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Gong vs Magma

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Topic: Gong vs Magma
Posted By: MonsterMagnet
Subject: Gong vs Magma
Date Posted: July 16 2012 at 14:21
Hello everybody Smile! A little poll between two innovative bands that have some similarities: the two are, as it were, the masters of a specific style which have inspired several "followers" (almost always good) and have a great imagery fascinating. I would like to ask you which is the best and the most deserving, which universe and concept do you like the most?
Personally I think that Magma is more influential (even on Gong) and has more very good albums, but I prefer the imagery, the humour and the trips of Gong. So it's pretty hard to choose for me because both have strong arguments. 
What are your opinions, proggers?

Posted By: HolyMoly
Date Posted: July 16 2012 at 14:28
Magma will win my vote in almost any poll they appear in, and this one is no exception.

Love Gong too, though.

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Posted By: Wanorak
Date Posted: July 16 2012 at 14:35
Gong. Never could get into Magma.


Posted By: Snow Dog
Date Posted: July 16 2012 at 14:36

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Posted By: Fox On The Rocks
Date Posted: July 16 2012 at 14:36
Very tough, but I think Gong takes it for me. I've always preferred their quirky and psychedelic sound, plus the humour is hilarious. Magma can be a bit much sometimes, but I still love them dearly. Kind of a light vs.dark contrast going on here. Magma has always contained better musicians in my opinion, but I've always felt Gong as better songwriters. Both bands are fantastic though. Clap


Posted By: Hercules
Date Posted: July 16 2012 at 16:06
I prefer Gong but that's only because I really don't like Magma at all.
So neither for me.

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Posted By: Saperlipopette!
Date Posted: July 16 2012 at 16:31
Whenever people say they don't like or can't get into Magma, I always feel like saying: keep trying, you will eventually.


Posted By: zerothehero76
Date Posted: July 16 2012 at 16:37
ehm... guess WHY I have my nickname and guess WHO I'd vote (if I could vote!)

Posted By: dr prog
Date Posted: July 16 2012 at 17:19
Magma for sure. Their music was great earlier and they had more cool albums

Posted By: The-time-is-now
Date Posted: July 17 2012 at 03:56


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Posted By: Guldbamsen
Date Posted: July 17 2012 at 03:58
Both..... preferably at the same time.

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Posted By: Mr Greeen Genes
Date Posted: July 18 2012 at 23:17
Can't say I like one more than the other, and i do love em both. So both it is!

Posted By: Andy Webb
Date Posted: July 18 2012 at 23:26
Magma errtime

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Posted By: SaltyJon
Date Posted: July 18 2012 at 23:45

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Posted By: Eria Tarka
Date Posted: July 19 2012 at 00:34
Originally posted by Saperlipopette! Saperlipopette! wrote:

Whenever people say they don't like or can't get into Magma, I always feel like saying: keep trying, you will eventually.
Haha, worked for me!

Posted By: Master of Time
Date Posted: July 19 2012 at 01:16
Magma, but I've barely listened to any Gong, so maybe I'll change my mind someday.

Posted By: Zombywoof
Date Posted: July 19 2012 at 01:35
Originally posted by bytor2112 bytor2112 wrote:

Originally posted by Saperlipopette! Saperlipopette! wrote:

Whenever people say they don't like or can't get into Magma, I always feel like saying: keep trying, you will eventually.

Haha, worked for me!

Just close your eyes and let the music take hold. The best way to listen to Magma.

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Posted By: Man With Hat
Date Posted: July 19 2012 at 01:40
but Gong is wonderful as well.

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Posted By: Larne
Date Posted: July 20 2012 at 07:54
Both are great; guess if I needed to vote for live or death I would take MAGMA as they are even 'a bit more special'!

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Posted By: frippism
Date Posted: July 20 2012 at 09:43
can't choose, so I voted both

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Posted By: Logan
Date Posted: July 20 2012 at 15:39
I remembered that there was a similar poll years ago, though in that one it asked which planet you'd rather live on, not which music you prefer.  I'd rather live on Planet Gong with a Pixie bong (been too much strife on Kobaļa), but when it comes to celestial bodies of music, Magma is to me much more zeuhl (which means celestial music in Kobaļan).  I do really like Gong, though, and the Radio Gnome Invisible albums (especially You) have been particular favourites of mine, but Magma has so much music that I really love.  I also much prefer Magma's recent albums to 2032, despite liking 2032 considerably.  I've definitely been a  fan of both bands, but my Magma fanboyism well eclipses my Gong fanboyism despite being a Gong fan.  At one time I was more into Gong, but my Magma love got deeper and deeper.  I rarely listen to Gong anymore, but Magma I have been regularly returning to for quite a few years now.  Magma has outlasted many a band I was once into, though I can say that I will still happily listen to Gong unlike some others that I grew pretty tired of over the years since I started to really explore the worlds of Prog.

