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Progressive Rock Music Bands/Artists List Starting with letter [M]

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Bands Style Country
M'Z Jazz Rock/Fusion France
M-ARTEL Jazz Rock/Fusion Russia
M-OPUS Symphonic Prog Ireland
MA BANLIEUE FLASQUE Eclectic Prog France
MAAD Jazz Rock/Fusion Italy
MAAT LANDER Psychedelic/Space Rock Russia
MACALPINE, TONY Progressive Metal United States
MACARTHUR Crossover Prog United States
MACEY, JOHN Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MACFARLANE, IAN Progressive Electronic Australia
MACHACEK, ALEX Jazz Rock/Fusion Austria
MACHIAVEL Eclectic Prog Belgium
MACHINE MASS Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National
MACHINE, THE Psychedelic/Space Rock Netherlands
MACHINES DREAM Crossover Prog Canada
MACKAY, DUNCAN Symphonic Prog United Kingdom
MACKENZIE THEORY Jazz Rock/Fusion Australia
MACONDO Psychedelic/Space Rock Peru
MACROSCREAM Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MAD ARTWORK Heavy Prog Sweden
MAD CRAYON Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MAD CURRY Jazz Rock/Fusion Belgium
MAD FELLAZ Eclectic Prog Italy
MAD PUPPET Neo-Prog Italy
MAD TEA PARTY Neo-Prog Germany
MADAME CLAUS Symphonic Prog Argentina
MADÁRFOGÁS Experimental/Post Metal Hungary
MADCAP LAUGHS, THE Crossover Prog United Kingdom
MADDEN AND HARRIS Prog Folk Australia
MADDER MORTEM Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Norway
MADE IN SWEDEN Jazz Rock/Fusion Sweden
MADE OUT OF BABIES Experimental/Post Metal United States
MADELGAIRE Neo-Prog Belgium
MADEMOISELLE MARQUEE Psychedelic/Space Rock United Kingdom
MADISON DYKE Symphonic Prog Germany
MADMEN AND SINNERS Progressive Metal United States
MADORE, MICHEL Psychedelic/Space Rock Canada
MADRE ATOMICA Jazz Rock/Fusion Argentina
MADRIGAL Crossover Prog United States
MADRIGAL Heavy Prog Germany
MADRUGADA Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MADSWORD Progressive Metal Italy
MAELSTROM Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MAELSTROM Eclectic Prog Canada
MAEROR TRI Progressive Electronic Germany
MAESTRICK Progressive Metal Brazil
MAGDALENA Prog Folk Spain
MAGDALENA Symphonic Prog Japan
MAGDALENA SOLIS Krautrock Belgium
MAGELLAN Heavy Prog United States
MAGELLANMUSIC Prog Related United States
MAGELLANS GHOST Crossover Prog United States
MAGENTA Neo-Prog United Kingdom
MAGG Progressive Metal Mexico
MAGIC BAND, THE RIO/Avant-Prog United States
MAGIC BUS Canterbury Scene United Kingdom
MAGIC CARPET Indo-Prog/Raga Rock United Kingdom
MAGIC ELF Progressive Metal United States
MAGIC LANTERN Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MAGIC MUSCLE Psychedelic/Space Rock United Kingdom
MAGIC PIE Symphonic Prog Norway
MAGIC SPELL Symphonic Prog Switzerland
MAGICAL PLANETS Eclectic Prog United States
MAGICAL POWER MAKO Psychedelic/Space Rock Japan
MAGICFOLK Prog Folk United Kingdom
MAGINA Progressive Electronic Portugal
MAGMA Krautrock Germany
MAGMA Prog Folk Argentina
MAGMA Zeuhl France
MAGNA CARTA Prog Related United Kingdom
MAGNA VICE Heavy Prog Finland
MAGNÉSIS Neo-Prog France
MAGNETIK NORTH Krautrock Multi-National
MAGNITUDE 9 Progressive Metal United States
MAGNOG Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MAGNOLIA Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MAGNUM Prog Related United Kingdom
MAGNUS, NICK Symphonic Prog United Kingdom
MAGO DE OZ Progressive Metal Spain
MAGRATHEA Symphonic Prog United Kingdom
MAGUS / THE WINTER TREE Neo-Prog United States
MAGYAR POSSE Post Rock/Math rock Finland
MAHAGON Jazz Rock/Fusion Czech Republic
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National
MAHAVISHNU PROJECT Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MAHESH Experimental/Post Metal Chile
MAHJUN Jazz Rock/Fusion France
MAHOGANY BRAIN Krautrock France
MAHOGANY FROG Eclectic Prog Canada
MAHOUJIN Symphonic Prog Japan
MAHTRAK Jazz Rock/Fusion Brazil
MAID MYRIAD Crossover Prog United States
MAIN, BRUCE Crossover Prog United States
MAINA, PEPE Progressive Electronic Italy
MAINHORSE Symphonic Prog Switzerland
MAINLINER Psychedelic/Space Rock Japan
MAJESTIC Progressive Metal Sweden
MAJESTIC Neo-Prog United States
MAJESTIC X Crossover Prog United States
MAJEURE Progressive Electronic United States
