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Radiohead Vs. Talk Talk

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Topic: Radiohead Vs. Talk Talk
Posted By: Fox On The Rocks
Subject: Radiohead Vs. Talk Talk
Date Posted: January 31 2013 at 16:28
Two Crossover acts, dabbling and have dabbled in more experimental aspects of making music in the later half of their career - influenced from Electronica, Krautrock, Jazz, Ambient, etc. Both bands have had major commercial success over the years, with a string of hit singles - with the first half of their careers focused more on commercially viable music; Alternative/ Indie Rock for Radiohead, and Synth Pop/ New Wave for Talk Talk. Both have made absolutely groundbreaking and musically controversial albums over the years. Both band contain highly innovative and extremely talented musicians/ songwriters.

Have at it guys. Smile


Posted By: Sumdeus
Date Posted: January 31 2013 at 16:30
haven't really heard Talk Talk but I don't like Radiohead at all

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Posted By: Horizons
Date Posted: January 31 2013 at 16:34

Quite easily honestly. 

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Posted By: HolyMoly
Date Posted: January 31 2013 at 16:57
I've only heard 3 Radio Head albums, but nothing they've done recently, so I'll hold off on my vote. I've always loved Talk Talk, though, so they'd be hard to beat.

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Posted By: Andy Webb
Date Posted: January 31 2013 at 16:59
I love Radiohead, but Talk Talk is sublime.

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Posted By: Hercules
Date Posted: January 31 2013 at 17:47
What I've heard of Talk Talk is OK, but Radiohead does absolutely nothing for me at all.
We have a poll ongoing about whether Deep Purple is prog; well if they are not, Radiohead don't even come close

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Posted By: jude111
Date Posted: January 31 2013 at 19:59

Radiohead. Talk Talk were awesome, and influential (and even influenced Radiohead), but Radiohead were the best band of their generation, bar none. There's not a prog band in existence worth its salt that wouldn't give their left nut to have written Paranoid Android or Climbing Up the Walls or Exit Music or Let Down or Everything In Its Right Place or Pyramid Song or Kid A or Idioteque or A Wolf at the Door or Subterranean Homesick Alien or Planet Telex, etc. I mean, the sheer leap from "Creep" to THE BENDS to OK COMPUTER to - jumping off the cliff into the unknown - KID A-slash-AMNESIAC - it's an awesome thing to behold.

Thom Yorke's voice - particularly on OK COMPUTER - accesses an emotion(s) I've never heard *any* singer access. I *still* to this day can't put my finger on it or describe it with one word. Disgust? Whew. 15 years later, it's still an elusive, undefinable thing for me that I feel more than I can articulate.
For me, listening to OK Computer and then to Kid A/Amensiac is like watching one of the greatest sci-fi films ever made. It's like Blade Runner II-meets-The Matrix-meets whatever brilliant cyberpunk/manga you want to name. The narrative thread, the sheer *vision*, is stunning - nay, *visionary*. This is why I love music.

Posted By: Man With Hat
Date Posted: January 31 2013 at 22:06
Talk Talk easily.

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Posted By: thellama73
Date Posted: January 31 2013 at 22:25
How is this tied? Talk Talk is a million times better.


Posted By: Wanorak
Date Posted: January 31 2013 at 22:28
Love both, but Radiohead for me, just.


Posted By: DisgruntledPorcupine
Date Posted: February 01 2013 at 03:54
Talk Talk is brilliant. But it's gotta be Radiohead. One of the most creative bands I've ever heard.

Posted By: Kirillov
Date Posted: February 01 2013 at 07:37
Talk Talk

Posted By: Ady Cardiac
Date Posted: February 01 2013 at 07:47
talk talk everytime.......when i used to work in a record store in center of oxford i used to serve thom yorke all the time.....he used to ask me what good electronic stuff was out and i recommended stuff like autecre and black dog productions.....this was the early '90's.....a couple of friends of mine used to stand in awe when they saw me serving him and to this day swear blind i helped influence thoms change to electronica as whatever i threw at him he would just buy......the reason i wasnt in awe of thom is because i dont like radioheads music at all.

Posted By: ole-the-first
Date Posted: February 01 2013 at 08:43

This night wounds time.

