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erik neuteboom
5 stars I had very high expectations towards this new Nexus album, due their mindblowing previous studio album entitled Metanoia and their excellent contribution to the 3-CD The Odyssey The Greatest Tale, also featuring bands like Glass Hammer, Tempano, CAP, Simon Says and Minimum Vital. Yesterday evening my wife phoned me on my work that I had finally received their new album, this is the best news I have heard from her since many years!

1. Mirar Hacia El Centro (17:28) : After a dreamy intro with soaring synthesizers, birds sounds and acoustic guitar, suddenly Nexus treats us on a heavy sound featuring sumptuous Hammonnd organ and biting wah-wah guitar, a very exciting opening! Then lots of shifting moods, we can enjoy great Hammond work (Keith Emerson 'rules'!) along a delicate piece with Fender piano and melancholical vocals and aninterlude with fragile guitar and mellow organ.

2. Perpetuum Karma (14:56) : The titletrack is a huge tribute to Keith Emerson with sensational work on Hammond and Moog. Halfway the guitarplayer delivers fiery and howling runs and I also enjoyed the combination of melancholical vocals and the strings sound, very pleasant.

3. Del Abismo Al Sol (9:50) : This is a dreamy song that contains a tasteful keyboard colouring (warm strings, fat Moog flights, Fender piano runs and swinging Hammond), warm vocals and 'freak-out' guitarwork. At some moment the music reminds me of the song Ice by Camel, also very compelling with moving guitarplay!

4. Travesía (9:12) : This alternating and captivating instrumental composition features lots of interesting music, from a swinging rhtyhm with Hammond and a dreamy part with spacey synthesizers to lush Hammond and Moog with propulsive guitar work. The interplay is strong and the build-up great to a beautiful climax featuring a sensitive guitar solo with exciting use of the wah-wah pedal, impressive!

5. Cruces Y Sombras (14:00) : Again a long, alternating an captivating song, from the short intro with an Inca flute sound and a propulsive rhythm with powerful Hammond runs to compelling bombastic prog that carries me to Progheaven, what a wonderful lush keyboards and sensitive guitar.

6. En Ese Viento (6:44) : While most of this album has ELP hints, this track has echoes from mid-Genesis featuring twanging guitars and frequent use of the volume pedal on his guitar. It starts dreamy, than more and more lush featuring a bombastic climax, first with propulsive guitar riffs and biting wah-wah and eventually with wonderful keyboards, again I am in Progheaven!

To me this new Nexus album sounds as splendid Classic Seventies Symphonic Prog inspired music with obvious hints from ELP and Genesis, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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Posted Wednesday, January 17, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars This album is really something serious. The argentineans Nexus have an important horde of followers in Spain from their inclusion in the work Odyssey , the greatest tale, of label Musea and Colossus magazine, fact that origin in that the fans were interested in their previous productions (Detras del umbral, Metanoia and Live At Nearfest 2000). From it, much he has spoken about vocals, and if it were necessary that a lady became position of them, with many different opinions. The certain thing is that Nexus is, at the present time, one of the most important groups of Hispanic speech in rock music (because the load of its music is not single progressive, but that has tons of good rock, always with that so caracteristic and irresistible symphonic approach). Perpetuum Karma indeed demonstrates that Nexus has known to make the things affluent, in this disc the masculine vocals affirm the identity of its music, which continues being populated with images that are given to us without mercy, from madness to calm, from hypnosis to reasoning, altering our states of colossal way. And with class. The music of Perpetuum Karma is fantastic, the keyboards are appropriated our subconscientious one to its taste, between Hammonds, Moogs and Mellotrons, and the guitars, more present in this work for rejoicing of our ears, do not have mercy with our emotions, shake to us in solos loaded of effect wah, put to us in the top and soon leave us floating in a sea of melodic sweetness. The base, in special the work of drummer, demonstrates the good to us that can be interpreted all these sonorous landscapes , doing it to it of luxury in the cuts and breaks by which the music takes them. The lirics I leave myself thinking a long short while. Karma that all we! Advice: Get this album now!!!!. Nexus, once again, indicates the way to us.

Sorry for my english..... From Spain, Alberto Romero.

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Posted Sunday, January 21, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars Excellent album. I believe this one is even better than the previous two albums! Awesome playing, beautiful songwriting, and a very well thought concept.

I saw NEXUS playing live back in September, and I was amazed by their skills as musicians. Lalo Huber and Carlos Lucena are great singers, too! In the beggining, I couldn´t believe that I´ve never heard of them before, even though all NEXUS members were raised quite close to my hometown. Then, they played "Perpetuum Karma" -the second track- and I remember I tought: "Hey! They are like an argentinian version of ELP, I must get Perpetuum Karma!!".

