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5 stars A Review of MindWarp Chambers "Delusional Reality" Jul/Aug 2008, August 12, 2008 By Chris Otter (Auckland, New Zealand)

Again...This one of a kind Chicago band have merged their trademark heavy and dark sound with all the best properties and energies of Progressive Metal . Melody and splendour.. meet bone crunching riffs and somersaulting time changes.. and it's a battle to see who wins.....I'll let you decide.

Track 1 "Snow Devil Sleeps" 8.26 The mood is set..the power and passion collide into a fantastic keyboard orchestral introduction by Mr Bethishou(keyboards).He's enslaved you in the notes and carry's you along with him to meet the "Snow Devil" and prepare you for the story to follow...and slowly the story unfolds as Mr Buzcko(guitars) and Mr Sullivan(basses) carefully enter and are then joined by the storyteller himself ..Mr Huffman (voices)."At last the spell is broken, sensing the gates wide open" he tells as Mr Bethishou rhythmically winds the keys down as if to push the bolt slowly in to hold open the gates for you to follow.Suddenly a change of pace and time as Mr Huffman continues his story into a jazzy pattern, carrying you along with him until suddenly... Your with the beast. Mr Kilkenny(drums) pounding in and all joining in frantically.."Driving..I'm driving this beast" He shouts! as the time changes and flows into an adventurous and gritty 4 time passage with Mr Sullivan and Mr Buzcko leading the foray and playing some intense and exceptionally intricate scale work over the top and into more crunching chords all held together by Mr Bethishou's solid strings and Mr Kilkenny's beats..back to a driving 2/4 passage again and leading into crunching time stabs...and He calls you all.. He's still driving the beast again and back to our adventurous scales and crashing riffs with a small keyboard twirl as Mr Kilkenny powers you all along and steers you back to our main 4/4 passage which turns and twists before leading you into another change of time and space and suddenly our 1st solo as the bass maestro Mr Sullivan floors you, as if hitting you with a barrage of snow balls, but just as quickly it all melts away as Mr Bethishou enters with his keyboard solo..weaving and winding you along with him, keyboard voices urging you along for his ride and some nice accented guitar work from Mr Buzcko almost holding you at arms length as you float along on the beast too. Mr Kilkenny then brings us all back on a nice triplet and back to the story-teller "I imagined a warm breeze over my skin"..So real...and "Drive away" as Mr Buzcko eloquently enters to enforce the story further with his guitar solo, winding and mesmerizing his way under another time frame... and back to our main passage, Mr Huffman further implementing you and into yet another 2 time patterns.. punctuated by Mr Buzcko's guitar stabs and soloing."On through the night, I'll make my return, "the Snow Devil Sleeps" and I am a bat out of hell..and suddenly He's driving this beast....FROM HELL. Track 2 "Precious Time" 6.37 Guitar driven with roaring riff changes and pounding rhythms they take you along on this journey and into more accents until Mr Huffman the story teller begins.."The time you stole, pay back tenfold" He warns as all follow into broken time and accent his words further while driving chords power over you and suddenly your taken through a myriad of time beats as Mr Huffman and Mr Bethishou's Keyboards take you along on the story further enforcing.. "Precious time..should be mine...ALL MINE" Mr Huffman cries out as they all return to the opening sequence just for awhile before again.. and with Mr Kilkenny's exquisite drum patterns leading you into a spiralling time change which takes you into a quieter and more relaxing pattern driven by Mr Sullivan's fluid bass playing chops.. pulling you along on the notes with him as, also, Mr Bethishou taunts you with his keyboard mastery and all the while, Mr Huffman's word's of wisdom chime the changes about to occur as Mr Sullivan briefly becomes the story-teller to drive it home."Time.....Precious" he scowls as Mr Kilkenny beats along with him into Mr Buzcko's scorching twin laced guitar solo breathing more life into our story as Mr Huffman warns you.."Subsurface. harvest..yeilds nothing but decay, Where were you, when they handed out the code"..amazingly our story-teller has changed his tune as he takes on another style and the moment changes, again, but only briefly as the time leaps and jumps in bounds as Mr Huffman tells us.."A spell is more than just a rhyme..It's karma come to make a claim" and back to our main song-riff as he calls "Precious