Posted By: chopper
Date Posted: February 01 2013 at 09:25
Tough, but it has to be Talk Talk for their later albums, especially Spirit Of Eden.

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Posted By: tszirmay
Date Posted: February 01 2013 at 11:15
Originally posted by Andy Webb Andy Webb wrote:

I love Radiohead, but Talk Talk is sublime.


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Posted By: Progmind
Date Posted: February 01 2013 at 17:48
talk talk by far, i love radiohead (specially ok computer, amnesiac and the bends)  but talk talk is pure genious

Posted By: valravennz
Date Posted: February 01 2013 at 18:00
I have followed Talk Talk from the beginning through their various incarnations until their final album "Laughing Stock". I knew from the start that they were a special group - they stood out from their 80's counterparts in style and form. Though Radiohead has had some brilliant moments through out their career, they don't quite match the consistency of Talk Talk's evolution from electronic pop to incredible depth of composition. Talk Talk was therefore my choice.


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Posted By: Nov
Date Posted: February 01 2013 at 18:52
Originally posted by valravennz valravennz wrote:

I have followed Talk Talk from the beginning through their various incarnations until their final album "Laughing Stock". I knew from the start that they were a special group - they stood out from their 80's counterparts in style and form. Though Radiohead has had some brilliant moments through out their career, they don't quite match the consistency of Talk Talk's evolution from electronic pop to incredible depth of composition. Talk Talk was therefore my choice.
Very well put.

Plus, I saw them on the Colour of Spring tour and it's in my top 3 gigs of all-time Wink

Posted By: jude111
Date Posted: February 01 2013 at 19:16
I find this all really interesting. It's like when everyone claimed they saw the Velvet Underground perform their first few gigs (when in reality, about 20 people saw it.) The thing about Talk Talk is that they couldn't *give* their last two albums away. These albums were almost univesally panned by the critics, and the only ones who heard of Talk Talk knew them (hazily, vaguely) because of their first singles which were considered to be Duran Duran rip-offs. Their last few albums were viewed as being hopelessly out of date. I mean, this was the MTV 80s, when synth-pop ruled. Talk Talk's minimalist, moody atmospheric music with natural jazzy brassy instruments rather than drum machines was viewed as being hopelessly out of step.
It was only 15 to 20 years later (that is, 20 years after their last album was made) that the band started to be pointed to by a few influential musicians and critics, and the band was "re-discovered" and re-appraised.
Notably, the influentail producer Dave Fridmann pointed to - and was influenced by - Talk Talk's production. Fridmann introduced a syphonic production style to his own band's recordings - Mercury Rev (see their masterpiece DESERTER'S SONGS) - and the Flaming Lips, which he also produces (see THE SOFT BULLETIN and YOSHIMI BATTLES THE PINK ROBOTS). (Mercury Rev grew out of the Flaming Lips.) He produced as well several other influential post-rock albums, such as releases by Mogwai (COME ON AND DIE YOUNG and ROCK ACTION) and Sparklehorse. This style influenced a whole host of other work, such as Arcade Fire and Grandaddy (particularly his lo-fi - and *very* proggy masterpiece - THE SOPHTWARE SLUMP). [An aside: Mogwai and Talk Talk are both here in PA, as are Radiohead - I'm wondering when the Flaming Lips will be let in? Grandaddy belongs in because of SOPHTWARE, and perhaps Mercury Rev belongs in as well.]
Radiohead also pointed to Talk Talk, and one can hear it in their sound (as well as many other influences). This kind of symphonic production was the "in" thing for a decade. Most of us only know of Talk Talk today because of Mercury Rev and the Flaming Lips and Radiohead.
Talk Talk's great; I'm just wondering if the pendulum hasn't swung too far? Sure, they released one of the best albums of the 90s. I'd even in put it in the top 20 albums of that decade...

