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New Disconnect album in the works!

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Topic: New Disconnect album in the works!
Posted By: onedropper
Subject: New Disconnect album in the works!
Date Posted: March 01 2013 at 15:15

Copied from our website (, and written by my much more eloquent band mate...Cheers folks!

As we bid goodbye to the winter months, I am pleased to announce we are more than halfway through the recording of our upcoming album 'Planned Obsolescence'.  The album is shaping up to be another 5-track production, as was the case with last year's release 'Enough Blame To Go Around'.  Not so much by design as by guidance of the Muse, as our intention when we share our initial demos with one another is never "this song can't be less than 15 minutes in length".  The songs present themselves to us and we become their conduit.  Sometimes that song may be 6 or 7 minutes in length - while others demand more screen time.  As Brian and I mature both as songwriters and engineers, we realize the necessity of taking more time on each track to make certain the final product is worthy of the Muse.  In the past we have cranked out new albums in the space of roughly 9 months.  We expect 'Planned Obsolescence' take a little over a year in total - which targets a tentative release in late summer or early fall 2013.

In the late 70s and early 80s, prog experienced a critical backlash for being too gaudy and self-serving.  Accusations flew in all directions of the song serving the musicians rather than the musician serving the song.  My assessment is that progressive rock today is at its most relevant point of its history, even rivaling that of the golden era of the early 70s when bands such as Genesis, King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Yes were (arguably) producing the finest work of their respective careers.  Today's prog landscape is beautifully monstrous and the delineation between sub-categories of the genre is becoming more & more difficult to distinguish.  When contemporary bands as diverse as Big Big Train and Meshuggah are both identified as prog bands, you need look no further for evidence.  There has been a renaissance in the past 10-15 years within progressive rock which has even allowed independent prog bands (such as ourselves) to have the confidence to put forth our music and let the worldwide prog community assess our work.  This is also due in no small part to advancements in studio technology and "indie portals" which provide bands such as Disconnect the ability to have their music distributed without the need for a label.  But that revolution is across all genres of music and not specific to our beloved progressive rock.  Since forming our little project in late 2009, we have become cognizant of the vast worldwide prog community.  Even a tiny, independent American prog band such as Disconnect has listeners in Brazil, Argentina, the Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Germany, France, Indonesia....and even Mongolia.  We are grateful to the prog bands who paved the way 40+ years ago and equally grateful to the flagship prog acts of today for continuing to cultivate audiences for the genre of progressive rock.

Posted By: onedropper
Date Posted: October 29 2013 at 11:51
We had to take a short (well, three month) break from recording due to some unforeseen circumstances Cry, but, to quote some guy from KC...we're working again. Smile

Still don't expect to be finished before the end of this year, but we hope those of you who enjoy our music will also enjoy Planned Obsolescence once we're able to complete it. The songs are...a little different (at least from our perspective). And, there's more of them! Eight tracks this time around. Yes, there's an epic in there somewhere, but this album will be comprised of mostly shorter tunes. 

The farther we go in our quest to not repeat ourselves, the more thought each successive album takes. For those of you who care, thanks for your patience.

Posted By: onedropper
Date Posted: April 28 2014 at 19:00
A brief update. Mixing will be done next weekend, so expect the finished album shortly thereafter. This album has taken us almost exactly two years to finish, and we are as excited to deliver it unto the world as we are to be done with it! 

Feel free to message me if you'd like to get a copy for review. Sending digital files will be easier, but I'm sure we can send discs if you're so inclined.

Posted By: onedropper
Date Posted: May 05 2014 at 21:48
Mixing was completed over this past weekend. Although a proper master is still being worked on, suffice it to say Erich and I are very happy with how this album has turned out, and will be releasing Planned Obsolescence within the next week or so, hopefully to your collective surprise and delight (but most likely to your total and absolute consternation Smile).

Strangely enough, for the first time in the band's four-year existence, we actually collaborated in person on a couple sections of one song that needed a little last second attention. It goes without saying that this is a much more ideal situation than trading files over the internets. Although we still deal with the physical disconnect of being in two different states, we will certainly endeavor to be in the same room as often as possible whilst creating our cacophony. At the very least, Erich has lots of craft beer stashed in his basement.

We gave serious thought to commemorating the moment with a photo. However, as has been pointed out by at least one recent reviewer, we're a couple of "middle aged guys in a studio." Worse yet, there were no" rel="nofollow - brick walls or railroad tracks in the general vicinity that would distract viewers from our middle aged-ness, so we wisely thought the better of it.

More soon!

Brian - Disconnect

Posted By: Duke of Rother
Date Posted: May 10 2014 at 08:38
Well, after "Enough Blame...." I'm certainly looking forward to it.

Posted By: onedropper
Date Posted: May 10 2014 at 21:13
Originally posted by Duke of Rother Duke of Rother wrote:

Well, after "Enough Blame...." I'm certainly looking forward to it.

Thank you Duke!

Posted By: onedropper
Date Posted: May 13 2014 at 12:47
Planned Obsolescence has been released. Finally. Check out the following link if you'd like to review it.

Speaking of reviews - and as much as we appreciate them - we find it odd that our new album already has two ratings. Odd because the album wasn't even released yet when either of them were posted...

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