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Posted By: tamijo
Date Posted: July 20 2012 at 16:01
I dont understand Magma, i dont know why, i just dont understand Magma. 
May be someone should show me that 2 min snippet of brilliance to start out on.

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Posted By: Logan
Date Posted: July 20 2012 at 16:46
I wouldn't suggest looking for a two minute snippet of brilliance.  You might be setting yourself up for failure. I just think it's not the best way to approach trying to really get music.  I am more of a listening to whole albums kind of guy, and whole pieces of music and letting it wash over one.  Some albums take quite a while for me to appreciate.  I'll play something once giving it half-attention, think it's okay, and then a month later I'll feel like returning to it and love it.

The problem is, what's brilliant, or intriguing or luminescent, to one person, is not going to be to another. This is the first Magma track I heard, and it was love at first listen, but then it conforms to styles of music I already liked.  I loved jazzy, joyous and fun music.

I had no expectations when I heard it, which helped.  I also didn't know a lot of "prog" at the time, which also might have helped.  I think if you go in with certain expectations, and you already have a negative feeling, then it would be harder to like.  I don't try to like music, or ask others to post something I'll think brilliant -- if you're asking for brilliant, you might take an overanalytical and pessimistic view from the beginning.  Those who know my tastes have changed my mind on certain bands because they have posted music that they would think I like based on my tastes.  It also helps if those recommendations come from people you really respect (as well as have similar tastes), since you might be more open to, and thankful for, the suggestion.

I don't know your tastes well enough

This was another early fave of mine, and remains one of my absolute favourite Magma tracks

I really think is a band whose music you just have to sit back and let wash over you (albums are generally better to live with than clips).  It may take a while before you find a moment that you really like, but in the end you might grow to like it.

Also, Magma has quite varied music.  One person may like Attahk, and not MDK, another might like KA and not like Kobaia, and one person might like Theusz Hamtahhk and hate Merci.  I like all of the studio albums, and many of the lives.

The lives are a good place to try:  See if you like this (should appeal to lots of proggers):

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{EDIT: Just noticed that the Live/ Hhai once had embedding disabled.  I think the Live/Hhai might be a really good album to start with}

Sorry that I don't have a particular two minutes to suggest.  Hopefully if you listen to enough Magma you'll find something that piques your interest.

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Posted By: tamijo
Date Posted: July 20 2012 at 17:13
Hug 2 min og brilliance, was just a way of saying, give me a good taster. 
First one on right now, its not bad, i like odd Jazzy music.
Memorie was of a lot more confusing music, with very strange hectic vocals.

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Posted By: tamijo
Date Posted: July 20 2012 at 17:25
All good, where would you start, (album) if you prefer the jazzy less hectic Magma.
The live one is a bit tough.  

Prog is whatevey you want it to be. So dont diss other peoples prog, and they wont diss yours

Posted By: Logan
Date Posted: July 20 2012 at 17:31
Oh, yeah, I really worried that asking for two minutes of brilliance was kind of like saying gimme an excerpt coz I don't think I could stand to listen to more.  I haven't tailored those to your tastes though.  Magma goes the gammut from relaxing, simple, melodic music to crazy, complicated and hectic.  Some like instrumental showmanship, whereas others prefer the most relaxed pieces. 

I'm only posting this because I think it's such fun to watch (MDK was my first Magma album and is what got me to fall for Magma, but that's the common place to start so I rarely recommend it to people trying to get into the band.  Most of those who have really tried to get Magma have probably tried MDK already:

Magma Philosophy Wars:" rel="nofollow -

"Soon, eh Gandalff, very soon".

And there are quite a few Magma parodies about.  It's interesting that sucha  relatively little known band has had so many humorous things done about it.  I wonder If Dream Theater has a lot of parodies.  *cue some mean Magma fan saying, of course not, because DT fans don't have a sense of humour.  Cue nasty DT fan saying, Magma is just too easy to ridicule so of course people make fun of it.  I do think  a certain sense of humour does help with quite a bit of Magma (but a lot of Magma is beautiful and serene).


is considerably different from

Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.

Posted By: The Bearded Bard
Date Posted: July 21 2012 at 10:14
I prefer the only Magma album I've given a thorough listen, Kobaļa, to anything I've heard from Gong (everything from Flying Teapot to Expresso II), so Plančte Kobaļa gets my vote.


Posted By: TheGazzardian
Date Posted: July 21 2012 at 11:00
This is impossible for me to decide, both bands are fantastic. So I will let lastfm decide. Sayeth last fm, Magma have 346 plays while Gong have 726. So voting Gong for now.

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