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5 stars If you like their previous albums, you`ll like this one. Another fine job of keyboardist and guitarist, very good melodies, sometimes not so progressive, but always strong. Vocal parties have all necessary diversity. In Silence A.C.T use more orchestral passages than before and it works great. Silent scream is very powerful instrumental piece and it`s one of my favourite songs this year. Just listen 68 minutes of very good music!
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Posted Friday, August 18, 2006 | Review Permalink
3 stars A.C.T. has a knack for keeping things interesting....and though I find this album enjoyable, it is NOT a must have for me. Many of the strengths of Imaginary Friends and Last Epic are here, including solid writing, great musicianship, and strong production. What is missing here though is the edge and power of the previous albums. To put it plainly, this is a VERY mellow album. It's really hard to classify this as Progressive Rock, because in most spots it is missing the ROCK. Ola Andersson is simply one of the best guitarists in this genre, but unfortunately he is VERY subdued on this album and the end result is a collection of mellow and sweet melodies/songs that lack PUNCH! The opening track "Truth In Pain" is a stellar track....good dynamics, great guitar to carry the verses, and interesting interplay between keyboards and guitar at the end of the song. "Into The Unknown" is another excellent song.....very poppy but very good. "Memory to Fight" is an intricate track ....worth the price of the album. Beyond those three it is a mixed bag. I am hoping this mellow period is just a passing phase for this band. In the meantime, this one will go on the shelf and I will continue to enjoy Imaginary Friends and Last Epic.
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Posted Tuesday, September 26, 2006 | Review Permalink
4 stars As a "Newbie", I wanted to try submiting a review. Since this is the newest album I have gotten, I'll start here. First of all, I must say I really like this album. It is a pinnacle of progressive rock?, well NO. It is, however, very good. The band doe a great job of writing catching and accessible tunes, but with very excellent musianship. (Please excuse the spelling, not one of my best attributes!!). It reminds me of a lot of the later 70's style of prog that was stll good but post the true spirit of the early prog albums. I enjoy the harmonies in the vocal department as well as the positive vibe to the music. A lot of progressive music is "depressing" in the extent that it is based on a minor key and often is "woe is me": (don't get me wrong, I relate to that "pessimistic' view and to the emotional sorow often portrayed); however A.C.T.'s music is very "happy", for lack of a better term. I would rate this between a 3 and a 4 due to the fact that it's new and has not had a chance to fufill the "Test of Time." Very enjoyable album!!!!!
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Posted Thursday, October 19, 2006 | Review Permalink
3 stars After Last Epic I was really excited for the follow up: Silence. The band had just struck a deal with Inside Out, meaning more people would finally be able to hear this impressive group. For this album, the group returns to the non-concept format, but does have one epic, "Consequences." I'll be honest, I was quite disappointed. A lot of the tunes lacked the wit, and the bite of their masterpiece. They were still catchy, but they were all a lot less fun, and less intriguing, not to mention way more straightfoward in structure and theory. A few instrumental segments harkened back to the glory of Last Epic, but A.C.T just did not have it all together. After repeated attempts, I did grow to enjoy these pieces, but not near the level of enjoyment I was expecting. As far as "Consequences" concerns, it is not so much one song as it is like a bunch of short songs telling pieces of a story. Not so much a musical epic, but an epic in its original definition. This could have been expected, as the epics from the first two albums were of the the same attributes. We have awesome parts, both in power and beauty, but it too falls short of perfect. It's a good album, maybe even a little more, but it's not nearly as good as I had expected. I'll go with 3.5 stars. Highlights are "Truth Is Pain," "Out of Ideas," "Hope," and "Useless Arguement" and in the epic: "Joanna," Memory to Fight," and "A Wound That Won't Heal."
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Posted Wednesday, December 27, 2006 | Review Permalink
3 stars This is my intro to A.C.T., butI must say that I'm not that impressed. The music is not so progressive, more like the radio rock with average and popular stuff. I don't believe that this album should be as highly rated as it is on this site; it is listenable, but definitely nowhere near a masterpiece. I hope I would encounter more complex and progressive music in A.C.T.'s other albums. To sum up, "Silence" gets a rounded-up three stars from me.
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Posted Monday, January 29, 2007 | Review Permalink
3 stars The voice within.

