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4 stars Evergrey are a band from Sweden who has found an own sound in the overpopulated progressive power metal genre. Now they have been signed to the German InsideOut label and released their third album "In Search Of Truth", the follow up to their magnificent "Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy" album from 2000. It's a concept album about a guy who, without knowing it, has been abducted by aliens since he was five years old. But he slowly begins to find out what has happened to him.

Tom S Englund are a skilled composer, technical guitarist and a strong vocalist who's voice suites Evergrey well. Patrick Carlsson is a hard- hitting and energetic drummer, and the only original member left together with Englund. They have found a new keyboard wizard in Sven Karlsson (from Embraced) and a new guitar virtuoso in Henrik Danhage. Finally they have recruited a new bass player named Michael Håkansson (also from Embraced). The album is masterly produced by King Diamond guitarist Andy La Rocque.

The music doesn't differ that much from the previous album, but the sound has been perfected. There are still those heavy powerful riffs, good melodies and strong vocals. You can't tell that this is a new band with all three new members. It's as tight as if they have played together for 10 years. The music is a mix between Dream Theater, In Flames, Queensryche and Symphony X.

"In Search Of Truth" has potentials to be a classic in this genre. It's recommended that you listen to the album extensively to fully appreciate it. Some tracks don't live up to the overall high standard, but all in all this is a real jewel.

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Posted Wednesday, January 14, 2004 | Review Permalink
5 stars It seems like there must be some downside to listening to something this good. Everything else has. If it Tastes good, it's fattening or bad for you or both. If it feels good, it's dangerous, addicting or can give you VD. My daddy always said, if it has an upside lookout for the downside but I can't see it. I've been listening to Evergrey for sixteen months and everything is hunky dory. I haven't gained any weight, my blood pressure is fine and I can go twenty four hours without listening to Evergrey.

And what about Evergrey. Isn't there some kind of law or something against being this good? They're unbelievable, they're too good for their own good. I'm worried that another band might put a contract out on them. LOOK OUT EVERGREY!!!! Yes there are bands that are as good Instrumentally and yes there are bands that are as good on songwriting and arranging. There's even bands that are as good lyrically and production capabilities but damn it they're all different bands.

Evergrey is the complete package. They play a dark melodic, sometimes symphonic progressive rock / metal. They've been on the carousel four times and have four brass rings. How many pretenders can say that. LOOK OUT EVERGREY!!!!.

For the glass is half empty crowd, I have never seen a negative review on Evergrey. In fact, with regard to In Search of Truth, I've never seen anything but five star reviews. Nada, Zip, Zero, Zilch! Hey naysayer, be my guest, check around. Good luck.

In Search of Truth

"I have decided to keep this tape recorder with me at all times. Just so that I maybe one day can explain all the strange things happening to me. The lack of sleep...the loss of time. But most of all, the sensation of never being lonely...always being watched..." With this narration, In Search Of Truth begins.

All joking aside, this is a monumental work. It's a concept album about; take your pick: (a) an alien abduction, (b) a man who is crazy and perseverates on aliens and thinks he's experienced an alien abduction (c) a man who is crazy because of an alien abduction and believes his home is co-habitated by aliens, (d) any combination of above that you chose.

While the premise for In Search of Truth may sound silly, Evergrey pull it off magnificently. Truly, the music and especially singer/guitarist, Tom Englund's, performance is inspired. I have never heard a singer play their part better. You feel his bewilderment, his agony and his desperation. Even though it is fiction, you empathize with our victim.

Now some of you may think that my review is not objective since I need my Evergrey fix every twenty-four hours but let me assure you, my views have not been skewed in any way, even if it's obvious that this album which should have won an EMMY for progressive album of the year. There is no justice!!!!! Down with the Academy for the Promotion of unemotional, simplistic songs or P.U.S.S for short.

It is a shame that this music gets to be heard only by the persistent few in America. Even so, In Search of Truth has had very respectable sales in America and I expect it to keep growing long after demand has diminished in Europe, where everybody is readily exposed to their own music, mostly because of the phenomenon known as downloading and by word of mouth.

I want to remind you, if you're old enough, that "Stairway to Heaven" was not released as a single and was not a hit at the time of it's release. Nevertheless, It has become a classic. I can visualize such a scenario for In Search of Truth

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Posted Wednesday, February 11, 2004 | Review Permalink
4 stars Although not prog, this is still great metal, with a monstrous guitar duo.