And I wasn´t disappointed at all when Luis Nakamura in person brought me this great piece of art. So, if you like ELP, PFM, Genesis, Yes and the rest of the good old symphonic prog bands from the 70's combined with some really nice melodies and an amazing guitar & keyboard playing, this album is essential.

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Posted Friday, January 26, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars Incredible album. I don't understand the people that rate with one star, sincerely... Nexus is the best south american prog band and one of the three best of the world. Perpetuum Karma is the best Nexus album. I get mine through a little music shop at Los Angeles (I buy the other two albums too) and now i'm very happy with my choice. Thanks to my friend Gary for recommendation!!! These music is superb. I wanna see Nexus playing alive soon! (there are some videos in you tube) The best music, the best band, the best album. Magnific guitars (my gos, what a feeling). keyboards (a monster player) and drums. I dont understand lyrics in spanish, but the booklet contain the translation. I'm a new crazy fan now. Recommended!
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Posted Wednesday, February 21, 2007 | Review Permalink
el böthy
3 stars Nexus is by far Argentina´s most known prog act at the moment...yet the funny thing is, I had never heard of them before I found this site. Actually, Nexus has more fans and success in Europe, specially in Spain, than here in their homeland... what a pitty

Having seen Nexus live in 2005 I was really waiting for Perpetuum Karma´s release, for in that show they played three songs from it (Perpetuum Karma, Travesia and En ese viento I think...thought I might be wrong, but I really think thouse were the ones) and the fisr week it came out here, I bought it. Well, first of all I must tell you, if you ever get the chance to see Nexus live, go and see them, they are very good. Now, the album...

At fisrt I did not like this album, I thought all songs were too long, I hate the singing and I founded it just uninspired... but then you listen to it for a second time, and a third...and a fourth...and you see than you might have been wrong at first. Now I can say that I really like this album, it might not be as good as Metanoia, but it´s certainly a good album. And yes, the songs might be a bit too long for their own sake, but after a few spins this isn´t a problem anymore, and yes the singing might not be Nexus best part, at least not anymore, as Mariela Gonzalez left the band to form the band Atempo, so Carlos Lucena and Lalo Huber had to take over the singing and...well, as backing vocals they might be very good, but they are not lead singers...but after a while you also get used to their voices... but Nexus music is not uninspired!

Now, the music. Nexus has two strong points: the guitars and specially the keys. Lecena and Huber, although no virtuosos, are two fine players which really make Nexus stand out from the rest of some Argentinian bands, just like Crucis (Argentina´s most prolific and successful prog act from the ´70). But, they do have a weak point also: the drumming. Luis Nakamura is not up there with the rest of the band, as he is a very limitated drummer, but well, it´s not always that all musicians are masters of their instrument, so why should this be a problem, as long as Nakamura doesn´t play out of time? Well I tell you... Nakamura uses the smallest kit (and I don´t mean small cause there are not enough drums or no double bass-drum, I mean his kit is tiny, almoust from little children)...and one really must ask, why? I see no explanation, cause it´s not like he gets a different or better sound of it, in fact the sound of the drums are weak, there is no power... what a shame...

The songs go from very good to "so so", but there is no real bad song... but no masterpiece for that matter either. The best songs might be the epic "Mirar hacia el centro", with Huber and Lucena playing wonderful riffs and that very catchy kind of melancholic chorus, "Del abismo al sol" is a mellow track with gentle guitar works that, although being almoust 10 minutes long, passes very rapidly and "En ese viento", a sad song with a great acoustic riff and ...good vocals! Yes, thats cause the band asked someone else to sing here: Lito Marcello, and one says...why doesn´t he sing all the songs? Well, it´s fine the way it is anyway. The "worst" songs (which as I said aren´t really bad at all) are "Perpetuum Karma", maybe not that bad, but to name the album after this uneven track might make it a bit worst jejeje and "Cruces y sombras" an unnesesary long song (14 minutes) that could use more power than what it has (specially the drums and guitars).

This is a fine album, no masterpiece, not their best, but it´s great anyways, Highly recommended for thouse vintage keyboard lovers!

