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Albums or CD's where more than one artist is featured either as a SAMPLER or a TRIBUTE to a particular band. Examples: - Peter and The Wolf - Prog Fairytale - 1975 / The Reading Room - 2000 / Leonardo - The Absolute Man - 2001 / Best Prog Rock Album in the World... Ever - 2003 / Un Voyage En Progressif Volume 1 to 8 / Kalevala - A Finnish Progressive Rock Epic.

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4.25 | 90 ratings
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations)
4.17 | 193 ratings
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations)
4.32 | 53 ratings
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations)
4.22 | 86 ratings
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations)
4.13 | 81 ratings
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations)
4.18 | 53 ratings
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations)
4.75 | 13 ratings
Various Artists (Tributes)
4.17 | 51 ratings
Various Artists (Tributes)
4.12 | 65 ratings
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations)
4.05 | 85 ratings
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations)
4.11 | 53 ratings
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations)
4.23 | 30 ratings
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations)
4.26 | 23 ratings
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations)
4.03 | 52 ratings
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations)
4.04 | 43 ratings
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations)
4.06 | 31 ratings
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations)
4.12 | 24 ratings
Various Artists (Tributes)
4.03 | 30 ratings
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations)
4.03 | 29 ratings
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations)
3.93 | 38 ratings
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations)

Latest Various Genres Music Reviews

 Best Prog Rock Album in the World... Ever  by VARIOUS ARTISTS (CONCEPT ALBUMS & THEMED COMPILATIONS) album cover Boxset/Compilation, 2003
2.88 | 19 ratings

Best Prog Rock Album in the World... Ever
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations) Various Genres

Review by patrickq

3 stars Considering that it's 3 CDs, it's not terrible at all: Genesis, Yes, ELP, Jethro Tull, VDGG - - and that's just the first disc. I found this cheap, so I can't complain, but too many songs here are repeats from other compilations. I didn't need third copies of 'Lucky Man,' 'Sympathy,' or 'Hocus Pocus,' thank you. But to be fair, most of the third disc was new to me, so there's that.

Right now it's on Amazon for $13 plus shipping, which is probably too much for most people reading this, since you probably already have much of what's here. On the other hand, with some semi-familiar classic rock from Peter Gabriel, ELO, and Deep Purple, it might not be a bad buy for a friend whom you're trying to get to listen to proggier rock.

Good, but not essential by any definition that I can think of; three stars.

 Supernatural Fairy Tales - The Progressive Rock Era by VARIOUS ARTISTS (CONCEPT ALBUMS & THEMED COMPILATIONS) album cover Boxset/Compilation, 1996
3.01 | 18 ratings

Supernatural Fairy Tales - The Progressive Rock Era
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations) Various Genres

Review by patrickq

3 stars It's unclear to me how a set like this could be rated higher than three stars. On one hand, this is as good as (and probably better than) any other of the handful of prog-rock compilations of which I'm aware. For me personally, this boxed set served its purpose of exposing me to a variety of artists and styles, and there are about five truly excellent songs here that I doubt I'd ever have heard otherwise. On the other hand, it seems self-evident that a progressive rock compilation album which leaves out Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, and King Crimson could not be "essential," and thus could not rate four stars. Of course, even if Rhino had been able to include Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, and King Crimson, I would complain that they'd licensed the wrong songs! Furthermore, where's the progressive jazz? Why limit the collection to the 60s and 70s? Or, where's the second collection of more recent music, including perhaps some new-prog or math rock or progressive metal?

Even if Rhino could address all of my concerns and exhaust all of my complaints, the compilation still wouldn't be essential because it would still contain only one song from each of many essential albums.

I'm sure Rhino's purpose in releasing this boxed set was to generate profit, but I also feel that the compilers did their best given the time and licensing restrictions. They managed to represent Zeuhl, Krautrock, RIO, and RPI along with the more obvious subgenres. They also included a fair balance of longer songs (by my count, eleven songs over eight minutes). As others have noted, the liner notes and artwork are nice too, and in this case, that counts for something.