MAJOR PARKINSON Eclectic Prog Norway
MAJUTSU NO NIWA Psychedelic/Space Rock Japan
MAKAJODAMA Eclectic Prog Sweden
MAKE A RISING RIO/Avant-Prog United States
MAKKIWHIPDIES Eclectic Prog United States
MAKO Progressive Electronic Austria
MALAAVIA Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MALACHI Indo-Prog/Raga Rock United States
MALDOROR Symphonic Prog France
MALHERBE,DIDIER Jazz Rock/Fusion France
MALIBRAN Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MALICORNE Prog Folk France
MALLEUS Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MALMBERG, ERIC Progressive Electronic Sweden
MALMSTEEN, YNGWIE Prog Related Sweden
MALOMBRA Heavy Prog Italy
MALOMENOS Neo-Prog Chile
MALONE, BRIAN Prog Folk United States
MALONE, SEAN Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MALPRACTICE Progressive Metal Finland
MAMMAL MACHINE Psychedelic/Space Rock Japan
MAMMATUS Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MAMMOTH Experimental/Post Metal New Zealand
MAMMUT Eclectic Prog Germany
MAN Psychedelic/Space Rock United Kingdom
MAN DOKI SOULMATES Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National
MAN MAN RIO/Avant-Prog United States
MAN MOUNTAIN Post Rock/Math rock United States
MAN ON FIRE Eclectic Prog United States
MAN ZERO Post Rock/Math rock Croatia
MANATEES Experimental/Post Metal United Kingdom
MANBURGER SURGICAL Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MANCO, BARIS Crossover Prog Turkey
MANCUNIAN CANDIDATE Crossover Prog United States
MANDALABAND Symphonic Prog United Kingdom
MANDIBULBE Experimental/Post Metal France
MANDILLO Crossover Prog Italy
MANDRAGORA Neo-Prog Argentina
MANDRAKE Symphonic Prog Japan
MANDRAKE MEMORIAL, THE Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MANDRAKE PROJECT Crossover Prog United States
MANDRILL Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MANDROID ECHOSTAR Progressive Metal Canada
MANEIGE Jazz Rock/Fusion Canada
MANENTE, MATHEUS Progressive Metal Brazil
MANES Experimental/Post Metal Norway
MANGALA VALLIS Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MANGROVE Symphonic Prog Netherlands
MANI, LE Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MANITOU Progressive Metal Finland
MANITOU (NOR) Progressive Metal Norway
MANN CHAPTER THREE, MANFRED Jazz Rock/Fusion United Kingdom
MANN'S EARTH BAND, MANFRED Eclectic Prog United Kingdom
MANN'S PLAINS MUSIC, MANFRED Crossover Prog South Africa
MANN, GEOFF Neo-Prog United Kingdom
MANNA / MIRAGE Canterbury Scene United States
MANNING Eclectic Prog United Kingdom
MANOGURGEIL Jazz Rock/Fusion Finland
MANRING, MICHAEL Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MĹNS MOSSA Prog Related Sweden
MANSET, GERARD Prog Related France
MANSUN Crossover Prog United Kingdom
MANTA RAY Psychedelic/Space Rock Spain
MANTICORA Progressive Metal Denmark
MANTICORE Symphonic Prog Sweden
MANTIS Crossover Prog Canada
MANTLER, MICHAEL Jazz Rock/Fusion Austria
MANTRA Symphonic Prog Spain
MANTRA VEGA Crossover Prog Multi-National
MANTRIC Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Norway
MANTRIC MUSE Psychedelic/Space Rock Denmark
MANUSCRIPTS DON'T BURN Experimental/Post Metal Italy
MANY ARMS RIO/Avant-Prog United States
MANZANERA, PHIL Prog Related United Kingdom
MAOBI Crossover Prog France
MAPPE NOOTICHE Psychedelic/Space Rock Italy
MAPPLEBECK, KEVIN Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MAPS Post Rock/Math rock United States
MAPS & ATLASES Post Rock/Math rock United States
MAQAMA Eclectic Prog Israel
MÁQUINA DE HACER PÁJAROS, LA Symphonic Prog Argentina
MÁQUINA! Proto-Prog Spain
MAR DE GRISES Experimental/Post Metal Chile
MAR DE ROBLES Jazz Rock/Fusion Chile
MARAKESH Crossover Prog Netherlands
MARANHA, DAVID Krautrock Portugal
MARATHON Neo-Prog Italy
MARATHON Neo-Prog Netherlands
MARBIN Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National
MARBLE SHEEP Psychedelic/Space Rock Japan
MARCEL, PATRICK Jazz Rock/Fusion France
MARCHESI SCAMORZA Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MARCHING MIND Progressive Metal Canada
MARCO Symphonic Prog Mexico
MARE Experimental/Post Metal United States
MARGE LITCH Progressive Metal Japan
MARGIN Psychedelic/Space Rock Germany
MARIANNI, LUC Crossover Prog France
MARIANUS Crossover Prog United States
MARIBOR Progressive Electronic Italy
MARILLION Neo-Prog United Kingdom