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Posted Wednesday, February 21, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars The best Nexus album!!!! Reading the precedent review (a strange review.....very ciclotimic....some jealous, sorry) I think that Nexus is more popular in Europe due to some argentineans fans attitude, but, well..... In these album the guitars of Carlos Lucena are supreme!!!!! Always. The keyboardist Lalo Huber is one of the best players actually, and the drummer Luis Nakamura sounds very creative and powerfull (the drumkit is not important, believe me). The bassist is a correct player. The music is fantastic. And Nexus is a "actually" band. A "present" band. Not only a sad memory. The voices are very good for the songs (Please, stop with cry for Mariela, it is enough of Mariela's widows....) and sounds very inspired for me. I don't like the others albums so much, due to female vocals...and now the stuff is perfect, perfect for me. I love the sound in this album. Its a really perfect studio work. People, get the album now. If you are a Prog Metal fan, maybe not a good choice...(?), hehe. The music in Perpetuum Karma is Symphonic Progressive Rock. I'm waiting for a Nexus show at California. I'm waiting for more music of this band. Perpetuum Karma is so far the best Nexus album, and one of the most important of the last 10 years. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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Posted Thursday, February 22, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars A masterpiece. The spirit of 70's in a box, but today. Great keyboards and guitars. Powerfull drums and bass. Smooth voices (i like this Floyd's style, its better than a female lead singer) Certainly, a progressive party. Symphonic Prog Rock (not Neo-Prog). I found nice influences of Yes, ELP and PFM (what influences!!!). These guys know what means MUSIC. The second Nexus album, Metanoia, was my favorite for years. Now, Perpetuum Karma is the must. Five stars. Minimum. Recommended!!!!!
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Posted Wednesday, February 28, 2007 | Review Permalink
2 stars 2.5 Stars

Good musicianship and good Hammond organ playing can't save a musically uninspired album with mediocre vocals.

I do not understand this album. I was expecting something as moving and brilliant from my country like "Crucis" but all I got was an overlong album that seems to have the same sound in the whole duration of it. that sound is a mixture of ELP, Marillion, and Genesis

The music overall is a bit uptempo with electric guitar and hammond organs being at the top, playing uninspired melodies/solos and sounding completely calculated and cold. In fact, the whole album to me sounds cold and doesn't move me in any way. The rhythm section is adequate and the bass guitar does have a nice thick sound, but the drumming doesn't convey much power at all and is generally weak and dull. the vocals are nothing great, it seems like a bunch of secondary vocalists singing all at the same time because their lead singer left. Now that I described the individual musicians, I want to explain why the music fails (in my opinion) because of reasons other than musicianship. Many songs are very long, which can usually be a positive aspect in an album. However, it is not the case here. Since the music sounds similar throughout the whole album (which I repeat: is longer than it should be), the songs can get very tedious to listen to. The songs sound like a bunch of ideas and jams glued into one song, in which some themes and melodies sound like something I've heard before. Also, the music sounds a bit unpolished and weak harmonically speaking.

Mirar Hacia El Centro is a solid (if unspectacular) epic going through many changes, with its strong ELP sound that will continue throughout the album Perpetuum Karma is a bit of an uneven song that sounds like a medley of musical ideas. One keyboard melody at minute 5 is probably one of the only things I can remember after finishing the album, but its corniness (can I use that word?) makes it a bad thing. Del Abismo Al Sol is a pleasant soft song with good guitar playing, including what I think is the best guitar solo in the album. The song is a bit longer than it should have been, but it is one of the better tracks here. Travesia is a deceent ELP-sounding song, but it doesn't sound too different from the first 2 tracks. Cruces y Sombras has a different musical structure, sounding more like a huge song rather than a medley of jams and musical themes. Well ... that makes it the worst track of the album! It is a hugely repetitive song that sounds like stuff from the rest of the album and the main rhythmic theme that just makes me think of a poor Apocalypse in 9/8 wanna be (Genesis - Supper's ready). To my surprise, the choruses in minute 3 sound like something coming from "Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota", a legendary 80s rock band from Argentina. En Ese Viento is a surprisingly effective semi-acoustic ballad that manages to not sound cold, but also sound a bit refreshing and different. I quite like it and is probably my favorite tune here.

In my opinion, there is not much to enjoy here. It's a regressive rock album that tries to play like the prog rock giants (especially Marillion and ELP), but is not as good as any of them bands that influenced Nexus in this album. As a result, the final product is an uninspired derivative work with no innovation.

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Posted Saturday, March 24, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars This album was the best buy make for the last five years. Full of great music, with male vocals, fantastic keyboards, incredible guitars and a very very solid rythm section. Totally symphonic. Totally progressive. I can't explain my surprise...This band really ROCKS in 2006!!!! From Argentina!!!! My God!!!! A great album, believe me. One of the best albums of the last decade (entire world). Buy this album. Without doubt. Its a really shock. Recommended. Wow! I love this band.
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Posted Monday, March 26, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars An impressive album. Full of wonder music. Nexus is the best south american band and Perpetuum Karma is the best album recorded for the band. Real Symphonic Progressive Rock. Nexus is the only international band from Argentina. The band sings in spanish, but the cover contain the lyrics in english. My favourite song is Mirar hacia el centro. Very close in my taste we have Travesia, Cruces y sombras and Del abismo al sol. The "song" of the album is En ese viento, with fantastic vocals by a guest Lito Marcello. The song Perpetuum Karma is a rock party. Recommended.
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Posted Tuesday, March 27, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars Is graceful the way in which some fans Argentine criticize maliciously to a band of their own single earth by envies. Alive in France and here Nexus it is a very great and popular band within the progressive rock. Have approximately been buying this album for a month and I cannot let listen to it since then. My opinions are totally opposite to spilled recently here, in a review. Nothing in this disc lacks inspiration, the music of Nexus takes a fresh turn and adds new colors to already known the band. The songs are not for anything tedious and the result of all the album is very dynamic. They are not let take by you criticize destructive. Single they compare the percentages. Today some reviewers think to be more important that the musicians, in aim. Something but to add? Yes. Buy this album and prepair to enjoy. From France Gerard
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Posted Wednesday, March 28, 2007 | Review Permalink
4 stars Forget the Neo-Prog tag, this is pure symphonic prog.

