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4 stars What an album. I can't seem to get enough of this lately. Saw them on tour and picked up this EP there. Incredible- these guys are getting better and better. The songs are tasteful and I particularly like Michal Lapaj's keyboard work. A great mix of discretion and power when needed, and the sounds are quite organic. After reading the lyrics, the songs even mean more to me. Intelligent and a little dark, but not too dark. Very recommended. The only downside is I want more. A 3 song EP got me perked and curious. Riverside is going to go a long way. This is their 10th anniversery let's hope for at least 10 more.
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Posted Friday, May 20, 2011 | Review Permalink
4 stars Riverside, no doubt is now very mature.

First albums had an interest concept of prog metal but not very creative.

I really think nowadays Riverside is not a prog metal project but a experimental post metal prog rock act with touches of the psychedelic space rock of Pink Floyd.

Very good melodies in this EP .

In their last ADHD Riverside showed a change of course ,with very good more EPM to space rock songs.

So if in ADHD this band started their consolidation ,in MIMH we can say(in my opinion) Riverside is consolidated,is mature and is one of the best EPM (with hard prog rock and space rock elements too) bands of these times.

So good news for prog rock lovers this EP.

4 stars

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Posted Monday, May 23, 2011 | Review Permalink
Symphonic Team
4 stars 32 minutes of solid gold atmospheric prog metal!

I own all of Riverside's albums and it has been a while between listens but it was an absolute pleasure to return to their inimitable style on this new EP. Immediately the Riverside sound is there on 'Goodbye Sweet Innocence', with a squealing feedback sound over a throbbing drone. It is pitch dark and atmospheric, gaining volume and power until the drones fade and a backwards guitar is heard. Finally a clean guitar breaks in and feedback slashes across the sound, allowing room for the quiet vocals of Mariusz Duda. The lyrics are based around the trials of life, the regrets of the past, and the changes we experience; "stuck in the crossroads of time". The lead break of Piotr Grudziński is delightful. The violin sound section is effective, and the strong keyboard solo, making this one of the most atmospheric of Riverside's repertoire. A great start.

Next is 'Living In The Past', not a Jethro Tull cover, but a very well structured song about what we leave behind as we move through life's difficulties and overcome them. The effects of keyboard swirls adds an ethereal quality. The guitar solo at the beginning is beautiful, haunting and passionate. The blasts of organ and guitar complement one another, and there is a very Pink Floyd like vibe to this. The vocals are fresh with lyrics that are memorable; "cancel all light, I'm not going to live like everyone, and I don't care if the signs are over, my future is living in the past." The little riff in the next section sounds Arabian. Eventually the song bursts into a heavy distortion and lengthy instrumental break that pounds along with sensational keyboards. Another terrific song highlighted by an inventive structure and very bold instrumentation.

Lastly, 'Forgotten Land' begins with minimal bass pulses, echoes of high pitched guitar, pounding drums come in, then the vocals; "there was a kingdom here a city full of lights". The lyrics focus on the ancient days of a lost civilisation where gods were believed, the Greek mythology perhaps, they "Call themselves gods above everything and everyone" and then the song talks about how the people build monuments to their deities, "faster and faster, higher and higher, great temples of gold glitter in the sun, the gods assured of themselves never lost their pride." The track builds gradually into some powerful soundscapes of emotionally moving guitar and vocals. "How quickly they die! How quickly they turn into dust," is sung with venom and is a phrase that is memorable on this song. The instrumental section that follows is absolutely mesmerising, chilling effects and ambient keyboard motifs and guitar swells.

On this new EP, Mariusz Duda is very good on vocals, at times aggressive and then passive and melancholy. His bass and acoustic guitar work is well executed. Piotr Grudziński has a chance to shine on some incredible lead breaks. Piotr Kozieradzki is an accomplished drummer who knows when to crash down and when to hold back on gentle hi hat work. The real treasure of the musicscape is Michał Łapaj who is a wizard on keyboards.

If this is a sign of the next Riverside album, we are in for a real treat. This is a sensational EP, it grows on you with every listen, and every track is offering amazing high quality progressive metal.

