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Chrome Hoof biography
Founded in London, UK in 2000 - On hiatus since 2014

CHROME HOOF is described as having a "Prog/ Doom/ Disco" sound in its official biography; yet, such a description does not capture the diversity of this band. CHROME HOOF's music is very eclectic. I'll describe it, perhaps rather redundantly, as a Progressive/ Doom/ Norwegian Metal/ Funk/ Psyche/ Grind/ Jazz/ Zeuhl/ RIO/ Avant/ Electro/ Techno/ Acid House/ Post-Punk/ Classic Rock/ NWBHV/ Pop/ Freak Disco Glam band with Krautrock and Canterbury Scene influences. More succinctly, one might describe the band as a disco, doom, electro and funk band who fuse these styles into an unusual Prog package.

MAGMA's direct influence is particularly obvious to me, but one also can discern the influence of groups/ artists such as FRANK ZAPPA, KING CRIMSON, BLACK SABBATH, UNIVERS ZERO, PARLIAMENT, FANTOMAS, CAN, FAUST, EGG, GOBLIN, THE B-52's and SUN-RA, as well as many others from diverse musical styles (the classic disco influence deserves attention, as well as the Scandinavian metal influence). The musical melange of styles makes the package quite unique, while also very familiar - one will find many reference points with other bands (sometimes very similar). The compositions may not necessarily be terribly original, but they blend those influences in interesting, groovy, and compelling ways giving it an experimental-sounding edge, and overall have something quite different to offer in the world of Prog (their re-mixes would be the kind of thing you'd expect, and might find, in dance clubs, not at a Prog-fest).

CHROME HOOF's origins begin with the brothers LEO and MILO SMEE in about 1994 when they really began their musical experimentations together; however, it wasn't until 2000 when the CATHEDRAL bassist Leo, and his drummer brother Milo (who, under the name of KRUTON, produced remixes and "freak-beat" electronics) formed CHROME HOOF. Subsequently, they enlisted a diverse and large number of musicians to play with them.

One reason for the diversity of sound is that Leo was particularly interested in metal and stoner-rock, whereas Milo was very interested in groove-based music such as Acid House, Disco, and Hip-Hop. Milo's experience in music sampling likely played an important role in their sometimes re-interpreting other's music -- shall I call them homages? -- (such as MAGMA's "Theusz Hamtaahk" and other MAGMA which one can hear in "Moss Covered Obelisk"). It is written at Southe...
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3.40 | 5 ratings
Chrome Hoof
4.05 | 25 ratings
Pre-Emptive False Rapture
3.59 | 17 ratings
Crush Depth
3.89 | 18 ratings
Chrome Black Gold

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4.50 | 4 ratings
Beyond Zade
4.00 | 1 ratings


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 Pre-Emptive False Rapture by CHROME HOOF album cover Studio Album, 2007
4.05 | 25 ratings

Pre-Emptive False Rapture
Chrome Hoof Crossover Prog

Review by siLLy puPPy
Special Collaborator PSIKE, JRF/Canterbury, P Metal, Eclectic

5 stars CHROME HOOF is a London based outfit that excels at eccentricity. They consider themselves an experimental chamber rock orchestra. They are also known for their outrageous live shows where all of the many members dress in wild outfits and perform in strange avant-garde ways. I would love to see them! The story is that the founders and brothers Leo and Milo Snee were into totally different styles of music ranging from metal to electronic. When they decided to play together they couldn't decide which direction to go... so they went every which way at once! This is some unique sounding stuff indeed. Never before have I heard such a perfect fusion of metal, electronica, funk, swing jazz and chamber music. It is flawless. This is progressive music you can dance to. While there is a plethora of musical influences on board i would have to cite the specific song "Reoccuring Dreams" from Husker Du's "Zen Arcade" album as the strongest influence for that specific track has a similar musical approach that includes the horn section that adds a melodic drive over the pummeling rhythms and song structure.

PRE-EMPTIVE FALSE RAPTURE is their second album but the one that got them noticed. I have to say that this little sucka has really gotten under my skin. It keeps me coming back for more and more and more. I loved it upon first listen but now after a gazillion listens it just gets better. I'm constantly hearing it in new ways. The music takes major liberties in its development but everything stays within a fairly structured and accessible frame. The complexities are in the background and continue to reward time and time again. Each song focuses on a different genre of music but usually includes a bit from many. On some tracks there are multiple parts. You may get a funky metal beginning followed by a swing jazz break of some sort evolving into something more elaborate. Recently this album has percolated up to a 5 star rating for me. The sheer innovation is astounding. It is catchy and progressive at the same time.  I could really see Cardiacs fans going for this one. It has that same totally whacked out approach to music but keeps it approachable at the same time.

 Chrome Black Gold by CHROME HOOF album cover Studio Album, 2013
3.89 | 18 ratings

Chrome Black Gold
Chrome Hoof Crossover Prog

Review by TheGazzardian
Prog Reviewer

4 stars Chrome Hoof made their Cuneiform debut this year with their fourth studio album, "Black Gold". I had never heard of the band before but it took only one listen to convince me that they were a band that I needed to pay some more attention to!

