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4 stars Amazing album, one of the most original pieces of progresive rock I've ever heard. The performances are excellent, Spinetta's voice is beautifull, his solos are very very good too, and the sound of the drums is one of the best I've ever heard. The first track is outstanding, the second is a beautifull acoustic song, the third track is singed by the bassist and probably you wont't like his voice, but the rest of the album is singed by spinetta again and the songs are really good. Listen to this one, two or three times, is not an easy album, but you won't regret it.
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Posted Tuesday, June 20, 2006 | Review Permalink
4 stars 'A peach is bleeding'

Do you want to know how to make symphonic rock without any keyboards? then, please, listen to "Durazno Sangrando". Excellent album. A jewel of argentinian prog rock.

Spinetta playing the guitar had an superb performance. His voice was emotional again. The bassist and the drummer are both 'virtuosos'.

(1) "Encadenado al ánima": an 'epic' song. An eclectic composition: there are influences of blues, psychedelic rock, rock'n'roll, hard rock, classic symphonic rock, art rock...*****

(2) "Durazno sangrando": beautiful song. A piece of poetry... Some of jazz influences.****

(3) "Pleamar de águilas": the bassist sings this song, and his voice quality isn't comparable with Spinetta's voice. The song is nice.***

(4) "En una lejana playa del animus": another long theme. The guitar sounds like Howe's guitars in the early 70's. When the voice appear, the song become in emotional and intense. This epic song is really a travel. Perhaps, the best track of this album.*****

(5) "Dios de la adolescencia": nice song. The less progressive track. Great voice's melodies.***

Average rate: 4 stars

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Posted Friday, April 20, 2007 | Review Permalink
3 stars 3.4 Stars

Spinetta's "Invisible" was yet another strong phase in his career, even if a bit less interesting than his great "Artaud" and "Pescado Rabioso" classics. "Durazno Sangrante" stands out a bit because of its tendency to have long songs, and its majestic opener, which is a full-on progressive rock epic with a style of its own. It doesn't focus on virtuosism and is one of the most humble and unpretentious long songs to come out from Argentina. The rest is very good music and sound like no other track in the album, drawing from different music styles and genres while keeping the unique sound of Spinetta.

I can only describe Encadenado al Anima with one word : Brilliant. This song mixes the classical, symphonic, rock and roll, blues, psychedelia and other genres into a coherent whole extremely well. The musical themes are very memorable and inspired as well as the excellent vocals throughout the piece. All the musicians shine, especially Carlos' diverse, tasteful and powerful drumming and Spinetta's soulful guitar playing. The song is a bit unpredictable, but not in a way that makes it aimless and/or incoherent. One of the many surprises includes a guitar break that sounds as if Hendrix possessed Spinetta for a minute. Overall, this is arguably one of Spinetta's best works.

The title track is a very pleasant-sounding acoustic songs with a jazz atmosphere. The main guitar motif is very memorable and unique, while the vocal melodies never fail to impress, especially the ones at the refrains. "Pleamar en Aguilas" is a good folky song with some adventurous acoustic guitar playing. Unfortunately, Spinetta doesn't sing here and whoever does is not as good as the man behind this band. the lengthy "En Una Lejana Playa" is not as exciting as the opener. It takes a while to get started and the arrangements are a bit more obtuse and unconventional but it grows on you and has a certain charm. "Dios de Adolecencia" finishes the album with a nice ballad with good singing, but it ends too soon.

So, overall, the whole album with its emotional music and lyrics seems like a huge piece of poetry. Unfortunately, it doesn't make the 4 stars because it is short and doesn't mantain the great quality of the first two tracks. It is still recommended for people curious about Progressive rock in Argentina, or curious about an album that sounds quite unique, and of course, Spinetta fans should own this, for the epic alone.

1. Encadenado al ánima (A-)

2. Durazno Sangrando (B+)

3. Pleamar de águilas (C)

4. En una lejana playa del animus (C+)

5. Dios de adolescencia (C+)

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Posted Friday, May 25, 2007 | Review Permalink
Mellotron Storm
3 stars INVISIBLE are from Argentina and this is their second album. It is based on a concept story, but with lyrics in Spanish it's pretty much lost on me. I was so blown away by their debut album but not so much with this one.They have really toned it down from their debut.This is very laid back with a couple of the songs (and many passages elsewhere) reminding me of some of the great Italian symphonic bands.