I didn't really have high expectations of this album, even though it had a high rating. I must tell you, this is good stuff, really good.

Why this is called neo-prog I don't understand, probably has something to do with their earlier work (that I do not know by the way). This has everything that symphonic prog has, especially the lush keyboards come to mind (hammond, moog and mellotron!) and also the dynamic changes of the music, not to mention the song lenghts of epics (the shortest song clocking in at 6.44).

This is music by talented musicians as is obvious and has only two things that could be seen as flaws. One could say that the music is overlong and too stretched, and I partially agree on that, but hey whenever we get an album that's over an hour long we should be happy and not complain right?

The second complaint are the vocals, and on this one I agree. They are mediocre, the singer have a weak voice that gets drowned by the music. Maybe they would've been better of without these vocals, but don't worry, the vocals aren't that bad either.

I haven't really payed attention to the lyric, they're in Spanish, and even though I can understand them I do not consider them important in this release. It's all about the music here, as roughly 50% of the music is vocalless (if not more).

Great effort from the Argentinian band Nexus. If you like symphonic, dynamic and mostly instrumental music, then this is heavily recommended.

Now that I've heard this I'm looking forward to their other albums!

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Posted Thursday, March 29, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars Certainly, this is Symphonic Prog Rock, not Neo-Prog. I have the other two Nexus studio albums (fantastic albums!), but now I think that Perpetuum Karma is "the must". The band obtein here the synthesis of the symphonic prog music. The best keyboards in the world today, by far. An expressive, melodic and wild guitar (the wah solos!!!!) and very imaginative drums. The bassist performing is some poor for that music, but don't worry, no problem with that. The vocals are good for me. Lucena and Huber (guitar and keyboards) are not lead singers, but his intention is good, very good. Nexus dont needs an "incredible singer". Nexus is actually one of the best bands of the entire world and Perpetuum Karma is the best album of the band. In three words.....Buy this album.
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Posted Monday, April 2, 2007 | Review Permalink
Symphonic Prog Team
5 stars Since I first heard "Perpetuum Karma," I have been trying to wrap my head around a review for it. It has wowed me on many levels, but how to explain it? As we often say in Buddhism, words fall short. But, I will make an attempt anyway.

To me it is a prime example of a talented prog band staying true to the classics, without sounding too derivative. It's not all old school, they have incorporated many modern elements as well. However, if you are looking something that screams Argentina, this isn't it. If the lyrics weren't sung in Spanish, you would think Nexus comes from Europe, or North America.

"Mirar hacia el centro" lulls you into a false sense of security by beginning with some birdcalls. When the guitar starts, you know you are in for a ride. And a ride is what you get. This is modern prog epic territory (they even dabble in a bit of Spock's Beard's realm). It is grand, sweeping, changes up, and has a bit of an overall menacing feel. This is great stuff, and a perfect choice for an album opener.

Where most bands would let you off the hook after such a beginning, these guys get right back to it on the title track. This one is clearly in E.L.P. mode. However, they do play around a bit. One section gets a little jazzy, and I'd swear the guitar part is right out of the Jeff Beck playbook. This is another big epic, and another big success.

We finally get some relief with "Del Abismo al Sol." This is a cool, mellow number (not exactly short though). More jazz influence, and more Jeff Beck style guitar. It's a perfect palate cleanser.

The rest of the album holds the same promise and quality. It would take too much time, and space to go into detail on it all. This also indicates one of the drawbacks to "Perpetuum Karma." It is very long, and does get a little repetitive. I say so what. I never turn it off, nor do I get bored with it.

This is modern prog at its best. It may not have the most original sound, but it is darn good music. Impassioned playing, complex structures, grandiose themes, blistering guitars, masterful keyboards, nuance, everything a true proghead loves. If this sounds like your kind of thing, do yourself a favor and get this album.

H.T. Riekels

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Posted Wednesday, April 11, 2007 | Review Permalink
1 stars Mirar Hacia El Centro" starts with keyboards and heavy guitar. At time 7:00 the song calms down and (male)vocals join in. Note, Mariela Gonzalez is gone and that's sad, because the male voice cannot compete to her, not even close. At 11:30 the song changes again to keyboard oriented instrumental. For an over 17 minutes song it cannot keep up the interest - it doesn't have enough to offer. The song is actually 17 minutes of uninspired organ soloing! 2½ stars.