So: on this website, the three-star aggregate rating of Supernatural Fairy Tales is exactly what it should be. However: if you're new to prog rock (as I was when I bought this) and you can find a copy, and it's affordable, buy it. If it does its job, you'll probably rate it four or five stars to begin with, but at some time in the future, I'll bet you'll agree that it will no longer be "essential."

 Jesus Christ Superstar by VARIOUS ARTISTS (CONCEPT ALBUMS & THEMED COMPILATIONS) album cover Studio Album, 1970
4.17 | 193 ratings

Jesus Christ Superstar
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations) Various Genres

Review by jamesbaldwin
Prog Reviewer

5 stars "Jesus Christ Superstar" was a multimedia project: double studio album, musical, film. It had a great success with the public and critics for three main reasons: 1) The idea of ​​staging the story of the last two weeks Jesus actualized in the present was brilliant 2) The writing of music and lyrics was excellent 3) Singers and musicians were talented, and very inspired.

"Jesus Christ Superstar" was written by Tim Rice (lyrics) and Andrew Lloyd Webber (music), two great composers of lyrics and musical music, as attested by this album and by their subsequent career at JCS ("Evita", "Cats" and many other successful musicals).

The album's story follows the Synoptic Gospels and Fulton J. Sheen's Life of Christ. The lyrics put emphasis on the interpersonal relationships between Jesus, Judas and Mary Magdalene, anticipating many studies and many works of art (literary and musical) on the figures of Judas and Magdalene, which in the last 50 years have been re-evaluated and re-interpreted in a new key according to the message of Christian salvation. In particular, Judas is seen today by many not as a traitor but as a man forced to fulfill his role so that the divine plan is accomplished.

The music alternates epic and pompous moments, such as the famous "Overture" melody, at more melodic, more modest moments, at more progressive moments, at moments with a beat and response typical of the musical, at almost psychedelic moments. Overall, the music is always very creative even when not remarkable. I am not a lover of the musical (which tends to get tired, usually), but I recognize in this work a great inspiration both in music and lyrics, and I recognize that these two planes are very well combined with each other. So, although my involvement is alternate in this work, in any case I recognize his excellent inspiration. In the most melodic and dialogue moments, there are some refrains that have made epochs, as catchy and contagious, like this:

"What's the buzz? Tell me What's happening!" Taken from these lyrics (very inspired): "Apostles): What's the buzz? Tell me what's a-happening. (Jesus): Why should you want to know? Don't you mind about the future. Don't you try to think ahead Save tomorrow for tomorrow Think about today instead I could give you facts and figures I could give you plans and forecasts Even tell you where I'm going. (Apostles): When do we Ride to Jerusalem? (Jesus): Why should you want to know Why are you obsessed with fighting Times and fates you can't defy? If you knew the path we're riding You'd understand it less than I. (Apostles): What's the buzz? Tell me what's happening. (Mary Magdalene): Let me try To cool down your face a bit. (Jesus) That feels nice, so nice Mary, oooh, that is good While you prattle through your supper Where and when and who and how She alone has tried to give me What I need right here and now. (Apostles): What's the buzz Tell me what's happening. (Judas): It's a strange thing Mystifying That a man like you Can waste his time With women of her kind I can understand that she amuses you But to let her stroke you Kiss your hair Is hardly in your line It's not that I object To her profession But it doesn't seem to square With what you do or say It doesn't help If you're inconsistant They only need a small excuse To put us all away. (Jesus): Who are you To criticize her? Who are you To despise her? Leave her, leave her Let her be now Leave her, leave her She's with me now If your slate is clean Then you can throw stones If your slate is not Then leave her alone! I'm amazed that men like you Can be so shallow, thick, and slow There is not a man among you Who knows or cares if I come or go (Apostles, except Judas) No you are wrong You're very wrong How can you say that! How can you say that! (Jesus) Not one, not one of you."

