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Amon Düül II biography
Formed in 1968 in Munich, Germany - Disbanded in 1981 - Reunited on several ocasions

AMON DÜÜL II (or AMON DÜÜL 2) was born of an artistic and political community called AMON DÜÜL (which recorded during the late sixties a long live session made around collective and free musical improvisations).

The band emerged from the underground German rock scene with a very original and eccentric album called "Phallus Dei" (1969). The musicians who participated to this delirious and psychedelic experience were (among others) Peter Leopold (ex AMON DÜÜL), the front woman and singer Renate Knaup, John Weinzierl on the guitars... with guests as Holger Trützsch who plays tribal percussions (original member of Popol Vuh). Then almost with the same musicians the band recorded the seminal "Yeti" (1970). An album in a similar vein than the previous but more accomplished (with a few structured songs and numerous pieces of epic improvisations). "Yeti" will launch AMON DÜÜL II career outside Germany. The same year the bass guitarist Dave Anderson leaves the band to join HAWKWIND.

"Tanz Der Lemminge" which follows directly "Yeti" is an impressive work with a great diversity of powerful, emotional songs with some folk accents next to long free space jamming. Recorded in 1972, "Carnival in Babylon" announces a slight new musical direction taken by the band. This album is dominated by shorter songs with the omnipresent and beautiful Renate Knaup's vocals. A more conventional work with a few memorable prog-folk ballads. The classical period of the band will end with "Wolf City" (1972) and "Viva La Trance" (1973). After the departure of Renate Knaup who joins Popol Vuh in 1974 and the release of a few albums, AMON DÜÜL II split up. In 1981, with the album "Vortex" Chris Karrer tried without success to reform the band.

: : : Philippe Blache, FRANCE : : :

Special Note - For the album called "Utopia", which is sometimes wrongly credited to AMON DÜÜL II, see the band Utopia (Germany)

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4.05 | 412 ratings
Phallus Dei
4.10 | 469 ratings
4.10 | 323 ratings
Tanz Der Lemminge [Aka: Dance Of The Lemmings]
3.54 | 174 ratings
Carnival In Babylon
3.98 | 272 ratings
Wolf City
3.24 | 115 ratings
Vive La Trance
2.74 | 94 ratings
3.46 | 93 ratings
Made in Germany
2.56 | 21 ratings
Made in Germany
2.43 | 52 ratings
Pyragony X
2.73 | 47 ratings
Almost Alive...
2.29 | 42 ratings
Only Human
2.83 | 42 ratings
3.52 | 34 ratings
Nada Moonshine #
2.42 | 18 ratings
Kobe - Reconstructions
2.32 | 13 ratings
Eternal Flashback
2.76 | 15 ratings
Bee As Such [Aka: Düülirium]

AMON DÜÜL II Live Albums (CD, LP, MC, SACD, DVD-A, Digital Media Download)

3.36 | 50 ratings
Live in London
3.55 | 22 ratings
BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert Plus
2.74 | 20 ratings
Live in Tokyo

AMON DÜÜL II Videos (DVD, Blu-ray, VHS etc)

5.00 | 4 ratings
Amon Düül II Play Phallus Dei

AMON DÜÜL II Boxset & Compilations (CD, LP, MC, SACD, DVD-A, Digital Media Download)

3.75 | 26 ratings
4.00 | 1 ratings
The Classic German Rock Scene
0.00 | 0 ratings
5 Years
4.00 | 1 ratings
Rock In Deutschland Vol 1
0.00 | 0 ratings
Best Of
0.00 | 0 ratings
3.04 | 4 ratings
0.00 | 0 ratings
Castle Masters Collection
1.33 | 3 ratings
Surrounded by the Bars
0.00 | 0 ratings
Luzifers Gholom
3.00 | 3 ratings
The Greatest Hits
3.00 | 2 ratings
3 Jahrzehnte (1968-1998)
3.50 | 4 ratings
The Best Of 1969-1974
3.68 | 10 ratings
4.71 | 10 ratings
The UA Years: 1969-1974
3.53 | 6 ratings
Manana - The Complete BBC Recordings
3.96 | 4 ratings
Once Upon A Time - Best Of 1969 - 1999
3.08 | 5 ratings

AMON DÜÜL II Official Singles, EPs, Fan Club & Promo (CD, EP/LP, MC, Digital Media Download)