MARKUSFELD, ALAIN Psychedelic/Space Rock France
MARLBORO MAN Prog Folk Hungary
MARQUETTE Crossover Prog Germany
MARRIAGES Post Rock/Math rock United States
MARRIOTT,THOMAS Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MARS EVERYWHERE Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MARS HOLLOW Crossover Prog United States
MARS RED SKY Psychedelic/Space Rock France
MARS VOLTA, THE Heavy Prog United States
MARSH, RHYS Crossover Prog Norway
MARSICANO, ALBERTO Indo-Prog/Raga Rock Brazil
MARSUPILAMI Eclectic Prog United Kingdom
MARTIGAN Neo-Prog Germany
MARTIN, FELIX Heavy Prog United States
MARTIN, JUAN Prog Folk Spain
MARTINI HENRY Crossover Prog United States
MARTINSEN & ŘYSTEIN JŘRGENSEN, RUNE Progressive Electronic Norway
MARTONE Progressive Metal Canada
MARTYN, JOHN Prog Folk United Kingdom
MARTYR Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Canada
MARUTTI, ANDREA Progressive Electronic Italy
MARY JANE Prog Folk United Kingdom
MARY NEWSLETTER Psychedelic/Space Rock Italy
MARYGOLD Symphonic Prog Italy
MARYSON Neo-Prog Netherlands
MASADA RIO/Avant-Prog United States
MASCARADA Neo-Prog Spain
MASCHERA DI CERA, LA Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MASCHERE VUOTE Jazz Rock/Fusion Italy
MASCHINE Progressive Metal United Kingdom
MASERATI Post Rock/Math rock United States
MÁSFÉL Psychedelic/Space Rock Hungary
MASHMAKHAN Prog Folk Canada
MASI, ALEX Progressive Metal Italy
MASON, NICK Prog Related United Kingdom
MASQUE Neo-Prog Sweden
MASQUE PREMIERE Symphonic Prog United States
MASQUERAGE Progressive Metal Russia
MASS MEDIA Jazz Rock/Fusion Italy
MASS, THE Experimental/Post Metal United States
MASSACRE RIO/Avant-Prog United States
MASSON, COLIN Crossover Prog United Kingdom
MASTER CYLINDER Canterbury Scene United States
MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MASTER'S HAMMER Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Czech Republic
MASTERMIND Eclectic Prog United States
MASTERPLAN Prog Related Multi-National
MASTERS OF THE AIRWAVES Crossover Prog United States
MASTODON Tech/Extreme Prog Metal United States
MATCH, LE Prog Folk Canada
MATCHING MOLE Canterbury Scene United Kingdom
MATERIA GRIS Crossover Prog Argentina
MATERIAL Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MATERYA Crossover Prog Italy
MATHEMATICIANS Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MATHEWSON, NIALL Neo-Prog United Kingdom
MATOS, ALEJANDRO Crossover Prog Argentina
MATRAZ Progressive Metal Chile
MATS-MORGAN (BAND) Jazz Rock/Fusion Sweden
MATTER OF TASTE Prog Related Austria
MATTERHORN PROJECT, THE Experimental/Post Metal United States
MATTSSON, LARS ERIC Progressive Metal Finland
MATUCHNIAK, PETER Prog Related United States
MATUSHKA Psychedelic/Space Rock Russia
MAUDLIN Experimental/Post Metal Belgium
MAUDLIN OF THE WELL Experimental/Post Metal United States
MAUPIN, BENNIE Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MAURY E I PRONOMI / AQUAEL Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MAVARA Crossover Prog Iran
MAX WEBSTER Prog Related Canada
MAXIMUM INDIFFERENCE Crossover Prog United States
MAXOPHONE Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MAXWELL'S DEMON Heavy Prog United States
MAY BLITZ Heavy Prog United Kingdom
MAYADOME Progressive Metal Sweden
MAYAN FACTOR, THE Crossover Prog United States
MAYBE Neo-Prog France
MAYBESHEWILL Post Rock/Math rock United Kingdom
MAYER & DEAN ROUCH, MICHAEL Neo-Prog United States
MAYFAIR Crossover Prog Austria
MAZE OF TIME Symphonic Prog Sweden
MCCARTY, JIM Crossover Prog United Kingdom
MCCHURCH SOUNDROOM Krautrock Switzerland
MCDONALD & GILES Crossover Prog United Kingdom
MCDONALD, SHELAGH Prog Folk United Kingdom
MCGILL MANRING STEVENS Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MCGILL, SCOTT Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MCKECHNIE, SIMON Crossover Prog United Kingdom
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN Jazz Rock/Fusion United Kingdom
MCLUHAN Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MCM Progressive Metal United States
ME AND MY KITES Prog Folk Sweden
ME EL-MA Eclectic Prog Israel
MEANDERING MINE Experimental/Post Metal Germany
MEANS END Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Sweden
MECHANICAL ORGANIC Progressive Metal Australia
MECHANICAL POET Progressive Metal Russia