Mine's saying 'see the best in every situation!' In that case, it could be a good attitude to approach this album...because it's not as toppy as I wish. I wouldn't say ACT missed the point, because the core of ACT is intact (phew!).

What went different on this album is that the songs are much more mellow than the other albums. ACT is drawing away of what we call 'muscle prog' without being a sissy band per se. What was cool with ACT was the amount of butt kicking melted with the symphonic and the popish sides of music. Now, the pop is taking over the muscle and the Acting orchestra is taking a lot more space. Some will be happy with the results, saying that the album is less irritating and more easy to get into. True. Some people with not a real taste for complicated material will find this album fun and a good initiation to the 'concept album' shennanigans we are used to.

Honestly, I'm a TAD disapointed because after Imaginary friends and Last Epic, the world is still opening to ACT but I was expecting a bit more muscle and a much bombastic sound. But hey, just having the record is nice because 2006 sucked bad.

Don't get me wrong, in my opinion, what is an 'okay job' for ACT is still a 'huge effort' for most of today's bands. The humor in the lyrics, the vocals, the guitars and the keyboards (ouh la la) are still on top on many people's list, so don't be afraid to give a listen but don't make it your introduction to ACT first!

Hey, this record is such a good meddle between indie and commercial music that it reached number 4 on the charts in Sweden! Now that's great marketing results!!!

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Posted Wednesday, January 31, 2007 | Review Permalink
Honorary Collaborator
3 stars From "relationship" to "global warming"

Beyond my conscious mind, I have been a fan of A.C.T, and I think I have reviewed all of their albums before this one at this site. For me, this band is very unique and in fact I have never heard the kind of music they play. In one of the reviews I mentioned it as a cabaret rock music - or something like that. Of course, my favorite was their "Last Epic" album which blew me away at first spin of the CD. The album has a tight composition and outstanding production. But when I got this "Silence" CD, I was a bit disappointed at first spin because I did not grab the "aha" at the first spin. Fortunately, it grew on me after couple of spins even though it's not as great as "Last Epic" album. "Silence" comprises short tracks (track 1 - 10) followed with multi-section epic (track 11 - 19).

Truth Is Pain (4:09) opens the album beautifully with a tightly composed opening part comprising ambient riffs followed with sudden break to accommodate the vocal to enters. In fact, the sudden break is excellent as it provides the listeners trigger a question "what's next?" after the break. When the vocal says "Once it was great, just be alive. Life was so simple, I was satisfied with myself" .. wow it represents great impact to my emotion and I feel bad with the music. It then flows beautifully with some combination of soft riffs, string section and rhythm section. The flow of the music is so wonderful, combined with great melody. The guitar solo in the middle is stunning but it has much more impact when the keyboard provides its solo after guitar. Great track! Full five stars! The lyrics are all about relationship.

Puppeteers (4:13)moves in such a way faster in terms of tempo compared to the opening track. The key to this track excellence is on its vocal choirs and weird rhythm section, augmented with operatic (cabaret like) singing style. Listening to this track is like imagining myself watching an opera with a story line. The melody line is also strong and this track is excellently positioned after "Truth is Pain".

This Wonderful World (4:20) is another great track as great as the opening track. It starts with accentuated and theatrical singing style emphasizing environmental issues - global warming which has polluted the sea. This track has a wonderful melody line augmented with excellent string section / orchestration. The multi-style nature of this track makes it so dynamic and really enjoyable listening. I like especially the positive phrases of lyrical part : "This wonderful world . Now you think I will tell you which way to go .", especially the melody line during this segment is so catchy. It's a great track.

Out Of Ideas (4:47) has a groovy nature combining bass guitar and acrobatic drumming, augmented by piano and guitar fills. When I first listened to this track for the first time, I obviously did not feel something special - but with more spins it has finally become a good variation in terms of song sequence. This song is really different from the first three songs. The chorus line is powerful : "Oh, nothing to say, how cruel. Who do you think you fool?". There is musical break which features jazzy guitar fills in slower tempo which makes this track looks rich in textures.