3.00 | 1 ratings
Rattlesnakeplumcake / Between The Eyes
2.50 | 4 ratings
Archangels Thunderbird / (Excerpt From) Soap Shop Rock
0.00 | 0 ratings
Amon Düül II and Creedence Clearwater Revival: Archangel's Thunderbird / Run Through The Jungle
3.00 | 4 ratings
Light / Lemmingmania
0.00 | 0 ratings
All The Years Round / The Tables Are Turned
0.00 | 0 ratings
0.00 | 0 ratings
0.00 | 0 ratings
Don't Turn Too Stone


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 Phallus Dei by AMON DÜÜL II album cover Studio Album, 1969
4.05 | 412 ratings

Phallus Dei
Amon Düül II Krautrock

Review by Kempokid
Collaborator Prog Metal Team

5 stars While on one side of the spectrum of prog rock, you have bands like Neu! and Can, who while they do experiment with strange concepts at points, they often stick to very rigid, repetitive, almost mechanical beats in order to create a hypnotic effect. On the other side of things, you get bands like Amon Duul II, more focused on that experimentation side of things while keeping to the basic sound of krautrock. Furthermore, the fact that this is one of the earliest examples of krautrock shows a style already madly experimenting, taking and avant garde approach to writing, being absolutely insane in many respects, especially given the fact that this was released all the way back in 1969.

It definitely has qualities of such an early blueprint of what the genre was to become however, as there are some rough edges to be found within, although these rarely tend to be an issue, as they are far overshadowed by simply how crazy this album is, with madcap lyrics and vocals making appearances everywhere, ranging from drawling chanting to insane screams and wails. This works exceptionally well when paired with the absolutely incredible sound created, a truly psychedelic mix, heavier on the bass, while incorporating great deals of world music into the mix, giving it a tribal feel. Each song incredibly expansive and explorative, bringing in a plethora of different soundscapes and moods while consistently maintaining a very trippy atmosphere. One of my favourite moments of this is in the second song, Dem Guten, Schönen, Wahren, where after some dissonant chords and an offbeat feel are being projected to the listener, everything briefly falls apart and becomes much more energetic and fun as some more standard vocals enter the mix after the previous high pitched squealing has dominated the track. I also adore the upbeat nature of Lucifer's Ghilom's intro, and find it to continue the somewhat dark, yet ultimately zany and fun nature of this album as a whole, as this song in particular is infectiously upbeat and fun, while still keeping up a mysterious air. This song is definitely just a fun romp in every way, with even the slower section being quite entertaining due to the violin used contrasting the distorted vocals in a perfect way, both being very unusual in their execution, but both working so well in tandem, especially with the exceptional drumming and bassline keeping pace. The highlight of the album however is undoubtedly the 20 minute eponymous jam, which takes a much darker approach compared to everything else the album has to offer, along with a far more free flowing one. The multiple crescendos, often baced up by some impressive guitar solos. The furious energy of the drumming further intensifies this soundscape, creating a complex, immersive atmosphere, ever changing and ever brilliant, with interweaving guitar sections, dissonant violins, and downright ominous sonic imagery. The shift into more strange territory just past the halfway point makes this incredible song even better, feeling as if an entire world is being created within the vigourous tribal drumming and screams, feeling as if I've just walked in on some sort of sacred ritual, all before the intensity drops out and introduces some of the most delightful vocal work I've heard. Each line sung is equal parts charming and mad, with each word sounding heavily slurred, but executed in such a loveable way that simply screams "fun".

Overall, as one of the first krautrock albums, this is a masterwork, being extremely dense in atmosphere and not breaking it even with some extremely avant garde concepts being thrown in the mix. There is a definite roughness that this album has, similar to how Can's Monster Movie showed, except in this case it works excellently, rather than taking away from the music, it adds a certain primal edge to it that just further pushes it up into absolute greatness. This is definitely a krautrock masterpiece and definitely an album that I recommend you check out if you're either a fan of krautrock or simple strange music in general, because wow, this album is something else.

Best tracks: Lucifer's Ghilom, Phallus Dei

Weakest Tracks: None

Verdict: This album is incredibly impressive, fusing styles amazingly to create what I can only describe as an absolute masterpiece. If you're into krautrock by any stretch of the imagination, I implore that you give this a listen if you haven't already.

