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2 stars Honestly, this was alright... nothing spectacular, nothing notable. If your looking for a good introduction to DT, I would sincerely suggest just buying one of their regular albums. First problem I had with the album was that all the edited or special editions of the songs weren't that great. I was looking forward to Misunderstood; however, the song fell through as they didn't just cut out the ending but also a couple of really powerful bridges and shortened a great intro. Very sad to me. Solitary Shell, should've never been shortened at all for any reason. The instrumental solo at the end is brilliant and shouldn't be overlooked.

If someone is looking for a mix of Dream Theater, this just may get them what they need... but there's better options and songs to look at. All together I would give it a 2.5 five, I round up for everything so I'll bump the CD up to 3 star. Good songs, good mix, good introduction, horrible edits, and the 2007 remixes weren't anything spectacular to look into. An alright intro to the progressive legends, only scratching the surface of their truly amazing songs. Oh well... gotta start somewhere I guess.

3/5 stars for good luck and encouragement.

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Posted Friday, May 9, 2008 | Review Permalink
2 stars OK, first off, I AM a Dreamtheater fan and I DO like some compilations. If done well they can be a good thing for fans and newcomers; such a set would be the 'Echoes' compilation by Pink Floyd. However, this Dreamtheater set is hopelessly faulted for many reasons. The first has to be the separation of hard songs and soft songs to each disk. This is beyond silly since the disks sound so uneven and fans of each side of the band will dump one disk instead of being given a steady stream of songs that cover all facets of the bands talent. No band would ever consider playing a concert like this so why make an album like this??

OK, the other reason is the song selection is simply atrocious! To a fan the selections are just plain bad to a newcomer they are missing the best songs! Then realistically using any of 'Six degrees of inner turbulence' out of the whole piece is a waste. Where is 'Voices'?? Where are all the best parts of 'Scenes from a memory'? Isn't the song 'Octavarium' one of the bands best songs?? Yeah I know its long, but the quality is the important thing right?? Then also the obvious fact that edits of the songs are pointless since the fans just say: "its not supposed to do that" and "why does it end here?" etc.

Then the silliest one: the fact that they took it upon themselves to remix several songs. If I had one complaint about Dreamtheater it would be their mixing. They have progressively (hee hee) gotten worse and worse in this area. It started with 'Awake' when I thought the guitar was a bit too loud in places. By the time of 'Scenes from a memory' (even though it is a GREAT album) the bass was totally buried and the keyboards were drowned by the guitars. 'Octavarium' and 'Train of thought' were almost hysterical in their mixes. It was simply drums and guitar crushing everything else. Now, comes a few remixes and I was not surprised in the least at the out come! Let Mr. Portnoy ANYWHERE near a mixing desk and the song sounds like a guitar and drum battle with the odd keyboard whiz and an inaudible rumble for bass. It is so sad that one of the best bass players in rock today is rendered so muddy in every mix by this band.

Sorry to offend any of the 'DT heads' on here but this simply could have been SO much better. Its an astounding waste of a good chance here. 1 ˝ stars rounded up to two simply because even with the terrible choices the songs are still excellent.

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Posted Monday, June 2, 2008 | Review Permalink
The T
Honorary Collaborator
1 stars How can I, someone who has declared DT his favorite band in all prog-metal, be giving this Greatest Hits compilation a bad rating? A collection of DT's should be every fan's dream, shouldn't it?

How can I even rate this album if I haven't heard it and haven't even bought it?

Well, the two points are actually connected. If I haven't bought or even heard the album, it's because I don't need to. There's absolutely NO reason for a fan who has all the albums to have this other than to presume of a perfect collection. As I'm a fan of DT's own music, not of their cover versions, I think it's enough for me to have only all of their albums. And this compilation doesn't add ONE SONG to my catalogue ("To Live Forever"? Please...). So, as I've heard all of these before, I think I can comment, as I did with SHADOW GALLERY's "Prime Cuts" a while ago, in the quality of the song selection.