Hope (4:29) blasts the music off with so called heavy riffs ala progressive metal but with the intense style of A.C.T. When the vocal enters, the music changes significantly. The rhythm section while accompanying lead vocalist is performed by drums. The music flows with heavy riffs unique A.C.T. The chorus line also truly represents the ACT style. It's a nice track especially when it suddenly changes the music after the break with a work of keyboard followed beautifully with guitar solo. It's really an excellent composition!

Into The Unknown (3:55) is to me sounds like a pop song with keyboard-orientated rhythm section. During the singing portion, the guitar is played like guitar fills of Steve Hackett. As a pop song, I don't see the complexities or dynamics of its composition it just flows smoothly like any pop song.

No Longer Touching Ground (4:11) keeps the pace of its previous track in pop mode even though it has more upbeat than the predecessor. The opening part reminds me to the music of Mike and The Mechanics. I would say this track is just mundane, nothing special.

Useless Argument (4:49) is a Beatles-influenced song with frequent tempo changes from fast to suddenly into slow segments and returning back into fast one. The guitar work provides a combination of riffs, fills as well as solo.

The Voice Within (3:55) gives more space for bass guitar to provide tight bass lines from low until medium register notes. Keyboard provides good intertwined roles or support each other. Unfortunately, this track lacks melody line, nothing special. In fact, when I reach this track I feel getting bored with this album. Too bad, but that's what I feel.

Call In Dead (2:51) brins the music back into faster and upbeat tempo style and some choirs sound like Queen's. The rhythm section sometimes with heavy riffs but it also changes to reggae as well. Looking at the music flows, this is quite dynamic track actually and it's better than two previous tracks.

Consequences represents this album's epic that comprises 9 parts with each duration is relatively short (from 0.51 to 4:32). It starts beautifully with "Silent Screams" through slow keyboard work that reminds me to the melody of pop song by Air Supply "All out of Love" (?) (1:58) augmented beautifully with excellent violin work. The music suddenly burst into heavy rhythm with frequent tempo changes followed with "Introduction" which features nice singing line. It suddenly moves the "Tom Jones"(?) like music (hmm I think its something like "Delilah" song). Under "The Millionaire". The bass guitar provides nice entry to next excellent track "Joanna" which has good riffs and acrobatic keyboard as well as guitar work combined with orchestra. This is really ann excellent part because the music is really dynamic - especially during ending part where keyboard provides nice solo backed with heavy riffs. It continues seamlessly with excellent break under "A Father's Love" through melancholic vocal line - it's really nice, indeed! "Memory to Fight" brings the music into upbeat style followed with another melancholic break in "The Diary". "A Wound that Won't Heal" music style is like an encore even though this is not the end of track. The epic closes with "The Final Silence" with melody line that is similar with the opening part "Silent Screams" this time with howling guitar solo.


I know that I enjoy this album even though not all tracks are outstanding; those who are excellent are really excellent, but those mundane stuffs have in away jeopardized my overall rating about this album. The problem that I have with this album is the feeling of getting bored after listening to until track no.6 or 7. That's why, I conclude this review with an overall album as "very good". I enjoy it and I recommend you to have it as well. Keep on proggin' ..!