The caliber of the performers has allowed some pieces of excellent writing to have great performances, think (to say one) to the vocal and instrumental performance in "Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say)". The singers were: Ian Gillan (Jesus), singer of Deep Purple, Murray Head (Judas Iscariot), Yvonne Elliman (Mary Magdalene), Victor Brox (Caiaphas, High Priest), Barry Dennen (Pontius Pilate). Many of the primary musicians, like guitarists Neil Hubbard and Henry McCullough, bassist Alan Spenner, and drummer Bruce Rowland, they came from Joe Cocker's backing group The Grease Band. John Gustafson (Simon Zealotes) was the singer of Quatermass, then bassist of Roxy Music. Peter Robinson, who plays piano, electric piano, organ, positive organ, was the ingenious mind of Quatermass. Tony Ashton (backing vocals), was a great pianist, present on "It's Only a Movie", album of Family (1973).

Vote album: 9. Rating: Five Stars.

 Rock Theatre Plays Genesis 1970-77 by VARIOUS ARTISTS (TRIBUTES) album cover DVD/Video, 2019
3.90 | 2 ratings

Rock Theatre Plays Genesis 1970-77
Various Artists (Tributes) Various Genres

Review by Matti
Prog Reviewer

4 stars Last autumn the news was spread among Finnish prog-oriented facebook groups that a brand new GENESIS tribute band called Rock Theatre would soon start performing classic Genesis stuff from the timeline 1970-1977. Having been a fan of exactly that Genesis era since my teens, I was immediately interested. Rock Theatre gave their first gig in September 29th in their hometown Vaasa, and subsequent gigs in other Western/Southern shoretowns -- all of them rather far from where I live, so I haven't yet experienced their set live. However, they wasted no time in filming the beginning of their career to which I wish a long life (comparable to one of Tampere-based P.U.L.S.E. that plays the music of Pink Floyd to growing audiences, varying their sets a lot). This nearly 2-hour DVD contains the very first concert of Rock Theatre. At first only a limited number of copies were made for promotional purposes, but due to warm response from potential buyers such as me, it is now being sold (via internet) for 20 euros plus the posting costs, 3e domestically and 6e abroad. It actually looks rather modest in a simple CD-size cardboard sleeve, but the contents, even without any extras besides the gig itself, absolutely fulfill the expectations.

The set list features 12 classics (plus a drum solo prefacing 'Los Endos' instrumental) and it's truly wonderful. The Gabriel-era songs naturally dominate, but happily the excellent quartet albums A Trick of the Tail and Wind & Wuthering are represented also. Starting with 'Watcher of the Skies', the concert contains a narrative continuity about the extra-terrestrial "Watcher" observing mankind and deciding to help it, ie. brief speeches in between tracks. I don't much like them, as they are just coming somewhere in a deep, theatrical voice. But theatrical and a bit detached approach concerning the whole performance seems to be a deliberate choice: the players on their white clothes are pretty stagnant on the stage and make no notable contact to the seated audience. Vocalist Bo-Anders Sandström -- who actually sounds a lot like Peter Gabriel -- uses various masks and costumes during the show, though nothing very spectacular apart from the encore. And with a good but moderate light show, the gig is a pleasure primarily for the music itself. The quintet plays the Genesis classics very faithfully to the originals, and they're really good at it. By the way, as far as I know, the founder of band is Charles Plogman, who has made a grade as an entertainment singer and now plays Steve Hackett's guitar parts with full confidence! On keyboards is his son Anton.

The first half of the show features e.g. 'Cinemashow', 'The Knife' and 'Firth of Fifth'. The latter half begins with the acoustic guitar solo 'Horizons', played very convincingly by Sandström, followed by 'Supper's Ready'. Wow, this is predictably the biggest highlight. Also 'Dancing With the Moonlit Knight' is excellent. Charles Plogman introduces the band before 'Afterglow', and the whole atmosphere between the band and the audience is by now notably warmer. After the loud applause they come back for an encore, 'The Musical Box', Sandström wearing a fox mask and a red dress. Had the whole gig been this intensive, I might have given even five stars.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this DVD for a fan of Genesis (1970-77), despite Steve Hackett having released quite a many Genesis oriented concert DVD's by now. And I'm pretty certain that I'm going to see Rock Theatre on stage, hopefully soon!