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Posted Tuesday, May 24, 2011 | Review Permalink
5 stars Well, with their first album they shocked me, with their second one they conquired me, with the third one they just seemed to be human, then with their fourth album they became the best modern progressive metal band. Ah, by the way in the meantime I forgot Voices in my head EP, not like their album but I don't know why I just keep listening and listening to it (maybe another well produced work?!). Then I bought the memories in my head EP and I simply fell in love with it. If this is a prelude to their new album, well GUYS hurry up!!!!!!!! I can't wait for it!!! They simply are the best progressive metal band in circulation. Their historcal revivals have disappeared: Dream Theater, pain of salvation, ecc.. Buy this EP you riverside fans you won't be disappointed...
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Posted Saturday, July 9, 2011 | Review Permalink
3 stars Well, you know that usually I don't like the metal-prog music genre, even though there are some interesting features inside the present EP, in spite of the uneven structure of the songs and their continuous melancholic mood, which also characterized the earlier albums by Riverside.

In fact at the end I can appreciate their effort as a Polish Prog Band singing in English and trying to be a bit distant from the typical clichè of this genre, regarding in particular the good vocalism by Mariusz Duda.

Probably They cannot give up incorporating the elements of a kind of New Progressive Wave in the vein of Marillion and alredy used by another Polish Band, Collage; but it could be a minor defect after all, even though the sense of melody- belonging to the keyboardplayer and also the sound colour, seem to be their secure music imprinting. The unique defect consists of a few melodies that probably have been chosen as a filler- or perhaps being recovered from some unreleased previous issues- and moreover the sound mix is not at the top...I don't understand the title of track#2 "Living in the Past", which is not a tribute to Jethro Tull, but the arrangement is good and the vocal work as well.

In general I think of the performance at the guitar (especially inside the first suite) by Piotr Grudziński, finding a perfect complementary instrument into a quite delightful violin section, which can be so sweet...and even though I can't get crazy for the simplistic drum work and the vibes from the synth (always according to the style of the seventies), the intelligent lyrics within the last track and their fascinating imagination regarding the presence of Gods (from the Ancient Cretans of the Greek Civilization to the Maya Era, too much earlier vanishing as for a traumatic event or whatever else), let me change idea about the "taste" of the band!

Not essential EP (for the diehard fans only, I think) but it's not bad, after all!

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Posted Friday, August 5, 2011 | Review Permalink
Mellotron Storm
5 stars Without question this is the best RIVERSIDE release I have heard. To commemorate their 10 years in existance the band released this almost 33 minute EP of three songs.The tracks do blend into one another making this feel like one long ride. And what a ride it is ! I knew something was up when I saw the picture of the band in the liner notes. I've never seen these guys smiling before, but here they are looking happy in this warehouse that would other-wise be quite dark except the sun is streaming through the windows up high in the roof and on the sides.Why is this so meaningful ? I kept thinking of it during the first track as we get this dark atmosphere early but then the light shines through in such an uplifting manner that it causes emotion.That dark / light contrast is what this album is all about just like that picture.Travis Smith did the cover art and as usual he did a great job. I have to believe that Mr.Duda's solo project had to have some impact on the direction they took here.This is more in the style of the debut (which was my favourite album from them until now) but even better.

"Goodbye Sweet Innocence" is the best track i've ever heard from this band. Atmosphere galore to start then we hear some guitar after 2 1/2 minutes coming out of the darkness. Reserved vocals are next followed by drums. My God talk about feeling transformed by what comes in after 3 1/2 minutes. So beautiful before 5 1/2 minutes. It's turning heavier before 7 minutes and we get some huge bass lines too.The atmosphere is back before 10 1/2 minutes as it blends into "Living In The Past" .Drums join in and I must say that this is so freaking good ! Bass and guitar are next then vocals before 2 1/2 minutes. It gets fairly intense then it settles back before 4 1/2 minutes.Love the guitar that follows.It kicks back in before 6 minutes.The organ before 6 1/2 minutes is killer. Amazing sound after 10 1/2 minutes. It settles to end it then it blends into "Forgotten Land". A beat comes out of the atmosphere then guitar expressions followed by chunky bass. Nice.Vocals are next and they do get passionate before 4 minutes.Some great sounding guitar here too.The organ comes in when the vocals stop. Atmosphere after 7 1/2 minutes. Electronics then arrives as the spacey waves continue.

Congrats to the band on 10 years and thankyou for the many great albums over the years, especially this one.