Peace on earth and mercy mild - GW

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Posted Saturday, September 1, 2007 | Review Permalink
4 stars Being Swedish and all, you would have thought I'd discover this band long ago...but as it happens, I started less than a year ago. Now, I've listened to all of their albums, this one seems to be most easily accessible, sometimes approaching the Eurovision Song Contest - with an ingenious twist... You could go on naming possible influences (Saga - very obviously), Yes, It Bites, Queen, even ABBA, but they have found an identity in the midst of all this. To me personally, associations while listening keep circling around the athosphere, now and then settling in temporarily like birds on telephone wires. And I like most of it. Initially, I felt that some of the energy from from example "Imaginary friends" had been lost along the way and they had turned int more of a limited pop outfit, but the more I listen to it, the more I seem to enjoy the whole concept. What strikes me generally is the consistent quality of their four albums so far. Maybe they haven't created an instant classic yet, but still almost a handful of uplifting, playful and imaginative Progressive Pop. Or ProgRockMediumSize or whatever... Who cares?
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Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars I think this album - this *great* album - is superior than Last Epic. Last Epic was powerful, heavy, direct. This album is more intimate, minimal, quiet. But I think its deepness is far superior. The band doesn't want to tear down walls, but to create simple and delicate feelings. Simple and delicate do not mean not-disquieting: the final suite is thrilling. But a lot of moments - the instrumental break in Out of Ideas, or the last solo in The Final Silence are very emotional. It's an album which requires more time to enjoy it, but I find in it a lot of levels of meaning, and very original.
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Posted Wednesday, June 18, 2008 | Review Permalink
3 stars Silence is my first, and so far only, encounter with Swedish quintet A.C.T and I must say, judging by the relative ratings and the under whelming impression I've so far had, I probably brought the wrong album.

The biggest problems I have with this album is that its largely antithetical to my particular tastes in music. There is nothing particularly complex or clever about the arrangements and compositions that the band uses here and I find the permanent cheeriness of the album to be quite annoying, but then I've always been one for bleak melancholy so that was hardly a surprise. At 68 minutes this is quite a long album as well, particularly since their is little to differentiate the 19 or so songs from each other, I think Silence would have benefited from cutting out 5 or 6 tracks, though I doubt that would change my rating. Listening to this album I cant help but feel that they could have given so much more, the musicianship is of a generally high level suggesting that they know what they are doing and could have written far more interesting music.

Overall its a great disappointment to me but people that enjoy well crafted pop songs might find a lot more in this album than I have. I've given it 3 because its just doesn't match my personal tastes at all but people that enjoy music with an up beat, cheery feeling may get a lot out of this.

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Posted Friday, March 27, 2009 | Review Permalink
4 stars Having listened through the A.C.T. catalogue for only about a month now, I have to say I'm very impressed with the band and Silence is, for the time being at least, my favorite of their output. The first to albums are excellent as well, but the much praised Last Epic sounds a bit more play it safe to me.

The poppiness and constant cheerfulness (I even described them as prog ABBA to a friend) are really deceptive here, because the storyline is fairly dark; the contrast between light and shade is the point - as indeed evidenced in the album cover. And if you listen through it all without breaks, you'll notice that the music gets more complex and proggier along the way, as the themes of the story come to the fore and the silence is finally broken. So it's a matter of a narrative and dramatic arc, really: the straight on guitar rock of the first tracks gives way to some very intricate stuff on the latter half of the album.

Myself, I like it when prog bands take their chances with good pop and catchy choruses, and being a huge It Bites fan, A.C.T. fits my tastes to the T. They have a wonderful sense of playfulness but are also completely capable of going serious; the achingly beautiful Father's Love and the darker but still hopeful The Wound That Won't Heal testify to this.

To put it briefly: if you like your musicians skillful but not egomaniac, your choruses hummable but not dumb, and if you think that humour does indeed belong to music, then just do it - A.C.T.

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Posted Thursday, April 9, 2009 | Review Permalink
Marty McFly
Errors and Omissions Team
3 stars OK, this is failure. After being interesting, melodic and prog at the same moment, they simply turned themselves in and became pop rock. There is a distinct difference and is clear to hear in this album. That's sad, because I believed them quite a lot, loved (more or less) their previous albums that stood the test of time (in my case and also in case of others, as I can see). Even, to be honest, it's not so bad, because there are still elements (even in much lesser amount than before) that I admired in their previous work.

3(+), even I enjoy it a lot, it's pop with prog elements and I feel that better rating would not be appropriate.

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Posted Saturday, November 21, 2009 | Review Permalink
4 stars Maybe a comparatively weaker release of A.C.T. Not a concept album though. Without previous very good album, this one would deserve at least 4.5 stars. I suspected that the lower score here is due to the drastic change in characteristic of the band, It doesn't, however, make this album any less interesting...actually maybe more.