 Classic Rock Society - New Species - Volume V by VARIOUS ARTISTS (LABEL SAMPLERS) album cover Boxset/Compilation, 2012
2.00 | 1 ratings

Classic Rock Society - New Species - Volume V
Various Artists (Label Samplers) Various Genres

Review by Matti
Prog Reviewer

— First review of this album —
2 stars This sampler disc features 66 minutes worth of progressive rock from albums that were more or less new in 2012. I'll simply run through the ten tracks giving source album information if it's easily available -- for I don't have the magazine -- and my view on music.

BIG BIG TRAIN's 'The First Rebreather' (from English Electric Pt. One) is a good example of the band's symphonic style, featuring very nice keyboard parts. NEAL MORSE is represented by Momentum's title track, an energetic and fast-paced prog-rocker. THE FLOWER KINGS' album Banks of Eden starts with a 25-minute epic 'Numbers', of which this sampler offers a 5-minute medley, ie. a few cuts with quick fadeouts and changes into the next cut. Hmm, not a wise idea, the result is such a mess.

The fourth artist is a new acquaintance for me, and not in the ProgArchives database: ROB GOULD. 'The Broke Road' (3:48) is a mellow and moody composition featuring female vocals. Very nice, and the question of how 'prog' it is, seems irrelevant. FINAL CONFLICT: 'Babylon' (from Return of the Artisan) is also rather melancholic; the melody reminds me of 'Incomplete' by Fish. KAIPA: 'Our Silent Ballroom Band' (from Vittjar) also seems to be a 5-min. edit from an epic, but at least it's a singular excerpt. Kaipa makes modern symphonic prog that's often too bombastic for my taste, and this one's no exception. The male vocals are unpleasant.

The Norwegian RHYS MARSH AND THE AUTUMN GHOST is labeled as Crossover Prog. 'The Place Where You Lay' (from The Blue Hour) makes me think of him as a poor man's Steven Wilson. The arrangement has nice acoustic elements but the sad song itself is a bit boring. HAND is a British Alternative/Gothic Metal band with a female vocalist. 'Mimicry' (from Breathing, 2011) is an OK song of the genre I'm personally not fond of. The Swedish BEARDFISH and 'Note (Edit)' from The Void. I suppose it's the opening part of the near-16-min. piece, and it functions decently as a separate track. And finally, TINYFISH from England. 10-minute song 'Wide Awake at Midnight' comes from The Big Red Spark (2010). Well, seems every other modern prog band sounds like this, and the vocalist is mediocre. Furthermore the album wasn't fresh at the time anymore.

This sampler contains some usual good stuff from the contemporary big names, and tasters from acts less familiar to me, of which only Rob Gould enters my check-out-some-more -list. Not many delightful new names, nor is the diversity of modern prog very widely represented here, or maybe the year 2012 wasn't that great? I think two stars is enough.

 Leonardo - The Absolute Man by VARIOUS ARTISTS (CONCEPT ALBUMS & THEMED COMPILATIONS) album cover Studio Album, 2001
3.52 | 64 ratings

Leonardo - The Absolute Man
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations) Various Genres

Review by UMUR
Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator

3 stars "Leonardo - The Absolute Man" is a rock opera project which initially began as an idea of head of the Magna Carta label Pete Morticelli. Morticelli turned the project over to Trent Gardner (Magellan, Explorer's Club) who wrote, recorded, and produced the album with the aid of a cast of vocalists and musicians. The hope for the project was that it one day could work as an original cast recording for a stage performance. "Leonardo - The Absolute Man" is a concept piece telling the story of the life of famous renaissance painter/scientist Leonardo da Vinci. James Labrie (Dream Theater) sings/plays the part of Leonardo, while other roles are filled by artists such as Steve Walsh (Kansas), Michelle Young (Glass Hammer), and Lisa Bouchelle (Mastermind). It´s quite a massive project that took Trent Gardner several years to complete.

Stylistically the music is a combination of heavy/hard rock, classical, jazz, and progressive rock/metal with both male and female vocalists performing parts. The vocals arrangements (which include choirs) are quite exquisite, and the same can be said about the instrumental part of the music. The playing is also tight, and it´s just overall an incredibly professional sounding release.

The sound production is also professional, polished, and well sounding, suiting the music perfectly. So there´s almost only positive things to say about "Leonardo - The Absolute Man". A bit more gritt and a little less polish could probably have provided the album with some edge, which is the only thing I´m missing here. At times it all becomes slightly too polished and nice, but I´m sure that´s a matter of taste. A 3.5 star (70%) rating is deserved.