"Encudenado Al Anema" is the longest track on the album. I'm not a big fan of this song though as there are many sections with little going on. The first five minutes for example are atmospheric with vocals arriving 2 minutes in.The pace picks up at the 5 minute mark when the drums kick in with some good guitar melodies to follow.Then we get another section of not much going on as it gets spacey 7 1/2 minutes in.The song stops and starts again bringing to mind the lack of flow in this song. My favourite passage is 13 minutes in when we get some beautiful lazy guitar melodies. Nice. Not a fan of the ending though.

"Durazno Sangrando" is a beautiful, pleasant song that brings to mind the Italian bands of the seventies. "Pleamar De Aguilas" features a guitar / vocal melody for 2 minutes that I don't really like. Good vocal melodies and bass later. "En Una Lejana Playa Del Animus" has lots of tempo changes and opens with more pleasant and relaxed guitar playing with light drums and cymbals. Vocals arrive after 3 minutes. Some good contrasts between the light and intense passages to the end of the song. "Dios De Adolescencia" is much like the second song tranquil and beautiful like a warm summers breeze.

This is a good record that many who are into the mellower side of music will enjoy. This is a progressive album in the truest sense. It just lacks some of the elements that I really enjoyed from their debut.

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Posted Friday, August 10, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars This one was the third album I heard from Invisible. I had to listened to it three times to understand it and enjoy it. It is not an easy album. But once you find its sense, you really find a jewel. I mean a very precious jewel. I think this one and the disc before make Invisible the best Spinetta's band (well, struggling with Spinetta Jade for the first place).

Spinetta shows in this album wildness, poetry, madness, absurd, beauty, terror, genius... all these things separately or at same time. Let's see the songs:

Encadenado al ánima: Maybe the best suite of the album. The bass line cutted softly by guitar and cymballs promise what is going to happen. It is the begining of something tremendous. The theme is an actual trip through diferent states of mind. We find rock, jazz, blues, psychedelia... but not separately but as ingredients of each musical moment. Lyrics are wierd, buffling, but very beautiful. Full of images. *****

Durazno Sangrando: A peach is bleeding. This kind of poetic images I was talking about. This song is very much easier to listen than the one before. Actually, is a jazzy, soft, beauty song; played with accuracy. But, after listening "Encadenado al ánima", this song seems to be too simple. But it's just an effect of contrast. Neverthelees, I give it 4 stars. ****

Pleamar de águilas: What a begining! You can see the weird kind of musician Spinetta is. He make what other musician would delete of his mind. The excersice vocal of the begining of this song is very risky because it gets close to ridicule. But it's wonderful because jumps over ridicule and reach supreme beauty. *****

En una lejana playa del animus: This track is the complement of "Encadenado al ánima". And it's musical highness is in the same level of the first song too. *****

Dios de la adolescencia: Beautiful and powerful song. Rich in melodies and nice metric. The lyrics have a high poetry. Less progresive than the previous tracks, but who cares.

So Durazno Sangrando is an amazing an unique album. IMHO it deserves 5 stars: a materpiece of progresive music.

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Posted Friday, October 19, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars After their majestic debut album Invisible had to confirm to the public if they were one of those one album wonder bands ( pretty usual in Argentina) or a serious project. And personally speaking , I think they made an improvement over their debut release which was really hard to top anyway. Durazno Sangrando is an album based on a book by Carl Jung and Richard Wilhem called The Secret of the golden Flower. Spinetta was really fond of reading and he got some inspirations for his lyrics from autors like Rimbaud , Artaud ( he dedicated one release to him) , Nietzche , Freud and Michel Foucault among others.

This record is a bit more accesible and less darker than his debut album. It opens with an amazing epic called Encadenado al Anima and then features shorter songs all of them with a jazzy approach. Encadenado.. opens with a spacey section driven by Spinetta's guitar and Pomo's subtle drumming. Luis's vocals share a lot in common with Jon Anderson and some of the greatest RPI singers of the 70's. Suddenly the song breaks into a faster section to become subtle once more this time with some smooth synthetizers on the back. This song is a memorable epic since it has several mood changes and is really well composed. Also I want to add that the lyrics for this song were inspired on a poem written by Luis's father.