Ok, I forgot: we get a couple of remixes here. Well, if you really crave for that new mix where you can listen to the hi-hat one decibel higher than in the album, rush ahead and go buy this collection. The original albums were all pretty well-produced in the first place so there's really no need for new mixes (something that, curiously, would have added at least something of interest to SHADOW GALLERY's compilation, at least for the songs coming from the poorly-recorded "Shadow Gallery").

- First off, where is "Ytse Jam"? If there's a song that had to be here is that one. Label issues aside, I'm sure it could be done. And they couldn't even have argued that they didn't want any Dominici-sung track in the compilation, as that one is an instrumental. It's awful that there;s not ONE song from the band's first album on this record.

- From one of their masterpieces, "Images and Words", they chose, well, their only actual "hit" ("Pull me Under") which makes the title of this album coherent; they chose a great song like "Take the Time", and "Another Day". I love every song in that record. But I just can't forgive that "Metropolis" isn't here. It's just ridiculous. That's one of the seminal DT songs.

- From "Awake" they chose "Lie", which had a video but it's not the best track in the album, they chose "Silent Man" and "Lifting Shadows off a Dream". Where's "The Mirror" or, even more, "Erotomania" and "Voices"? Bad selection. If they wanted to spotlight less-known tracks, they could've gone with the great "Scarred" instead.

- "Falling into Infinity" has no better luck. "Peruvian Skies" is good and "Hollow years" is very pretty, but really, for a true taste of DT, where are "Trial of Tears", or the amazing combo "Hell's Kitchen-Lines in the sand"? Terrible picks (these are not bad songs per se, the're just awful as selections for a greatest hits album).

- "Scenes from a Memory" should never be cut. Period. At least they chose some of the greatest moments of an album that doesn't have many weak moments so it isn't so big an achievement.

- "6 Degrees of Inner Turbulence" receives the usual treatment. They don't include fan-favorite "The Glass Prison" (which I don't like at all, but most fans love) and prefer the good "Misunderstood" and the forgettable "Disappear." And again, they cut the only really great part of that album, the title-track, and utterly kill it. They include the "radio edit" of "Solitary Shell". What "radio" are we talking about? Again, if your band isn't mainstream, please include what the fans love, so that newbies can have a better sample of your music. Not a RADIO EDIT that no radio has ever aired anyway.

- "Train of Thought" is butchered as we expected, with the horrendous "As I Am" and the decent "Endless Sacrifice" as choices.

- They did a good job of choosing the songs of "Octavarium." To include the title-track would've been a good idea, but it's a long song. And time had to be saved for...

... wait..., there's no "A Change of Seasons" in any of the two discs!

And yes,there is enough room in the discs to include the legendary 23 minute track.

After I've said that, I guess the rating I'm giving this compilation should come as no surprise.

As compilations go, this is atrocious. If this was an album of new songs, it would be a great one. But knowing every record of the band, and thinking on what they should've chosen to really attract new fans (which I guess is the objective of compilations -other that making money for the record label, which this collection won't do either-, to give people who don't want to buy 9 albums and one EP a good sample of what the band's music is about), these 2 discs are in my view a waste of time and resources.

You know, for a band that has only ONE radio-"kind-of"-hit ("Pull Me Under"), they should've gone with what their fans love the most, not what the band or the label think are their greatest hits, because this kind of band rarely has ANY HIT, so their real "hits" or the closest to that would be those songs that their fans think are a better sample of DT for newcomers. But DREAM THEATER won't gain any new fans with this horrendous song selection.

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Posted Friday, June 6, 2008 | Review Permalink
Petrovsk Mizinski
1 stars Why this compilation was released is makes me scratch my head in confusion and frustration. Before you ask, yes I am a fan of the band indeed, but can I give this compilation a good rating? No, not even close to a good rating.