 Yeti by AMON DÜÜL II album cover Studio Album, 1970
4.10 | 469 ratings

Amon Düül II Krautrock

Review by Trevere

4 stars Born out of the ashes of an artistic and political community called Amon Duul, who undertook some free improvisation sessions in the late '60s, Amon Duul II hit the German scene in 1969 with their debut release 'Phallus Dei'. This stunning debut is often heralded as the high point of their long and varied musical career but this follow up certainly scales the dizzy heights of that seminal release and even manages to surpass it in some respects. I hesitate to use the term 'Krautrock' to describe this record as it was used as a somewhat derogatory term to describe a host of experimental bands that were spawned in Germany around that time so let's just describe this as progressive psychedelic rock.

The approach on here is similar to their debut both in its delivery and musical character but the ideas are rather more distilled. While 'Phallus Dei' relied on building atmosphere and groove in a rather sedate manner, most notably on the extended title track, Amon Duul II opted here for shorter song formats and more panache in their song-writing. Even the multi-part suite 'Soap Shop Rock' is merely a loosely connected set of distinct songs with musical bridges linking the whole. But this seemingly patchwork approach doesn't actually detract from the flow and integrity of the music. There are such a plethora of bold ideas thrown onto this album, yet with such attention to maintaining the darkly unsettling vibe, that it never fails to titillate. One moment you will be swaying along to buzzing psychedelic riffs and languid leads, then a few bars of unhinged madness will devolve into a glorious mess of shrieking atonality before a caterwaul of screeching violins carry you on a mystical Eastern tinged magic carpet ride. And that's just the first 10 minutes or so of this psychedelic masterpiece.

'Archangel Thunderbird' is possibly the coolest song title of all time and it lives up to its promise. Renate Knaup's vocals soar above the irresistible freak-beat style riffs, flappy bass lines and scraggy rhythms. The ponderous 'Eye Shaking King' introduces itself with a grinding Zeppelin-esque groove before evolving into a head-swaying morass of swirling psychedelic Daleks, jarring keyboards and bluesy guitar licks. But this album isn't only about fuzzy riffs and strident rhythms. 'Cerberus' is a meandering instrumental piece full of undulating lines, South Asian style percussion and grunting angular licks and 'Sandoz In The Rain' is a lysergic trip full of hypnotic cadences, haunting violin and lavish flute.

There is a 'loose jam' feel across the whole record, even during the more succinct pieces, but on the title track (explicitly referred to as an improvisation) Amon Duul II really let go and space out in style. The ideas are spread rather thinner over this 18 minute jam than elsewhere on the record but it is eminently suitable as a musical inspiration to chill out and spliff-up, as is the shorter improv 'Yeti Talks To Yogi'. However, it is within the tighter compositions that the true magic of 'Yeti' lies and finds Amon Duul II at the peak of their prismatic powers. This record is a truly mesmerizing experience from start to finish and, along with 'Phallus Dei', an essential listen for anyone remotely interested in psychedelic music.

 Carnival In Babylon by AMON DÜÜL II album cover Studio Album, 1972
3.54 | 174 ratings

Carnival In Babylon
Amon Düül II Krautrock

Review by friso
Prog Reviewer

3 stars Amon Duul II is a band I love because I just can't get my head around their songwriting and way of thinking. "Carnival in Babylon" is said to be a more straight-forward song-based album, but it's still very vague when it comes to sound and format of the songs. On this album the band seems to have taken an interest in the English folk-rock of the late sixties. Songs like' All Years 'Round', 'Tables are Turned' and in a lesser way opening track 'C.I.D in Uruk' all sound like a heavily drugged up version of Fairport Convention. I love that band and I'm loving this. The short song 'Kronwinkl' is a nice little progressive rock cut, albeit a bit directionless. Which - by the way - applies to all songs on this album. Ending track 'Hawknose Harlequin' is a spacey jam band track that sound like early Pink Floyd. The last track to mention is 'Shimmering Sand' which sounds like a moody psychedelic track, but fails to impress due to poor performances of every-one involved. Listening to the album I wonder if the obscuring sound of the production enhances the music, or if perhaps a remix & remaster could result in a miraculous re-emergence of its hidden beauty. Follow-up album (and one my all-time favorites) 'Wolf City' would show some similarities in sound. Carnival in Babylon is however way more stretched-out, laid-back and folky, missing out on the fierce moments that would define their finest moments. Still, I find myself listening a lot to this album. It incites the drive to 'get it', whereas that just might be impossible. The pristine folk influences combined with the totally drug-out performances & sound are beautifully beyond comprehension. Three and a halve stars for that I guess. And I must say, I love the artwork and the inner sleeve photo of the band in a purple garden.
 Wolf City by AMON DÜÜL II album cover Studio Album, 1972
3.98 | 272 ratings

