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The Prog Archives Web site Project came out from a common dream of a small group of fanatic progressive rock music collectors who decided to develop a WEB SITE for the online progressive rock music community, with the goal of providing extensive Progressive Rock Music information, as well as interaction features for the prog surfers.

We have been collecting this DATA for quite some time, but we are far from finished. There are still plenty of old records to be remembered and added to the site, plus all the new creations that are being made. We not only welcome any feedback you may have about the site, but any help you can provide us.

We appreciate your support, and your feed back is very important to us, cause we are always looking forward to become... We have a small staff, and all of us have a primary job, so we work our asses off to get the whole thing up and running on our spare time.

Whether you are an artist, producer, recording engineer, record label or just a fan and don't see a record that you feel should be in this web page, please contact us. We welcome any chance to improve this site.

We welcome future collaborators.


ProgLucky (Rony) and [email protected]



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In order to keep the site content more accurate, please report to us any problems you might find when surfing the site...
Reporting forums:

Site admins, webmasters, reviewers and members does not receive and review music directly without accepting it. Labels, artists and other promoters can submit (as registered member) their review invitation in our active forum special place - and interested members will reply.

This page is updated now in order to give some information and rules concerning the band addition procedure. We appreciate your support helping us to be a comprehensive and up-to-date website. As a consequence we constantly have a huge order backlog for submissions. Please read this instructions and try to implement the requirements. It will help to speed up the process.

Please suggest only bands/artists which have a signed status. This means either a physical item like CD/DVD/Vinyl for sale on demand must be available and/or complete albums for download are offered via services like CD Baby and similar. Otherwise please use the PA forum topic Unsigned Bands where site monitors take care of business.

You have two options for submitting a band/artist for the inclusion on this website
  1. open up a new thread in the Suggest Bands and Artists forum topic. If you want to point out audio samples please be sure that you only provide legal links for mp3 download or streaming like MySpace pages for example. Site monitors are picking up your suggestions
  2. collect sound samples and other helpful information, as stated below. Create a ZIP or RAR archive with all this included, upload it to a free filesharing service ( is actually recommended because very fast all around the globe) and finally forward the download link to [email protected] as well as your explanation of why this band/artist should be added to ProgArchives and in which sub-genre
    * necessary information please provide some full songs (no clips/excerpts) with acceptable quality (not less than 128 k/bits) for evaluation and streaming. If you want to send a promo CD you'll get back a reply containing a valid postal address. These samples will of course only made available for streaming with permission from copyright holders.
    * helpful information
    • website, MySpace as well as other related links with useful informations or reviews
    • band biography (in english)
    • an artist picture with a scale of 500 pixel as possible
    • the complete band/artist discography (album titles, cover art, line-up, tracklisting plus track times) as possible
Once the email has arrived, the Band Submissions Team will check the information and forward the request to the prefered sub-genre team which will evaluate then. Please use this email address only for submitting bands for inclusion. Inquiries about the progress or other issues will be ignored.

When a band is added PA collaborators will inform about this here Latest band additions to PA. We are also working on a transparent workflow where ProgArchives members can follow up the evaluation process.

Thanks for contributing!

Rivertree (Uwe Zickel) | Band Submissions Team

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Progressive Rock Music Ultimate Discography
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Progressive Rock Music Ultimate Discography

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Progressive Rock Music Ultimate Discography
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