 Jesus Christ Superstar by VARIOUS ARTISTS (CONCEPT ALBUMS & THEMED COMPILATIONS) album cover Studio Album, 1970
4.17 | 193 ratings

Jesus Christ Superstar
Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations) Various Genres

Review by rachs

1 stars Ok. This one has been part of the life of "most of us". It has been a musical big success. But this in not prog. It's not even rock. Absolutely not a "rock opera", but a Broadway musical with lots of nice pop songs. Ok, you got guitars (and you got Ian Gillan!!!), but this is closer to "Hair" than "Tommy" and maybe you can find lots of Musicals with rock elements, but it don´t make them rock (and absolutely don´t make them prog). I listed to "Jesus Christ Superstar" and look for epics, time changes, complex musical arrangements, instrumental virtuosity and I don´t find nothing of it here. There are just a succession of songs (verse-chorus-bridge-) some good some not so and that's all. A good musical? Yeah. A Progressive jewel? Nope.
 Tarzan by VARIOUS ARTISTS (CONCEPT ALBUMS & THEMED COMPILATIONS) album cover Studio Album, 1972
3.00 | 5 ratings

Various Artists (Concept albums & Themed compilations) Various Genres

Review by siLLy puPPy
Collaborator PSIKE, JR/F/Canterbury & Eclectic Teams

3 stars Here is an example of an album that i've seen the cover of floating around the internet for years but due to its relative obscurity and less than provocative subject matter, has sort of just gone under the radar, however curiosity has gotten the best of me and i've decided to track down some information regarding one of progressive rock's rarest and most expensive compilation albums to have come out in the tender year of 1972. It all started in 1970 when an Italian label called Bla Bla Records was founded by Pino Massara with the idea to release Italian artists' material sung in the English language but ultimately the label would become known as the dumping ground for all the rejects of the bigwig Italian labels such as Polygram and EMI.

One of the first releases of Bla Bla was this budget price sampler called the TARZAN COMPILATION which is somewhat an odd tribute of Italian prog artists paying homage to everyone's favorite jungle dweller. The album contained eleven tracks but only performed by four artists: Capsicum Red, Osage Tribe and the lesser known Well's Fargo and Black Sunday Flowers. The 2007 CD re-release contains an additional six bonus tracks with one extra from Osage Tribe as well as the bands Colonnello Musch, Ixo and Springfield. While Bla Bla itself would only function a few short years, it would ultimately become incorporated into Franco Battiato's label Scuderia where it would take a more serious note.

TARZAN COMPILATION is a strange beast beyond the cheesy cover art which is an immediate turn off for further exploration actually. Musically speaking, the bands involved are united behind a central theme, that is TARZAN, Lord Of The Jungle. The music, while somewhat progressive is actually tamed into more digestible slabs of 60s styled psychedelic rock with pop hooks, groovy beats and occasional heavy guitar outbursts. The tracks by Capsicum Red, Well's Fargo and Black Sunday Flowers were exclusive singles released by Bla Bla however when it came to Osage Tribe, "Hajenhanhowa" was an excerpt from their almost ten minute track on their one and only album "Arrow Head," as well as the only track to be sung in Italian.

The four bands remain fairly uniform in approach as they lay on thick tribal percussive drives with beatnik grooves more relevant in the 60s than the time of release. The tracks "Hot Rock" and "Madness" by Black Sunday Flowers are actually more akin to American rock 'n' roll than anything remotely Italian progressive. Likewise the two tracks by Well's Fargo are undecidedly poppy and contain zero elements of progressiveness. The main tracks of interest on this one are actually from both Osage Tribe and Capsicum Red but due to the fact that the tracks here can be obtained as bonus tracks on various rereleases of their respective single albums of their careers, it really makes this TARZAN COMPILATION a bit unnecessary even by hardcore collector's standards.