The title track is an absolute classic of argentinian rock and one of Spinetta's most popular song. It's just 3 minutes long but holds an undescriptable beauty. If I were to describe this one , I would say it's a cross between some of the early KC ballads like Lady of the dancing water or Cadence and Cascade and some of the most gentle PFM or Celeste moments. The third song Pleamar de Aguilas is not sung by Spinetta but bassist Machi. And altough his voice is a lot different from Luis the result ain't bad. Some may say this song is a little whimsical but it features very good guitarwork from Luis and nice vocal harmonies as well. En una lejana playa del Animus is probably the most laid back song on this record. Being 9 minutes long it starts with some jazzy improvisation and then features some spacey guitars. Luckily the mood of the song changes with a powerful chorus and from that moment on turns on a rocker driven by Spinetta's fantastic guitar solos and Machi's bass groove . Lastly , the record closes with another 3 minute acoustic song with jazzy chord progressions called Dios de Adolesencia. It's a really simple , yet beautiful song which happens to be my favourite on this record.

For those looking for Argentinian prog , Durazno Sangrando is the place to go.It's an essential record from both my country and South American prog.

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Posted Friday, January 30, 2009 | Review Permalink
Crossover & JR/F/Canterbury Teams
3 stars For the year this was recorded this was a fine album. Musically, it is a mix of melodic ballads, rich symphonic, and avant garde rock, mostly mixed into the same songs. And that is the only real drawback to Invisible's second studio album. While all the sections are well thought out and performed exquisitely, it's the transitions between each song movement that are awkward and off- putting. Either the song halts for a brief moment, or there is a jolting transistion from one part to the next. That gives each song the feeling that it is made up of a number of loose ideas, rather than a cohesive whole.

3 stars for style.

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Posted Saturday, May 19, 2012 | Review Permalink
3 stars Invisible was one of the front prog rock bands ever came from Argentina in mid '70s, even they had a short career and releasing only three albums. The second one from 1975 named Durazno sangrando from 1975 is to many the peak , the story is based on the book of Carl Jung and has very solid lyrics besides music made by the head of the band Luis Alberto Spinetta. Well, to me this album is more then ok, I like it, but never considered very intresting or groundbreaking as many pretend to be, has some great instrumental sections like the opening track Encadenado al ánima who is the longest from here. Not very much to add, while is pleasent most of the time , on some particular passages is little going on even has some subltle jazz symphonic arrangements in overall sound. 3.5 stars to this second album.

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Posted Wednesday, September 18, 2013 | Review Permalink
4 stars "Who sings is your carozo Because your body finally has a soul And if your being explodes Your heart will bleed And the song you hear Your body will open with the dawn "

Durazno sangrando (Bleeding Peach) contains a good dose of the best and most relevant legacy of Luis Alberto Spinetta, one of the most important musicians of the South American rock scene. Not as Hard Rock as the first Pescado Rabioso´s albums, or as Jazz Fusion like Spinetta Jade.

Encadenado al Anima open with impeccable rhythm section led by a sharp guitar, and as it progresses the song has rhythm changes and nuances, with some acoustic and rock sections, but without losing continuity. As always, the lyrics are intimate, poetic and with many figures. This is something that stands in the title track, a true acoustic jewel, mesmerizing and captivating, emblematic. Can anyone fully interpret the message? I doubt it. Pleamar de Águilas (Tide Eagles) also has an acoustic feel, more vivid and with gentle intermediate between two sung parts.

En una Playa Lejana del Animus (In a Distant Beach of Animus) is another important piece, an inspired and lucid Spinetta leads with his guitar, with chords, arpeggios and riffs. As always bass guitar play an important role and drums executed without unnecessary shrillness, as an element to enhance the melodies. Dios de la Adolescencia (Adolescence God) is the most simple and straightforward.

Later, Invisible perfected ideas, and come to light the great Jardín de los Presentes, but that's another story.

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Posted Thursday, October 13, 2016 | Review Permalink

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