Wolf City
Amon Düül II Krautrock

Review by friso
Prog Reviewer

5 stars Wolf City is the most expensive vinyl I ever bought. And I bought it today, after listening to it in a digital format for five times in a row last week. On this record German Krautrock act Amon Duul II sounds like a drugged up version of Jefferson Airplane with a 'Hawkwind - Warror on the Edge of Time'-sound. Throw in some Radio Gnome-era Gong. 'Wolf City' is a short but wild ride. Going from dark & ominous symphonic prog to happy hippy-folk without warning whilst discovering totally new pallets of sounds. Never quite finishing a song, the band is already into the next catchy-as-hell moment. Amon Duul II has often made a hit-and-miss impression on me (whilst writing this review I'm listening to the mixed 'Carnival in Babylon') but on this album the 'hits' are fantastic and the 'misses' add to the unpredictability - a unique feature that adds to the psychedelic feel. Furthermore the band finds times to really rock out on this record. I'm very much a fan of the original chord progressions of the opening song 'Surrounded by the Stars'. I like the hellish vocals of Renate Knaup, especially sinds she can also sing the folky second song quite beautifully - if not a bit druggy. The last track 'Sleepwalker's Timeless Bridge' stands out as a surprisingly structured and harmonic piece with folk guitars (acoustic and electric) and classic synth tones. On every song the band fails to cash out the huge potential of the material. Like children in a candy shop they jump around from shelf to shelf. As I a listener I really feel like I'm standing on the cradle of creative creation and I guess that's precisely why I'm so addicted to this record. Its also one of my favorite cover artworks ever made.
 Kobe - Reconstructions by AMON DÜÜL II album cover Studio Album, 1996
2.42 | 18 ratings

Kobe - Reconstructions
Amon Düül II Krautrock

Review by Lewian

3 stars What we have here is something pieced together from old Amon Düül II recordings of the time of Yeti and Tanz der Lemminge together with some material that was unpublished before "Kobe". This is structured into tracks but essentially it is one long virtual jam session. I think it was for charity at the time, after the Kobe earthquake, and released only in Japan, so surely this is not a regular AD II album. As with its "Eternal Flashback" sister album, I'm actually not sure who put this together and to what extent there was creative input at the time of publication by the band themselves.

Different from "Eternal Flashback", this one is almost purely instrumental (there is the odd choir sample singing apparently a lullaby, which also ends the album) and relies in several places heavily on drum loops, which provide the spine for an otherwise very psychedelic experience. It's very repetitive in places, but despite being looped, the original rhythms have enough dynamic breathe in them to give the music a pulsating, hypnotic quality with some pointers to early Can. The sound aesthetic of Pink Floyd until Meddle is another reference that comes to mind. There are some repetitive guitar riffs either taken from "Tanz der Lemminge" or in its style, but mostly guitars and keyboards produce psychedelic soundscapes and noises, which I find often fascinating and tasteful.

It is easy to criticise "Kobe" for the presumably little effort that was put into it, resulting in a lack of direction and composition and at times in overlaying parts that are neither meant to be together nor work seamlessly in this way. Also, even though you may like here what you liked on "Tanz der Lemminge" already, you may not be willing to count that in favour of this kind of remix album.

Still, I find this entertaining and quite special; I think that whoever created this succeeded in creating something new from the original bricks that has some merit on its own. AD II have done other long improvisational pieces, but particularly the hypnotic element is strongest here, and I can find something fascinating in the circular directionless way this is set up, like an endlessly jamming band in a time capsule. One can't deny that there is some variation on here, too - it's not like the same drum loop carrying the listener through the full 65 minutes; the producers dug at least a bit deeper into the original recordings to provide some change.

I don't think that a majority will appreciate this but if you're open minded and have a weak spot for psychedelic jamming and sound exploration, there's something to be found here.

 Eternal Flashback by AMON DÜÜL II album cover Studio Album, 1996
2.32 | 13 ratings

Eternal Flashback
Amon Düül II Krautrock

Review by Lewian

2 stars Eternal Flashback was released in 1996 apparently as a freebie by the Düül's Japanese record company. To what extent the musicians themselves had their hands in this at the time is not clear to me. In any case this is not music that was recorded in the 1990s, rather it uses material from the end 1960s and early 1970s. Much of this has already appeared on Phallus Dei, Yeti and Tanz der Lemminge. There may be bits from Carnival in Babylon and also bits from older Amon Düül sessions when the commune was not yet split into I and II. Some material is unreleased as far as I know; I know all the regular albums of AD II but I'm not sure whether what I don't know yet appeared as bonus tracks somewhere.

