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Formed in Boston, Massachusetts, USA in 2005

ELDER is a 3 piece heavy psych band from Boston. It's a work in progress who continues to meld the familiar sounds os Sleep's colossal riffage with their ever-evolving vision of soaring melodies and sonic soundscapes. The music is on the line between classic stoner metal and psychedelia. Since the release in 2010 of their second album "Dead Roots Stirring", the band has continued to push their sound in more dynamic and inspiring directions, while still holding true their original heavy approach.


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Gold & Silver SessionsGold & Silver Sessions
Blues Funeral Record 2019
$11.22 (used)
Reflections Of A Floating WorldReflections Of A Floating World
STIMA 2017
$16.62 (used)
$14.89 (used)

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3.82 | 11 ratings
3.93 | 14 ratings
Dead Roots Stirring
4.03 | 30 ratings
3.85 | 55 ratings
Reflections Of A Floating World

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4.50 | 4 ratings
Live at Roadburn

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3.83 | 6 ratings
Spires Burn/Release
3.08 | 5 ratings
The Gold & Silver Sessions

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 The Gold & Silver Sessions by ELDER album cover Singles/EPs/Fan Club/Promo, 2019
3.08 | 5 ratings

The Gold & Silver Sessions
Elder Heavy Prog

Review by TCat
Collaborator Eclectic Team

3 stars Elder is a Heavy Prog band from Boston, Massachusetts, formed in 2005. Typically their music has some psychedelic aspects but remains on the heavy side creating a stoner rock vibe. They have released 4 full length albums since 2008. In July of 2019, the band released this EP called "The Gold and Silver Sessions". Made up of 3 tracks, the total run time is almost 32 minutes. The current line up consists of dual guitarists Nicholas DiSalvo and Mike Risberg, bassist Jack Donovan and drummer Mike Risberg. The EP is available on vinyl, CD and digitally.

The aim of the band on this EP was to create a more experimental album in the way of mostly improvised psychedelic jams in order to express their development as a band. The claim of the album is that it thus follows the band members musical style into new directions.

"Illusory Motion" starts out the EP with a 10 minute track. A drone-like layer anchors the track as shimmering guitars play over the top supported by a moderate and steady rhythm. The chilled atmosphere continues, but the guitars come to the fore more as the track goes on, thickening their strummed and jangly sounds There are heavenly vibe-like notes that twinkle like stars among the improvising lines of the guitars. A sudden increase of heaviness erupts in the 7th minute, and the stoner vibe is suddenly quite apparent in this previously psych-only jam. This is the wake up call that the track needs at this point and the guitars churn up quite an uproar before the track finishes.

"Im Morgengrauen" is the shortest of the three tracks staying below the 5 minute mark. The track begins with uncredited keys and sustained synths before the rhythm and the guitars come in. This one develops into a nice, dreamy jam kept down to earth by the keyboards, but mostly headed by dynamic guitar work.

"Weißensee" is the final track and is made up of a several bits and pieces of a solo album that DiSalvo was working on. This 18 minute track starts off with a repeating pattern that develops the rhythm section's base for the first part of the track while guitars softly shimmer along. As it continues, it is as if someone is slowly adding sounds into the mix, just like the one-eyed creature on the album cover slowly pouring and testing new ingredients to his overall mixture just to see what he can create. The jam sounds a lot like the free flowing music of Phish in a concert setting. Melodic, yet improvised guitar phrases play along with the repeating background, Then after the 6 minute mark, the backdrop becomes heavier with a solid beat. The music takes on a more space rock-like vibe as the guitars become scratchier and slowly heavier. After a long jam section, after 14 minutes, the background drops out and we are left with celestial sounding synths underlying the shimmering guitars, but those guitars even fade away and are replaced with an organ playing a stately melody. Suddenly there is a loud crash of drums and loud guitars that turn this into the heavy feeling of their past endeavors, reminding you that after all, they are a Heavy band trying out their hands in a psychedelic jam setting. This last portion of the track gives the end of the EP a huge dose of life in the form of loud guitars and wild drums.

This EP is definitely quite different from their previous full length album which had a much heavier and stoner-like vibe to it, thus living up to their Heavy Prog designation, but this EP is all instrumental and more like a space rock album, especially with the long ending track, which is definitely the central track. However, it's more free floating vibe doesn't necessarily void out the other two tracks, which are distinct and interesting enough to stand on their own. I actually like the feel of the first two tracks more as the final track becomes somewhat repetitive in its long jam structure, which eventually gets saved by it's loud ending. Those that loved the previous heaviness of the last album however can look forward to a new full length album that is slated to be dropped sometime in 2019, but this EP makes for a nice break from that, and also gives the artists a chance to throw their name into the ring as being one of the many bands venturing into the psychedelic/space rock genre this year. There is nothing really that is innovative on this album, but for some great, mostly laid back jamming, this EP is very well done.

