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Jane Siberry (Prog Related?)

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Topic: Jane Siberry (Prog Related?)
Posted By: Matti
Subject: Jane Siberry (Prog Related?)
Date Posted: January 24 2013 at 03:19
This seems to be the first time the Canadian singer-songwriter, (actually she plays some instruments too, and produces her albums), alternative pop artist, Jane Siberry, is being suggested for inclusion.
     She has some very proggy and original stuff - especially on The Walking (1988) but slightly on other albums too, such as The Speckless Sky (1985), When I Was a Boy (1993) and Maria (1995) -, comparable in originality to Kate Bush or Laurie Anderson, even if her music is very emotional at the same time. Also a new prog book (Beyond & Before) dealed with her.
   Please share your opinion if you're familiar with her music.

Posted By: yam yam
Date Posted: January 24 2013 at 04:04
Here are six of the eight tracks from 'The Walking':
" rel="nofollow -" rel="nofollow -" rel="nofollow -
She is more lately known as 'Issa', and her three albums under this name are on spotify:" rel="nofollow -
Edit: If you want the whole of 'The Walking', free, as a high quality 320 kbps zip file, or even FLAC, then try this link:" rel="nofollow -   Cool  All artwork is available there too. Thumbs Up
For all the rest of her albums, just leave off the last bit of the above link, and go to:" rel="nofollow -   - WOW!!! Approve

Posted By: seventhsojourn
Date Posted: January 28 2013 at 11:13

Her official site states that she ‘is known for her original and adventurous musical vision and her independent journey has contributed to new models for operating as a musician.


According to Wikipedia her music ‘is most commonly compared to artists such as Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell and Laurie Anderson. Her music has drawn from a wide variety of styles ranging from new wave rock on her earlier albums to a reflective pop style influenced by jazz, folk, gospel, classical and liturgical music in her later work.


Studio albums:


Jane Siberry (1981) – folk-influenced

No Borders Here (1984) – electro art-pop/rock

The Speckless Sky (1985) – art-pop

The Walking (1988) – multi-layered, complex/ethereal conceptual work

Bound By The Beauty (1989) – acoustic, accessible, Country & Western and Latin influenced

When I Was A Boy (1993) – co-produced by Eno, spiritual themes, funk, dance, gospel influence

Maria (1995) – jazz-influenced, includes 20-minute conceptual track

Teenager (1996) – songs she wrote as a teenager

A Day In The Life (1997) – largely a sound collage of a day in New York

Hush (2000) – acoustic covers of American/Celtic folk and gospel music

City (2001) – compilation of rarities, non-album tracks

Shushan The Palace: Hymns Of Earth (2003) – Christmas album

Three Queens Trilogy:

Dragon Dreams (2008)

With What Shall I Keep Warm? (2009)

Meshach Dreams Back (2011)


Since The Walking is the album of most relevance here, a few more Wiki quotes about the album might be in order:


‘her most conceptually ambitious work to date… a complex, diffuse and demanding set of intricately structured songs… a surreal amalgam of progressive rock and Laurie nderson-style performance art narratives… Siberry was now being marketed as part of the ‘high art’ end of rock music, alongside artists such as Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel…’


Interestingly, The Walking was considered unsuitable for airplay by Toronto progressive radio station CFNY.


She opened for Mike Oldfield when he premiered Tubular bells II in Edinburgh in 1992, although at the time the gig was disastrous for her because the crowd apparently laughed loudly through much of her ‘dreary folk’ set. This was the response in an interview the following year: ‘I didn’t actually get booed off the stage; the crowd was talking and lighting fireworks, so I left – then they booed.’ and ‘The record company… thought that I’d deliberately sabotaged this gift of opening for Mr. Boob-ular Bells…’ Miaow!


In addition to producing one of those albums, Eno is also reported to be a big fan of her work. Peter Gabriel invited her to his Real World Records Week during the nineties as part of ‘a select group of musicians from around the world’


So, a well respected musician with an eclectic discography (pop, ethereal, folk, techno, jazz, world, spiritual) but really only one full album of interest to prog fans. I’d have no objections if the Crossover Team wanted to do an eval, but personally I think she might be a stretch even for Prog Related. That’s just my opinion of course, anyone else got any thoughts? Thanks for the suggestion though and thanks for helping to educate me on an artist I previously didn’t know.





Posted By: yam yam
Date Posted: January 29 2013 at 05:00
I'll drop a note in our thread asking the guys to check 'The Walking' album if they have the time, and to add any comments they may wish to, but won't add this artist to the charts for evaluation unless the general feeling from the rest of the team is positive regarding the probable outcome. For me she is probably worth a place in Prog-Related (based mainly on that one album), but I doubt that it would be easy to get the proposal cleared with admins considering how much 'non-prog' stuff she has done too. That's if any S.C.s felt strongly enough to make the case for her to the admins in the first place of course, which again I feel is doubtful.  Ermm

Posted By: Dean
Date Posted: January 29 2013 at 06:07
Very doubtful.

"You know what uranium is, right?
It’s this thing called nuclear weapons.
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Like lots of things are done with uranium.
Including some bad things.
But nobody talks about that."

Posted By: Matti
Date Posted: February 17 2013 at 04:33
Thanks to all comments. Yes, she's certainly a doubtful border case, but I'll raise this topic up again if any more members would like to share opinions on Siberry.

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