In Search of Truth is a concept album, as I'm pretty sure you already know. Each song is magnificent and a bit somber. The artwork really accentuates the music and creates an atmosphere that's very dark. Great album to listen to very late at night. Excellent musicianship from Tom Englund and Henrik Danhage. The two being one of the best present duo's today in metal. I don't consider Evergrey prog metal although there are elements (look for the instrumental focused part of "The Masterplan"). They are, however, a great band with a great vocalist. Tom's voice shreds with genuine emotion and soul. "Rulers of the Mind" is such a great song with good surprises and a killer theme. The last 3 tracks are great, but took a few listens to get. Be patient with this album, it's very rewarding and enjoyable. Great melodies, hooks and power. They're also an excellent live band. Never have I witnessed a relatively unknown opening act receive so much applause and support.

Highlights are: "The Masterplan," "Rulers of the Mind," "Mark of the Triangle," and "Dark Waters."

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Posted Tuesday, May 25, 2004 | Review Permalink
3 stars Evergrey brings a somewhat darker twist to progressive metal, fusing the dark prog of bands like Pain Of Salvation with the nasty metallic crunch and drive of power metal. The result is centered in a decidedly gloomier part of the sonic spectrum than Dream Theater and their many followers, with an edgy modern intensity that wasn't prevalent in the influences of DT. To Evergrey's great credit, however, "In Search Of Truth" isn't overpoweringly bleak. It's melodic and energetic enough to appeal to a broad portion of the prog-metal spectrum, with strong vocals and grand, pomped-up keyboard atmosphere atop its dark guitar foundation. The resulting sound is forceful and relatively accessible, just without the sense of light that DT (especially James LaBrie's soaring voice) and similar bands often bring to their songs.

Although the songwriting on "In Search Of Truth" is less outstanding than Evergrey's overall sound, it is more than solid enough to support the band's tough take on prog-metal. Their songs are often 6-minute mood pieces with ominous hues, and they aren't always instantly memorable. Nonetheless, fans of dark prog will have no trouble feeling the substance and power of dramatic, multi-textured highlights like "Watching The Skies" and "Misled."

There's nothing evil about "In Search Of Truth," nothing deathy in the death-metal sense. There's just a grey-stone sense of foreboding and very little light, all executed with admirable proficiency. It's not for everyone, but for fans of that kind of darkness in music --from darker Queensryche to Pain Of Salvation and beyond-- it is well worth checking out.

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Posted Tuesday, July 6, 2004 | Review Permalink
4 stars This record is a clear example of the balance between excellence, power and innovation. Indeed, I should admit that Evergrey is one of the few bands that have been able to detect the opportunity of creating a proper style and post it into the prog music scenario as a new option of playing high category music. Their particular combination of dark influences with prog metal resulted into an ear-refreshing and addictive delicious kind of music.

"In Search Of Truth" is the third release of the band, a mature recording that has the same force and technics of the previous CD's but focusing a new direction. It is a conceptual album about the story of man that has been the victim of an encountering with creatures from out of this world. Those creatures watch each and every move and take control of his life.

Respect to the music, there is no track similar to the other ones. However, all of them are part of the same style, each one has its own essence. The keyboard lines throughout the complexity of riffs, the force and inspiration on the guitars, the dark presence of bass guitar, the emotive voice of Englund and the drums of Karlsson make of this recording a real jewel..

Describing this album in few words is very difficult because listening to Evergrey, and especially to this record is more than enjoying music, it is means to have a real musical experience. This album fits into a new conception of masterpieces on prog metal, their style has something particular that makes it addictive and maybe even obsessive. This is the kind of albums that should be listened by every people.

If you haven´t begun with Evergrey this is a recommended record to start with. Evergrey is more than a simple metal band, they are the future responsible of much of the music in early future. That is the reason I decided to give four stars to this album. Excellent adition to any collection, be it prog or not. Congratulations boys. Continue this way!!!

Good Progressions!!!

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Posted Thursday, July 21, 2005 | Review Permalink
4 stars Well, my first introduction to Evergrey was with this album, and at the time, I was newly discovering the progressive metal genre with Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation, Threshold, Psychotic Waltz and Ayreon.

All of these aside.