Still, this is not some kind of "Best of", rather the material was put together in a new way, partly overlaying bits that did not originally belong together. This is all one track here. A 67 minutes fantasy jam was created, that never really happened, using many known elements. I've got to say though that it doesn't feel like a single track. There are a number of sudden changes that feel like starts of a new track; the creators just decided to keep everything together "officially". On the other hand, elements used early reappear at times toward the end, so one could find, with some generosity, some kind of arch holding things together.

They succeeded in giving this a feel that is somehow different from the original recordings, so you can get something new out of this. The unfamiliar bits are interesting, although they are probably often the oldest ones and the musicianship on these is quite pedestrian, to put it nicely. Unfortunately there is hardly any singing by Renate; vocals are male, by Karrer and somebody else. Overall this is very psychedelic, structures are even less transparent than in the original recordings (although there's much rhythm and guitar soloing) , and some people will say that you have to be stoned for enjoying this, although I'm not and I can get something out of it at least.

Ultimately there's some fun to be had listening to this endless jam going through a number of familiar snippets, although some transitions and overlays are rather unmotivated, and surely this will not convert anybody who is not yet a fan (there's a good chance you'll hate it if you're not already in love with the band). The Düüls have done crazy things on regular albums, too, though. You should expect this kind of wackiness from this band, and whatever you may object against this, it is unmistakably the weird Amon Düül II.

As a fan I find this free-flying 67 minutes pretty good entertainment, although no match for their sublime regular albums from that period.

There's a sister piece of this, "Kobe (Reconstructed)", that in several places is described as pretty much the same as Eternal Flashback. I actually disagree, Kobe is based much more on drum loops and creates a quite different atmosphere.

2 stars; can't be one because it's fun, can't be three because that'd be stretching it too far really.

 Pyragony X by AMON DÜÜL II album cover Studio Album, 1976
2.43 | 52 ratings

Pyragony X
Amon Düül II Krautrock

Review by FragileKings
Prog Reviewer

2 stars A year or two ago, I came across Rolling Stone's list of the top 50 prog albums of all time and found at number 41 "Yeti" by Amon Düül II. I marked it down as an album to check out. When I finally did check out it on YouTube, I wasn't convinced. The singing was too discordant with people singing out of tune or not in tune with one another. However, I was still determined to find something decent from this krautrock band. After skipping through different albums and tracks, I thought that there were a couple on "Pyragony 10th" that might be okay and I ordered the album. Only after was I to learn the truth about the band.

Before reaching their tenth album, Amon Düül II had undergone multiple line-up changes and were searching for a new direction for their music. By "Pyragony 10th", few original members remained and the band were really uncertain of how to craft their new sound. The music here sounds very much like a band lacking confidence in recording what they must have felt strongly about when they wrote. The songs have been given attention and care in their construction but the final result is lackluster. One vocalist sounds like a punk singer who has been asked to attempt subtlety while singing along to softer semi-mainstream songs. When "Telly Vision" comes on, I feel like it's a cross between a psychedelic Beatles rip-off and The Toy Dolls.

The album does bravely attempt to tackle a variety of styles with the Oriental "Flower of the Orient", the early Nazareth ("Exercises" era) rock and roll of "Merlin", and the softer synthesizer-guided instrumental track "Crystal Hexagon". The only song that features a part that sounds prog is "The Only Thing" and that happens shortly before the three-minute mark.

The weak production of this album doesn't help. The acoustic guitar strumming has all the life sucked out of it, and when the music actually does bring a punch, the production softens the blow like a wall of tissue paper. But not just the production, as I stated above this seems to be an over-cautious band without confidence. The CD booklet includes this quote from Ingeborg Schober's book "Tanz der Lemminge":

"The mythical and charismatic Amon Düül II known from the sixties didn't exist anymore. Until today the band searched somewhat desperately and chaotically for a new musical identity which made them try the most different styles."

Band member Chris Karrer adds, "It had been the time when the band's music became more and more song-like and the once underground group descended to the songwriter's league." The CD booklet author also points out only half the songs as having any semblance to the old Amon Duul II with the other half being like creations of any mainstream band.