I am not entirely sure what Chrome Hoof is supposed to be; in their pictures they come off as some sort of crazy 50s-futuristic space crew. They are a large ensemble that by this album have nine full time members. And although they make interesting, unique music with varied instrumentation, they have in no way forgotten their audience in their compositions. The band has a clear sense of how to write a song with big hooks, and tracks like "Knopheria" and "Tortured Craft", with their disco-meets-prog magic, really sell this band as a different act. It is hard to single out any band member as they are all fantastic but I feel like props must be given to Chan Brown for her wonderful vocals - she really has great control of her voice and it helps guide the listener through the soundscapes the music forms.

Recommended for listeners who want to have fun while listening to their weird music and who aren't afraid of the Dark Side of the 70s

 Pre-Emptive False Rapture by CHROME HOOF album cover Studio Album, 2007
4.05 | 25 ratings

Pre-Emptive False Rapture
Chrome Hoof Crossover Prog

Review by zravkapt
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

4 stars This is an interesting album. Chrome Hoof was formed by Leo Smee, bassist of UK metal band Cathedral, and his brother Milo Smee. Then they added about a hundered other people to the group. There are many instruments used besides the regular guitars, bass and drums like keyboards, as well wind and string instruments. There are both male and female vocals. Musically, they are all over the place. You will hear things similar to some PA sub-genres like Zeuhl, RIO or space rock mixed with disco, ska or IDM.

"Nordic Curse" opens with spacey sounds and vocals before it goes into some sort of Zeuhl metal. Tape gets sped up at the end. "Tonyte" is almost funk-punk. Cool bass playing. Gets more stereotypical prog sounding in the middle before changing to a kind of New Wave funk metal. Female vocals here. "Circus 9000" opens with great organ and synth. Then it goes into some sort of ska/circus music/metal hybrid. In the middle the music changes to electric piano and cello. Then what sounds like sax and guitar join in. Goes back to the previous section.

The highlight of the album is "Moss Covered Obelisk", which has some strong Zeuhl and avant-prog influences. It begins with piano and strings, then bass comes in and it sounds like an update of Magma's '70s sound. Changes to a great blues-rock part with saxophone. Later you hear the voice of a woman giving a speech. A repeated guitar part leads to a section with great trumpet. Good drumming at this point. Later some jazzy guitar and strings leads to a reggae-rock part with a great slap-bass sound and horns. A real standout track.

"Symbolik 180[degrees]" has a circle instead of [degrees], but I can't type that symbol. This song has a terrific riff on distorted synth and guitar. Nice cowbell. Catchy song, but it's way too short. "Egg 'N Bass" sounds like Polish electronic artist Bogdan Raczynski. Nice interesting song but too short. "Spokes Of Uridium" begins as jazzy disco-metal. Music gets more varied in the middle. Techno style synth sounds and drum programming come in. Goes back to the jazzy disco-metal part. A drum solo later. Then someone on something does an imitation of the opening guitar sounds of Sabbath's "Iron Man". Intense ending.

The album title is pretty neat. I haven't heard their first album but I have heard their latest 2010 album. It hasn't been added to PA yet, but I didn't enjoy it as much as this one. These guys get points for at least attempting to mix different genres together in a unique way. The combination generally works. I like that they mix both old school prog sounds with more modern non-prog elements. This comes highly recommended, but I'm not sure to who. Anyway, a great album that should be heard by more people. 4 stars.

 Pre-Emptive False Rapture by CHROME HOOF album cover Studio Album, 2007
4.05 | 25 ratings

Pre-Emptive False Rapture
Chrome Hoof Crossover Prog

Review by clarke2001
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

4 stars Skunk Anansie meets Lene Lovich in a Zeuhl world.

Here's an oddity if there ever was one. I'll start with my final impression, stripped to the bone, and nurtured after repeated listening ' this is an entity that can be recommended both to old fashioned prog purists as well as to the fans of new school(s) of prog. It's accessible, it's bizarre, quirky, you name it. And it's impossible to pin-point it down; after a hail to the Wagneresque heights of Norwegian gods in majestic chugging, the next moment is poppy, disco-ish, funky (sort of B 52's or CHIC mannerism) but with angularity of KRAFTWERK robot movements. Not to mention only a hint or two, presented by a bare innuendo, of our beloved genre - a hint of fusion, MANDRILL-style, presented by a spacey tap or two of digital delay.

When a vocal pops in, it's a rich timbered female one, suitable for any gospel choir. Her vocal expressions are varying from a modern r n' b level (sic!) to the most evil commando on the most distanced Zeuhl planet! Now there's something to scratch your head about. If we throw in a solid amount of avant approach, an incredibly overdriven organ in 5ths and a teaspoon of vocoderized, undecipherable motives to make it sound shiny happy poppy - there's nothing else to do but to recommend it to everyone interested in vivid, colourful collage of humorous and bizarre ingredients. Recommended. Again. Recommended.

