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Band history
Back in 1987, Torbjörn Weinesjö, Thomas Weinesjö and Anders Olofsson decided to start the band that was going to be VENI DOMINE in 1989.

The band "Glorify" was formed, yet without a singer and a formed vision of the sound. Fredrik Ohlsson came in late 1987 through contacts as he was moving to town. After a brief meeting Fredrik was a member, because the band really needed a singer and he seemed to be a nice guy he was accepted without a rehearsal! The band was blown away first time Fredrik opened his mouth, never did they expect this quality. Fredrik at that time being very hi-pitched and powerful in the vein of Rob Halford and Terry H. The band now started to rehearse for their first gig and for a demo. As things turned out the band felt in need of a change on the base side, so without having a replacement they let their old time friend Anders go and the quest for a replacement was on. Already playing quite heavy music the task to find a base player was not easy. Magnus Thorman however joined the band in 1987 just in time for the first real demo effort in a studio down south in Sweden, the three songs recorded was "Stranger", "Always in time" and "don't be wasted forever" mixing this was Mick Nordström (Modest Attraction, Leviticus) also Mick did the second demo recorded in Sollentuna with the songs, "Face of the prosecutor", "The king is crowned" and "The saviuor".

Seventh Seal
Slowly the style of VENI DOMINE was growing, the band changed their name to Seventh Seal in 1988. Playing local gigs around and rehearsing real hard sometimes three times a week the band started to get their vision. 1990 Seventh Seal got in contact with Thunderload studios and made their third demo containing the songs, "Fall Babylon fall", "Wisdom calls" and "Armageddon", this demo was sent out as the band recalls only to the British Greenbelt festival, they hooked on the tape and asked Seventh seal to come to England. This was a huge step for the band, no one really understood and the journey started.

At the Greenbelt festival, English label Kingsway Music saw the band and the soon to be manager convinced the label to sign, and so it was. The band went to Eastbourne, England to record in the ICC studios in the summer of 1991, at the same time the band had to change the name due to a law suite threat by American band Seventh seal. The band decided to go with VENI DOMINE, as Fredrik and ...
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Soulfood 2014
$11.68 (used)
Spiritual WastelandSpiritual Wasteland
Thunderload 2003
$19.50 (used)
Material SanctuaryMaterial Sanctuary
Massa 1996
$18.50 (used)
Fall Babylon FallFall Babylon Fall
R.E.X. Music 1997
$67.95 (used)
Tha Album of LabourTha Album of Labour
Imports 2014
$15.00 (used)
Material Sanctuary by Veni DomineMaterial Sanctuary by Veni Domine
$61.20 (used)
Light by Veni Domine (2014-05-04)Light by Veni Domine (2014-05-04)
$26.29 (used)

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3.11 | 10 ratings
Fall Babylon Fall
3.00 | 8 ratings
Material Sanctuary
3.70 | 11 ratings
Spiritual Wasteland
3.00 | 5 ratings
IIII-The Album Of Labour
4.21 | 10 ratings
3.75 | 4 ratings
3.50 | 2 ratings

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 Fall Babylon Fall by VENI DOMINE album cover Studio Album, 1992
3.11 | 10 ratings

Fall Babylon Fall
Veni Domine Progressive Metal

Review by toroddfuglesteg

3 stars This album created quite a stir when it was released. Mostly due to it's quality, but a Christian band who releases albums in the middle of a black metal wave, is bound to be ruffle some feathers. Which Veni Domine did with this album.

I am not a fan of power metal at all. The vocals on this album and most of this album is power metal which leans quite heavy on doom metal too. A mix of doom and power, I would call this album. The most annoying thing here is the power metal vocals. The vocals is flawless, but I have lately developed very little tolerance towards power metal vocals. The music is pretty good though with a couple of very good songs. King of the Jews is the highlight on this album. The rest of the album is best when it moves away from power metal and more into a doom metal terrain like the one previously occupied by Trouble. But this is still a good debut album. Fifteen years ago, this would had been a four stars album for me. But these days, it barely deserve three stars. I have simply moved on, anno 2010.

