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DIMENSION X is a Milwaukee based progressive metal project originally formed in an effort to produce music similar in feel and texture to that of King Crimson, Genesis and Rush. Over time the band's sound shifted to more closely resemble contemporary icons such as DREAM THEATER and SYMPHONY X. During this transition the original drummer, Andy Jimenez, and the original guitarist, Kent Herman were replaced with new drummer, Eddie Shapanske, and new guitarist Troy Stetina. Dave Burkowitz (bass), Jeff Konkol (keys), and Dave Hoover (vocals) remained consistent with the band through both phases.

Their current music can be quite fairly categorized as progressive metal, with some significant nods to older, more epic prog, and creative visionaries along the lines of PINK FLOYD, DAVID BOWIE, and TOOL. Their first full length CD, "So... This is Earth" has a number of tremendous moments, but suffers from some roughness throughout. Their new CD "Implications of a Genetic Defense" is a well crafted concept album. The sound is much more energetic, and writing is tight and well thought-out. The performances are extraordinary.

If the progress made between their first CD release, and their second CD release is in anyway indicative of what can be expected in the future, this band is highly recommended.

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Dimension X by Dimension X (2007-06-07)Dimension X by Dimension X (2007-06-07)
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Why'd I Have to Fall in Love With You by Dimension XWhy'd I Have to Fall in Love With You by Dimension X
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Implications of a GeneticImplications of a Genetic
Unicorn Disc 2008
$6.00 (used)
Why'd I Have to Fall in Love With YouWhy'd I Have to Fall in Love With You
Moda Records 2006
$2.00 (used)
So This Is EarthSo This Is Earth
JFK 2005
$19.95 (used)
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3.52 | 8 ratings
So ... This Is Earth
3.97 | 7 ratings
Implications of a Genetic Defense

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 Implications of a Genetic Defense by DIMENSION X album cover Studio Album, 2007
3.97 | 7 ratings

Implications of a Genetic Defense
Dimension X Progressive Metal

Review by Lamkin91

4 stars Dimension X ? Implications of a Genetic Defence

Dimension X are a US based progressive metal outfit. Their music follows the traditional Prog-Metal framework set by bands like Dream Theater and Symphony X but Dimension X carry a slightly darker edge to their sound. That may not sound particularly revolutionary and, for the most part, it's not. But I think there are definitely some interesting moments in their 2007 album "Implications of a Genetic Defence" that make it a little more deserving than being cast into obscurity.

I was motivated to buy this album by, mainly, three things. Firstly: I'm a huge fan of guitarist Troy Stetina's excellent guitar tuition material (for any aspiring shredders out there; Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar is pretty darn indispensable). Secondly: I thought the main riff for the song Cordwood was pretty damn sweet. Lastly: I just LOVED the outro instrumental section for the opening track Serial. (The two aforementioned songs were featured on the band's Myspace page back in 2007). Even after owning the album, I still think the last 40 seconds of Serial are the highlight of the whole CD. Wrapped around sinister lyrics displaying the thoughts of a serial killer just before he sets out on his next rampage; it's a chugging, pump-up, menacing composition that perfectly establishes the tone for the album as well its dark concept story-line (something I'll go on about in detail later). I just love that section to bits.

The bulk of the album, like I said before, should be pretty familiar territory to fans of trad Prog-Metal. It uses the tried and tested formula of: "Write riff, chop and change its keys/time signatures/instruments to make a complex sounding instrumental section, keyboard solo followed by a guitar solo etc etc". Fortunately Dimension X pull it off with a lot of style. Stetina's riffs are dark, dirty and metal as [%*!#] (some of the pinched harmonics he makes are just sickening; in a good way). Jeff Konkol's keyboards are chiming, atmospheric and very reminiscent of "artsy-mode" Kevin Moore. The production is also very sharp and professional overall.

'Implications...' is a sci-fi concept album that takes place in a future pseudo-utopia. Science has found a way to identify and eliminate a person's genetic anomalies and aggressive character traits at birth. However, this has the side-effect of providing a "Genetic Defence"-case in court for all actual criminals since; obviously, it couldn't have been their fault they wound up committing a crime with such measures in place. When Dr Bryce, a scientist who's work provided the basis for the Genetic Defence, has his family killed in a terrorist attack and the perpetrator is excused; he falls into madness and begins to doubt all his previous work. He decides to take it upon himself to track down every person his research has helped 'cure' and exacts bloody vigilantism. Wow. What a great movie or Tv show This plot could make huh? I'm imagining a sarcastic, Robocop style future filled with slimy lawyers, corrupt politicians, mad scientists and a 'Dexter' meets 'Minority Report' main plot about an everyday guy trying to keep up the fašade of a grieving family man while secretly going around murdering people who may or may not be closet criminals. The music alone doesn't just tell the story, it's also helped along by segments of incredibly cheesy voice acting woven into the recording which lie somewhere on the good side of gleefully camp. Someone should probably get on with making the movie because, so far, the only visual accompaniment to the story is the god-awful booklet art work which is honestly has to be some of the worst I've ever seen.