"Perpetuum Karma" - a 15 minutes organ solo, self repetitive annoying organ solo! Near the end there's a vocal gap that grants a short relief from that keyboard player. Certainly the weakest track. 1 stars.

"Del Absimo Al Sol" is a beautifulish "gilmour" ballad, but again: too long and uninspired. The good thing is, keyboards doesn't ruin this song. 2 stars.

"Travesia" is just another organ solo. Wah! Certainly almost weaker and more annoying than "Perpetuum Karma"! 1 star.

"Cruces Y Sombras" continues the hammond/keyboard thing in a manner that when "En Ese Viento" arrives, the listener is so pissed off, that he hangs himself. 1 and 1,5 stars.

If you survive listening to this record, i'll promise, you'll hate Lalo Huber (the keyboard player) for the rest of your life. Hope, you don't begin to hate organs, for that's possible too.

There's 3 important things Nexus should do immediately: 1. Kick Lalo Huber out, Fast! He thinks he's the newborn Bach or Organ God or something and I've never heard weaker and more naive player. 2. Hire Mariela Gonzales back. 3. Stop marketing their albums by mass-posting praising reviews all over the internet.

Make yourself a favor: Don't ever listen to this record, it may cause you to hate organs and synths and all keyboards.

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Posted Monday, April 30, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars Hahaha!!! Probably Lalo Huber stoles the Prophet girlfriend, hahaha!!!!! Hey, Huber is actually the best keyboard player in prog rock. What do you want??? Inexpressive pads??? Funny synths???? Dont like Hammond???? mmmmm....Hammond is the principal keyboard for that music. OK. Still you can offer this album like a gift to a really prog fan. For me, Perpetuum Karma is a masterpiece. Keyboards and god!!!! The good taste, this is good taste. The songs are really longs, Prog Rock...not Alternative music!!! I received this album togheter with the experimental Bs As Free Experience and a lot of argentinean albums. Nexus is one of the best today. Conclusion: a really masterwork. The best Nexus studio album. Recommended.
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Posted Thursday, June 7, 2007 | Review Permalink
4 stars It strikes me that the opinion about this album is extremely varied. The opinions vary very much between 1 and 5 stars, hardly ever this extreme. Count me in for the 4 or 5 stars. I think this is great compositional material which is also very nicely executed. I will definitely acquire some more of this band. This is my first by this band and looking at the averages they made even better albums. The first thing I got to know by Nexus was on the terrific Odyssey 3 double release in which they played a part. I thought they were very impressive on that one so reason to check them out some more. They didn't disappoint me at all with this album that is characterizd by equableness in quality. All songs are great, though I prefer the longer ones and especially the title track.

All in all a fantastic effort by Nexus which causes a familiair problem to me, do I give 4 or 5 stars ? I feel I have to give some room to superlatives in future reviews for this band. So I give 4 but as I said it's 4.5.

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Posted Wednesday, November 14, 2007 | Review Permalink
1 stars Well, what we have here? This music could be imagined via Jethro Tull: Take a Tull album Thick as a Brick and listen to its organ playing. Every now and then there's a simple organ playing dibbe dibbe dibedi dibbe... if I may say so :) Right. Now imagine that there's an album that's full of that organ. From the very beginning to the far ( and I mean very far) end. Dibbe dibbe dibedi dibbe... To be honest, I have never ever heard enything so annoying than this! Not even close! Dibbe dibbe dibedi dibbe... When you start playing this record you soon realize that this is all about playing an organ. At first five minutes it seems to be just fine, but when it just continues and continues... it soon begins to piss you off and you start to hope the ending of it, but it just continues... I really enjoyed the previous recors of this band - many thanks to female singer, which we do not hear on this record. Instead there's a male singer that cannot be compared to her voice and singing technique. One star for this record is too much.
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Posted Sunday, November 18, 2007 | Review Permalink
4 stars I didn't know this album, neither the argentine group at all; so i must openly "mercy" a reviewer who, not so long ago, put it to the attention; really a beautiful album, "a capite usque ad pedem", but I highly reccomend the final part of the opening track "Mirar hacia el centro", and the second tracks ("Perpetul Karma") as a good exemplification: very gorgeous keyboards, at times reminding (at least to me) Orme "Felona e Sorona", PFM and EL&P, or Genesis "Wind and Wuhering", but the spectre of the musical stresses are wider; a drumming, surely not impressionist, but very "millimetric", or "de justesse"; the vocal section seemed to me not irresistible, but it is very marginal. Honest the guitar section. Four stars without any remorse.
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Posted Friday, November 23, 2007 | Review Permalink
Honorary Collaborator
4 stars Practically, I did not pay enough attention to Nexus since my first experience having the signed copy of their debut album dated back in 1999. I knew that the band has good potentials in the future as I could see on the roots of their music that in my opinion is close to being a neo progressive rock similar with the like of (Early) Marillion, Pallas, IQ, Pendragon, Camel. And now recently I got this album with me which impressed me even the first time I spun it.