Were it not for the promise of "Yeti" being a much better representation of the band and a classic prog album to boot, I would have stopped my Amon Düül II experience here with this first purchase. But I am curious and I will see what the "Yeti" is keeping that is so special.

 Tanz Der Lemminge [Aka: Dance Of The Lemmings] by AMON DÜÜL II album cover Studio Album, 1971
4.10 | 323 ratings

Tanz Der Lemminge [Aka: Dance Of The Lemmings]
Amon Düül II Krautrock

Review by siLLy puPPy
Collaborator PSIKE, JR/F/Canterbury & Eclectic Teams

5 stars Through the trials and tribulations that life has to offer comes a vast wealth of inspiration and karmic balance and thus the members of AMON DÜÜL II were collecting their just dessert after having a series of setbacks. One of the most terrifying events was at the Keks Club in Cologne, Germany in 1971 when a fire not only destroyed all of their musical gear but snuffed out four youths in attendance and then soon thereafter their new equipment was ripped off which lacking any insurance and not totally paid, ended up bankrupting the band as royalties for their previous two records were garnished to pay off creditors. As can be expected, such incidents create extreme tensions with members of a fledgling band simply trying to make their way in the cult recesses of the music scene and as a result bassist Dave Anderson was the first to bail and immediately hooked up with Hawkwind while founding member Chris Karrer (violin, guitars) would take off to join Embryo. Meanwhile Renate Knaup who never really left the band, only contributed when she felt like it and pretty much sitting this one out with the exception of the one teeny weeny track "Riding On A Cloud" which she clearly was and found that more interesting. Likewise Falk Rogner stuck around on a part-time basis and as a result organ playing duties are shared.

Such was the rotating door lifestyle of 70s commune life yet all the turmoil resulted in a very different creation process for TANZ DER LEMMINGE than "Yeti" which only came out a year before but sounds light years away in sound and overall feel. No longer were Anderson's signature bass playing style present as Lothar Meid took the helm and had a completely different artistic direction. However, despite all the odds stacked against them, the collective commune that had garnered much attention with their first two albums retreated to the eye of the hurricane and reformed, took a deep breath and still managed to release their second double album in a two year timespan. The very first startling thing you will notice when putting on their third album is how very, very different it sounds compared with the previous two. But despite it all, it wasn't only a bloody miracle that it was created at all but actually stands up as one of the band's most varied, creative and ambitious releases of their entire career. This album came out just months after their series of catastrophes under the German title TANZ DER LEMMINGE but was released in the US as DANCE OF THE LEMMINGS. It also found a repackaging in Italy where it was retitled VIAGGIO IN UN SOGNO ("Journey Into A Dream"), however like all great classic albums that stand the test of time it has been faithfully returned to its original and rather fitting title for modern reissues.

The evolving aspects from "Yeti" to TANZ DER LEMMINGE also reflect the turbulence of early 1970s Germany as idealistic hippie and leftist values turned to full-fledged violent revolutionary attempts to use terrorism in order to protest the state apparatus. The Red Army Faction (Baader-Meinhof Gang) shook the entire country to its core and inevitably the arts and musical culture were equally affected. While "Phallus Dei" and "Yeti" were more free flowing and psychedelic rock oriented with a sense of naive innocence running through their course, TANZ DER LEMMINGE is not only more sophisticated in the musical sense but runs the gamut of the emotional spectrum equally as if the band just like the land in which they resided was facing the most uncertain of futures and in the process were throwing any zany idea possible at the wall to see what would stick. The result of this nosedive into the world of fastidious experimentation resulted in a sprawler of a concept album that contains four progressive rock suites with each offering completely different moods and objectives. While these grails convene to take the listener on a wild roller coaster ride of musical diversity, they all coalesce into a larger sense of creating a surreal and psychedelic narrative of the era.

SUITE ONE: "Syntelman's March Of The Roaring Seventies (15:50)

Anyone expecting a repeat of "Yeti's" heavy psych almost proto-metal approach is immediately disappointed as the first suite or side A on the original vinyl begins with a lysergic swirl of Tangerine Dream meets Klaus Schulze electronica whizzing about but quickly fizzles out and morphs into a more familiar groovy bass line however sans heavy guitar distortion and instead replaced by an acoustic guitar performance that could win over Bob Dylan refugees after he went electric. These folky riffs then alternate consummately with classical strumming talents would make Segovia proud with an intermittent violin that upon first impression made me think of a Teutonic version of Comus who coincidently released their landmark "First Utterance" the very same year. The suite continues the Comus (or perhaps some Jethro Tull-ishness as well) references on the third part of the suite "Prayer To Silence" as it unleashes jangly acoustic folk guitar in erratic time signatures with tribal bongo drumming. Suddenly it changes once again into an organ drenched melancholy that has a fast bass hook and bluesy guitar come and go and create ever increasing tempos that finally find Karrer's vocals join in to musically articulate tall tales of surrealistic lyrical content that leads up to some sort of occult text with references to alien worlds thus offering a more lysergic and imaginative whimsy that could possibly have been influenced by David Bowie's "Space Oddity" and the inevitable consciousness shift of the moon landing.