The music does have a cinematic feel to it: pounding bass tones to emulate racing heart-beats, complex poly-rhythmic drum beats to accompany a character's descent into raging insanity, chaotic thrash riffs to accompany someone slicing a dead body up with a chainsaw to hide evidence. It's pretty damn cool actually. There are also musical motifs and riffs that show their faces throughout the album; adding to the whole "movie soundtrack" feel.

However, despite my enthusiasm, this definitely won't be an album to everyone's tastes. Some may find the voice acting segments a little more cringy than I found them amusing. Some may find the comparisons to other American Prog Metal bands, who have basically done the same thing but better, a little too strong. Some may be put off by the singers unique vocal style (I remember hearing a distinct snort of laughter when I played Serial to a friend and the first line blared out of the speaker: the deep baritone of singer Dave Hoover II's complaining: "Pay attention to me!"). Maybe I'm just a sucker for high-concept sci-fi prog albums (which there just aren't enough of these days damnit!) but I'd honestly recommend this CD to any one even remotely interested. Shame the rest of it doesn't appear to be online anywhere.

 Implications of a Genetic Defense by DIMENSION X album cover Studio Album, 2007
3.97 | 7 ratings

Implications of a Genetic Defense
Dimension X Progressive Metal

Review by Windhawk
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

4 stars The sophomore release from this US-based prog metal band won't be to everybody's taste; but many will appreciate it's qualities.

It's a concept album; in a style slightly reminding of Dream Theater and Symphony X at times - but not sounding like either of those overall. The approach is perhaps less progressive; although quirky drum patterns and some odd and eerie soundscapes are created by use of keyboard layers here - the plethora of style and pace changes to be found in many prog metal tunes are replaced with effects and more subtle elements on this release - while the overall structure is more straight forward.

What makes or breaks this album are the mood pieces scattered throughout though, put in to enhance the storyline some will love the overly dramatic happy amateur approach on these, while others will find them overly cheesy.

I liked them as well as the album as a whole - but recommend the curious to check it out further before purchasing.

 So ... This Is Earth by DIMENSION X album cover Studio Album, 2005
3.52 | 8 ratings

So ... This Is Earth
Dimension X Progressive Metal

Review by Gatot
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

4 stars It has taken me couple of weeks to solidify my overall view about this full-fledge debut album by Dimension X. And I think it's worth sharing with you my evolving experience enjoying this album. At first spin, the music sounded too rough and looked like half-polished on the production and mixing department. But, I was not sure about it as it might be the band intention to produce this way through heavy and rough guitar riffs and drum works. The other problem that I faced was the vocal quality that did not really sound well to my ears. On this God-given thing, I usually have a strong willingness to compromise because how can one changes what God has given? So, let me tell you how I handle the situation where the vocal quality is not up to my expectation. I treat the vocal is like the sound of any musical instrument: be it a guitar, a flute, an oboe, a sax, a keyboard, anything that "brings the melody" of the music. The only difference is that on instrumental thing there is no lyrical verse - which is fine with me because most of the time I focus more on overall music instead of the story or the messages that the song brings.

Having that in my mind, I still got trouble with the overall quality of this CD. But, I find that this CD is very interesting to me and I can not stop listening to it and it has always been with me wherever I go, even when I drive. Playing this CD in my car has stimulated good energy and enthusiasm as the music is, most of them, in upbeat progressive metal mode. So, in this case I can not lie to myself that this CD has elevated my emotion. I have a philosophy that music is emotion. At the end of the day, emotion that counts. If it has nothing to do with the emotion, forget the music. Only if the music is able to create an emotion impact to listener then we can withdraw a conclusion about the quality of its composition (structure, arrangement), songwriting and overall performance. I don't know why, whenever I listen to this CD I always remember Dali's Dilema's Manifesto for Futurism which I had similar experience with this CD. It's probably their music is similar as also the case with the vocal department.

Let's have a look in great details .