 Pre-Emptive False Rapture by CHROME HOOF album cover Studio Album, 2007
4.05 | 25 ratings

Pre-Emptive False Rapture
Chrome Hoof Crossover Prog

Review by kitthehammer

4 stars This band, for better or worse, should become huge as they cross so many musical genres and are building up a pretty dedicated cult following , mainly by playing live. Pre-emptive false rapture is as eclectic an album as you could possibly require. If like myself you want to hear something different and something which will surprise you, yet you can still dance to (on some tracks) and so possibly take your girlfriend to a gig without losing credibility then this is your band. Think of a mix between sun-ra, funkadelic, metal and prog and you're getting close. Their audience ranges from 50+ proggers, female students, mixed races, metallers - anyone really.

Everything is here - great playing, diversity, strange time signiatures and structures but without being as cliched as many modern prog bands. The band members fluctuate but any band which utilises bass, keyboards, bassoon, violin, guitar, drums, cello and more - probably all at the same time, gets my vote. The new tracks they are playing post PEFR are sounding great too. They are doing a gig soon with Krautrock legends Cluster.

There is a couple of slightly less great tracks so i'll give them 4/5, but i'd recommend this cd to anyone.

 Pre-Emptive False Rapture by CHROME HOOF album cover Studio Album, 2007
4.05 | 25 ratings

Pre-Emptive False Rapture
Chrome Hoof Crossover Prog

Review by Logan
Forum & Site Admin Group Site Admin

4 stars The name of this album from this fairly goofy, yet talented band sounds like a cliche parody, but that's all part of the fun.

This is an enjoyable, quirky, fun and experimental-sounding album which draws from Norwegian Metal, Grind, Funk, Psyche, Disco, Techno, Zeuhl, Krautrock, RIO, Doom, Avant, Canterbury Scene, Punk, Jazz, Acid House, and NWBHM influences, as well as others. A qualm one may have with the album is that it can be rather derivative, but I find that can deepen one's appreciation as one picks up on musical reference points. It sounds so familiar (it has retro qualities), despite the diversity, and I noticed certain pieces (parts of tracks) that practically seem lifted from other works, aside from wearing the influences on its sleeve (but, sadly, these are not mentioned in the liner notes). I've thought that it might be a fun exercise to spot the numerous musical references. Being a Magma fan, the direct Magma references were particularly noticeable. However, one can look at this in part as homage to certain bands and styles, while the whole package put together is quite unique. The overall package is really quite ingenious (some will find it not cohesive enough).

Nordic Curse is sort of an homage to Norwegian metal bands, but I also discern a Black Sabbath influence in this track. Nice.

Tonyte is a great driving funk/disco track with some Zeuhl flavour -- lots of groove, but, be warned, it's not very danceable.

Pronoid: I've heard the Graham Massey's remix was quite popular in some nightclubs. It's a house/ funk/ disco/ breakbeat/ post-punk piece with a New Wave influence. I like it.

Circus 9000: This is a great track. The craziness reminds me somewhat of Fantomas and Koenjihayakkei. This really feels like a circus. The post punkishness is interrupted by a chamber music segment a la Univers Zero, or later chamber rock bands.

Moss Covered Obelisk is the Prog epic, along with Spokes of Uridium. It starts off in Magma's Theusz Hamtaahk territory, and later moves into Köhntarkösz territory, and has Paga qualities (like Une Parcelle d'Urantia). it's very obvious to me that the bass work is inspired by Bernard Paganotti. It also has hints at groups such as Fantomas and Kramus. It's a very good track which I'm not describing adequately. The sax reminds me of Zorn, and the track has Zappaesque and Sun Ra qualities.

Leave this Ruined Husk is really noisy and has, again Fantomas like qualities, and a jazzy experimental metal, as well as a post-punk attitude.

Symbolic 180 Degrees is difficult for to describe at this time, so I won't really, but it has post-punk qualities with passages reminiscent of Vortex... or Zao.

Death Is Certain is doomy metal but with avant/ jazzy qualities/ passages. The growling makes for interesting contrast. I really like the repetitive Canterbury-tinged chamber rock passage in it.

Astral Suicide is crazy and noisy, but a little spacey too.

Egg 'n Bass: I'm guessing that this name is an EGG reference (the band, not the ovum). It's a fine little electronic/ IDM piece.

Spokes of Uridium is a very good track. Very funky and cool with extreme jazz-metal elements. One of the best tracks.

Anyway, I really like this album, and despite any evident influences, I think that Chrome Hoof has something different to offer to Prog fans, and is well worth checking out. I love the contrast and diversity of styles, and despite having listened to this album many times, I'm constantly discovering things in the music (even if I have difficulty describing those things). Like Prog generally, it takes repeated spins to really get the music. I'm a real lover of funk, and so that is what drew me to the music originally, and I really dig their disco sound. It's great fun and with so much groove. This is musically different, yet familiar.

As for the rating, I am torn. Personally I'd like to give it four stars, yet three may be more appropriate. I'm giving it a four for now, but that is subject to change.

To redundantly repeat part of my C.H. bio: I recommend this for those who enjoy diversity in their music, and are not scared to take an alternative Prog route where the funky disco queen resides ensconced by chrome monks in her bizarre disco-ball palace.

Thanks to Logan for the artist addition. and to Quinino for the last updates

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