SUITE TWO: "Restless Skylight - Transistor-Child" (19:33)

Begins as some crazed drug fueled attempt at a blues song and sort of reminds me of a Captain Beefheart riff before completely disappearing and replaced by spaced out footsteps on an alien vessel or something and then like most tracks imperceptibly transitions with this going into the Zappa-esque "Dehypnotized Toothpaste" that not only brings the early avant-rocker's humor to mind but also the quirky jazz-fusion musical madness as well. "A Short Stop At The Transylvanian Brain-Surgery" reverts back to a totally spaced out guitar run with mellotron wails simulating an alien chorus and a sultry sitar dancing like a Bollywood actress around the main rhythm. The three parts to "Race From Here To Your Ears" take a voyage far away to another galaxy as heavy psych guitars find their inner Hendrix and Cream inspired riffs that slowly ignite in a peace pipe while the waif of intoxicating smoke unleashes Chris Karrer's most uninhibited vocal performance as he wails like a madman as tripped out lyrics about everything from little tornadoes and the art of curry, the Bank of Babylon and lion summer's find their way into the theme. I am still totally perplexed by any attempt of meaning of it all. The madness ensues with frantic guitar rhythms, screechy violins and drone bass lines that bedazzle and hypnotize simultaneously as it ends with the evocative "H.G. Well's Take Off."

SUITE THREE: "Chamsin Soundtrack" (33:05)

Pull out your tickets and take the most mind expanding excursion on the album with "The Marilyn Monroe-Memorial-Church" which takes a long 18 minute and 5 second journey and worships all things "Saucerful Of Secrets" which is arguably the Floydian birth pangs of all things Krautrock and improvises a massive psychedelic improvisational attack of the senses that slowly drift in and out of frequency with fuzzed out guitars swirling in and out of stereo through a maddening maze of bluesy guitar riffs, bouncy bass and orgies of keyboards straight out of Berlin School progressive electronic abductions into the twilight zone. After "behaving" for the prior album parts, this monstrous track meanders through the musical universe where notes collide and fuse together as if they were in primeval pools of plasma going through phase changes and then garnering enough nuclear power to transport themselves into other dimensions. Sounds come and go like random schools of jellyfish suddenly thrown off course due to tidal uncertainties and cosmic interferences. And then in complete contrast, the album ends on a heavier hard psych note with the complete freefall over the cliffs with the dancing lemmings which ends Mr Toad's Wild Adventure with the appropriately titled "Toxicological Whispering."

TANZ DER LEMMINGE is most certainly a more thoughtful and provocative album than what came before and will require ample periods of uninterrupted attention with plenty of after time rumination. Upon first listen i was actually disappointed with this album, big time, as i was expecting a clearcut continuation of "Yeti." While i may have put this back on the shelf for a while, it had planted its seeds and summoned my nonjudgmental return. Upon reflection and ample listening time i have fallen under its hypnotic spell as it mesmerizes my restlessness while stimulating my creative cranial cortex. The diversity of sounds, tones, styles and twisted tales of the imagined or not comes off as a playful nerdy paradise of sounds that slinks and swirls in every foreseeable direction of the sonic palette while earning an A+ for tenacity on the trip-o-meter. No you don't need drugs to enjoy this but then again, maybe you do. You without doubt need patience and above all a very open mind. This is certainly a grower as it strives for a 10 on the progometer but really only scaling up to a 9. For 1971 this is some pretty daring stuff. It far outreaches other Krautrock contemporaries. While Can and Faust were limiting their respective sounds to a certain niche market, AMON DÜÜL II were taking the rock approach to the jazzy stellar other worlds of Sun Ra and his Magic Arkestra as if they were abducted by alien beings and implanted with creativity chips. Man, that commune idea really worked for these guys at the time but like all good parties it must come to and end and such is the case with the highest peak of their career as the following albums incrementally became tamer and commercial. TANZ DER LEMMINGE, however was and remains one of the highest peaks of the early Krautrock world.