A.C.T is well-known for a pop[per]-oriented style of progressive metal. The more the band progress toward maturity, the less cheesy metal it becomes. Unlike the previouses (especially the first), this one is not very (for my taste) aggressive. But all things I love about them are still there. Just a bit darker, more depressed and more profound. The musicianship and recording is still top notch. I like more the way they tempered with the guitar distortion (much less harshly distorted...much more transparent and better strings separation.) The drums are also less upfront- good. Might this the main reason of their noticeably characteristic drift-away? I don't know; however, I like the change though. It sound less discotheque and musically better.

All in all, good or bad album is just a matter of preference. To me this one is not that bad. It just not as spectacular as "Last Epic." A full 4 stars for this album.

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Posted Monday, December 14, 2009 | Review Permalink
Prog Metal Team
4 stars I was extremely hyped when I finally got the album and put it in my stereo! Although I was somewhat confused after my initial experience the album has definitely grown on me over the years. Many complain that A.C.T are getting more commercial but I personally found a lot more creativity here than on most progressive-releases of the last few years. Now let's talk about the release:

First off I really liked that Thomas finally managed to transfer his great live sound to the studio recording. The sound that comes from his drum-kit can only be compared to likes of Neil Peart! And if I understood correctly there is even a minor reference to Rush song Trees at the beginning of the album!

Ola Andersson has probably been my favorite guitarist ever since I've heard his work on the track Svetlana off Imaginary Friends! Even he has managed to outdo himself on tracks like Out Of Ideas, Silent Screams and many more.

The keyboards and vocals are as great as they have ever been my only concern is for Peter on the bass. Although his live performances are awesome, I have difficulties of following his work on the albums. But what could one expect when the bands sound is so rich and there is almost no time to show off any particular instrument.

After listening to the album for the first time I was a bit disappointed about the increased number of violin-numbers and the increased melodic feel on each track. But eventually I managed to see beyond all that once I discovered that every track is incredibly well thought through and that there are quite a few truly progressive moments on it, all I had to do was to pay attention! The same thing happened with Consequences (The Long One). At first I was disappointed that the song wasn't as over the top and energetic as the previous long compositions, especially Personalities. But already after the second listen I found the first traces of pattern in structure and began realizing the songs true potential.

Finally I would like to add that my favorite thing about A.C.T is that the band has never tried to show off their great craftsmanship, instead they managed to insert it all in their amazingly accessible music. Hopefully they will eventually get the recognition that they truly deserve.

***** star songs: Truth Is Pain (4:09) Out Of Ideas (4:47) Polish, Reduce, And Enlarge (3:55) Call In Dead (2:51) Silent Screams (1:58) Introduction (0:51) The Millionaire (2:10) Joanna (3:09) A Father's Love (2:32) Memory to Fight (2:43) The Diary (3:10) A Wound that Won't Heal (4:32) The Final Silence (1:36)

**** star songs: Puppeteers (4:13) This Wonderful World (4:20) No Longer Touching Ground (4:11) Useless Argument (4:49) The Voice Within (3:55)

*** star songs: Hope (4:29) Into The Unknown (3:55)

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Posted Sunday, December 27, 2009 | Review Permalink
3 stars Swedish Band A.C.T's 2006 release, Silence, is an enjoyable listen, if rarely rising beyond that description.

The songs are, for the most part, short (around 4 minutes), except for the epic, "Consequences". They follow the basic pop-rock song structure, with chorus', verses, etc. The band sings in English, which is nice for us English speakers, but some of the lyrics are a little forced. This can be charming on the first time through, but when the awkward phrasing's make it into the chorus, they tend to start getting annoying. ("For all sake, but he's fake, I won't break, now it's time for the speech").

The instruments rarely take the foreground, but that doesn't stop them from shining. They are played playfully, and it's clear that the band enjoys what they are doing. One thing I appreciate is that the instruments rarely settle on anything, moving through various riffs and ideas to support the vocals, so as not to get boring.

In a way, this album reminds me of Frost*, just in the overall sound - it has a sense of "mainstream" sound to it, much like Frost*, but is still undeniably prog. That being said, I feel that Frost* is a bit more successful at achieving this.