I hesitated quite a bit before buying this album, as I have with many others that gave me immense satisfaction. In the end, I took the dare.

Instrumentally (and within the boundaries of the Triangle);

Suberb. Simply suberb, advanced and amazing. The fat, puffy tones of the guitars give the dark mood quite a profound addition; they stress the sharpness of the insanity that is introduced within the lyrics. Keyboards and additional instruments, combined with the choir passages ("Dark Waters" and "The Masterplan") give the album a dark, melancholic and sometimes, even eerie atmosphere. Combined with synth and piano, "Different Worlds" introduce a completely amazing piece within the album. The vocals, well... the vocals are not the best I have heard, but Tom Englund makes it easy to go by, so it's not a very weak point. Additional tape recorder passages contribute quite honestly to the story, and the album, generally, carries a very high atmosphere; an anxiety, some kind of energy burst that makes one want to scream. The drums are dynamic, sometimes ordinary, but on others, they are simply mind- blowing.

Lyrically (and in Different Worlds);

"In Search Of Truth"s songs have certain letters in them, that allows them to form "SEARCH" which is highlighted in the album's backside. On the other hand, the story in itself is about a man whom thinks that aliens have abducted him, and either keep abducting him at dissonant intervals, or they are always around, watching observing. I must admit that the lyrics are self-disgusted, paranoid, desperate, pained, confused, and finally, ashamed. It kicks off with "The Masterplan", and gives you an insight on the story which is much like an X-Files episode. Until "State of Paralysis", we are given the concept of something between insomnia and hypersomnia combined; never being sure whether one is awake or sleeping (I've been there). Then, up until "Misled", a paranoia settles in, and the lyrics turn a bit frightening. And then, the grand finale leaves you with your jaw on the ground.

To sum up, this album feels like home after you've memorized everything there is to it, and then, its still a very great piece to listen to. The only thing is, after a while, you get bored with Englund's vocals.

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Posted Saturday, September 17, 2005 | Review Permalink
5 stars Well it took me a while but i finally have in my opinion EVERGREYS best CD ever. True that both RECREATION DAY their best metal moments and INNER CIRCLE showcases their best of dark metal with a bit of a haunting storyline but IN SEARCH OF TRUTH to me is probably their most prog metal album ever. First off let me say that finally TOM S. ENGLUND and PATRICK CARLSSON are back again with a much superb lineup consisting of the talents on guitar, keyboards, and bass by HENRIK DANHAGE, SVEN KARLSSON, and MICHEAL HAKANSSON. Plus i'm pretty sure this was also EVERGREY'S first concept ablum about Alien Abduction which of course they have mastered the art of making a great concept album because come on if a concept album can't have great music or a cool storyline its worthless. Now the music OOOOOOOH MY GOSH where do i begin each song has incredible prog riffs, melodic passages, and awesome guitar solos. There is even some great keyboard stuff in this album as well which makes me wish that KARLSSON would've stayed a little longer becuase in most of these songs he does alot. I mean ZANDER does a great job in the later albums but gah i wish he could do a little more in some of the later albums. Anyway this CD rocks so if you wanna good a chance to hear EVERGREY at their finest pick up this album and enjoy the awesomeness of the band from sweden. GREAT SONGS: LOL ALL OF THEM, 5 STARS BABY
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Posted Friday, March 3, 2006 | Review Permalink
5 stars This album is my first introduction to the band way back 2 years ago. My first impression was good. I start to listen to all they'r albums and my conclusion is : this is the best they ever released so far. Absolutely every track is damn good and sound very powerful and fresh in the same time. Great drummer very active and sure of his instrument, but i also like the the guitars here, who sounds intresting and very speedy sometime, and sometime very sad and dark. After all, a great album, and in my opinion is 5 star for sure, i'm not saing just to fill the this box, is the truth this bands desearve, like the title of the album.
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Posted Sunday, April 9, 2006 | Review Permalink
5 stars Now this is an album I feel worthy of the big points. You know that pop-up reminding you that you only give 5 stars to good albums? Well this made me think seriously about my review and the same thoughts still ran through my head.

Let me start with the album construction - Awesome. Each song has been written so that the next follows on and each tells a seperate part of the story that the lyricist is attempting to communicate to the listener.

