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Epitaph (Germany/Proggy Hard Rock)

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Topic: Epitaph (Germany/Proggy Hard Rock)
Posted By: Guests
Subject: Epitaph (Germany/Proggy Hard Rock)
Date Posted: March 21 2012 at 18:48
I'm sorry if they were suggested before (or added), everything I search I come up with hundreds of results of "Epitaph" by King Crimson even when I search artist name. I thought that maybe their first 2/3 albums are around that borderline between hard rock and prog.

There is some info about them on the official page:" rel="nofollow -
The history of EPITAPH begins in the winter of 1969/70 in his time hippest music club Dortmund Fantasio, in the basement
Britain's Cliff Jackson (vocals, guitar), his compatriot James McGillivray (drums) and bassist Bernd Kolbe practiced and worked on her program, while the weekly Fantasio between sizes like Black Sabbath, Rory Gallagah, Yes and Argent occurred. Even at this time showed his full professional epitaph formality. Their big chance came when Champion Jack Dupree and his performance in Fantasio cancelte stepped in the famous Blue with pianist Günter Boas EPITAPH as a backing group.
Günter Boas producer realized the potential of this band and it's not long and EPITAPH signed their first contract with Polydor took subjected then to Hanover, shortened their band name of Fagin's EPITAPH in EPITAPH and began Klaus Walz (later Jane) as a second guitarist in London Wessex studio recording their first LP and the same epitaph, which was published in the autumn of 1971.
This was followed by concerts in Germany and an invitation to the legendary Beat Club, in 1972 the first television appearance had the effect of EPITAPH.
Already in April 1972, the band was again in the studio to Stop, Look and Listen (Polydor) einzuspielen. Once again, followed by numerous performances, including the major German festivals of the time.
At the end of McGillivray left the group. Drummed for him now Achim Wielert (Poret after his marriage), who maneuvered with his straight, powerful style of the band in a rockier direction. In August and November 1973 EPITAPH went twice to extensive U.S. tour. At the same time they signed a contract with the American Company Billingsgate Records in Chicago and produced under the aegis of company president Gary Pollack, her third album, Outside the Law.
The big international breakthrough seemed within reach, Outside the Law was showered with praise and recognition from critics and sold well. Irving Azoff (including Manager of the Eagles, REO Speedwagon, Journey) and Seymour Stein (including producer of Fleetwood Mac is, as the discoverer of Madonna's) came up to EPITAPH. And - log Billingsgate Records bankruptcy. The result: a planned burst mammoth tour of the States and, to avoid having to answer for the debts of their record company that dissolved EPITAPH on in January 1975.
But in 1976 they toured in the occupation of Cliff Jackson, Bernd Kolbe, Klaus Walz and Jim McGillivray again extensively throughout Germany and excited with their melodic, heavily US-oriented rock to the attention of Christian Wagner, director of Rock Palace, the band for a TV recording took them under contract. Shortly before the shooting on 2 February 1977 at the WDR studios in Cologne Jim McGillivray left the band and was replaced by Fritz Randow (Eloy) on drums.
In the summer of 1977, Klaus Walz and Bernd Kolbe left the band, they came for the guitarist Heinz Glass, bassist Harvey Janssen and additional keyboardist Michael Karch. In the same year accompanied the Hungarian group EPITAPH Omega at an extended European tour. 1978 EPITAPH plays as support for omega three legendary concerts in Budapest, who were cheered on by more than 30,000 spectators frantically. With the new lineup recorded the band's fourth album, Return to Reality, published in April 1979 on the cult label Brain.

Posted By: yam yam
Date Posted: March 21 2012 at 19:42
The first couple of albums (while they were signed to Polydor) had prog leanings indeed, but they then sold out to a fairly predictable type of 'Arena Rock'. The early stuff reminds me of Wishbone Ash a lot, and perhaps early Uriah Heep too. Uriah Heep are filed away in Heavy Prog on Progarchives, but Wishbone Ash are only in Prog-Related...and that's where I think I'd personally place these guys too. Excellent music, don't get me wrong (before they copped out to the wishes of the American record company, and similarly later on with the German 'Brain' label), but I don't think that overall they produced sufficient prog to merit inclusion in one of the 'proper' sub genres. Ermm

Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: March 21 2012 at 20:00
Yeah I see what you mean,  out of 10 albums (2 of them covers of earliest material) the other 5 are indeed more in that easy commercial direction, starting with the 1978 album all up till today cause they're still active it seems.

Posted By: Andy Webb
Date Posted: March 24 2012 at 12:35
Don't forget that if they have 1 prog album and 50 pop albums, they could, in an extreme case, be added to the site. The first few samples strike me as pure King Crimson-esque symphonic prog, so I'll alert the symph team thus.