This third album, in my opinion, scores fairly high on musical composition as well as performance. I have seen major improvement in keyboard and drums departments. Bass guitar also good. When I talk about prog composition, it comprises five major factors: melody, harmonies, complexity, change of style and structural integrity. Almost all of the songs contained here in this album have good to excellent scores on melody line, i.e. whether or not they are catchy to our ears. On harmonies I can hear a pretty good balance of instruments being used and they move quite well from one segment to another. Sometimes the harmonies produced in this album create an intriguing question: what these guys are gonna do with the next? It's so interesting. For example right now I am listening to the ending part of the impressive opening track that demonstrates great intertwining roles of bass guitar and multi-layered keyboard. Fabulous! On complexity, this album is like ELP but in a bit simpler composition. This makes me so excited with the way how the keyboards lead the music with its innovative notes and chords. The album also offers excellent change of styles from one segments to another where the transition pieces have been managed quite well by the boys in the band. Last but not least, the structural integrity of each song as well as the whole album is cohesive enough so that the listeners do not get confused with the kinds of music Nexus is playing.

When ELP plays neo prog

The first time I listened to 'Mirar hacia el centro' (17:28) I was really impressed with the way how dynamics the song is in terms of frequent changes of style as well as harmonies provided by keyboards, bass as well as guitar. This opening track that mean 'Looking into Center' (using DR. Google translation). The track starts with an ambient, spacey, keyboard work accompanied with acoustic guitar fills and sounds of birds using keyboard sound effects. It suddenly turns out to be an energetic music blast that may remind you as, probably, a progressive metal track. It'so dynamic and so symphonic. The keyboard, bass, and drums make significant roles in this opening part. It then moves dynamically from one segment to another using guitar solo - which is stunning. The bass guitar provides solid basslines that reminds me to Graeme Murray of Pallas fame. But the keyboard really remind me to ELP! It's so captivating, I tell you! If you love old skool symphonic prog you must love this opening track. The track has a very long instrumental part while the vocal part takes at the ending part.

The same impression I experience with another excellent track that follows: 'Perpetuum Karma' (14:56). It follows similar pattern where it starts with an ambient keyboard work in Keith Emerson style, it's very interesting indeed. The Hammond-like sound brings the music with keyboard solo in eastern nuance. The way the keyboard is played reminds me to Jon Lord's solo albums. Guitar also provides fills during transition pieces. The style of the music reminds me to ELP's 'Fanfare for The Common Man'. If you love keyboard-drenched composition, this is definitely for you. For me personally, there must be rooms for the guitar to take part. It only happens shortly when the track reaches minute 8. But the keyboard is toomuch. 'Del abismo al sol' (9:50) is a mellow track that moves pretty slowly where the keyboard plays at background and lets the guitar takes part as lead melody. The song moves up gradually with vocal line even thoug not reaching the upbeat style. Guitar is now given a chance to perform the solo part. I am not quite impressed with this track as it's too slow for my taste, I don't have the patience to wait waht's going to happen next.

'Travesía' (9:12) brings the music back to form. with another great demonstration of keyboard solo combined with dynamic drumming and solid basslines. 'Cruces y Sombras' (14:00) starts with flute-sound and it moves gradually in symphonic style and moves dynamically with Hammond organ work backed with solid basslines. 'En ese viento' (6:44) concludes the album with a combination of acoustic guitar and keyboard work as intro. This time the guitar provides howling guitar sounds like Hackett.

Overall, this is an excellent album that is worth investing. Keep on proggin' ...!

Peace on earth and mercy mild - GW

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Tarcisio Moura
4 stars it took me quite a long time to get Perpetuum Karma. After all, Angentina´s best known prog act of today had lost their charismatic singer Mariela Gonzales and many people claimedt they could never beat their previous CD Metanoia. Well, I was not all that fond of Metanoia, a good album indeed, but not that great in my opinion. But I read some glowing reviews about Perptuum Karma and I was really tempted to get it chance. Thank god I did! It´s really outstannding!

The group has done a fine job mixing old school symphonic prog (in the vein of ELP, mainly) with some more modern elements. The resulting album is highly successful in bringing a music that is at the same time highly familiar and still quite unique. Those guys were quite inspired and the playing is simply terrific. Ok, it is not an easy listening album. It takes some time to really sink in. But there is no way to deny their incredible musicanship, their tasteful arrangements and strong songwriting. The vocals are the only weak part of this CD, but I guess they wanted it that way: soft and warm, and not very much. Besides, with a musical tapestry like that, vocals are almost unnecessary. This is mostly an instrumental album.