The songs themselves - Awesome. I love every last one (I do not have time disect each one. Though I would love to. :P ) My favourite's would have to be 'Mark of the Triangle' and 'Dark Waters' But like I said, there isn't really a bad song. They are all great. :D

Talent - Awesome :P It is clear in this album that each member in this band are extremely talented and have practiced well over the years. The main part that would show it is the intro part of 'The Masterplan' - 1 minute os sheer talent. Not to mention the insturmental section in the middle. Seriosuly though - it is just....brilliant! There are plenty of other decent parts. But that is the main one for me.

But anyone looking for a brilliant album, try this. It really is just...just...sheer amazement on a CD. No more to be said, just look it up. In fact, there's a good video on the internet somewhere of 'The Masterplan'. That was just fantastic so you should look it up as well. I'm sure it was on

Anyway, I'm out. Enjoy!

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Posted Thursday, July 20, 2006 | Review Permalink
5 stars One of the true prog metal gems.

The first, and sadly to this day the ONLY Evergrey album I've heard. Very original and distinctive sound (Englund's vocals play a major part in both of those) that is extremely addictive. The concept behind the album's lyrics is about aliens tormenting the character and his experiences and feelings that go along with that. If you're looking for a synopsis of what the lyrical plotline is then look somewhere else, because I'm not going to explain it all; you can listen to the story for yourself when you buy this amazing album!

Englund's vocals are simply unforgettable. The conveying of powerful emotion, the power, control, tone; everything about the vocals are great. There are occasional samples of the main character's tape recorder which I don't really care for that much but for others it may be a great emotional tie. For me though it didn't work at all, but luckily it's really the only thing I don't like about the album (and Englund's vocal work).

Musically, there are a couple main themes that are revisited throughout the entire work, but they always appear in different styles which is pretty cool. It gives the album a sense of continuation and flow, and really fuses the nine great tracks into one wonderful masterpiece. The arrangement is fantastic, each song possessing the perfect amount of soloing and vocals to get the message across, and the musicianship during the instrumentation is very good. I love every song on the album, but if I had to pick a couple that stick out as extra good I'd say "The Masterplan" and "Watching the Skies." I really love the connection between "State of Paralysis" and "The Encounter" as well. The two can be listened to seperately and still be great, but if listened to back to back they're twice as good.

Overall, this is one of the most complete albums I've heard. The entire work, start to finish is nearly flawless, and there are really no weak songs whatsoever. I recommend this album to this highest degree for any prog fan and especially any prog metal fan. I would truly not feel that I was doing the album justice if I gave it less than a 5 star rating.

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Posted Wednesday, March 21, 2007 | Review Permalink
Mellotron Storm
4 stars Some of the bands they thank in the liner notes that I like are PAIN OF SALVATION, KAMELOT and ZERO HOUR. This cd has such a compelling story line to it. The concept is about a man who thinks he is being abducted by aliens. It is rather dark as our subject's feelings are shown to us. You can imagine the fear, pain and frustration our subject would be enduring.

The record starts off with "The Masterplan" and a clip from the movie THE MATRIX that tells us how this man is carrying a tape recorder with him at all times because he hopes it might one day explain the loss of time, lack of sleep and the feeling of never being alone. All because he thinks he's always being watched. The music on this song and album are great.The drummer especially stands out for me as well as the dual lead guitars, and of course the vocalist is very strong. There are synths throughout this album and even a solo as they play a big role on this record. "Rulers Of The Mind" is one of the better tracks.The drums pound with vocals and background synths. It sounds really good. Guitars come back and some odd metered drumming. In light of the concept just read the titles of the songs and you can see how meaningful each song is.

The next song "Watching The Skies" features synths throughout including a solo 3 minutes in. Man this guy can sure drum ! A smoking guitar solo 5 minutes in. "State Of Paralysis" opens with piano and vocals. This song is ballad-like. He says over and over "They're coming, they're coming". Fear. "The Encounter" is nice and crunchy with more great drumming and a guitar solo 3 minutes in.The same line of thought from the previous song is continued. "They're coming !" "Mark Of The Triangle" has lots of tempo shifts and some fast keyboard playing with heavy guitar and drums.This one is all over the place. "Dark Waters" has some cool drumming and lots of riffs. A choir is heard as well as some great guitar. Amazing tune. "Different World's" has more synths and piano that speed up and slow down. A heavy soundscape later.The singer sounds like he's crying at one point, I don't know if i've ever heard this before. Very emotional. Read the lyrics. "Misled" is another highlight for me. They really let it rip with heavy riffs and drums with synths over the top. Nice.