3 stars

 Material Sanctuary by VENI DOMINE album cover Studio Album, 1994
3.00 | 8 ratings

Material Sanctuary
Veni Domine Progressive Metal

Review by UMUR
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

3 stars Material Sanctuary is the 2nd full-length studio album by Swedish progressive doom metal act Veni Domine. The album was released in 1994 by Massacre Records.

The music on Material Sanctuary continues the doomy semi-progressive metal style of the debut album Fall Babylon Fall (1992). An album that´s highly praised by many fans of the genre with the 21:21 minute long epic track The Chronicle of the Seven Seals often being mentioned as the highlight of the album. While there is no epic of that proportion on Material Sanctuary the songs are generally very long and epic in style. The basis in the music is doomy yet melodic guitars, a heavy rythm section, melodic keyboards and the fantastic vocals by Fredrik Ohlsson. He is so amazing I´m awe struck every time I listen to Veni Domine. His voice is very similar to the voice of Geoff Tate from Queensr˙che which is also one the strongest influences on the music. I´d mention Candlemass too though because of the doomy approach. The quality of the songs is generally very high and songs like The Meeting, Material Sanctuary and Beyond the Doom are examples of Veni Domine when they are strongest, while some of the other tracks on the album doesn´t stand out enough and quite frankly are a bit too average. But those vocals just blow me away every time.

The production is warmer and more powerful than the production on the debut. It suits the music well.

Material Sanctuary is a great album by Veni Domine and allthough not all tracks are equally exciting, it´s overall a very good album and a 3.5 star rating is warranted. People interested in a combination of progressive metal and melodic doom metal should definitely take a listen here.

 Fall Babylon Fall by VENI DOMINE album cover Studio Album, 1992
3.11 | 10 ratings

Fall Babylon Fall
Veni Domine Progressive Metal

Review by UMUR
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

3 stars Fall Babylon Fall is the debut full-length studio album by Swedish Symphonic and progressive doom metal/ melodic heavy metal act Veni Domine. The album was released in 1991 by Edge Records to much critical acclaim. The album was re-released by Massacre Records in 1992. Veni Domine is a Christian band and the lyrics on Fall Babylon Fall pre-dominantly deal with the content of the Book of Revelation. There were 7 tracks on the original album and an additional 8th instrumental track called Visions on the 2006 Edge Records re-issue of the album. The 1995 R.E.X ( Label specialized in Christian album releases) re-release also featured Visions.

The music is slow to mid-paced semi-progressive doom metal/ heavy metal with references to bands such as Trouble ( eighties), Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Helloween ( the Keeper albums), Fates Warning ( John Arch era), Queensr˙che ( The Warning (1984)) and Iron Maiden. There´s a symphonic and epic edge to the music which gives the music a grand sound. The vocals are the focal point the music and rightly so. ´Cause while the music is good and powerful it´s the vocals by Fredrik Ohlsson that really takes the prize on Fall Babylon Fall. His voice is very similar to that of Geoff Tate ( Queensr˙che) but singers like Michael Kiske ( Helloween), John Arch ( Fates Warning) and Bruce Dickinson ( Iron Maiden) should also be mentioned here. Both because of the vocal style but also because of how the vocal melodies are constructed. And boy can Fredrik Ohlsson sing. This is not one of those weak attempts at trying to sound like your heroes. Fredrik Ohlsson is way up there along side the big ones. What a powerful and skilled vocalist.

The instrumental side of the album is generally good too but not excellent IMO. I could have done with a few faster paced tracks too but Armageddon does come close with its semi-fast double bass drum beat. It´s not really fast though. The guitars are heavy but also melodic. The rythm section is the thing on the album I enjoy the least. Especially drummer Thomas Weinesjö. He is the weak link here. He keeps the beat and not much more and it gets a bit trivial to listen to for almost 70 minutes. A better rythm section would have given the album another dimension.