 Lore by ELDER album cover Studio Album, 2015
4.03 | 30 ratings

Elder Heavy Prog

Review by javajeff

4 stars This is insanely good stuff. I bought the albums on Bandcamp, and have been listening to them together in one sitting. They are absolutely addicting. There is a high level of instrumentation, maybe 80/20 to the vocals, but I never feel bored in any way. Their sound is a grungy, psychedelic, spacey, perpetual jam that just ropes you in. They provide much of the same enjoyment of bands like King Crimson, Motorpsycho, or even Hawkwind, where the instrumentation can keep you entertained while you relax, work, exercise, or wash dishes. Nick's vocals remind me of a Jane's Addiction type of sound with a higher pitch tone, and they fit the music well. Elder Lore is probably the best place to start, but you cannot go wrong with any of them. I look forward to their next release. Head over to Bandcamp and see if they do not rope you in too.
 Reflections Of A Floating World by ELDER album cover Studio Album, 2017
3.85 | 55 ratings

Reflections Of A Floating World
Elder Heavy Prog

Review by BrufordFreak
Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

4 stars Hailing from Boston, these heavy proggers toe an almost-grungy LED ZEPPELIN line as they jam along--never less than eight minutes. The band has great ideas, great aspirations, and a great sound, however, I see room for growth: more sophistication, more diversity in singing styles (or voices), and maybe even some improvement in recording engineering (bringing things more forward in the mix.

1. "Sanctuary" (11:14) opens with a delightful chunky heaviness that is lost a little during guitar soloing--a midsection that sounds a LOT like a cross between 1970s LED ZEPPELIN and THIN LIZZY. The vocals could be a little stronger, more prominent. (8.5/10)

2. "The Falling Veil" (11:13) opens with some gentle "get to know me" front-porch guitar picking before the song leaps into full gear in a SEVEN IMPALE and LED ZEPPELIN way. The spacious, "far away" effect on the vocal is more appropriate for this heavy rocker. I LOVE the soft, down section in the eighth minute and the Mellotron-drenched section that follows. This song just keeps better the longer it plays! Reminds me a lot of the power and talent of GHOST MEDICINE's Jared Leach. (9/10)

3. "Staving Off Truth "(10:18) beautiful opening before bursting into a djenty tour de force at 1:15. By the time the vocals join in, the song has settled into a kind of ALICE IN CHAINS sound and feel. Awesome! Another awesome down tempo section begins at the end of the fifth minute and turns into a cool YES/ALLMAN BROTHERS section thanks to the pedal steel guitar. Around 6:30 things revert back to the AinC style/sound only with a less insistent vocal, but then at 7:03 things shift into a brief two-guitar picking distant drum section before amping back up into the heavier stuff (again reminding me of a heavier THIN LIZZY). Nice drumming on display on this one! (9/10)

4. "Blind" (13:24) opens with the sound so mucked up that I thought something was wrong with my headphones' connection the first time I heard it. But after about half a minute the "joke" is played out and the rockin' groove comes forth in full force and full focus. Unexpectedly, soon after all instruments save for an "distant" electric piano and organ/synth drop out while a distant voice sings in a newsy voice. Once he finishes stating his plaintive case, the grunge returns--and eventually the singer sings--in the same voice and mix using the same melody as before--over the heavy stuff. At 4:30 there is shift into a section based on an arpeggiated riff from the electric piano. The drums shift and the rest of the band gradually join in pumping out another great multi-guitar weave of heavy prog. Nice, interesting song full of unexpected shifts and turns. The final two minutes is the real highlight with a crashing meeting of passion coming from all the instrumentalists at the same time, yielding an awesome crescendo. (8.5/10)

5. "Sonntag" (8:40) I get the Krautrock references to this song but the instrumental contributions here are a little too sparse, unchanging, and the groove not as hypnotizing as many great German songs of the 1970s. Plus, there are a couple of times that the drummer seems to loose his concentration, connection, or enthusiasm for the kind of Jaki Liebezeit beat the song really requires. (8/10)

6. "Thousand Hands" (9:37) One of my favorite prog epics of the year--thanks in no small part to some great guitar weaves, great drumming, awesome Mellotron use, catchy chord progressions and melodies, and the most fitting vocals on the album! Another song in which the second half surpasses the (awesome) first half. (9.5/10)

4.5 stars; a near-masterpiece of progressive rock music and certainly a band with tremendous potential. Though I liked their previous release, Lore, better, I am not displeased with this slight shift in direction--and I can't wait to see what they do next!