Time".."Racing By" as more warnings follow.. his voice taking you on a journey of notes and waves.."Clocks turning Baaaack! No time like Noooow! He holds on to time and note.. as the band also crash and collide into the final throws of "Precious Time"as it winds down to a final tick. Track 3 "Through Crimson Shores" 7.18 As per my Review from "Skeptic's Eye" limited edition E.P. released 2007 "Through Crimson Shores" lays it squarely on the line and sets the mood from the crushing first few bars the scene is set. This song weaves and winds its way through a 7/8 progression before hitting you with the main vocal through the song and setting the mood and pace for some seven minutes plus. They seem to somehow maintain a strong theme through several passages, time changes and strong vocal turns . Extra standout moments: beginning this story on a flamboyant time struggle we see" Mindwarp Chamber " all enter the story into a time feel with multi tracked vocals and souring guitar-work by Mr Buzcko (Cage) and swirling Keyboards By Mr Bethishou( Shreddy)"Charging through waves of crimson..Where mortal kings cancel our dreams" shouts the story-teller (Mr Huffman) and Mr Kilkenny grabs our attention further with his clever drum play, followed by more crunching guitar/keyboard interplay. Mr Sullivan at this point becomes the story-teller as time changes and Mr Huffman joins in to ask the opposing and questioning story-play as they all power through more time crashes and battle their way back to the chorus..."The rising sun..the heaven's above" the story-teller cries and Mr Kilkenny drives home the point with a barrage of triplet drumfills... suddenly Mr Buzcko enters against the time to lead them all into Mr Bethishou's keyboard solo which he then follows, and into a fantastical guitar/keyboard interplay, while all the while the rhythm is held in play. Mr Huffman now enters "We found the tools within, to win" he calls as more crunching riffs and syncopated drums drive home the song.."I'm Spared......But Not In My Head! As Mr Kilkenny's energetic triplet assault ends "Through Crimson Shores". Track 4 "Thought Saboteur" 7.19 From the haunting Keyboard introduction by" Shreddy" and sounding every bit `The Phantom of the Opera himself... as the sounds fade Mr Kilkenny enters with more clever drum-play and the band join him too, creating a dark, sonic and frenetic pace for the story-teller to address us and he does..urging us to heed his warnings."The wizard is at war..with the Saboteurs of Thought."He calls as they all fall into a 1/2 time pattern and follow into the brighter chorus the story-teller is "the wizard" and calls to them and shuns them" Thought Saboteurs, I can't be sought ,nor can be sold" with Mr Buzcko conjuring little guitar genies behind every word..we return to the main drive again. desperately all racing as if against time itself and following our previous time feel and into huge riff crashes with Mr Sullivan and Mr Kilkenny attacking this passage with even more gusto, crashing bass chords and intricate drum work winding their way into a time passage that they can only know\\think it's a 12..correct me if I'm wrong//...we're back at the bright chorus..."I won't be brought. I'll never merge" the story-teller calls again..Mr Buzcko's genies following his every word and taking you into yet another duel between Keyboards and Guitar(Personal note: these guy's just blow you away with their musicianship and have to be the best solo's yet) but no-one wins as Mr Sullivan interjects with further proof of musicianship..bass frenetically sounding the end of our solo's and Mr Kilkenny adding his "thoughts", they lead us back to the dark passage and again to the brighter passage which is our "chorus"..The story-teller urging him to.." Release the secrets you withhold". As we all follow them to a final and complete stop. Track 5 "Against The Wish" 8.45 Earlier reviewed from "Skeptic's Eye" limited edition E.P. released 2007 "Against The Wish", which in many ways could be their 'Single' release, off the EP cd . Soaring vocals leading into a strong 4/4 time passage with heavy accents and high pitched guitar stabs against a solid backdrop of bass and keyboards, leading into more half time and strong gut crunching riffs. Then.. He ( Mr Kilkenney ) hits you with the double kick drum and the band accent through the next passage, guitar answering counter rhythms and vocals warning you desperately of what follows. "Happy Now....World Is Upside Down In Pain" He sings, as more strong lyrics lead into another 4/4/, 2/4 passage which leads you into the first subtle but still flashy guitar solo from Mr Buczko which is then answered equally by Keyboardist