All songs are rather long which means about 6-8 minutes long but the seventh track is a 21:21 minute long epic track called The Chronicle of Seven Seals which should definitely be considered the most progressive track on the album. A rather impressive song that one. I´m reminded a bit of the epic title track on Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II (1988) by German heavy metal/ power metal act Helloween. Opener Face of the Prosecutor is a powerful and epic song too but all songs are generally well written. They tend to drag on a bit too long for my taste though and most songs could easily have benefitted from being 2 minutes shorter.

The production is not really good. It´s not that I can´t hear what´s going on but the sound is a bit empty. It lacks bottom and warmth.

Fall Babylon Fall is a good album by Veni Domine despite some obvious flaws and a 3.5 star rating is deserved. I´m just sitting here with the feeling that a few changes could have given me an even better experience and I´m sure that the right producer would have done the trick. So much unfulfilled promise. The talent is big though and promises something extraordinaire to come in the future. So the conclusion is that Fall Babylon Fall is an enjoyable album with lots of promise but with some flaws that will need to be corrected on the next album to satisfy my taste.

 23:59 by VENI DOMINE album cover Studio Album, 2006
4.21 | 10 ratings

Veni Domine Progressive Metal

Review by scandosch

5 stars Forget "Operation Mindcrime II", Queensryche is dead...Long live Veni Domine!!! And it's really hard for me to say that, since Queensryche have for sure been crucial for the "comeback" of progressive since their masterpiece from 1988 (almost 20 years, I can't believe it!!!). Veni Domine 23:59 is a masterpiece anno 2006. The same dark atmosphere, the wonderfull mix of synphonic keyboards and metal guitars, a marvellous voice...Shivers down the spine! This is what every Queensryche fan has been waiting for since "Empire". Veni Domine pay their tribute to the masters, of course, one can't deny it...but it's not a copy, not at all. Only the mood, the colour of the music is the same. New melodies, new balances between real prog and real metal...Everything is there. This album really deserves a chance! It's a pity, EMI didn't sign Veni Domine, instead. Hey, but there's hope!
 Spiritual Wasteland by VENI DOMINE album cover Studio Album, 1998
3.70 | 11 ratings

Spiritual Wasteland
Veni Domine Progressive Metal

Review by semismart
Prog Reviewer

4 stars Honest to God, Veni Domine's lead singer,Fredrik Ohlsson sounds more like Queensryche's Geoff Tate than Geoff Tate does. I don't know if he looks like Geoff Tate but vocally he could put a good Elvis impersonator to shame.

Once you get past the uncanny, what do they sound like? You tell me! They play Progressive Metal not unlike Dream Theater, Threshold or Mastermind so they're in a little less of a commercial vein but dammit, with Ohlsson sounding so much like Tate they sound like a less commercial, more progressive Queensryche.

Well folks, it has been established, Swedens Veni Domine sound an awful lot like a more progressive Queensryche and fans who have been disappointed with their recent releases might want to check out Ohlsson and company.

Spiritual Wasteland

Spiritual Wasteland is Veni Domine's third release and was released in 1998. Previous releases are, Fall Babylon, Fall, 1991 and Material Sanctuary, 1994. It has been five years since their last release but there is a fourth completed album awaiting release. I get the feeling there is some controversy about it.

I began to suspect that Veni Domine is a Christian band. I based this upon it's name which is the title for a Christian song by Mendelssohn and the titles and subject matter of the songs. However, after listening to track 10 which is not a song but the reading of a mythical letter in the future describing the coming of the Anti-Christ and subsequent Armageddon, which I suspect is the subject of the next album, my suspicions were confirmed. This reading is accompanied by a piano and is actually very well done.


The strength of this album is the vocals. The production and musicianship is good but it was limited by the material, which is average. Overall I rate this album a high three or a low four. If this is not much of an enticement to buy the album, remember the other reviewers were more effusive and I wouldn't rate Queensryche's albums for the last ten years this high.

Thanks to Krigsman for the artist addition.

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