I really love the way they use the Hammond organ (strong Keith Emerson influence, of course) and Carlos Lucena guitar work is just superb. The rhythm section is also very good providing a great support to the mains instruments. The production is very good with a very well balanced sound that captures well their classic style through today´s studio facilities and advantages. It´s over 70 minutes long, but it won´t bore you a second!

If you´re into classic symphonic prog of the 70´s, this is a must have. Perpetuum Karma is great musical trip. I think it surpassed easily their earlier effords, good as those CDs were. Final rating, something between 4 and 4,5 stars. Highly recommended.

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Mellotron Storm
4 stars NEXUS are one of my favourite South American bands so it's about time I reviewed another one of their albums, especially since it's been well over 3 years since I reviewed "Metanoia". I still remember sitting in my truck listening to "Metanoia" in a parking lot in November of 2006 and being overwelmed by how powerful it was. The organ and various keyboards were simply outstanding. This is the follow-up to that amazing album and I really feel that "Perpetuum Karma" is just as good although a little different as the female singer has left being replaced by a male vocalist. All last week everytime I played this cd I had a smile on my face. It's just a gorgeous sounding record.

I'm going to use the English song titles provided. First up is "To Look Towards The Center" the longest song at 17 1/2 minutes. Nature sounds begin the journey before piano and synths join in followed by acoustic guitar. It becomes surprisingly heavy before 1 1/2 minutes including a good dose of mellotron. Powerful outbursts come and go then the guitar lights it up. Some chunky bass 3 minutes and check out the organ. It settles 7 minutes in with piano then vocals for the first time. The tempo continues to shift. I really like the atmosphere with guitar before 13 1/2 minutes. Beautiful. It kicks back in and this sounds gorgeous too. Organ is back 16 minutes in with a strong rhythm section. What a song ! "Perpetuum Karma" is spacey to open but the organ and drums soon change that. Great sound 2 1/2 minutes in. Amazing ! Mellotron before 7 minutes as the sound continues to change and evolve. Some nice relaxed guitar followed by vocals after 10 1/2 minutes. The Gilmour-like guitar is great a minute later. Some wicked organ follows.

"From The Abyss To The Sun" is orchestral sounding as picked guitar comes in. Percussion too. Vocals 3 1/2 minutes as the synths cry out. Some nice guitar work 7 minutes in. "Journey" is led by the organ and drums early. Synths join in then it settles after 1 1/2 minutes. It eventually picks back up. Check out the organ and bass around 5 minutes. "Crosses And Shadows" is just a joy to listen to. Flute to start before synths take over. Drums 1 1/2 minutes in as it builds. Then it settles in with a drum / organ melody. Nice. Vocals join in. What a fantastic sound ! "In That Wind" opens with acoustic guitar as synths and some atmosphere come in.It's fuller a minute in. Vocals follow. Beautiful, just beautiful. Lots of synths when the vocals stop then the guitar takes a turn. Mellotron before the vocals return.

I don't know how anyone could give this less than 4 stars, but then again we all don't have the same tastes. This kind of music makes it all worthwhile.

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5 stars I feel the same way as other colleagues here : it is their best outing ! This CD is a 'must', in the sense that it has excellent prog-qualities : epics that are different, very complex music construction, themes that are well developed as you recognize them back in the late parts of a track, a very good sound and power associated with it. Also, guitar & keyboards are 'huge' here ! It also has a supplemental 'plus' : the female singer of the two previous CD's is not there !

I must also add that this CD is mostly oriented on the music, as very few lyrics are performed. For example, singing begins at the 7th minute on track-1, and at the 10th minute mark on track-2. It is designed around music alone and that's what I love about this Nexus album. No distraction, no fooling around. Rhythmic parts are also very complex and diverse, exactly as we like it in prog music. You have more than 70 minutes of greatness. You have a lot for your prog-money ! An area where this CD is distinguished from the other Nexus' albums for me, is that I can listen to it time after time, I discover new interesting moments. Those marks are characteristics of an essential prog-album. Also, every track is excellent; there is no weak part. Sometimes in other CD's, we encounter 2-3 tracks that have nothing interesting, as opposed to very solid epics, and the overall note goes to around 4/5. Not here !

If you like an intricate relationship between guitar & keyboard, where the players are exceptional musicians, this CD is for you. It is very keyboard-oriented, and everything around gives a super-general impression, with a powerful sound because of the bass and the rhythms.

I would say something at about 4,7 or 4,8. Rounded gives a perfect 5 !