MECHANIK Psychedelic/Space Rock Spain
MECHANISM Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Canada
MECKI MARK MEN Jazz Rock/Fusion Sweden
MEDEA Heavy Prog Netherlands
MEDESKI MARTIN & WOOD Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MEDIABANDA Jazz Rock/Fusion Chile
MEDICINE CABINET, THE Eclectic Prog United States
MEDICINE MAN Neo-Prog United Kingdom
MEDINA AZAHARA Symphonic Prog Spain
MEDITERRANEA Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MEDULLA Crossover Prog United States
MEERKAT Progressive Electronic Italy
MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS Post Rock/Math rock United Kingdom
MEGACE Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Germany
MEGAN QUARTET Jazz Rock/Fusion Estonia
MEIER, NICOLAS Jazz Rock/Fusion Switzerland
MEIRZADH, HAI Eclectic Prog Israel
MEISEL, HUBI Progressive Metal Germany
MEKHLIN Crossover Prog Denmark
MEKONG DELTA Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Germany
MELIMELUM Prog Folk Argentina
MELLONTA TAUTA Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MELLOW CANDLE Prog Folk Ireland
MELODRAMUS Heavy Prog United States
MELODY Crossover Prog France
MELTING EUPHORIA Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MELTINGAZE Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Germany
MELVIN'S NOSEHAIR Symphonic Prog Netherlands
MEMBERS OF GOD Progressive Metal Italy
MEMENTO WALTZ Progressive Metal Italy
MEMFIS Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Sweden
MEMORIANCE Symphonic Prog France
MEMORIES LAB Progressive Metal Italy
MEMORIES OF A DEAD MAN Experimental/Post Metal France
MEN OF LAKE Eclectic Prog Italy
MENACHE, JACQUES Symphonic Prog Mexico
MENAHEM Progressive Metal Brazil
MENAYERI Neo-Prog Puerto Rico
MENCEA Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Greece
MENDEL Progressive Metal Netherlands
MENISCUS Experimental/Post Metal Australia
MENTAT ROUTAGE Jazz Rock/Fusion France
MENTAUR Neo-Prog United Kingdom
MERCHANTS VICE Neo-Prog United Kingdom
MERCURIAL VOID Progressive Metal United States
MERCURY PROGRAM, THE Post Rock/Math rock United States
MERCURY REV Prog Related United States
MERCURY RISING Progressive Metal United States
MERCURY TREE, THE Heavy Prog United States
MERCY TRAIN Neo-Prog United Kingdom
MERGING CLUSTER Crossover Prog Italy
MERKABAH Progressive Metal Canada
MERKABAH Psychedelic/Space Rock Poland
MERLIN Symphonic Prog Germany
MERLIN BIRD, THE Prog Folk Australia
MERLIN, STEVE Crossover Prog Netherlands
MERLIN; SWARA; ILOR & FRIENDS Krautrock Multi-National
MERMAID KISS Crossover Prog United Kingdom
MERROW Progressive Metal United States
MERRY GO ROUND Crossover Prog Italy
MESCALINER Post Rock/Math rock Netherlands
MESEGLISE Crossover Prog Italy
MESHUGGAH Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Sweden
MESMERICO RIO/Avant-Prog Italy
MESS Psychedelic/Space Rock Estonia
MESSAGE Psychedelic/Space Rock Germany
MESSAGGIO 73 Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MESSENGER Prog Folk United Kingdom
MESSENGERS Jazz Rock/Fusion Germany
MESTIS Progressive Metal United States
META Crossover Prog United States
METABOLISME Symphonic Prog France
METABOLISMUS Krautrock Germany
METABOLIST RIO/Avant-Prog United Kingdom
METACONCIENCIA Crossover Prog Mexico
METAL-O-PHONE RIO/Avant-Prog France
METALLIC TASTE OF BLOOD Post Rock/Math rock Multi-National
METALLICA Prog Related United States
METALMORPHOSIS Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Poland
METALURGIA Progressive Metal Dominican Republic
METALWOOD Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National
METAMORFOSI Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
METAMORFOSIS Jazz Rock/Fusion Spain
METAMORPHOSIS RIO/Avant-Prog Czech Republic
METAMORPHOSIS Neo-Prog Switzerland
METANOMIA Heavy Prog Argentina
METAPHOR Neo-Prog United States
METAPHYSICS Progressive Metal Italy
METATAG Progressive Electronic Norway
METHENY , PAT Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
METHEXIS Crossover Prog Greece
METHODICA Progressive Metal Italy
METHONIA Progressive Metal Denmark
METRO EXPO Crossover Prog Belgium
METROGNOM Eclectic Prog Norway
METROID METAL Progressive Metal United States
METROPOLIS Krautrock Germany
METROPOLIS VI Progressive Metal Spain
METUS Crossover Prog Poland
MEW Crossover Prog Denmark