As it stands, TARZAN COMPILATION is more of a curiosity of history than a bona fide collector's dream come true despite the hefty prices that original vinyl editions can command. All the tracks can easily be tracked down as bonus tracks or as snippets on YouTube and when all is said and done, this is basically a unique novelty album that simmers in the good enough to check out range but hardly commands any serious plans of acquisition. If you however someone who must hunt down every possible artifact TARZAN related then you too will want to find this into your world for it has plenty of good old fashioned jungle references to keep you entertained. As for me, i'm happy to have finally made my acquaintance with this oddball but i don't believe it will be hitting my heavy rotation list anytime soon either.

 P58: Wish You Were Here by VARIOUS ARTISTS (LABEL SAMPLERS) album cover Studio Album, 2017
1.95 | 2 ratings

P58: Wish You Were Here
Various Artists (Label Samplers) Various Genres

Review by Matti
Prog Reviewer

2 stars This is the supplementary sampler disc for the issue No. 80 of the PROG magazine. Editor Jerry Ewing describes the set as "a delighfully mixed bag", "a reflection of the variety and scope of modern day progressive music". Well, in the end it could have been more varied, really. Ten tracks by ten bands, of which only Galahad and Aisles are familiar to me in advance (some of the rest I know just by name). As readers of PROG magazine know, the contents of these sampler discs are better represented on the mag itself, but I received this disc separately.

First comes 'The Path of Least resistance' (11:54) by British Neo Prog group IT. Powerful, slightly dystopic feel especially for the partly distorted vocals which I don't like that much. LUNATIC SOUL is a solo studio project from Polish RIVERSIDE's bassist- vocalist Mariusz Duda. A bit monotonic song but with good sounds. Crossover-proggers KOYO and their eponymous album (2017) hasn't been reviewed here yet, but not-so-progressive rock piece 'Now I Understand' doesn't get me interested either.

GALAHAD's song 'Weightless' represents the gentler side of this set. Soft, orchestral sound is nice. JOUIS is the first one not to be found on ProgArchives. Mostly rather peaceful and perhaps over-extended 'Universe Goggles' (10:09) has a slightly Canterbury- like (or FRUUPP-ish) restrained groove, and retro sounds. The lengthy track of CIRCUS (not on PA) starts harmonically with vocals up front, but gets Crimsonesquely angular in the instrumental latter half. Well done, but not much of originality. AISLES are Neo Proggers from Chile. 'CH-7' (12:39; the longest) comes from the album Hawaii. This softly meandering track is not very far from the more recent Marillion, but is for the most part slightly boring.

'Blood Red Moon' by 4:44 (not on PA) relies more on cool sounds than songwriting, but the average vocals bring it down a bit. THE LONGING (not on PA) at least has a pretty good female vocalist, but it seems like the band is unsure whether to be melodic Metal or just Crossover Prog. SERPENTYNE is categorized here as Prog Folk; to me 'Viking Blood' is a somewhat phoney mix of Metal cliches and atavistic themes.

Compered to "Giants Under the Sun" that I reviewed a while ago, "Wish You Were Here" is a bit more Neo/Crossover -oriented compilation. No great band discoveries this time, so two stars it will be again.

 Tuonen Tytär - A Tribute To Finnish Progressive by VARIOUS ARTISTS (TRIBUTES) album cover Studio Album, 2000
3.06 | 9 ratings

Tuonen Tytär - A Tribute To Finnish Progressive
Various Artists (Tributes) Various Genres

Review by siLLy puPPy
Collaborator PSIKE, JR/F/Canterbury & Eclectic Teams

3 stars The Colossus Project has become one of Finland's greatest exports for the progressive rock world with their never-ending catalog of releases that compile some of the prog world's most cutting edge talent and unify them under a central theme that continues the fantastical legacies of the early prog universe and expands it exponentially. While the Project hasn't been limited to artists of Finland, that's exactly how it all began.

TUONEN TYTÄR: A TRIBUTE TO FINNISH PROGRESSIVE was the first edition of this series that has continued gracefully for almost two decades now. While Finnish prog hasn't exactly been in the forefront of the various strains of prog that have emerged in the last 50 years, the nation has been more of a player than many would realize and that's exactly why The Colossus Project set out to create this compilation that pays tribute to their favorite 70s offerings.