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Posted Saturday, August 13, 2011 | Review Permalink
PSIKE Team & Band Submissions
4 stars Since the very start in 2003 I am a fan of this band. Their debut 'Out Of Myself' absolutely amazed me. Over the course of several albums they surely have refined the sound, especially the keyboards and Duda's vocals which are way more variable today. Probably I'm a bit nostalgic, but I always liked to come back to the early spirit though ... and this EP bears something of it I would say, don't ask me why - perhaps it is only because they provide their distinctive mixture of heavy art rock and prog metal again on 'Memories In My Head'.

Goodbye Sweet Innocence they promise .. and probably the cosmic intro is meant which they deliver. What follows IS innocent mellow though, somewhat balladesque, until they turn into some heavier and tricky moments lately. Living In The Past starts with a nice relaxed groove but also shows a heavier, agressive execution furthermore, including headbanging qualities. Rather tricky again due to several twists and turns. Forgotten Land does not fall back while beautifullly variating from ethereal moments to agressive outbreaks.

Memories in your head are following voices in your head. There is nothing considerably new to state from a stylistical point of view in my opinion, but this surely are three thrilling new songs from RIVERSIDE, featuring compositional brilliance. Once more matchless is Piotr Grudzinski's sensitive and clean guitar work, an important trademark of course. Michal Lapaj is certainly successful in the meanwhile in putting in his notable impact. By all means an excellent addition to your collection, my dear prog lover.

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Posted Sunday, August 28, 2011 | Review Permalink
Prog Metal Team
3 stars Talking about a departure from a winning concept!

Just when I had Riverside figured out and sorted under modern prog masters they decided to shift their course once more toward the atmospheric style that almost turned psychedelic on Rapid Eye Movement. Luckily, I'm one of the few who actually happened to enjoy that slight change of direction that the band has taken on their third studio outing. So why am I not entirely convinced by their 2011 EP Memories In My Head?

First off, I just didn't find any of these compositions memorable enough to stand out among the vast majority of groovy atmospheric compositions that Riverside have released over the years. None of them is annoying in any way but they just don't make for any real standout moments. Yes, Goodbye Sweet Innocence has the whole Hackett-sounding vibe of guitar in a few notable places going for it. Living In The Past is the most melodic of the three with some nice solo guitar spots and prominent melodies, sounding almost like a crossover between Camel and Pink Floyd. Forgotten Land is, in my opinion, the most ambitious piece of the bunch. Still, even this is not nearly as close to the level that was set by Anno Domini High Definition.

My biggest problem with this EP is the lack of any real purpose to it. Riverside aren't exploring any new territories with this new material and it almost feels like the band decided to take a short departure in between their forth and fifth studio releases. That, per se, isn't a bad things since there is clearly a lot of passion in these performances but it still doesn't justify an excellent release rating for me.

**** star songs: Living In The Past (11:59) Forgotten Land (9:57)

*** star songs: Goodbye Sweet Innocence (10:40)

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Posted Sunday, December 4, 2011 | Review Permalink
Prog Metal Team
2 stars Released as an inbetween to please the fans while they wait for the next album, this "Memories In My Head" is head and shoulders the weakest release I've seen from Riverside. There's an all pervading sense of disinterest, cliche, routine and lack of inspiration in every lengthy track on this album. Despite loving the guy, I will blame this mostly on Mariusz Duda.

The vocals are one of the main attractions for me in Riverside, but how they fail me here, Duda mumbles his way through almost unidentifiable vocal melodies that sound like 300 others he's done before. Considering how strong his melodies and delivery were for Lunatic Soul I can only conclude he wasn't into this at all. But also the guitars could be better, the main hooks on this EP have all been heard on countless other Riverside (and Marillion) songs.

Around minute 7 to 8 into "Goodbye Sweet Innocence", the band tries to save what they can and bring about an enjoyable jam. I hope that Riverside recognizes their potential in this area and will further explore this sort of improvised interaction. It's clear to me that continuing their same old kind of songwriting without having the hooks to make 'm memorable will not do for me.

A pointless EP for me with very average songs that have been stretched out to totally inappropriate lengths. I quite liked it the first time around but with every new listen my enthusiasm decreased. My dear wife (and Riverside fan) immediately told me it was entirely forgettable. Yeah, I should listen to her more, and spare me the trouble of listening 10 times to this 30 minutes of grey dullness. Sounds like the artwork, for fans only.

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Posted Thursday, December 8, 2011 | Review Permalink
4 stars The soundtrack to your mind...