Before any self respecting Dream Theater fan even gives this a whirl, I would think they would see some obvious flaws in the execution of this compilation. First off, there is a not a single song, yes not a SINGLE SONG from When Dream and Day Unite. This is the point where you realize this wasn't really aimed at fans of Dream Theater who really know the band, because so many fans love Ytse Jam yet it's notably absent from this album. A big reason why is that the song selection is taken from 1991 to 2005, which also means songs from Systematic Chaos are not included here, and given SC has some serious fan favorites like In The Presence Of Enemies, things are only looking worse this this compilation.

It is divided into a two disc compilation, disc one called One (The Dark Side), which contains the more metal and heavy songs from Dream Theater and Two (The Light Side) which as you might guess contains the softer and generally more melodic songs. We have 3 songs from Images and Words, an album which I love to bits, but the lack of Metropolis Pt.1: The Miracle and the Sleeper is just cringe worthy and means that new comers the band buying this album wont be hearing one of the best DT songs, which is a shame.

From Awake we have Lie, Lifting Shadows Off A Dream and The Silent Man, great songs, but for a compilation album not the best picks to be honest, I think Space Dye Vest and Erotomania would have been better picks.

For the Falling into Infinity tracks, I think in their place Trial Of Tears and Hell's Kitchen would have been better fits

Scenes From A Memory on any non live album, has no place in having no less than all it's songs present. Songs from SFAM should just have been left off the album

The tracks Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence could have been left off and in it's place all that was needed is big time fan favorite The Glass Prison.

Root of All Evil and Sacrified Song were the only songs needed to be honest from Octavarium, I think the other songs are not great representations of Dream Theater, although perhaps for some fans.

What else do I think is wrong with it? Even if they didn't remove any tracks off the album, there is still space for the amazing A Change Of Seasons. 2007 songs should have made it to the compilation as I noted before, particularly IPOE. Now for the various edits/remixes you say. The Pull Me Under, Take the Time and Another Day remixes are nothing short of atrocious. When I listen to the clean guitar parts of Pull Me Under, compared to the original which has great dynamics, the dynamics get washed out and makes Petrucci's playing sound almost amateurish and the compression in general is just mind numbingly awful. The various single/radio edits on here, not needed here at all. Either the full song, or nothing IMO.

Dream Theater only had one hit song as such, which to my mind makes this compilation even more useless. If you want to know what Dream Theater's greatest hit/s are, here's what I think: the studio album you buy and fall in love with, will be your personal Dream Theater greatest hits. A prog metal band really don't have hit songs, they just have songs the fans absolutely adore which should be enough for most bands. Whether you're a fan of the band or not Just go out and buy their studio albums, there is zero need for this compilation at all.

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Posted Saturday, June 28, 2008 | Review Permalink
1 stars 0.5

Well there pretty much isn't anything I could say that collaborator The T hasn't already said, his review being the first one you'd see clicking on the compilation, which pretty much sums up my views on it as well. Dream Theater is indeed one of my favorite bands, especially regarding progressive metal. I pretty much have all of their albums, either borrowed, bought, or downloaded from Napster, and have listened to them all pretty thoroughly. This compilation is its own tragic paradox; the songs on the album are ones that are more essential for FANS of the band than for proggers abroad, and if you are ALREADY a fan, than you probably already HAVE all of their albums, thus you don't need ANY of the songs. The only good thing about this album is the title, which I appreciate for humor purposes, and that's about it. Even the cover kind of sucks. Most of the band's best songs on each album don't even appear here, rather the more simple ones do. So this is even more useless for the progger than after applying the tragic fan paradox. There's no reason for this compilation to even exist except to hear the slightly humorous title. That's were the 0.5 rating comes from.