This is indeed a tribute album which finds 22 different bands covering different tracks from their favorite 70s prog artists from their home nation of Finland. While it's true that most prog lover's can probably only think of enough Finnish prog artists to fit on one hand, unfortunately this tribute doesn't exactly expand into the nooks and crannies as much as i would prefer. The average prog lover could most likely name Wigwam, Tasavallan Presidentti, Pekka Pohjohla and Haikara and it should come as no surprise that these four artists indeed are the most represented on this compilation.

As with any new projects, there are always kinks and inexperience to contend with and that's exactly what this first Colossus Project feels like to me, namely a newly coalesced idea that needed time to gel. One of the first quirks involved is the unusual situation where the band Haikara covers itself with its classic "Yksi Maa &Yksi Kansa" from their classic 1972 debut. I'm not sure i've ever heard of a band covering itself. A most peculiar situation indeed but with a prog legend willing to add itself to your playlist, how could Mellow Label Productions resist.

TUONEN TYTÄR: A TRIBUTE TO FINNISH PROGRESSIVE is a 2-CD release that contains 22 tracks. As stated the lion's share of real estate goes to the four best known bands therefore Wigwam has four tracks represented. Pekka Pohjola has four. Haikara has two and Tasavallan Pesidentti has three. Other Finnish artists represented include Matti Järvinen, Kaamos, Jukka Tolonen, Sahti, Finnforest, Piirpauke, Royals and Mandala.

What can i say about this TRIBUTE album to all things FINNISH PROG? Well, it's somewhat of a botched effort. I'm not really sure if the label was aiming at a Finnish audience to rediscover their lost heritage or if it's trying to export the glories of FINNISH PROG to a greater world audience but personally i would rather hear the original tracks by the artists who released them in the first place. While the bands that pay tribute do indeed worship their heroes quite decently, it doesn't seem like they add anything to the dynamics of the material either.

As it is, it was probably a gimmick to introduce new artists to the world via the material of the classics and i guess on that front it stands on its own, but once again, if the artists that are performing are the main focus then i'd prefer to hear original material from the bands themselves. As far as representing Finnish prog goes, it's true that Colossus covers the major movers and shakers but there were still a few names such as Kalevala, Elonkorjuu, Hector, Tabula Rasa, Fantasia and Nimbus just to name a few that could've been represented with at least a track to demonstrate the greater diversity of the local scene.

When all is said and done, Colossus pumped out a decent slice of TRIBUTE PROG for their FINNISH homeland. There are many exciting tracks on here that make me want to explore some of the albums i've thus missed from that region but unfortunately this particular compilation doesn't really invite many return listens but rather makes me want to explore the artists themselves who are being covered here. Nonetheless, despite not being the crown jewel of the Colossus Project series, it was a decent start that even its founders could've hardly foreseen as to how it would take off and as a piece of this greater collection still finds its way on my shelf for being so.

In case you're wondering here is the whole list of Colossus Project released so far:


Kalevala - Finnish Progressive Rock Epic (2003)

The Spaghetti Epic - Six Modern Prog Bands For Six Seventies Prog Suites (2004)

Odyssey - The Greatest Tale (2005)

The Colossus of Rhodes (2006)

The 7 Samurai - The Ultimate Epic (2006)

The Spaghetti Epic 2 - The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly (2007)

Treasure Island (2007)

Giallo! One Suite for the Murderer (2008)

The Empire and The Rebellion (2008)

Dante's Divine Comedy Part I - Dante's Inferno (2009)

Dante's Divine Comedy Part II ? Purgatorio (2009)

Rökstenen - a Tribute to Swedish Progressive Rock of the 70's (2009)

The Spaghetti Epic 3 - The Great Silence (2009)

Tuonen Tytar-A Tribute To Finnish Progressive Rock Of The Seventies - Volume Two (2009)

Iliad: A Grand Piano Extravaganza (2010)

The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe: A SyNphonic Collection (2010)

Decameron - Ten days in 100 novellas - Part I (2011)

The Stories Of H.P. Lovecraft: A SyNphonic Collection (2012)

Decameron - Ten Days In 100 Novellas - Part II (2014)

Decameron - Ten Days in 100 novellas - Part III (2016)

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