-------------" rel="nofollow">

Posted By: Ivan_Melgar_M
Date Posted: March 24 2012 at 15:27
We have checked the band.

In no Prog site is mentioned as Symphonic

Most sites describe hem as HARD ROCK band with Prog leanings,

This is my opinion about the tracks:

Visions. Obviously a song inspired in Epitaph by King Crimson, the drumming is identical in style to Michael Giles, but there you stop, unimaginative use of keyboards and extremely poor guitar that  doesn't compare to Bob Fripp, . seems Symphonic until this point. The problem starts with the vocals, because the lead singer  takes the  band to "balladesque", mainstream territory, so lets say Symphonic/Crossover

I'm Trying: Good drums, but closer to Lark's Tongues in Aspic than to King Crimson's Symphonic albums. After a few minutes, it turns into a mainstream power ballad, closer to Hard Rock again Crossover

Hopelessly: Doesn't sound Prog to me, reminds me of AMERICA (Ventura Highway to be precise)...Wow, this guys like AMERICA as much as KING CRIMSON. The jazzy instrumental sections don't make them Prog. They are closest to POP/Fusion /Hard Rock here.

Early Morning: Hey guys, you're kidding me with Symphonic, this is Jazz Fusion, that changes into a Spacey Pink Floyd Like tune that ends as Hard Rock

Fly: I honestly don't know what they are playing, sounds like an ELP nightmare combined with Hard Rock (leaning with Heavy Metal) and Late Psychedelia, sorry, not Symphonic  IMO.

Uptight: Pure and simple mainstream with jazzy overtones and Hard Rock, the keyboards are hidden by the distorted guitars. The vocals are good, but closer to Southern Blues Rock.

Fresh Air: Experimental Hard Rock.

Fritz (SouthSideofthe Sky), checked them and agrees with most of what I said, only the first track (Visions) has traces of Symphonic, the main sound in the others is Hard Rock, Jazz and mainstream.

My opinion is Crossover, borderline with Prog Relates

Frtz's opinion is Heavy Prog.

Will wait for Scott's opinion to decide where to send them, but has already rejected from Symphonic (Even if Scott votes in favor, there are two negative votes, but knowing Scott, probably will suggest a move to another sub-genre.




Posted By: AtomicCrimsonRush
Date Posted: March 25 2012 at 07:57
Ok heres my take on them

Visions. Confusion shall be their Epitath I believe. Slightly Symphonic keyboards but copying KC 

I'm Trying: Heavy prog with sporadic drumming. Riffs are good, though classic rock roots prominent. Its too heavy to be symphonic. Guitars are like Fuzzy Duck or Budgie. Vocals are harmonised but strained.

Hopelessly: Ballad with strong harmonies, some interesting keyboard but not symph, perhaps classic rock like Crosby Stills and Nash's 'Judy Blue Eyes' suite thing.  

Early Morning: Hi hat cymbal jazz, and space rock, like early Pink Floyd, or other psych prog. Even has a Waters scream in there as it builds to a crescendo to the lead break and then gets faster and heavier in tempo.

Fly: tons of keyboards with a psychedelic edge, drones, buzzes, odd time sigs, then Tarkus organ, Heavy Prog perhaps but not symphonic.

Uptight:  Piano, riffing guitars, lead guitar notes, it's heavy prog again, though not as heavy as Rush. the vocals are like typical 70s psych.

Fresh Air: heavy prog.

I say they go to Heavy Prog sounding like Budgie, Fuzzy Duck or other 70s classic bands.


Posted By: Ivan_Melgar_M
Date Posted: March 25 2012 at 11:34
With Scott's vote, the band has officially not been accepted in Symphonic and already suggested Heavy Prog Team

Originally posted by Ivan_Melgar_M Ivan_Melgar_M wrote:

Hi guys, we received this suggestion from Andy Webb:

Originally posted by Andy Webb Andy Webb wrote:

New suggestion: Epitaph, although it seems they sold out early in their career, apparently their first albums were proggy. The first few samples seem to be in a early-King Crimson symph kind of sound, so I thought I'd let you guys know." rel="nofollow -

Even when the vote is divided

Scott: Heavy Prog
Fritz: Heavy Prog
Iván: Crossover

The team suggests the band to Heavy Prog.

Despite the Space and Jazzy sections, it's obvious that the distorted guitar and heavy characteristics makes it perfect for your team in our opinion of course,

The call is your's

Good luck


Please contact the Heavy Prog Team.



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