MEYERS, EMERSON Progressive Electronic United States
MEYVN Progressive Metal United States
MEZQUITA Symphonic Prog Spain
MIA Symphonic Prog Argentina
MIAOU Post Rock/Math rock Japan
MICAH Heavy Prog United States
MICE ON STILTS Crossover Prog New Zealand
MICEVSKI, MISA Jazz Rock/Fusion Serbia
MICHELENA, RIGEL Jazz Rock/Fusion Venezuela
MICHIRU Eclectic Prog Japan
MICIC, DAVID MAXIM Progressive Metal Serbia
MICKIE D'S UNICORN Progressive Electronic Germany
MICKYLEE Jazz Rock/Fusion Serbia
MICROKINGDOM RIO/Avant-Prog United States
MIDAS Symphonic Prog Japan
MIDDAY VEIL Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MIDDLE-EARTH BAND, THE Jazz Rock/Fusion Finland
MIDIAN Crossover Prog Italy
MIDLAKE Prog Folk United States
MIDNIGHT SUN (RAINBOW BAND) Jazz Rock/Fusion Denmark
MIDNIGHT ZOMBIE ALLIGATOR Psychedelic/Space Rock Spain
MIDWINTER Prog Folk United Kingdom
MIGALA Post Rock/Math rock Spain
MIGHT COULD Crossover Prog United States
MIGHTY BABY Crossover Prog United Kingdom
MIGHTY ZAZUUM Heavy Prog Croatia
MIHAJLOVIC TOCAK, RADOMIR Jazz Rock/Fusion Yugoslavia
MIHALJEVIC, IVAN Progressive Metal Croatia
MIJA Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MIKLAGĹRD Symphonic Prog Sweden
MIKROMIDAS Symphonic Prog Norway
MIL DE ZAFIRO, LAS Crossover Prog Argentina
MILANO, CLAUDIO Progressive Electronic Italy
MILE MARKER ZERO Progressive Metal United States
MILES FROM PANGAEA Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MILES, BARRY Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MILESTONE Heavy Prog Russia
MILHAVEN Post Rock/Math rock Germany
MILKWEED Symphonic Prog Canada
MILKY WAY GAS STATION Crossover Prog Netherlands
MILLENIUM Neo-Prog Poland
MILLENNYA Crossover Prog Norway
MILLER & COXHILL Canterbury Scene United Kingdom
MILLER, MARK Crossover Prog United States
MILLER, PHIL Canterbury Scene United Kingdom
MILLER, RICK Crossover Prog Canada
MILLO, MARIO Symphonic Prog Australia
MILLPLAT Crossover Prog Japan
MILO BLACK Psychedelic/Space Rock United Kingdom
MINAMI DEUTSCH Krautrock Japan
MINAS TIRITH Progressive Metal Norway
MINASIAN, DAVID Symphonic Prog United States
MIND Crossover Prog United States
MIND FURNITURE Crossover Prog United States
MIND GALLERY Jazz Rock/Fusion Canada
MIND GATE Progressive Metal Poland
MIND KEY Progressive Metal Italy
MIND OVER FOUR Progressive Metal United States
MIND PORTAL Progressive Metal Russia
MIND SKY Symphonic Prog United States
MIND SPLIT EFFECT Crossover Prog France
MIND! Psychedelic/Space Rock Spain
MIND'S EYE Progressive Metal Sweden
MIND:SOUL Progressive Metal Netherlands
MINDCRAFTER Progressive Metal Brazil
MINDFIELDS Prog Related Poland
MINDFIELDS FACTORY Progressive Metal Hungary
MINDFLOW Progressive Metal Brazil
MINDFLOWER Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MINDFLOWERS Jazz Rock/Fusion Hungary
MINDFOLD EXPRESS Experimental/Post Metal Bulgaria
MINDGAMES Neo-Prog Belgium
MINDMOVIE Crossover Prog Germany
MINDSLAVE Progressive Metal Argentina
MINDSPEAK Crossover Prog Austria
MINDSPLIT Progressive Metal Sweden
MINDWALK BLVD Progressive Metal United States
MINDWARP CHAMBER Progressive Metal United States
MINDWORK Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Czech Republic
MINER, JOHN Eclectic Prog United States
MINI (TÖRÖK ÁDÁM & MINI) Eclectic Prog Hungary
MINIMUM VITAL Eclectic Prog France
MINIMUS Post Rock/Math rock Portugal
MINIONTV Post Rock/Math rock United Kingdom
MINOKE? Jazz Rock/Fusion Japan
MINOR GIANT Neo-Prog Netherlands
MINOTAURUS Symphonic Prog Germany
MINSK Experimental/Post Metal United States
MINSTREL Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MINSTREL'S GHOST, THE Crossover Prog United States
MINUTIAN Progressive Metal Finland
MIOSIS Experimental/Post Metal Sweden
MIRACLE, THE Progressive Metal Indonesia
MIRAGE Jazz Rock/Fusion France
MIRAGE Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MIRALLES, PERE Crossover Prog Spain
MIRANDA SEX GARDEN Prog Folk United Kingdom
MIRE,THE Experimental/Post Metal United Kingdom
MIRIODOR RIO/Avant-Prog Canada
MIROIST Progressive Metal United Kingdom
MIRRELIA Crossover Prog Canada
MIRROR Post Rock/Math rock Japan
MIRROR Symphonic Prog Netherlands
MIRROR PEOPLE Crossover Prog United States
MIRRORMAZE Progressive Metal Italy
MIRRORTHRONE Experimental/Post Metal Switzerland