 Bee As Such [Aka: Düülirium] by AMON DÜÜL II album cover Studio Album, 2010
2.76 | 15 ratings

Bee As Such [Aka: Düülirium]
Amon Düül II Krautrock

Review by Mellotron Storm
Prog Reviewer

3 stars It's pretty awesome that this band is still making music after all of these years. And the fact that that Krautrock spirit is still alive and well in their music only adds to my admiration for this legendary band. They released this as a digital download only back in 2009 and called "Bee As Such" then it got a physical release in 2014 and they called it "Duulirium" after the title of a bonus track on a "Wolf City" re-issue. Renate and Chris share the vocal duties often on the same track while I would also mention the many intricate sounds found on this recording.

"On The Highway(Mambo Le Liberta)" features sparse sounds throughout and I really like the tone of the guitar. Vocals join in sounding rough like Captain Beefheart. Renate joins in vocally around 2 1/2 minutes. There's a little more intensity after 6 1/2 minutes with the guitar and vocals in particular but the song never does really breakout. "Du Kommst Ins Heim" opens with Renate's vocal melodies along with a beat, violin and some experimental sounds. Lots of intricate and sparse sounds then we get some silly and strange vocals before 5 1/2 minutes. "Standing In The Shadow" starts out with percussion, bass and odd sounds before the male vocals arrive a minute in. Renate starts singing after 2 minutes as the song becomes catchy. Male vocals too as they trade off and also sing together.

"Back To The Rules/ Walk To The Park" is the 26 minute closer and the only reason I'm not giving this a higher rating. For such a long song this does little for me. This is very sparse with percussion to start as faint vocal melodies arrive around 2 minutes in. Renate starts to sing in a relaxed manner. The song seems to come to life 7 minutes in and violin joins in around 9 minutes. More vocals join in at 10 1/2 minutes then there is silence before those sparse sounds return. A catchy beat with guitar and vocals arrives after 12 minutes. Vocal melodies and guitar 17 1/2 minutes in as it continues to be sparse sounding until around the 20 minute mark when fast paced spoken male vocals kick in with guitar, bass and drums. Some nice guitar late.

While this was better than I thought it would be I can't rate this higher than 3 stars.

 Bee As Such [Aka: Düülirium] by AMON DÜÜL II album cover Studio Album, 2010
2.76 | 15 ratings

Bee As Such [Aka: Düülirium]
Amon Düül II Krautrock

Review by Neu!mann
Prog Reviewer

2 stars Comeback albums aren't normally as haphazard as this belated effort by one of Krautrock's essential forefathers: recorded in 2009; offered as a digital download under the name "Bee as Such" in 2010; and four years later finally given a legitimate CD release, with a better title and actual sleeve art...everything except a credible performance, sadly.

In truth the music by itself is fine, and doesn't show a trace of anachronism. All of it was clearly improvised in the studio, but in a more groovy modern fashion than the embryonic freakouts of "Phallus Dei" et al. A cheap comparison could be made to the valedictory CAN album "Rite Time" (1989), a likewise late-in-the-day reunion with a similar (but more successful) vibe, also curiously delayed in post-production.

Maybe the new Düül album should have been considered as a strictly instrumental project. The musical rapport was still there, and surprisingly vital after so many years away. But the vocals by old comrades Renate Knaup and Chris Karrer are - to put it delicately - a calamity: hoarse, abrasive, and fatally off-key.

Krautrock has always been full of eccentric singers able to exploit their amateur lack of training (think of Can's Malcolm Mooney). But there's a big difference between non-professional and plain bad, and that line was emphatically crossed here. I'm reminded of Timothy Leary's cringe-worthy performance on the notorious ASH RA TEMPEL train wreck "Seven Up", something no sane listener ever needs to hear a second time.

The fingernails-on-chalkboard effect reaches its nadir throughout the 26-minute "Back to the Rules/Walking in the Park" (aka "Psychedelic Suite", on the "Bee as Such" version). Here, the attempts at improvising a freeform vocal accompaniment to an already exploratory jam stand out like a mangled (i.e. more than simply sore) thumb.

Needless to say, the new album is no "Yeti"...despite some abominable moments. It's reassuring to know the old-timers still have a pulse, but this session wasn't worth the long wait. Better late than never? Don't be too sure...

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