Mr Bethishou (Shreddy). This dueling continues for some one and half to two minutes before being interrupted again by some very flashy drumming. He's ( Mr Kilkenney ) is telling you to slow down, giving the band the space to move to the next bridge pattern which is quite laid back and here Mr Huffman provides further proof of his vocal prowess with light and shade building to more accented crunch riffs and here. Again, Mr Buzcko counter plays the band back in to a solid 4/4 feel, again Mr Huffman's voice takes you on a ride of high's and low's, harmonies blending and mixing well with his solid and soaring patterns, probably the most adventurous yet, this guy tells the story so well, you go back and listen again and again. Just when you think the song's done. .We're back at the beginning main riffs of the song leading you to the final double chorus and the very long final note sung by Mr Huffman.."Against The Wish". Did I also mention... the vocal harmony work...the Shredding keyboards....the broken times, Bass chords, frenetic drumming(solo included) flashy guitar-work and the devilishly brilliant arranging of this track. Track 6 "Kill The Weak" (Skeptic's Eye) 6.10 Earlier reviewed from "Skeptic's Eye" limited edition E.P. released 2007 "Skeptics Eye"( Kill The Weak ) with its single crunching Guitar(mono) intro exploding into a solid double time passage which then blends into the main song. Mr Huffman's vocals are strong here and almost demands you to listen to His story of "Skeptics Eye" Deliver Yourself, Come Join this Emptiness....The Skeptic's Eye". This is a powerful track with lots of meaning.4/4 time blending powerfully into the first half time progression and back again through the cycle and repeating, abruptly charging into a driving and bone crunching bridge pattern and guitar/ keyboard playoff under a strong bass and drum driven passage which blends perfectly back to the chorus, "Kill The Weak Within" He sings as the band grinds your bones to the shattering climax . The six minutes ten seconds leaves you begging for more. Did I also mention....the souring keyboards under a strong grinding guitar and that devilish vocal, powered along with frenetic double time kick drums and more crashing bass chords..AND..huge driving half time with Chinese cymbals...more keyboard/guitar duels and those powerful and enforcing lead vocals. Track 7 "Return To Dust" 10.35 Earlier reviewed from "Skeptic's Eye" limited edition E.P. released 2007 "Return To Dust" my personal favourite song on the EP is the longest of the songs being ten minutes 35 seconds. The beautiful 6 time guitar intro by Mr Buzcko sets the mood well and weaves it's way into the half time first passage of this Epic song. The thundering bass notes of Mr Sullivan are calling you to "LISTEN"! to what Mr Huffman is telling you, lulling you into a false secure place....Then the "sirens" sound, the moods changed, but briefly as we go back to our safe place, listening intently to the story we're being told "The Common Enemy, Is What We Share! Who'll Stand Behind Me" as the band falls back into a solid groove, followed by a softer passage Mr Huffman is asking you ,who you really are in this world. "Who'll Help The Enemy's Return To Dust". Leading into a jazzy accented passage followed on with more crunch chords and souring piano work into Mr Sullivan's first but very significant Bass solo passage, connecting beautifully with the following half time passage, which again winds and weaves into an unusual 3/4 passage " Mountains Of Wishes And Promises".. sings Mr Huffman taking you into the eloquently played and longest guitar solo of Mr Buzcko (could be longer) and we're back. Deep, crunching riffs taking you into another well played Keyboard solo, again the longest, blending well to the almost sudden stop and taking you on another time journey and another vocal story."Gather Round People" He sings, as he tells you more of His story. Suddenly Mr Sullivan's second solo and most important connection point of this song breaks in racing up and down the bass neck calling the other members to join in...and they do without question driving you into a 4/4 progression, drums playing, double kick pounding, all follow almost frantically as Mr Huffman warns us of the consequences and end results to this story.."It's Only To Dust" he sings and this leads us back to the jazzy passage from earlier then...the "sirens" sound again. We're back at the opening passage of my favourite song.( by the way.) Make sure you listen to Mr Huffman's last vocal lines..This is the whole song..... Brilliant. Personal note: still a huge and absolute favourite song for me with it's best of both world's feel.