MIRTHKON RIO/Avant-Prog United States
MIRTHRANDIR Eclectic Prog United States
MISANTHROFEEL Experimental/Post Metal Russia
MISCELLANE Progressive Metal Slovakia
MISIK, VLADIMIR Crossover Prog Czech Republic
MISSA MERCURIA Progressive Metal Germany
MISSING LINK Jazz Rock/Fusion Germany
MISSUS BEASTLY Jazz Rock/Fusion Germany
MIST SEASON Jazz Rock/Fusion Finland
MISTAKES, THE Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MISTER KITE Progressive Metal Sweden
MISTY MOUNTAIN FOUNDATION Psychedelic/Space Rock Finland
MITCHELL, KENNY Crossover Prog United Kingdom
MITTELWINTERNACHT '71 Krautrock Germany
MIZRAAB Progressive Metal Pakistan
MIZUKAGAMI Symphonic Prog Japan
MIZUTANI, KIMIO Eclectic Prog Japan
MK II Neo-Prog United Kingdom
MLINAREC, DRAGO Prog Folk Yugoslavia
MMCIRCLE RIO/Avant-Prog Canada
MOĞOLLAR Prog Folk Turkey
MO.DO. Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MOANAA Experimental/Post Metal Poland
MÖBIUS PROJECT Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MOBIUS STRIP Jazz Rock/Fusion Italy
MOBIUS STRIP Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MOBY TRIP Psychedelic/Space Rock New Zealand
MOCAH Heavy Prog Argentina
MOD FLANDERS CONSPIRACY Experimental/Post Metal United States
MODERN DAY BABYLON Progressive Metal Czech Republic
MODERN MAN Tech/Extreme Prog Metal United States
MODEST MIDGET Crossover Prog Netherlands
MÓDULO 1000 Heavy Prog Brazil
MOE! STAIANO/MOE!KESTRA! RIO/Avant-Prog United States
MOEBIUS Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Italy
MOEBIUS CAT Crossover Prog Canada
MOEBIUS, DIETER Progressive Electronic Germany
MOETAR Crossover Prog United States
MOFFITT, BARAK Crossover Prog United States
MOGADOR Crossover Prog Italy
MOGUL THRASH Jazz Rock/Fusion United Kingdom
MOGWAI Post Rock/Math rock United Kingdom
MOHODISCO Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MOIRA Jazz Rock/Fusion Germany
MOJO POJO Eclectic Prog Venezuela
MOKSHA Progressive Electronic United Kingdom
MOLD, COLIN Prog Folk United Kingdom
MOLECULE Psychedelic/Space Rock France
MOLNIJA AURA Progressive Electronic Italy
MOLOKEN Experimental/Post Metal Sweden
MOLVĆR, NILS PETTER Jazz Rock/Fusion Norway
MOMBASA Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National
MOMBU RIO/Avant-Prog Italy
MOMENTUM Experimental/Post Metal Iceland
MŘN Post Rock/Math rock France
MONA LISA Symphonic Prog France
MONDO DRAG Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MONDRIAN OAK Experimental/Post Metal Italy
MONDSHINE, CLARA Progressive Electronic Germany
MONGOL Jazz Rock/Fusion Japan
MONJOIE Crossover Prog Italy
MONKEY PUZZLE TRIO RIO/Avant-Prog United Kingdom
MONKEY3 Psychedelic/Space Rock Switzerland
MONNI, LORENZO Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MONO Post Rock/Math rock Japan
MONOBODY Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MONOCEROS Post Rock/Math rock Mexico
MONOGLOT RIO/Avant-Prog Switzerland
MONOGONO Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Portugal
MONOLITH Symphonic Prog United States
MONOLITH MOON Progressive Metal Portugal
MONOMYTH Psychedelic/Space Rock Netherlands
MONOTON Progressive Electronic Austria
MONROE TRANSFER,THE Post Rock/Math rock United Kingdom
MONSEIGNEUR Prog Folk Switzerland
MONSIEUR DUBOIS Jazz Rock/Fusion Netherlands
MONTECRISTO Neo-Prog Indonesia
MONTEFELTRO Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MONTGOMERY, GEN KEN Progressive Electronic United States
MONTREAL Prog Folk Canada
MONTRESOR Heavy Prog Australia
MONUMENT / ZIOR Heavy Prog United Kingdom
MONUMENTUM Experimental/Post Metal Italy
MOOCH Psychedelic/Space Rock United Kingdom
MOODY BLUES, THE Crossover Prog United Kingdom
MOOGG Jazz Rock/Fusion Italy
MOOLAH Krautrock United States
MOOM Canterbury Scene United Kingdom
MOON DUO Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MOON FOG PROPHET Psychedelic/Space Rock Finland
MOON OF OSTARA Krautrock United Kingdom
MOON OF SOUL Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Hungary
MOON PHANTOMS Psychedelic/Space Rock Multi-National
MOON SAFARI Symphonic Prog Sweden
MOON TOOTH Progressive Metal United States
MOONCAKE Post Rock/Math rock Russia
MOONCHILD TRIO RIO/Avant-Prog United States
MOONDANCER Prog Related Japan
MOONGARDEN Symphonic Prog Italy
MOONLIGHT Crossover Prog Poland
MOONLIGHT AGONY Progressive Metal Sweden