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Honorary Collaborator
4 stars Let me begin by admitting: I did not particularly care for the voice of Mariele Gonzales. My introduction to NEXUS was on the Coossus/Musea Records collaborative effort entitled "Odyssey: The Greatest Tale." Their contribution to "Odyssey" was one of the three or four best. So, I started going back into their other music. "Metanoia" came first. I was so turned off by the vocals that I did not pursue any further for two years. Then I read the reviews of "Perpetuum" and decided to try it. My first impression was less than favorable: too bombastic (the same reason I've never been able to get into ELP). Over the past few months I have given "Perpetuum several dedicated listens (it takes 70 minutes of attentive listening). I am now won over. I am truly impressed with and full of praise for Lalo Huber's keyboard work and with the guitar playing of Carlos Lucena. Huber may be the most impressive keyboard player in current prog rock. The songs sometimes go on without making any truly memorable melodies or themes (thus, the "symphonic" label it truly deserves), and the drums do somehow feel somehow weak (especially in comparison to the keys and gtrs), but I like the vocals (what little there are). I love the "En ese viento" and "Del abismo al sol" (5 stars each), very much enjoy the first two songs, "Mirar hacia el centro" and the title song (the 'Emerson tribute'), "Perpetuum Karma" and "Cruces y sombres" (4 stars each). Which leaves, IMO, only one weak song.

An excellent addition to any prog lovers' music collection.

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4 stars Nexus is without hesitation one of the most popular and respected prog rock bands from South America in last almost 2 decades. They really become to conquer the world with their second offer Metanoia from 2001, that album show big potential and excellnt songwritting. The third album comes after almost 5 years silence face previous one (ok, they had some contribution in compilation The Odyssey The Greatest Tale in 2005, relase a live album in 2002) is named Perpetuum karma issued in spring of 2006. Well, the music remaining on same coordinates as on Metanoia, with bombastic passages, great duels between musicins, excellent songwritting, the only thing different is the voice, no more Maria Gonzalez here, she had a perfect voice for such music, now we have Lito Marcello, who has a pleasent voice but not really at same level with the music or with previous voice, but he done an admiirable job in the end. As I said, Nexus music is symphonic prog, quite complex, long pieces, lush arrangements where the keyboards have an important role Lalo Hubers excursions on keyboards is in places impressive (many times remind me of Keith Emerson), Hacketian guitar parts captivating passages, change of moods and overall a well performed release. Maybe not as solid as Metanoia, I do still prefere Metanoia more, Perpetuum karma is a very solid and well crafted pieces of prog rock. The highlights are , the instrumental Travesía, is a spedndid 9 min tune full of captivating and spontenous changes of climate, excellent musicinship , a real treat for symphonic prog listners, another top notch track is the opening Mirar hacia el centro , the longest tune from the album and maybe the most complex one, this is Nexus at their best for sure. All in all Nexus is one hell of a great band they have all to be one of the next legends in their field, with Metanoia and Perpetuum karma they proved and show that they need attention big time. 4 stars for sure

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Honorary Collaborator
3 stars For five years Nexus would be absent from studio discography and there were some serious reasons for the fact.First came the departure of Mariela Gonzales, who struggled working with a band with long, instrumental parts.She went to join fellow mates Atempo in 2002.Then Daniel Ianniruberto became pretty busy, producing the first album of a young band named Amagrama.Meanwhile the members were working on their new, own recording studio and had accepted the invitation for producing a true epic piece (''El regreso'') for Musea's 2005 compilation ''Odyssey: The greatest tale''.It was the first new piece recorded by Nexus for almost four years, soon to be followed by their third studio album ''Perpetuum Karma'' in 2006.The band had recruited Lito Marcello to take care of the album's vocal parts.

With each work Nexus become more and more ambitious, but this time they also sound more mature and balanced as a group of musicians.72 minutes of grandiose Symphonic Rock and containing only six tracks, you guessed right, three of them are 14 minutes or longer.The compositions are simply great, finally the band had transformed a full potential to reality and every single minute on this album has something interesting to offer.They are still grounded in the E.L.P./RICK WAKEMAN school of Symphonic Rock with an ARENA atmosphere at moments and the album is dominated by multi-layered synthesizers and powerful Hammond organ with limited contribution by Huber on piano and Mellotron.But after three studio albums they found the way to create monumental Progressive Rock, filtering the vintage influences and adding the right dose of modern stylings.So, the basic elements of these epics are Huber's tormenting organ showering, the ability to produce dramatic passages, the alternation between heavier and smoother climates and the good calibration on electric guitars.The result is now convinving, the pieces contain a fair amount of interesting melodies and some cool synth flights with an ethereal color, but the band never forgets the 70's and the big influence of KEITH EMERSON, fullfilling the dreams of all worldwide organ lovers.The music becomes often powerful, nervous and cinematic, but the new balance displays also some impressive downfalls into dreamy and atmospheric textures.Maybe the album is only a bit too long, while Marcello's vocals are rather colorless with no particular contribution to the upgraded sound of the band.

From good Symphonic Rock Nexus rise towards first-class priorities.Even if they do not sound personal or groundbreaking, ''Perpetuum Karma'' is a great addition for all fans of keyboard colors and symphonic-based listening experiences.Strongly recommended...3.5 stars.

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