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Posted Saturday, October 18, 2008 | Review Permalink
3 stars Not sure what all the fuss is about here. ALL bands try to reach out to the non-fans' by compiling a selection of their work. Now you notice I didn't say BEST work, because to say what songs rate as the best in a band's canon is purely subjective. This being said, this is a totally solid and entertaining edit of the band's career. Granted, it's the cd that my wife would have instead of a studio album, but that's just what a hits' record is aimed at, the people who want to find out about a band's music without buying six records. Does it do it's job? I think it does - but best ofs almost never please fans and usually turn on a newbie to a groups sound and if they like what they hear here, they will probably seek out the studio releases. Not essential to hardcore fans, but a respectable jumping off point for unbelievers.
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Posted Friday, November 21, 2008 | Review Permalink
2 stars The idea of this complitation makes me confused. Sure I get that it was SUPPOSED to get newcomers interested, but as a fan there's no reason to buy it, and even if you are just getting into DT, get the original albums first. The problem isn't the music. The music's all great (with the exception of a few cuts), but somehow the complitation isn't good. I love DT (probably one of my favorite bands), but for newcomers, really look away. It's obvious that fans shouldn't buy, but for newcomers you should really start with IMAGES AND WORDS, OCTAVARIUM, or SIX DEGREES OF INNER TURBULENCE. It's all for the simple reason that after listening to this you'll buy them anyway, or use the actual albums to say you don't like DT. I guess you could just say that I hate complitations, but from DT I was expecting an exception to the rule. Music: 5/5, Overall package: 1/5, Overall Score: 2/5.
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Posted Saturday, December 6, 2008 | Review Permalink
Conor Fynes
1 stars 'Greatest Hit (...and 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs)' - Dream Theater (Compilation)

This is what you get when you infuse a relatively non-commercial band with an incredibly profit-based compilation. Dream Theater is a band where the concept of a Best Of compilation would receive flak and criticism regardless of how effective the compilation actually was at encapsulating the work ... Read moreof this band's great career. However, the compilators fail so greatly at doing the band justice, this disc should not, and cannot get more then one star.

Dream Theaters fanbase is quite hardcore in nature, and devoted. Therefore, naturally everyone would have differing opinions about which songs are worthy of being 'the best.' Obviously in accordance with the disc's title, Dream Theaters single hit 'Pull Me Under' would definately need to be in here somewhere. But where are the songs that are widely considered to be their true greats? Songs such as 'Ytse Jam,' 'Metropolis Pt. I,' and 'Learning to Live' should be here. Are they? Nope.

What you get is a smattering of Dream Theater's most commercial songs. In my personal opinion, as far as the song choice goes, alot of these are ironically some of their worst songs. If theres enough room to put remixes and radio edits (radio edit, haha!) on the two discs, I'm sure they could have found a way to put some of the longer, more memorable tracks on here.

Instead of selling out and shamelessly fulfilling uninspired contracts, they could have put their most brilliant, loved moments onto some CDs and gained alot of fresh fans in the process.

In the matter of 30 seconds, I could have made a Dream Theater compilation that I'm sure could widely be considered much, much better than the official release, and much more representative of Dream Theater's actual talent.

For a group as amazing and creative as Dream Theater, I think a much better compilation should have been made. There was definate potential; Mike Portnoy even stated that there was going to be a 3rd disc called 'the Epic Side' consisting of the band's progressive material. However, what we are truly left with is a halfhearted attempt to gain more fans, and make money off of those so attached to the band as to buy whatever this band releases. Shameless.

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Posted Monday, February 16, 2009 | Review Permalink
1 stars 1 Greatest Hit and 1 Great Flounder...coming right up.

This is one of the oddest collections I have ever seen from a band. Normally, a compilation is released for one of two groups of people: either 1) for the diehard fans or 2) for newcomers to the band. And quite frankly, this collection doesn't seem to appeal to either group of people. In fact, I would say that it detracts both groups of listeners. If I happened to listen to this compilation when I first discovered Dream Theater, I would have personally been turned off immediately.

The weakness lies right in the song choices that were made for this album. Granted, having Pull Me Under as the first song helps to make the album title clever, but I fail to see how so many of the songs on this collection are either subpar or average choices. While I don't mind there not being anything from the band's debut on here, the fact that at least Ytse Jam is absent is very disappointing. And not seeing Metropolis Part 1 as one of the three songs is a major disappointment as well.