MOONLIGHT CIRCUS Progressive Metal Italy
MOONLIGHT COMEDY Progressive Metal Italy
MOONLIGHT SKY Crossover Prog Slovenia
MOONLIT SAILOR Post Rock/Math rock Sweden
MOONLOOP Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Spain
MOONLYGHT Progressive Metal Canada
MOONRISE Neo-Prog Poland
MOONSHINE BLAST Crossover Prog France
MOONSORROW Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Finland
MOONSPELL Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Portugal
MOONSTONE Prog Folk Canada
MOONWAGON Psychedelic/Space Rock Finland
MOOR, THE Psychedelic/Space Rock Sweden
MOORCOCK, MICHAEL Crossover Prog United Kingdom
MOORE / MYERS Progressive Electronic United States
MOORE, KEN Progressive Electronic United States
MOORE, STEVE Progressive Electronic United States
MOOSE LOOSE Jazz Rock/Fusion Norway
MOPHO Crossover Prog Brazil
MORA-TAU Progressive Electronic Japan
MORAINE Eclectic Prog United States
MORAINES Experimental/Post Metal Croatia
MORAZ & BRUFORD Jazz Rock/Fusion Multi-National
MORAZ, PATRICK Crossover Prog Switzerland
MORBUS CHRON Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Sweden
MORDECAI SMYTH Crossover Prog United Kingdom
MORENO, EDUARDO Eclectic Prog Spain
MORGAN Symphonic Prog United Kingdom
MÖRGLBL Eclectic Prog France
MORIA FALLS Neo-Prog United Kingdom
MORIER Progressive Metal United States
MORILD Symphonic Prog Norway
MORKOBOT RIO/Avant-Prog Italy
MORMOS Prog Folk United States
MORNE Experimental/Post Metal United States
MORNING Progressive Metal Netherlands
MORNING SKY Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MORNINGSIDE, THE Experimental/Post Metal Russia
MORPH Progressive Metal Sweden
MORPHELIA Neo-Prog Germany
MORPHEUS Jazz Rock/Fusion Germany
MORRIGAN Crossover Prog France
MORRIGAN, THE Prog Folk United Kingdom
MORSE BAND, STEVE Eclectic Prog United States
MORSE CODE Symphonic Prog Canada
MORSE, ALAN Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MORSE, NEAL Symphonic Prog United States
MORSE, TIM Symphonic Prog United States
MORSOF Jazz Rock/Fusion Japan
MORTA Jazz Rock/Fusion Canada
MORTE MACABRE Heavy Prog Sweden
MORTE VIENE DALLO SPAZIO, LA Psychedelic/Space Rock Italy
MORTIFERIA Experimental/Post Metal Norway
MORVISCOUS RIO/Avant-Prog United Kingdom
MOSAĎC RIO/Avant-Prog France
MOSAICO Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MOSAIK Symphonic Prog Sweden
MOSE GIGANTICUS Experimental/Post Metal United States
MOSER WOODS Eclectic Prog United States
MOSHER, SCOTT Progressive Electronic United States
MOSKAU Experimental/Post Metal Germany
MŘSTER! Jazz Rock/Fusion Norway
MOSTLY AUTUMN Prog Folk United Kingdom
MOTAE Crossover Prog United States
MOTEK Post Rock/Math rock Belgium
MOTEUR! RIO/Avant-Prog France
MOTH VELLUM Symphonic Prog United States
MOTHER DUST Psychedelic/Space Rock Germany
MOTHER ENGINE Psychedelic/Space Rock Germany
MOTHER GONG Psychedelic/Space Rock United Kingdom
MOTHER MALLARD'S PORTABLE MASTERPIECE CO. Progressive Electronic United States
MOTHER OF FIRE Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MOTHER OF MILLIONS Progressive Metal Greece
MOTHER SUPERIOR Crossover Prog United Kingdom
MOTHER TURTLE Heavy Prog Greece
MOTHER'S CAKE Crossover Prog Austria
MOTHER-UNIT Psychedelic/Space Rock Netherlands
MOTHERJANE Heavy Prog India
MOTHERSHIP Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MOTHLITE Crossover Prog United Kingdom
MOTHS Neo-Prog United Kingdom
MOTHS & LOCUSTS Psychedelic/Space Rock Canada
MOTION THEORY Crossover Prog United Kingdom
MOTIONLESS Post Rock/Math rock United States
MOTIS Prog Folk France
MOTO ARMONICO Progressive Metal Italy
MOTO PERPETUO Crossover Prog Brazil
MOTORPSYCHO Eclectic Prog Norway
MOULETTES, THE Prog Folk United Kingdom
MOUNTAIN MEN ANONYMOUS Post Rock/Math rock United Kingdom
MOUNTAIN MIRRORS Crossover Prog United States
MOUNTAIN OCEAN SUN Progressive Electronic Japan
MOUNTAINS Progressive Electronic United States
MOUNTAINS BECAME MACHINES Experimental/Post Metal United Kingdom
MOURNING PHASE Prog Folk United Kingdom
MOURNING, THE Progressive Metal United States
MOUSE ON THE KEYS Jazz Rock/Fusion Japan
MOUSSAWER, ZUZO Jazz Rock/Fusion Brazil
MOUTH Eclectic Prog Germany
MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT Experimental/Post Metal United States
MOUZON, ALPHONSE Jazz Rock/Fusion United States