I was very impressed and surprised at how good this album is. Highly recommended to Metal fans. 4.5 stars.

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Posted Wednesday, March 28, 2007 | Review Permalink
Prog Leviathan
4 stars A monstrously solid and brooding showcase of dark metal, stuffed with technical excellence and exciting compositions-- "In Search of Truth" is THE Evergrey album!

Building on the foundations of their previous two releases, "In Search" pulls out all the stops and delivers. As song-writers and lyricists go, the band has improved greatly-- which is where this album really shines; all the standard metal tools were already there, now they've been given something interesting to do. Guitar phrases are mixed with savage lead playing and smart riffing, leaving room for the various melodies to shine. Of course, it's impossible not to acknowledge Englund's stellar vocals, which in my opinion are some of the best in the genre today-- his passionate delivery makes the album. It would have been nice, however, to see a little more variety in the rhythm section, which seems to keep its head down sticking to textures and comparatively simplistic technique; fortunately, the lack of pizzazz is made up for in the overall effect.

A must-buy for those interested in progressive-metal, which will probably make you look over you shoulder more than a few times while listening.

Songwriting: 4 Instrumental Performances: 4 Lyrics/Vocals: 4 Style/Emotion/Replay: 4

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Posted Thursday, July 5, 2007 | Review Permalink
Honorary Collaborator
4 stars Allthough I really liked their previous album Solitude + Dominance + Tragedy, this one might be just a little better. This is the album that prog metal fans would probably like most from Evergrey. There are some really intense riffing and the music is keyboard laden. It´s still mostly metal though and the prog leanings are mostly in the sounds and not so much in the way they play. There are a few more slow emotional songs on In Search of Truth than on their previous albums, and this is not my cup of tea. The other tracks are so strong that you soon forget the few weak ones though. A Song like The Masterplan is really godly and a song like Mark of the Triangle displays Evergrey´s sense for progressive metal.

I am having a hard time with Tom S. Englund´s voice as always, but I guess it´s a matter of taste. This is a very worthy purchase to anyone into Power/ Prog metal. Just don´t expect it to sound like Dream Theater. The sound quality is even better than on Solitude + Dominance + Tragedy and that´s kind of amazing.

So listen to this one if you´re interested in Evergrey because from now on it´s only downhill. This was the last really good album from Evergrey.

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Posted Friday, November 30, 2007 | Review Permalink
Prog Metal Team
4 stars So, Evergrey is progressive metal? Interesting! I didn't know. Apparently, I still got to learn a thing or two about what prog is :)

Anyway, this band is/was just pure gold. At least if you like dark gothic power metal (quite a mouthful) that is fronted with one of the most affecting singers in the field, that doesn't shy away from big epic proportions, and that features lots of virtuosic riffing, soloing and excellent songwriting. Hmm, that is starting to sound a lot like prog already!

In Search of Truth is by far their masterpiece for quite a few reasons. The first thing you come to notice is the excellent production. While the two previous releases sounded a bit too 'reverby' and muddy, this one is powerful, clean, sharp and warm. Now, that wouldn't mean much without good songs. Luckily this very same album has not one weaker track over its entire course. Even at its most 'operatic' moments this album still stands as a rock. That is what songwriting skills and an exceptional singer can do for you. With Dark Waters and Watching the Skies (sounds familiar) this even features some of my favorite metal tracks.

If we declare there is something like a 'darkly gothic progressive power prog opera metal' genre (I think I'll need to come up with a more catch tag here), then this album is surely the essential album in it.

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Posted Wednesday, September 9, 2009 | Review Permalink
3 stars A good power metal album, but an unconvincing excuse of progressive metal

In Search of Truth is the first (and, so far, the only one) Evergrey album I ever listened. I never had any interest for the band before and, to be quite frank, I still don't because, despite being a good album, In Search of Truth is never able to really thrill me. I only have this album in particular because I found it with a nice enough price and remembered its nice grade in ProgArchives, which I consider now to be deceiving for this album in particular, because it is not a progressive metal album. Almost a year have passed since I brought In Search of Truth home and nothing really changed about that thing: I can't really find this album progressive at all. It is just a nice power metal album with occasional complex passages, but those do not make the album progressive.