When bands release lengthy EPs between albums they generally fall into one of two categories. There are the fan appeasing, profile maintaining exercises in self derivation, and then there are the 'toe dipping', damage limitating experimental releases that hint at a possible new direction.

Memories in My Head certainly falls into the latter category. The sound is easily recognisable as Riverside, but quite a departure from the magnificent 'Anno Domini High Definition'. For me it falls somewhere between 'Out of Myself' and Mariusz Duda's 'Lunatic Soul' side project.

It does take a while to appreciate, but once hooked I find it a truly addictive listening experience. A perfect blend of atmosphere and intrigue, all three tracks are excellent, but my stand out favourite has got to be the enigmatic Forgotten Land.

The Verdict: Memories in My Head might only scrape past the half-hour mark, but I still consider it to be an important addition to any Riverside collection.

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Posted Friday, January 20, 2012 | Review Permalink
5 stars 10/10

A pleasant surprise (and a possible indication of the future of Riverside).

When this wonderful band will release a new album? Because after what I heard on his album Anno Domini High Definition and now Memories In My Head I yearn for more news. Mariusz Duda (bass and vocals), Piotr Grudzinski (guitar), Peter Kozieradzki (drums) and Michał Łapaj (keyboards, Hammond organ and theremin) hit once again in this strange, but pleasant combination of progressive metal, psychedelic rock and atmospheric music.

Following in the footsteps of ADHD they continue to develop their new sound. but make no mistake: this is not a typical progressive metal album. In fact "metal" is the minimum that is here, from time to time heavy guitars arise for remind us the "true essence" of MiH , but the atmosphere created by the keyboards, the dynamics between the instruments and the long instrumental pasagens are a clear indication that Riverside is moving in a different direction.

The most interesting is the way the songs are presented: they have a clear connection, although this does not indicate that the album is one song, because the three songs each have their identity. I'm really divided, because no one is better than another, but all I can say about some tickets available here: keyboards of Łapaj remain the strong point, as the opening of Living in the Past (this guy is a worthy competitor to Jordan Rudess to the rank of best progressive metal keyboardist!) and Duda´s bass provides incredible moments, especially in a particular section in Goodbye Sweet Innocence and the opening of the Forgotten Land. There isn´t a weak moment on this EP, and I'm really surprised!

5 stars for one of the highlights of 2011!

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Posted Tuesday, February 7, 2012 | Review Permalink
4 stars 4/5

2011 marked the 10th year of existence for the Polish progressive metal outfit Riverside, and they celebrated with a "Jubilee year" tour of Europe, the release of the 6-cd Reality Dream box set (combining the first three albums with additional material), and with the promise of a new album. Early in the year they also released this three-song EP of new music, presented as a reflective wind-up of their first decade.

Clocking in at a shade under 33 minutes, the music on Memories in My Head is evocative of the Reality Dream material, full of the vast, cinematic soundscape that is the signature of this foursome. It is lushly atmospheric, driven by Piotr Grudziński's hallmark melodic winding guitar themes, and Mariusz Duda's powerful, leading bass and fine vocals. The previous studio release Anno Domini High Definition had introduced a harder edge to the band's music, but Memories in My Head looks back to the more expansive, less metal-driven sound of their origins.

The three tracks--"Goodbye Sweet Innocence", "Living in the Past", and "Forgotten Land"--merge seamlessly into each other musically, and the first two tracks at least are also united by a lyric thematic arc: a combination of nostalgia for the past and a desire to break from it/eyes to the future, evoked by Duda's characteristically introspective lyrics: "Life happened to us," he sings, "we are not the same/but we've managed to survive". Indeed.

However, the EP does suffer from a bit of a lapse: the third song, "Forgotten Land", doesn't quite fit lyrically, breaking the continuity set by the first two. It was used as the soundtrack on a video promo for the PC/console game The Witcher 2 (and perhaps was written for that purpose). It is a fine song, but it is clearly the odd man out. Nevertheless, Memories in My Head is an excellent release, an outstanding introduction to the band if you have never heard them, and a welcome snippet of new material for established fans.

I want to end with an observation. Having listened to the entire available output of Riverside/Lunatic Soul (some 9 albums/EPs altogether so far), it occurs to me that these guys are the most remarkably consistent bunch that I have ever encountered, over more years of collecting and listening to music than I care to remember. All their albums are of exceptional quality, hovering around the 4 to 5-star mark--but that's not the point. The point is this--there is not one single track, across all the combined group/solo releases, that I am indifferent to, or would choose to skip over. Not one. No other artist in my experience, and certainly not in my collection, has managed to accomplish that trick. And the more I think about it the more astonishing a feat it becomes--not one mediocre track. Either Mariusz Duda produces so much material he has the luxury of choice, or he is one hell of a songwriter. This is a man--and a band--not to be ignored.