MOVE, THE Proto-Prog United Kingdom
MOVEMENTS, THE Psychedelic/Space Rock Sweden
MOVING GELATINE PLATES Canterbury Scene France
MOVING HEARTS Prog Folk Ireland
MOVING MAZES Crossover Prog Switzerland
MOVING MOUNTAINS Post Rock/Math rock United States
MOVING STRUCTURES Post Rock/Math rock United States
MOYA Post Rock/Math rock Belarus
MOZZARELLA Crossover Prog Ecuador
MPXXIV RIO/Avant-Prog Switzerland
MR QUIMBY'S BEARD Psychedelic/Space Rock United Kingdom
MR. ALBERT SHOW Crossover Prog Netherlands
MR. BROWN Prog Folk Sweden
MR. BUNGLE RIO/Avant-Prog United States
MR. EGO Progressive Metal Brazil
MR. EUPHORIA Eclectic Prog United States
MR. GIL Neo-Prog Poland
MR. GOSHNESS Crossover Prog Canada
MR. HYDE Eclectic Prog Chile
MR. MAPS Post Rock/Math rock Australia
MR. SIRIUS Canterbury Scene Japan
MR. SO & SO Neo-Prog United Kingdom
MR. TOAD Prog Folk Israel
MROCTOPUS Tech/Extreme Prog Metal Portugal
MUCCHIO, IL Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MUD MOTHS RIO/Avant-Prog United States
MUDDY WORLD Post Rock/Math rock Japan
MUDWAY Neo-Prog Italy
MUDY ON THE SAKUBON Post Rock/Math rock Japan
MUFFIN MEN, THE RIO/Avant-Prog United Kingdom
MUFFINS, THE Canterbury Scene United States
MUGEN Symphonic Prog Japan
MUGSTAR Psychedelic/Space Rock United Kingdom
MUJER BARBUDA, LA RIO/Avant-Prog Argentina
MÜLLER, DOMINIK Eclectic Prog Germany
MULLMUZZLER Progressive Metal Canada
MULO BAND, THE ALMAN Progressive Electronic United Kingdom
MULTI-STORY Neo-Prog United Kingdom
MULTIFUSE Crossover Prog United Kingdom
MUMPBEAK Heavy Prog United Kingdom
MUNDI DOMINI Prog Folk Canada
MUNECA DE SAL, LA Post Rock/Math rock Spain
MUNJU Krautrock Germany
MUNK, JONAS Progressive Electronic Denmark
MURKY RED Crossover Prog Belgium
MURMUR Tech/Extreme Prog Metal United States
MURPHY BLEND Heavy Prog Germany
MURPHY, JAMES Progressive Metal United States
MURPLE Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MURSIC Progressive Metal United States
MUSE Prog Related United Kingdom
MUSEO ROSENBACH Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MUSHGOONS Psychedelic/Space Rock Italy
MUSHROOM Prog Folk Ireland
MUSHROOM Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MUSHROOM GIANT Psychedelic/Space Rock Australia
MUSHY Progressive Electronic Italy
MUSIC EMPORIUM Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MUSIC STATION Progressive Metal Bulgaria
MUSICA FICTA Eclectic Prog Israel
MUSICA URBANA Jazz Rock/Fusion Spain
MUSSIDA, FRANCO Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MUTANTES, OS Psychedelic/Space Rock Brazil
MUTE ALBINO Neo-Prog Belgium
MUTE GODS, THE Crossover Prog United Kingdom
MUTINY IN JONESTOWN Neo-Prog United States
MUTYUMU Experimental/Post Metal Japan
MY BELOVED Post Rock/Math rock Denmark
MY BITTER END Tech/Extreme Prog Metal United States
MY BROTHER THE WIND Psychedelic/Space Rock Sweden
MY DAD VS YOURS Post Rock/Math rock Canada
MY DYING BRIDE Tech/Extreme Prog Metal United Kingdom
MY EDUCATION Post Rock/Math rock United States
MY ETERNEL Crossover Prog United States
MY NAME IS JANET Crossover Prog Multi-National
MY SILENT WAKE Experimental/Post Metal United Kingdom
MY SLEEPING KARMA Psychedelic/Space Rock Germany
MY SOLID GROUND Krautrock Germany
MY SOLILOQUY Progressive Metal United Kingdom
MYHYBRIS Progressive Metal France
MYND, THE Crossover Prog United Kingdom
MYRATH Progressive Metal Tunisia
MYRBEIN RIO/Avant-Prog Sweden
MYRIAD Psychedelic/Space Rock Australia
MYRIAD Progressive Metal United States
MYRMIDION CREED Progressive Metal Germany
MYROS Rock Progressivo Italiano Italy
MYRRORS, THE Psychedelic/Space Rock United States
MYSTER MÖBIUS Experimental/Post Metal Multi-National
MYSTERE DE NOTRE DAME Progressive Metal Italy
MYSTERIES OF THE REVOLUTION Jazz Rock/Fusion United Kingdom
MYSTERKAH Neo-Prog France
MYSTERY Neo-Prog Canada
MYSTIC Experimental/Post Metal Netherlands
MYSTIC FORCE Progressive Metal United States
MYTHERY Progressive Metal Denmark
MYTHIC SUNSHIP Psychedelic/Space Rock Denmark
MYTHO Crossover Prog Italy
MYTHODEA Progressive Metal Greece
MYTHOLOGIC Progressive Metal United States
MYTHOLOGY Crossover Prog United States
MYTHOS Krautrock Germany
MYTRA Progressive Metal Hungary
MYXOMATOSIS Progressive Metal Canada

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