The songs from Awake on here are Lie, Lifting Shadows Off a Dream, and The Silent Man. I find those three songs to be very good, but I'm not sure if a compilation album is a good place for them. For the Falling Into Infinity material, I would have gone with any of the following two: Peruvian Skies, Lines in the Sand, and Trial of Tears. The fact that only a couple of songs from SFAM are on here and that nothing from Systematic Chaos is on this album seems criminal to me. I agree with Harry in that if SFAM is going to be put on this album, ALL of the songs should be present. I would have replaced all the SFAM songs and put some material from SC on here.

The sections on here from 6 Degrees title track also suffer from the same problem as the SFAM tracks. Again, if you're including parts of that song, you had better include every part of it. A song like The Glass Prison would make more sense with it being a fan favorite at least. And lastly, for Octavarium, Root of All Evil might be the only pick that I find okay on this entire compilation, but Sacrificed Sons?! Give me a break. The title track on here would improve this compilation to 3 stars alone for me. Either that or their other fabulous epic, A Change of Seasons, would have had much better results in my opinion.

So like I said, I can't recommend this album to Dream Theater fans or those interested in checking them out. Having the studio albums instead would be so much more worthwhile, plus you'd get much better song selection that you could hope to find on here. I'm almost glad to give this atrocious piece of garbage (I don't like referring to most music as that but this compilation almost deserves it) a single star. Get the studio albums if you don't have any or all of them yet and avoid this like the plague.

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Posted Monday, March 2, 2009 | Review Permalink
2 stars Dream Theater - GreateSt HIT

Review by ProgKidJoel

Reading the other reviews for this compilation, I'm not sure why it has such incredibly bad reviews - Its NOT made for Dream Theater fans, its made for newcomers to the band, and as such, it isn't really meant to add any B-Sides or material unavailable on their full studio albums. As an impartial listener of Dream Theater, I picked this up as my first CD from the band to sample their sound and style...

Although I found out Dream Theater wasn't a band I would follow completely, these discs did give me a great sample of the various genres this band has played, and gave me a lot of understanding of why some people do love DT.

There are no bad tracks on this compilation, but at the same time, there are no tracks which make me genuinely "wow"... It is a good compilation, although it was foolish for the band to exclude their fan-favourite "In The Presence Of Enemies", or for that matter, any material from Systematic Chaos, considering this set was released one full year after SC.

Until next time, keep proggin'


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Posted Friday, May 1, 2009 | Review Permalink
2 stars Great songs; pointless compilation album.

Frankly, I do not know what to say about this one. The songs here are good. But taken out of their respective albums, I think they loose their purposes. This compilation album also falls flat on it's face because the live albums more or less covers these songs anyway. And the live versions is better than the studio versions. This compilation album can therefore be regarded as a rip-off. I would therefore recommend newbies to start with one of the live albums instead of this compilation album.

The quality of the songs are all great. But I see no purpose of this compilation album whatsoever. 3.75 stars for the songs. 1 star for the idea.

2 stars

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Posted Sunday, August 23, 2009 | Review Permalink
2 stars A popular hit and 21 other cut up songs

I cannot totally kill this album as I intended to because it was my first Dream Theater album. It got me into their other albums and showed me some basic DT. Most of the songs on it are not even that bad. Actually I like them all but the way they put them on this album is not that good at all.

Now onto the 21 cut up songs :

When I first got their Greatest Hits, I overjoyed because it was one of my first prog metal cd's. However, some of the songs made me think prog was not so good. Then when I got Scenes From a Memory and realized "Home" was not 5 minutes long and actually a piece of prog genius, I started having my doubts.

Also, this album did not have the greatest selection of softer Dream Theater. Do not get me wrong, "I Walk Beside You" and "The Answer Lies Within" are great but, on the album they are edited versions so it is only part of the song.

Sometimes when you want to get into a band you would but their greatest hits. That is not the case here. The songs are good, but the production and editing is horrible. This album definitely falls into the Collectors/fans only category.