The album starts off with hard driving rhythm and melodic track Why which blew me away at first spin. The combination of guitar riffs by Kent Herman, inventive keyboard work by Jeff Konkol and solid bass lines by DR Burkowitz makes this song an interesting one to enjoy. I enjoy the parts during quiet passage at approx minute 1:50 as it has a nice melody. The music continues with riffs that reminds me to bands like Royal Hunt or Dream Theater or Symphony X, or Evergrey. The guitar solo that follows is also stunning. The music continues to Open Letter without any pause. The intro part is very upbeat but the music slows down when vocal line enters the music. The guitar riffs and solo are good to enjoy. Corporate Ladder is a rocker with melodic singing and beautiful riffs. Bass guitar work by DR Burkowitz characterizes the song rhythm section combined with neo-classical keyboard interlude. It's really an excellent track.

Introspection is a short instrumental track with keyboard and piano work in classical music style. It's so relaxing bridge that connects to fifth track Train Wreck which has powerful riffs and melody. The music sounds rough but it's nice and uplifting. There is a short segment with bass guitar solo and riffs which remind me to the Indonesian Balinese traditional gamelan sound. It's a cool segment. I'm not really sure whether or not this is a coincidence or the band has ever visited Bali island and the gamelan sound has inspired them.

The band has also crafted a prog met epic Xeno's Paradox with an approx 17 minutes duration. It starts in slow tempo with excellent piano work influenced by classical music and inventive bass lines. The music moves in crescendo into more complex arrangements and faster speed. Again, I observe the bass guitar work is really solid and it accompanies stunning guitar solo. Piano serves its role at the background but it enriches the textures of the epic. The epic comprises tempo changes from slow to medium to fast and returns back to slow in a balanced way. After the dialogue singing style in the middle of the epic there is a beautiful keyboard / piano work that reminds me to the style of Keith Emerson augmented with really inventive bass lines. What a cool segment! The guitar solo after piano solo brings the music into complex arrangement in fast tempo. Overall, the epic is an excellent composition that provides balanced fills of piano / keyboards, guitar and bass guitar. Unfortunately, some mixing of drums and vocal seem being overwhelmed by other instruments even though the drum fills are excellent. Enjoying this epic is a rewarding experience for me.

The music continues seamlessly to next track Intrigue with eastern nuance melody, combining guitar, bass, piano and vocal with medium/fast tempo music. Bass guitar gives its role really well especially during transition piece. There are some nice double pedal bass drum insertions that remind me to power metal music even though performed only in a short time. At approx minute 3:21 there is a melody that, agin, reminds me to the pentatonic sounds of Balinese gamelan. It's really wonderful! Similar melodies occur again at minute 5:04 augmented with great bass guitar and drumming. Nothing's Changed concludes the album in medium / fast progressive metal music with some symphonic touch. Even though some bass work (those that are played like Stanley Clarke in the eighties) do not favor me personally but overall it's a good composition track.

Overall, this album is an excellent debut album that lays solid foundation for the composition in terms of structure, arrangements, and songwriting relies on a balanced delivery of the soloists: guitar, keyboard and vocal combined with inventive and adventurous bass guitar work, and drums as beat keeper as well as transition fillers. To me personally, this beauty has killed the production and mixing issues as I explain on the above. For those of you where progressive metal is already in your blood, this is definitely an album that you should not miss. For those that are exploring into prog metal vein, this album may fit your expectations.

 So ... This Is Earth by DIMENSION X album cover Studio Album, 2005
3.52 | 8 ratings

So ... This Is Earth
Dimension X Progressive Metal

Review by erik neuteboom
Prog Reviewer

3 stars Here is a USA band that makes heavy progressive rock featuring very alternating and dynamic compositions, loaded with shifting moods (mellow with classical piano to metal with heavy metal-riffs), propulsive drumming (often in the metal-vein) and many spectacular soli on keyboards and guitar (fiery and biting). The vocals (not my favorite element on this CD) evoke the sound of the Eighties like Spandau Ballet, often with a bit wailing/dramatic undertone. This is a promising band, personally I'm more pleased with their less self- indulgent and more varied approach of progmetal than Dream Theater but I think that all those millions fans who are hailing and praising Dream Theater on Prog Archives should give this band a chance. Not every part of this CD can keep my attention but most compositions deliver lots of interesting and exciting moments. So Dimension X have to mature in their compositions but THIS IS A PROMISING DEBUT-CD!

Thanks to ProgLucky for the artist addition.

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