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Posted Sunday, April 29, 2012 | Review Permalink
4 stars Memories In My Head is a 3 piece EP by the Polish band Riverside, this is a short one yet very complicated and loaded with a lot of a kind of new sound which at least I never heard before.

This great EP starts with some kind of a strange sound of a fan or something like this with some spooky haunted voices at the background, it is the beginning of a piece named " Goodbye Sweet Innocent " it gets you into a very psychedelic and dreamy atmosphere which is created by a lot of strange alien-like sound effects, an acoustic guitar enters with some sounds at the background, the guitar continues playing the same riff over and over as a clean vocal enters, a vocal that matches the song perfectly, like a kiss from an angel. The drums enter with some ride cymbal and then continues to a really interesting yet simple drumming rythm that is played over and over along to some vocal and guitar, the chorus enters then fades into a melancholic acoustic guitar picking of the main riff, which you can already recognise now, then you can hear how the song gets back to the verse and then enters the chorus again, so that the song got no special structure. After all of that it enters to a loud bass line along to some organ kind of music that plays something that matches the bass line perfectly. An aggressive new guitar riff enters along to the organ and creates a really melancholic, dark atmosphere. the lyrics of this piece are a full new theme to talk about, the way that all the lyrics are crafted into one piece without any places that seem too strange, and even if there are some places like that, it is a "good strange", the lyrics are contributing to the dark, dreamy atmosphere of this song.

The next piece is "Living In The Past" ( No, we are talking about Riverside not about Jethro Tull here) , is a very well thought song with a calculated build which blends in from the first track of the album to a new atmosphere even though it reminds of the first one. The song enters a pure gold melancholic guitar solo that starts with some volume swells, this solo includes a very little amount of guitar notes but it is really well calculated, and reminds sometimes of David Gilmour's guitar solos that are very full with emotion and feelings, with maybe less technical stuff but the emotional parts include more theory and guitar knowledge, you feel that the guitarist of Riverside really knows his guitar very well and fingers the right frets in the right time to create a very emotional delight sound. The vocals enter after the solo with some organ, bass, and more instuments, the vocals here are a little more vibrating and aggressive. The song enters to a kind of chorus with some breaks and guitar+organ riffs which enter an egyptian scale interesting fills after some dreamy singing of the vocalist. A sudden break gets us to a more quiet part of the song, along with some clean beautiful vocal. Another guitar solo came, this time it is a little less prolonged than the first guitar solo and it includes a little less emotion in my opinion but it is a very powerful solo that continues the song atmosphere, the song enters a more aggressive part that you can hear by the vocals that are now more throaty, it enters a very interesting guitar+organ+drum section, and then an organ solo begins, it reminds me a lot of 70's hard rock organ sound. it is a song that the instruments are very bold in and it creates a very dreamy and quiet atmosphere, that sometimes evolves into something fantastic that we never heard before, like clean and dreamy vocal along with some very heavy guitar riffs and a fast and dark drumming that blasts your heart.

"Forgotten Land" is the name of the next track in this stunning EP, begins with some bass pulses of the same note over and over and quiet but haunting high pitched guitar sounds, the drums enter suddenly then the vocal comes, the vocal in this part reminds a little of Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson's singing style because it is vibrating bravely. the song build into one craft work of a lot of landscapes, different ones, with a sometimes quiet, but sometimes aggressive parts of the song. There are some phrases in the song that are really catchy because you can hear the vocalist, like, screaming the phrase into the microphone with a lot of emotion, those phrases include "faster and faster, higher and higher, great temples of gold glitter in the sun" or "How quickly they die! How quickly they turn into dust" those were some really sudden and a surprising moments. I think that the lyrics are talking about the ancient greek mythology and empire. A little after that, the song enters an instrumental part with some guitar, bass, drums and more this is a very interesting part, and it includes a lot of soft guitar volume swells or bends and more special guitar effects that really can give only good to the song atmosphere, the organ enters with some riff that is played over and over with some changing sound that gives a kind of psychedelic atmosphere, then fades slowly into the end of this brilliant EP.