1.5 stars

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Posted Wednesday, December 30, 2009 | Review Permalink
Marty McFly
Errors and Omissions Team
2 stars Nope, even if you're desperate enough and wanna find how Dream Theater sounds like, beware the mistake I did and avoid this album at all costs. If you want to start with Dream Theater, start with Scenes from a Memory, or with Images & Words, or even with Black Clouds, but for prog's sake, Greatest Hit(s) ? The most innovative and interesting thing about this album is its name. Because if you'll start with this, you won't get much fun. Or maybe I'm too influenced by this band, but how one came to some band that he know is favourite, good and well known, but he don't know anything about it ? Charts somewhere, friends recommendations or maybe chart - still, he will start with some of albums I've mentioned. No, he won't made a mistake to start with Systematic Chaos, or something like that.

2(+), because still, they are DT songs, even it's useless album. Take this review's opinion as that it is absolutely not important album, but if you stumble over it and don't have any other DT albums, you'll be maybe pleased. A little bit, because you won't witness true experience as you would have with real albums.

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Posted Tuesday, January 5, 2010 | Review Permalink
4 stars People giving this a low score simply because they say they have no need to own it are being ridiculous. I'm sorry, but as I was browsing through here, I came across this and saw how low of a score it's been getting. Then when I actually read the reviews and got the reasoning behind the low score, I laughed out out.

So, apparently it's escaped the brilliant minds of a lot of folks here that a compilation disc isn't meant for definitive listening experiences. It's meant to introduce newcomers to the band, and in this case, you won't find a better collection. It's a greatest hits disc that has been completely overseen by the band members themselves. So what you'll find here is nothing but the best. Every song on this disc is great.

If you're new to Dream Theater, and want to get an idea of how varied and eclectic they have the potential to be, look no further than 'Greatest Hit'. You won't be disappointed. If you already own every studio album by this band, then no, don't get it. But I would have thought that was obvious. I guess it wasn't. Nothing new is on this disc, but what is there certainly isn't bad. I don't really know why such people even bothered reviewing this, since they weren't the target audience of this release in the first place. It's meant only for newcomers to the band who want to digest the catalogue quickly and efficiently. This definitely serves that purpose quite well.

3.5 Stars.

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Posted Saturday, February 27, 2010 | Review Permalink
1 stars On the cover, the S, H, I and T of the words "Greatest Hit" are all colored in maroon. -Wikipedia

A subliminal warning, perhaps? I wouldn't be surprised. Dream Theater is one of the top bands out there that DON'T need a Greatest Hits album (along with the likes of Radiohead and 2Pac) but have one anyway, and because of this, it's arguably their worst record. No....definitely their worst. The idea was to have "just enough material to attract new fans" and "cool different versions of old songs for old fans". F*** that. If somebody hears "Pull Me Under" and doesn't like it, I doubt they'll listen to anything else from the band. And can they at least put SOMETHING new to this record? And no, lame remixes don't count. Stop trying.

Don't buy this record. Just don't. If you're new to Dream Theater I'd check out "Images and Words" and "Metropolis 2" and if you already know them and have all their albums there's DEFINITELY no reason to get this. It's pointless.

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Posted Sunday, April 4, 2010 | Review Permalink
2 stars An introduction to the prog metal titans meant for the casual listener or a zealous collector

I will be honest, this compilation album wouldn't be recommended to any other than casual listeners who would like to get an insight of what Dream Theater has been about during their earlier times (before the Systematic Chaos-era). Heck, I believe the "Light Side" will appeal to those who are non-metal fans as every track in there seem to be ready for air-play. The "Dark Side" is a collection of heavier and more progressive tracks, including the "Greatest Hit" we know as the opening track here as it was on "Images And Words", Pull Me Under.

The remix tracks of Pull Me Under, Take The Time and Another Day are clearly no big difference from the original tracks, as any people can tell they've been made to sound louder and slightly clearer, as well as a rearrangement of the latter track's sax solo. BUT... I also discovered what most of the reviewers missed out: Portnoy's drums (prominently snares and kick drums) have been rerecorded to match their sound with the drums on the later tracks, so no old triggers will make this compilation any more inconsistent because of the infamous production that differed from the later tracks.