Track 8 "Closing The Chapter" 6.31 This is definitely not the end... just the close of this chapter in our journey We start with Mr Buzcko's beautiful soaring guitar introduction and "Shreddy" also joins him with Hammond throbbing away, creating the beginnings of our next story...As our story-teller enters bringing all with him."Caught in a mood....Whats to be..time to move on".. he calls as they all drive along on a cool 4 time pattern, into a syncopated pattern and another time journey into our chorus..."Closing the chapter..for now and forever" he declare's as he holds the final words at bay as Mr Bethishou starts on his wild ride of moog notes and is answered almost immediately by Mr Buzcko but just as quickly they all fall into "The story's..never the way we hoped" He warns in deep voice and is answered as we return to chorus the words "The birds of prey have seized the day"..I'm in a better the story-teller continues and is interjected by Mr Bethishou's soaring and swirling solo where he takes you into another time passage and as the story-teller re-enters.."Let's close this chapter and move on" he screams and all join him on a new rhythm as poetry and power collide us back to a false introduction and the main drive behind the song further brings us to syncopated time" This toxic waste..of our time" as Mr Kilkenny plays with the rhythms and propels us again into our final chorus but the story-teller has the last laugh..with a wink of his eye.. Final Note-: Since release of this cd Mr Buzcko has parted ways with Mindwarp Chamber on another journey of discovery. His contribution to this and other works are there for all to testament. A very clever and inspirational guitarist and engineer..Good Luck with your new ventures. Mindwarp Chamber have a new guitarist Mr Cerna who will take them to the next level of their journey. I wish him luck and welcome to a great band.

This small book(review) was written by Chris...a fan and also musician from Aotearoa(New Zealand).

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4 stars Mindwarp Chamber is a prog metal band from USA. They release a single album 'till now last year named Delusional reality. I bought the CD from CDbaby 2 month ago, knowing that I expect something realy strong because I've heared some samples and read some very good reviews here and there. I was pleasently surprised about this album, for sure one of the best in last years in prog metal, at least for me. Jaw dropping vocals, excellent musicianship, catchy tunes, solid song writing, what else did I want more. The album is very well balanced, not a piece is in front and not a piece is weak, each one is solid as rock, and captured my attention for little more that an hour. What I like most is that the album is so consistent that easy can fight with the best in prog metal, easy. The music is complex with awesome arrangemets specially the keyboard passages are killer, not to mention thet the voice of Scott Huffman is the cherry on the cake here ranging from mellow moments to the higher notes reached like famous Rob Halford. The rest of the musicians shines at each instrument they play, realy impressive debut album by this american band. Great slow passages that interlude extremly well with the more rougher ones. Every single piece is a winner for sure, the band tried and succeded to compose a real solid prog metal album, that shows that even younger bands can creat something of great quality. Music sometimes reminds me of Dream Theater or Symphony X (only on vocal parts sometimes) but not a copy or even in places with another americ legend band Jag Panzer (this time from heavy metal zone). The best pieces are all, not a weak moment here, each one brings a fresh air in prog metal with great and inteligent arrangemets. What to say more then: well done guys, I congratulated you for this album, if the next albums sounds at least like this one than your path in prog metal is opened for big things. 4.5 stars easy, one of the best prog metal album in last years. Recommended.
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Posted Sunday, August 2, 2009 | Review Permalink

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