That was the first time Iv'e ever listened to Riverside and I am very surprised, this EP gave me goosebumps when I heard it and I had to listen to it once more just to be sure about what I wrote in this review and to be surprised once again. I usually like the progressive metal sub-genre less that the progressive rock sub-genre but this EP was a really warm welcome to Riverside's sophisticated and interesting sound, one more step into the prog world. I might even consider buying the EP because it was really one of the best new things that iv'e listened to on the past few months, I recommend listening to this piece without doing anything else at the time, and just listen and think, like you should do with every high quality progressive piece. You can get easily used to the dark melancholic atmosphere in this album but can be a little depressive because it makes you think a lot after you finish listening to this, so please be aware.

I would give it 85/100

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Posted Friday, February 22, 2013 | Review Permalink
4 stars Riverside's Memories in my head in only an EP with three songs totaling little more than 30 minutes. But it feels like a complete album. A wholesome artistic statement, what to me is a definition of an album, as opposed to, you know, a bunch of songs. Here Riverside show their atmospheric side. Songs feature lots of feedback, fade-outs, hypnotic bass lines and melancholic singing. But songs also have a rocking core, usually around 4-5 minutes, quite hummable, too.

If you are a fan of their more metallic previous album, ADHD, you might think that Riverside has gone the opposite direction. But don't despair, their follow-up, Shrine of New Generation Slaves, is a balance between the two approaches.

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Posted Friday, March 7, 2014 | Review Permalink
5 stars It is hard to believe that Memories In My Head is an EP since the quality of music is so top-notch. It is over the 30 minute mark, and I have seen albums around the same length. Punk Rock can turn in a 15 track album in 30 minutes and call it a day. Regardless, it is three stellar atmospheric tracks of progressive rock with shades of progressive metal. While all three tracks are excellent, Forgotten Land is quite possibly their best track on any album they have...and that includes Volte - Face, the first song I heard from the band. A new Lunatic Soul album is the perfect time to go through my catalog of music with Mariusz Duda on vocals. When listening to any Riverside album, it is evident that there is a great emphasis on creating vibes with layers of piano and mellow passages to set up the heavier moments. This is a formula that works well for them and has created a loyal following over the years. Memories In My Head is no different, and I place it up there with their best albums Second Life Syndrome and Anno Domini High Definition. Riverside always has excellent lyrics, and the vocal performance is one of the main draws to the band. Stellar musicianship, superior vocals, and the excellent compositions make Memories In My Head a must have for Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal fans.
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Posted Monday, October 9, 2017 | Review Permalink
The Crow
5 stars After the stunning Anno Domini High Definition, Riverside managed to reach the quality of their fourth opus with this incredible EP.

Retrieving part of the atmosphere and the soul of Out of Myself but maintaining the complexity and great instrumental skills learned through the years, Riverside gave us a great present in the shape of three songs, a bit more of 30 minutes of pure prog-rock at its best.

Goodbye Sweet Innocence starts with an incredible bass and wonderful guitar melodies, great verses and a powerful instrumental interlude. Is a song in the Out of Myself vein, but with strong 70`s influence. A band's classic in my opinion!

Living in the Past has a rhythmic beginning with keyboards which give way to a wonderful melody of bass and guitar, later accompanied by keyboards again. The verses and chorus are pure genius, while the instrumental part is pure prog-rock which lots of changes, progressions where the whole band shines, specially Lapaj and his wonderful keys around minute 6. And what to say about the section "Even clowns..." Scary, brilliant, genius! The bass after 08:48 introduces another marvelous instrumental section very in the mood of Anno Domini High Definition.

Forgotten Land starts with a melody which in my opinion is a Little homage to John Carpenter! Just listen The Thing or Escape from New York... But after this Little section a piercing bass of Mariusz introduces the melody of another great song which again brings automatically Out of Myself to mind, with an intense vocal interpretation and a very atmospheric ending, delighting the fans of this side of the band.

Conclusion: Memories in my Head is maybe short, but everything is almost perfect. The three songs included here count among the best that the band ever recorded and should be played live in every concert they make. True modern prog-rock classics!

I hope that in the Wasteland tour that they will start after summer they retrieve one or two of this wonderful songs for their performances, because they are a must for every fan of modern progressive rock and should be never forgotten.

Best tracks: the three songs are just great!

My rating: *****

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Posted Friday, July 6, 2018 | Review Permalink

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