The selection of tracks and the categorization going between the two discs are pretty well thought out. The Dark Side disc has a number of essential tracks that defined the course of DT's sound from each of the albums, in a chronological order. (despite some tracks that aren't my favourites) The Light Side also has the solid tracks, including the B-side track To Live Forever, but even there are a couple of weaker tracks that have divided the listeners. As I said though, it wouldn't detract the mainstream territory and you could play it for your friend or family that aren't "prog fans" themselves.

As I am aware of, this compilation disc has been taking a great deal of [&*!#] from the fans because it didn't include the most essential songs that Dream Theater has been famous for among its fans. Much to Mike Portnoy's dismay, who arranged the tracks on this compilation, he wasn't allowed by the label to include a third disc that was intended to have the epic, most progressive songs on it. So you won't find any Metropolis Pt. 1, Learning To Live or Space-Dye Vest, for instance.

So, there you have it! Fans that are well familiar to this band will rarely find this compilation any useful; the remix tracks aren't worth it any more than what you can get for the originals on Images And Words and so are the unnecessary radio edits on a number of songs (although it helps make room for more songs in there). The only thing that makes it worthwhile is if you are new to Dream Theater and wants an easy synopsis of their musical career, ESPECIALLY if you aren't a fan of prog. And if you ARE a prog fan, I suggest you check their full-length albums to find the REAL gems that aren't included in this release.

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Posted Friday, November 12, 2010 | Review Permalink
Andy Webb
Retired Admin
3 stars NOTE: This is a compilation album from a band of which I own every album.

One must remember sometimes what the point of a compilation album is. A compilation album is an album that compiles popular tracks from a band's discography as to attract prospective fans. So, it is nearly impossible for a compilation album to be more than 3 stars, but it is also improbable to say that a compilation album is 1 stars, seeing as the songs on it were most likely off of the band's better albums. This album actually introduced a good friend of mine to Dream Theater, and now he owns three studio albums and loves the music. The album does a spectacular job at... at what you ask?.... at compiling Dream Theater's more popular tracks as to cater to future or prospective fans. Songs like Pull me Under, Lie, Hollow Years, I Walk Beside You or Through Her Eyes are perfect songs to tell the average music fan, hey, these guys are pretty good. So yes, compilation albums are essentially a marketing scheme, but heck, we all need money don't we?

Initially I was going to say 1 star, but I realized that I can't review this album through a dedicated fan's eyes who owns every album and lives and breathes Dream Theater, but through the eyes of someone who is just starting out on the road to Dream Theater, and this is a very good release. 3- stars.

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Posted Sunday, December 19, 2010 | Review Permalink
1 stars Avoid like the plague...

A compilation which gets its name from the band's only commercially successful single, Pull Me Under.

The Good: The Images and Words remixes are pretty cool I guess.

The Bad: On the whole I don't like compilation albums, especially in prog as they often take tracks from the original context within which they were meant to be listened to. But I will admit a selection of hand picked, stand out tracks, on offer will usually give a newcomer a general idea whether to explore a band further or not. After all, the very first Rush album I bought was the Chronicles anthology, and I now own most of their studio albums.

However, this release from Dream Theater is a complete disaster. The songs here include some of the band's most unmemorable to date, and even the good ones have been chopped down into a single edit. Does this give an accurate representation of the band? No. Will it entice new listeners into checking out further releases? I highly doubt it.

The Verdict: A complete waste of time.

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Posted Monday, August 8, 2011 | Review Permalink
1 stars Keep in mind the the title of this is called "Greatest Hit (and 21 other pretty cool songs)".

This is a 2-disc set with "Pull Me Under" and 21 "pretty cool" songs. Not GREAT songs. "Pretty cool songs". Obviously this is not a compilation.