Actually, right before starting this review, I listened to Metallica's Master of Puppets and, comparing it with Evergrey's album, it is really ludicrous the fact that Metallica was accepted into the Archives 4 years after this band was, when they are clearly more progressive than Evergrey. Maybe if Metallica had a keyboard player things would have been easier for them, but anyway . . .

About the songs, musicianship and other features, there are somethings I would like to state:

As I said before, Evergrey's music in this album can be better described as power metal with some complex parts / passages, which give some songs a prog feeling, but that is not enough to make the album progressive. They only flirt (and flirt rather lightly, I must say) with progressive metal. The songs that illustrate best this are The Masterplan, Watching the Skies and Mark of the Triangle. Maybe a more fitting classification in ProgArchives would be prog-related. Though not being progressive, the music in In Search Of Truth is far from being bad. Here, the band presents us an interesting mix of power metal with some thrash metal-like riffs and, as said above, some flirts with progressive metal. Their music is quite good, though not thrilling.

The songs are overall good. However, there is one thing that works against the album: the song order. That is because the song in this album that sounds best as a closer is Dark Waters. The remaining 11 minutes sound a bit forced and the ending track, Misled, do not have the same ending feeling as Dark Waters does, and that obviously works against the album overall quality. Also, the best songs of the album are mostly concentrated in its beginning. Yet another negative feature about song order is the fact that the best song is the opener and the worst one is, quite possibly, the closer.

The highlights go to: The Masterplan, Watching the Skies, Mark of the Triangle and Dark Waters.

Grade and Final Thoughts

Evergrey's In Search of Truth is not a bad album, but the thing is that I hardly ever touch it. I barely remember I have it, unless I pass through it wile browsing my CD collection. Besides, the album's music is not progressive metal, so best thing I can do is give a rating according both to my personal feelings and to the album's progressiveness. The fairest grade here would be 3.5 stars, but since I lack any kind of sympathy for this band, I will round it down to 3 stars.

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Posted Sunday, October 11, 2009 | Review Permalink
4 stars Evergrey play progressive metal with the "metal" side of the equation drawing a little from power metal, which is a combination which in other hands could lend itself to cheesiness, but I was pleasantly surprised by In Search of Truth. It's a concept album that overtly presents a story about alien abduction, but focuses more on the emotional ordeal of the experience (as depicted in Whitley Strieber's Communion), and as a result has more widely applicable emotional themes than you might expect from the concept. In fact, overall Evergrey display a subtle touch, engaging less in bombast or technical flashiness than many prog and power metal competitors and concentrating instead on really solid compositions and moods.
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Posted Wednesday, May 29, 2013 | Review Permalink
kev rowland
Honorary Reviewer
3 stars This is the third album by the Swedish prog metallers, and is probably their best to date. Sounding very American on this concept album, the music fairly drives on. The guitars crunch through some extremely quick harmony leads, and if they turned them up a little more and dropped the keyboards this would be a hard rock band of some force.

However, the keyboards add some extra touches of class to proceedings, which allow the guitars to play not only against each other but also against another melody line. The initial reaction was that they are similar in many ways to our own Threshold, but they are probably more diverse, with more light and at some times much more dark. More prog metal than a band like Stratovarius they would undoubtedly appeal to fans of them as well. If you are interested in well crafted melodic rock with more than a hint of prog then give this a try.

originally appeared in Feedback #64, Oct 01

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Posted Tuesday, June 4, 2013 | Review Permalink
siLLy puPPy
PSIKE, JR/F/Canterbury & Eclectic Teams
4 stars An interesting concept album about a man who thinks he's being kidnapped by aliens and all the misery, confusion and paranoia that go along with it. This is yet another great sounding band hailing from Sweden. This is the first album i've heard by this band and it sounds really good. Not just Dream Theater wannabes here.

They do seem like a band that is disguised as a 'normal' sounding prog metal band of the DT/Symphony X sort but they have a subtle way of keeping it original and interesting with cool riffing, subdued drumming and haunting female vocals. They know how to rev it up when necessary and tame it way down for contrast. I swear that I hear the keyboards spending a majority of their time doing variations insprired by the theme music for the 90s tv series the X-Files.

Great concept that is well done, great musical performances and although not earth-shattering originality on display here, this is definitely a keeper.