 Reflections Of A Floating World by ELDER album cover Studio Album, 2017
3.85 | 55 ratings

Reflections Of A Floating World
Elder Heavy Prog

Review by Mellotron Storm
Prog Reviewer

4 stars ELDER are a band out of Boston who play a heavy style of Metal on this particular album. I understand they change somewhat from record to record but I haven't heard any of their other albums yet. The Previous album "Lore" is apparently a sludgy, doom driven recording that blew a lot of people away. They are a trio and DiSalvo the guitarist also plays mellotron to my great surprise. I would describe "Reflections On A Floating World" as heavy but not doom-like and we do get lots of contrasts with the heaviness. I read one reviewer who said the vocals on "Lore" were distant, almost buried in the mix but not so here, and he almost shouts the lyrics.

DiSalvo mentioned in an interview that the title of this album comes from a Japanese term "The Floating World" which refers to a particular period in Japanese history where the arts were flourishing but also there was a self-destructive decadent lifestyle. It seemed appropriate to DiSalvo to name this album as such considering the times we live in in 2017. Interesting to me that JADE WARRIOR had an album named "The Floating World" with Japanese artwork. Oh we do get a couple of guests on here adding keys and guitar.

"Sanctuary" is a song that sort of typifies this album with the contrasts between the heavy and calm plus the amazing guitar work, especially after 4 minutes as he lights it up. Lots of feedback around 9 minutes.

"The Falling Veil" opens with atmosphere as sounds come and go. It kicks into gear around 1 1/2 minutes and vocals a minute after that. Love the way the guitar grinds away, just churning out the metal. A real shred-fest here at times. But check out the majestic mellotron 7 1/2 minutes in as it will go on and on as metal flies everywhere.

"Starving Off The Truth" is a kick-ass tune with vocals and a lot of heaviness. An interesting calm with keys starting before 4 1/2 minutes but the guitar and drums are back quickly as it slowly builds back to that heavy onslaught. Great sound when the vocals return.

"Blind" is the longest track at 13 1/2 minutes although the shortest is almost 9 minutes long. Kind of an experimental intro before it kicks in heavily. A calm before 2 minutes with vocals and piano. The heaviness explodes upon the soundscape rather quickly. Vocals will come and go the rest of the way. I like that determined rhythm around 11 minutes.

"Sonntag" might be the shortest song on here but it's also my favourite. Atmosphere, picked guitars and bass to start. How good is this when the tempo slowly starts to speed up(haha). I like this a lot. The atmosphere takes over 8 minutes in to the end. Love the groove to this one.

"Thousand Hands" is a great closer that seems to touch on all the things I like about this album. The amazing guitar early on and of course on and off throughout, the mellotron starting before 3 1/2 minutes along with the vocals and the calm sections.

It will be interesting to see how this stacks up with their earlier albums once I hear them. A solid 4 stars for sure.

 Lore by ELDER album cover Studio Album, 2015
4.03 | 30 ratings

Elder Heavy Prog

Review by Prog-jester
Prog Reviewer

4 stars Seeing zero reviews for stoner rock's hottest band now makes me really sad. Yep, this is a prog-oriented site, but man have you actually heard ELDER? Their 10-15-min long epics are heavily inspired by the likes of MOTORPSYCHO, ANEKDOTEN, MASTODON, SOUNDGARDEN, even GENESIS and RUSH, and "Lore" is definitely their best album and/or the best starting point with their music. Got a soft spot for all the others too, but while "Dead Roots..." is a bit too jammy and "Reflections..." is basically "Lore, pt.II", this 5-track, 60-min beast of a record strikes a perfect balance between amazing songwriting (those leads!), hard-hitting grooves and impressive musicianship. One last word to sell it to ya? MELLOTRON, loads of it!

Knowing these guys personally makes me really proud - I was the one who brought them to play Kyiv's Robustfest back in 2016 (the biggest/oldest psych/stoner/doom/prog Ukrainian festival) - and they KILL it live. What a fantastic band, don't you miss them!

Thanks to rdtprog for the artist addition. and to Quinino for the last updates

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