Compilations are collections of a band's best work. There are some great songs on here, no doubt, but, in all intensive purposes, every true Dream Theater fan has all their albums (even the mildly mediocre "Falling Into Infinity" and, yes, even the dreaded "When Dream And Day Unite"). What need is there for a compilation?

Well, best guesses serve to point to the media and the radio. DT's only spotlight of fame was when MTV showed a video of Pull Me Under in 1992 (back when they still showed music videos). Nothing since. Frankly, not only is this one of the few bands in history that shows variations in their albums, yet every fan has all of them, but this is also one of the few bands that does not need the radio (or radio edits for that matter) to make s***loads of money and achieve fame.

Regardless, this is really only for newcomers of the band, or better yet, for your smoking hot girlfriend to introduce the band to so that you both have the same musical interests which can only intensify the relationship.

Hell, that's definitely worth the price of $14.

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2 stars Well, this is quite disappointing. This is meant to be a compilation which has Dream Theater's best songs. A quick glance at the tracklist and I know something's wrong. Why am I seeing songs such as To Live Forever and Peruvian Skies, and not seeing Metropolis, not seeing anything from the 24 minute masterpiece song Octavarium, and most importantly, not seeing A Change of Seasons. Ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, the songs that are included on the album are certainly good songs, which is why I give this album 2 stars, but they could have picked much better ones. This is really just a collection of Dream Theater's most accessible songs that would appeal to the average person, but not giving an accurate impression of what lots of the band's music is like. Dream Theater is known for their long songs, and yet the longest track that we have here is Endless Sacrifice, at 11 minutes. It's a great song, but it's basically just a verse-chorus- verse-chorus song with a big instrumental section. This is really just a bad representation of Dream Theater, which is exactly what it wasn't meant to be. 2/5
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3 stars This compilation is worth it if you've never heard progressive metal before (not buying it, of course). This was my case, and the reason I give this three stars.

Back then, my proggiest knowledge ended on Muse's Knights Of Cydonia. If this album wasn't made of radio edits, or if didn't disregard album concepts the way it does, probably I would have never gotten into the genre, for I definitely wasn't ready for it. Now that I'm into it, I never ever listen to this, but I must recognise its importance.

This definitely isn't the reason this was released, but it might be what saves your nephew from getting addicted to pop [&*!#]. And for that, it deserves three stars. Oh, and it also deserves it because of the subtitle letters in a different color forming the word '[&*!#]' in the cover.

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3 stars Released in 2008, 'Greatest Hit' (a reference to the bands one radio hit, 'Pull Me Under') is a compilation album by progressive metal giants Dream Theater. With an abundance of incredible material to choose from, it should have been easy enough to make this a three-disc box set that would be the defining progressive music collection. Instead, this is more of a two-disc cash-grab, a quick and easy effort to introduce new fans to the band.

Admittedly, for that purpose, it works. However, for the die-hard fans, this is more of a disappointment.

Firstly, it'd be near-impossible to truly do this kind of band justice with a compilation. Since most of their most popular songs are around ten, fifteen or even twenty minutes in duration, you'd require at least five discs just to fit them all in. And since we already have these songs anyway, why bother?

So instead, the band went the route of using radio edits. A risky move, for sure. It's cool as a fan to own different versions of the songs we already know and love... but that doesn't necessarily mean I'd want to hear it repeatedly. I'd rather stick with the originals. No cuts. No censored profanities. No nonsense.

But that's not all, there's three 2007 remixes of Dream Theater classics from the 1992 'Images and Words' album, and while the compositions themselves are perfect, the remixes are pretty ugly and messy. The mix seems a bit unbalanced and some random noises and sound effects kind of ruins things. Once again, I'll stick with the originals.

However, for the Dream Theater newbie, this is a great starting point. With all the hits, including 'Pull Me Under', 'Take the Time', 'Home', 'As I Am', 'Another Day', 'The Spirit Carries On', 'Sacrificed Sons' and 'Hollow Years', this is still a great retrospective of the bands career. But for long-time fans such as myself, this really serves as nothing more than another CD to add to the collection.

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