The epic is a nice track, held together by the concept and some musical themes. The most prominent of which you will hear in Silent Screams played on the piano, and Herman sings along with the theme at various points. What always throws me for a loop, is that the theme sounds a fair amount like Air Supply's "All Out of Love" (specifically, it pretty much exactly matches the part where the band sings, "I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you"). Which, given the theme of the song, is appropriate, I suppose. It's not particularly mind-blowing in execution, but it has lots of good parts, and feel cohesive. It ranges from pretty to heavy at various points, and the instruments are given a bit more space here than on the rest of the album.

Altogether, an enjoyable album.

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Posted Wednesday, August 4, 2010 | Review Permalink
4 stars A.C.T were one of the first bands I started listening to on my return to modern prog. I have a love of melodic and symphonic prog. A.C.T's music is accessible and fun and has many influences. Their arrangements are a strange but intriguing hybrid of orchestration, pop and melodic prog. Personally, I love their musical style.

'Silence' is the first A.C.T album I listened to and turned me on to the rest of their albums, all of which I purchased based on the strength of 'Silence'. I'm not going to go into song by song descriptions, but the music is upbeat, optimistic and uplifting to listen to. They have a very wide range of diverse influences. You can clearly hear Queen in 'Call in Dead'. Frankly, I love it. Long live prog and long live A.C.T!

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Posted Monday, February 27, 2012 | Review Permalink
2 stars Now here's a band I've been looking forward to checking out.

I came across the name of A.C.T. in a forum post where they were compared to the Sweedish popsters ABBA. Being an ABBA fan (and not afraid to admit it), a more prog version of that style of music immediately appealed to my musical taste buds.

However, I found that a lot of the stand alone songs on this album sound similar to what I've heard from the band Enchant. Especially the vocals, which I found sounded like Ted Leonard's.

Silence is an album that is split into two parts. The bulk of the album is made up of stand alone tracks of about four minutes each. The second half of the album is a long, multi-part piece called "Consequences" which is split into a nine tracks.

Now just in case the ABBA comparison set my expectations a bit too high, I've given Silence a number of listens. I even took a break from it and came back to listen to it again. Each time I've found that the majority of the tracks here are mid-tempo rockers that would blend together if it weren't for the space in between them.

There are a few moments which are worth mentioning. The chorus part of "Useless Argument" reminds me of the chorus of Paul McCartney's "No More Lonely Nights" (though that's not a huge endorsement for a supposed prog-rock album) and "Call in the Dead" may be about the best track before the epic with a nice multi-vocal part that is slightly reminiscent of Queen.

The epic track, "Consequences", is pretty enjoyable. I honestly wouldn't have minded an entire album in this style as it is much more interesting to my ears. The epic is, in truth, made up of a number of shorter set pieces, but each section is distinct from the next while maintaining a place within the overall composition. As a whole, this is easily the highlight of the album.

Overall: Silence is by no means a terrible album, but it's not a terribly good one either. It isn't an album that I will think about very often. A decent mini-epic plus one or two other tracks saves it from being a complete snoozefest. I'd only recommend it to completionists and hardcore fans.

Highlights: "Useless Argument", "Call in the Dead", "Consequences"

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Posted Sunday, June 24, 2012 | Review Permalink
3 stars ACT's last-to-date album is marked by some as a further dilution of their progressiveness. This refers to the first part of the album, consisting of 10 short songs (the second half is a 20-minute quasi-suite, more on that later).

While the style mix is less eclectic (no excursions into Latin music, for example) and songs have a similar structure (intro-verse- chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-emphasized chorus), this is still quite enjoyable and unmistakably ACT with their chamber pop-metal hybrid. They are recommended by fellow Swede singer extraordinaire Tommy Karevik of Seventh Wonder, and t hats saying something.

First 10 songs are 4-minute short, but have a great variation in mood, and still pack a proggy surprise usually in a form of a bridge completely unrelated to the rest of the song. If the first half leaves you with an impression of fluffiness, the second half is dead serious. Literally - it is about a woman dying in an unhappy marriage. It contains both the band's fiercests metal riffs and saccharine melodies. But, as is the case with previous ACT suites, it is more of a suite of song fragments strung together, than a single epic. Transitions don't feel very cohesive.