Posted By: jude111
Date Posted: February 01 2013 at 20:20
I just looked up the Trouser Press' reviews of Talk Talk. (Trouser Press was the leading critical publication of the late 70s and 80s for alternative music, punk, synth and new wave music, etc.):
"Talk Talk's first album is slick, professional and lifeless, sounding as though it were programmed by British record company execs to be a synth-rock Foreigner. The London group earned some early comparisons to Duran Duran thanks to their double name... But Talk Talk lacked Duran's panache. Songs by singer/keyboard player Mark Hollis...  are full of melodramatic angst and amateurish lyrics; his epic delivery is suitable but not overly appealing....
"Things took a turn for the better on It's My Life, although Talk Talk still hadn't become an essential component of modern culture. While the title song wins the 1984 Roxy Music soundalike award, other synth-powered dance tracks like "Dum Dum Girl" reveal Hollis to be a truly mixed-up vocalist. Still, the band's creative future looked promising.

"Bad bet. Except for "Life's What You Make It" and a gritty guitar solo on "I Don't Believe in You," the first side of The Colour of Spring is gruelingly slow and soporific; Side Two is sporadically more energetic, but the languid pacing still makes it an endurance challenge. ...

"Spirit of Eden continues the trio's perverse slide towards silent inertia. The album's six long tracks which seem to begin and end at random drift along at near-subliminal volume, with very little song structure and almost no audible signs of life. Tasteful understatement is one thing, but the delicate shadings a choir, horns, reeds and Hollis' ginger singing in this musical cipher don't even create any tangible atmosphere..."
They didn't even bother reviewing the last album, LAUGHING STOCK!!! Hahaha. And so it goes. This was the general concensus on Talk Talk till very recently." rel="nofollow -

Posted By: The Quiet One
Date Posted: February 01 2013 at 20:35
Radiohead for OK Computer (brilliant rock mixture), The Bends (fine British 90s rock), Kid A and Amnesiac (experimental, electronic, ambient, really awesome), In Rainbows (a bit more down-to-earth with some classics) and King of Limbs (minimalistic "electronic" rock, though not all songs are brilliant).

Talk Talk still has Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock which are excellent.

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Posted By: Nov
Date Posted: February 02 2013 at 05:52
Originally posted by jude111 jude111 wrote:

And so it goes. This was the general concensus on Talk Talk till very recently.
Only on "trouser press" - whatever that is and I don't give a sh1t what one supposedly trendy web-site says about Talk Talk.

This is just the kind of bollox I had to endure from the music press about Genesis back in the 70s and 80s. Trendy idiots with daft haircuts making non-sensical comments about music they haven't the intelligence to understand.

Those comments about The Colour of Spring are so wide of the mark that it renders them worthless.


Posted By: jude111
Date Posted: February 02 2013 at 10:11


Posted By: DisgruntledPorcupine
Date Posted: February 02 2013 at 13:08
I really don't like The Colour of Spring. It's probably my least favourite Talk Talk album. But if you asked me why I wouldn't be able to tell you. I just wish I was listening to something else every time I put it on.

Posted By: Snoopy
Date Posted: January 17 2015 at 10:03
Talk Talk miles away! (Eden, Laughing Stock, Pieces und Mark Hollis solo album)

Posted By: chrijom
Date Posted: January 17 2015 at 12:28
Glad to see TT winning at the mo' - can't stand Radiohead.

Posted By: Xonty
Date Posted: January 18 2015 at 08:14
Talk Talk any day. OK Computer doesn't really touch me like Laughing Stock or Spirit Of Eden (but Paranoid Android is incredible). All the other Radiohead albums, I've never made it all the way through - doesn't excite me at all.

Posted By: micky
Date Posted: January 18 2015 at 08:17
man that is a tough one. What I love from Talk Talk I do far more than anything from Radiohead, but I do love more of what Radiohead did.

f**k it...  Talk Talk it is.

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Posted By: proggman
Date Posted: January 19 2015 at 00:13

Talk Talk.

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Posted By: The Bearded Bard
Date Posted: January 19 2015 at 09:55
Talk Talk


Posted By: Barbu
Date Posted: January 21 2015 at 13:15

Excuse-moi d'casser ton fun mais j'me cherche une rime pour automne

Posted By: Polymorphia
Date Posted: January 21 2015 at 14:44
The Radioheads


Posted By: ProgVoyager
Date Posted: January 24 2015 at 14:14 early favourite.

Posted By: King Manuel
Date Posted: February 01 2015 at 00:53
Talk Talk 4 sure! Somehow Radiohead is not bad, but they don't really do that much for me.

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