll some months ago, Close to the Edge won (at least up to the last time I saw it). Perhaps things have changed a bit, perhaps we just have to give this poll a bit more time. However,I still got with Close to the Edge.

Posted By: Sanmartinphase7
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 19:33
Close to the Edge

Posted By: omphaloskepsis
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 19:50
Close to the Edge easy

Posted By: irrelevant
Date Posted: November 18 2011 at 22:10
Close to the Edge is perfect. Don't see what's so great about Supper's Ready. 

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Posted By: Progosopher
Date Posted: November 19 2011 at 00:11
But one of many eternal questions, at least on Prog Archives. Wink

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Posted By: colorofmoney91
Date Posted: November 19 2011 at 00:45
Close to the Edge because I don't really get Genesis at all.

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Posted By: jude111
Date Posted: November 19 2011 at 00:50
 Close to the Edge, even though I much prefer Genesis' best songs over Yes. (I don't consider "Supper's Ready" a great song, except for the first 5 minutes or so.)

Posted By: TerLJack
Date Posted: November 19 2011 at 07:50
I would have automatically just clicked Supper's Ready even a few years ago, but today had to think about it.  Close to the Edge is really an excellent slice of prog pie.  
I still chose SR.  It's my favorite track on my favorite album by my favorite band.

Posted By: Manuel
Date Posted: November 19 2011 at 09:29
I like both the same, for their composition, orchestration and greatness. Cannot choose.

Posted By: rdtprog
Date Posted: November 19 2011 at 09:59
Originally posted by irrelevant irrelevant wrote:

Close to the Edge is perfect. Don't see what's so great about Supper's Ready. 

You got to hear it first, then you'll be able to see it...Wink

Posted By: someone_else
Date Posted: November 19 2011 at 10:08
The epics from the two albums on top of my list. I vote for Supper's Ready.


Posted By: Hober Mallow
Date Posted: November 19 2011 at 10:10
Today I am close to the edge, but tomorrow supper will probably be ready.

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Posted By: The-time-is-now
Date Posted: November 19 2011 at 10:21
Close to the edge.


One of my best achievements in life was to find this picture :D

Posted By: richardh
Date Posted: November 19 2011 at 12:46
Suppers Ready

Posted By: lazland
Date Posted: November 19 2011 at 12:52
Suppers Ready.


In Lazland, life is transient. Prog is permanent.

Posted By: juandhaltrich
Date Posted: November 19 2011 at 13:03
again this poll????? boringgg

Posted By: AlexDOM
Date Posted: November 19 2011 at 13:18
As epic as Supper's Ready is. Close To the Edge is musical Perfection. CTTE wins. I Get Up, I get down section is one of the most beautiful music passages ever recorded.

Posted By: HarbouringTheSoul
Date Posted: November 19 2011 at 13:47
Originally posted by irrelevant irrelevant wrote:

Close to the Edge is perfect. Don't see what's so great about Supper's Ready. 


What makes Close to the Edge so perfect is that it's really one single uniformly great song, as opposed to Supper's Ready and similar "epics" which are really just a bunch of songs strung together. It doesn't help that I dislike "Ikhnaton and Itsacon and Their Band of Merry Men" and am only mildly entertained by "Lover's Leap" and "The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man" (although the superior arrangement in "As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs" makes me appreciate their melodic content more). Additionally, Tony's keyboard sounds in this piece are pretty unfitting.

Posted By: Ronnie Pilgrim
Date Posted: November 19 2011 at 14:50
I'm  pretty near to having a nervous breakdown LOL, and since I had a late lunch I must say it's "Close to the Edge" for me.

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Anoint my head anointy nointy"
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Posted By: chefrobb
Date Posted: November 19 2011 at 16:21
Swear I've seen this before.....but Genesis wins every time in my book....just sayin'


Posted By: Slartibartfast
Date Posted: November 19 2011 at 16:51
Originally posted by chefrobb chefrobb wrote:

Swear I've seen this before.....but Genesis wins every time in my book....just sayin'

Poll/thread deja voo doo.

About the only things these two pieces have in common is length, good musicianship, and being prog, otherwise stylistically speaking they are two different animals.


Posted By: Fox On The Rocks
Date Posted: November 19 2011 at 17:02
Suppers Ready.


Posted By: irrelevant
Date Posted: November 20 2011 at 05:19
Originally posted by rdtprog rdtprog wrote:

Originally posted by irrelevant irrelevant wrote:

Close to the Edge is perfect. Don't see what's so great about Supper's Ready. 

You got to hear it first, then you'll be able to see it...Wink

I have heard it, and so I saw. Wink

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Posted By: sideburndude...
Date Posted: November 20 2011 at 09:50
Hard question but I will have to go with Supper's Ready.

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