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Posted Thursday, August 1, 2013 | Review Permalink
The Crow
2 stars After two great albums (Today's Report and Imaginary Friends) and a third which was not so brilliant but very good nevertheless (Last Epic), A.C.T failed to deliver a competent album with Silence.

The style of the record is the same as their previous three efforts, but this time with a bit more serious tone and with darker lyrics. And I think that's one of the biggest mistakes that they made with Silence. The lyrics of A.C.T were never their stronger point, and this time are so cheesy as always, but not as funny. And I think that's unforgivable!

The production of the album is very good again, but I find the vocals of Herman Saming lost a bit of strength this time and I don't really don't know why. He sounds tired, or bored. At least in most of the songs. Maybe it was deliberated, but then that's also a mistake, just like the lyrics. The rest of the band sound so good as always.

Truth is Pain is a good summary of what this album delivers. A darker shade in the lyrics, tiresome vocals and a worrying lack of authentic new ideas. Even the instrumental section is not so good as always, despite the great musicians. Puppeteers is not better, with its typical Saga-riff, Queen inspired choirs and a very weak chorus. What happened to you, guys?

This Wonderful World is a boring mid-tempo which talks about ecological matters in a very predictable way (it pales in comparison to Waltz With Mother Nature), while Out of Ideas is just lame, despite its fine Ola Andersson's solo. At this point I'm really worried about the compositional abilities of the band.

But hey' Not everything is lost!

Hope suddenly rises the level of the album, with a powerful pseudo-thrash metal riff with palm muting and a catchy chorus despite the less than stellar interpretation of Herman. And this good line is maintained by Into the Unknown, with another good chorus, verses with symphonic arrangements and an outstanding progressive instrumental section.

No Longer Touching ground is not so good, but it has a nice bass during the verses. Useless Argument is an uplifting tune, with some nice hard rock elements and a guitar solo which oddly reminds me to Joe Satriani! An interesting one. On the contrary, The Voice Within is another forgettable mid-tempo.

Call in Dead has strong Queen influences in the verses and a funny chorus. In the second block of verses some Arabic melodies appears, contributing to the variety of the album. Silent Screams is an introduction to Consequences, the long song of the album, advancing some of the melodies that we will hear later.

Introduction is the second introduction to the epic of the album (a bit weird, I know), this time in the form of a nice acoustic melody, which remembers me to Spock's Beard. Then The Millionaire appears to introduce the concept of the epic, which talks about wealthy and its consequences. The song is far from being brilliant, nevertheless.

Joanna is far better, being maybe the best instrumental moment of the whole album. Powerful and precise, just what this album lacks. A Father's Love has lovely keyboard melodies and a splendid chorus with orchestral arrangements, while Memory to Fight brings another typical A.C.T riff and good choirs, alongside a great final section with splendid guitars.

The Diary is one of the best sections of the album, with imaginative riffs and constant tempo changes. I specially love the riff after the bridge, the one we can hear in the chorus. Just fantastic! This is what I expect from an album of A.C.T. And so is A Wound That Won't Heal, another very good song with a marvelous final section, which contains a very delicate guitar and vocal arrangements. Why were they not able to achieve this quality through the whole record?

The Final Silence closes this album with a very good guitar solo, ending an epic which is the best section of the album despite its unfitting lyrics.

Conclusion: Silence is by no means a bad album. It has some fine songs and a very good epic. The problem is that alongside we encounter five or six forgivable tracks, and a pair of really bad ones. Maybe lack of inspiration? Or a futile attempt to search new paths for the band? Or just too long? I don't know, but this inconsistence makes Silence the worst effort of A.C.T

In addition, the lyrics are also very poor. More than ever. And considering that this was always the weakest aspect of A.C.T's music, you can imagine how bad and unfitting they are.

Best Tracks: Hope, Into the Unknown, Useless Argument and Consequences.

My Rating: **

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