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Posted Wednesday, November 13, 2013 | Review Permalink
4 stars Shame on me and my preconceptions. I've thought Evergrey, being from Gothernburg, to be a Swedish doomy-depressive band a la Catatonia. While this is certainly not happy music and every album deals this way or another with man's inner turmoil, its actually of the gothic-laced power prog variety, all pounding riffs and catchy choruses with keyboard embellishments. While most bands of this type deal in musical cheese or esotericism, Evergrey's leader, Thomas Englund, sounds like a guy ripping his shirt and exposing his innermost to the world. This style calls for soulfulness, and Evergrey wisely use it occasionally to enhance their sound with gospel-like female vocals. If I had a problem with Evergrey is that they tend to front-load their albums and not enough variety, as the same type of pounding riffs and intense vocals get tiresome after a while with just a brief, perfunctionary respite in form of generic ballads and softer vocals.
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Posted Wednesday, October 15, 2014 | Review Permalink
4 stars Everygrey's 'In Search of Truth' caught my attention after their latest release 'Hymns for the Broken' started getting good reviews on ProgArchives. I decided to get their best rated album which, aside from the great ratings of 'Hymns', was this album. It is based on the book 'Communion' by Whitley Strieber, recounting through lyrics and spoken sections the allegedly factual account of Strieber's repeated abduction by aliens.

Though I'm no expert in this field of metal, I would say the album is mostly symphonic metal with possibly some power metal similarities in a few parts and the odd bit of thrash, though actually all these components may make this out to be exactly symphonic metal. Or maybe it's this meticulous and crafty blend of metal elements that make it prog-metal. The guitar sound is wonderfully brain-mulching and heavy but there is also a very strong and up-front piano presence and lots of synthesizer. One thing I really love about the album is how well it uses piano in tandem with the heavy metal band sound. There's also a bit of electronic effects here and there, a choir sounding totally boss in 'Dark Waters', and a beautiful acoustic guitar / piano duo in 'Different Worlds'. Of course there is your double bass drum beats in places and lots of symphonic metal guitar shredding in spots, too. I find the music very satisfying and full of enough variety in both metal and otherwise. The songs can be at times really dark and heavy and other times sad and beautiful.

Special mention must go to Tom S. Englund who does a great job of affecting emotion in his singing. He is not only singing the lyrics to this story of self-doubting and the loneliness and destitution of this incredible experience but he also speaks some parts as the story teller is recording his thoughts into a tape recorded. He starts out pretty bold but near the end, in 'Different Worlds' he is whimpering like a child as he sobs, 'Oh, god, it's happening again. They're here' Please don't touch me. I don't wanna be here. I wanna go home.' His vocal performance is very convincing, and the 12-year-old boy in me wonders how he could keep a straight face saying those lines. But with the beautiful minor key piano it's easy to conjure up an image of a man scared and alone as the mysterious extraterrestrials come silently for him yet again.

Though I think this is an excellent concept album and I can really enjoy listening to it for all the riches of metal sounds and symphonic metal parts and the vocal performance as well, there is still this lingering aftertaste of the entire album being very much the same thing. There's another piano intro. There's another thrashy, heavy part. So I can't smack this baby with a full five-star rating. But a very solid four stars is easily deserved.

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5 stars I don't what happened in the two years between their last album and this album, but for me this exactly what a metalalbum should sounds like: angry, gritty, emotional and versatile.

There's thrash-riffing and soloiing, progressive elements, great atmosferic synths, soulful vocals, lots of breakdowns and uptempo parts.

The production is much, much better, although the toms of the drums sound like cardboard boxes, but overall the guitars, bass, cymbals, vocals, synths are mixed so tight I'm not going to complain about the toms.

The songs have better structures (more pop-oriented) and sound like actual songs, with hooklines, chorusses, verses etc. The style of the music is still progressive metal, with gothic, industrial and thrash influences. In the softer parts there are even some gothpop and neoprog influences.

Of course the main attraction is leadvocalis Tom Englund, who doesn't sound like a Danzig-clone anymore. He has more grit, more soul, more anger. Several years later Machine Head had their comeback with a similar approach to metal, but Flynn could never get close to the vocal abilities of Tom Englund.

Highly, highly recommended. But if you don't like metal and guitarriffs and doublebass-acrobatics, maybe this is not your cup-of-tea.

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