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La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros

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4 stars A much improved work. Now with the collaboration of the rest of the band maybe is that is the reason of the superior quality of this record. Almost a jazzy touch in some of the compositions. The group folded after this album.
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Posted Sunday, January 25, 2004 | Review Permalink
3 stars A little bit better than previous LMDHP record, but in the same vein: melodic prog with jazz and funk elements, and with some beautiful tracks (the complex instrumental "Obertura 777" and the both melodic and relly nice "Marylin..." and "No Te Dejes Desanimar"). If you are listening the album, you can use the remote control button and jump from track 3 to "Ruta Perdedora", another very good theme. Remaining cuts are average, except the particularly ugly song "El Vendedor de las Chicas de Plástico". It makes the rate go down. Neverthless, "Peliculas" is the highest point in the brief La Máquina... history. Talented musicians and potentially a great band, but I believe they stayed halfway. During those years, Charly Garcia, the group leader, declared in an interview: "LMDHP is the Argentinian Yes". Don't believe him.
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Posted Wednesday, February 25, 2004 | Review Permalink
4 stars Yes, "El vendedor de las chicas de plastico" is a kind of joke, but the rest of the songs are excellent. "Marylin", "No te dejes desanimar" and "Ruta perdedora" (it has a very cool counterpoint moment) are the best thems, but "Hipercandombe" and "Que se puede hacer salvo ver peliculas" are very good too.
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Posted Thursday, May 13, 2004 | Review Permalink
Cesar Inca
Honorary Collaborator
4 stars La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros achieved an excellent second album, that was to become their musical "last will". Such a pity... since it is obvious that the band members managed to compenetrate with each other more fluidly, and the overall sound became tighter, daring to input a larger degree of sophistication in the compositions and arrangements. In fact, the band manages to work more solidly as such, since the individual members feel freer to show their own abilities, and the writing is not exclusively managed by García anymore. As a whole album, you can clearly notice that 'Películas' enhances the jazzy aspect, even with some notable latin-jazz touches, which helps to build a special flavour in addition to their symphonic leaning. It is obvious since the laid-back instrumental opening number, and it gets even more intense in tracks 4, 5 ('Hipercandombe' is a stunning, hard rocking piece written on a African-Brazilian rhythmic basis), 6 (a cynical sexual satyre 'El Vendedor...' that sounds like something played in a piano bar in a comedy movie scene), and the explosive 'En las Calles de Costa Rica', a Bazterrica penned number very much influenced by the best Di Meola-era Return to Forever, that ends the album with pure fire. The emotional 'Ruta Perdedora', one of the most beautiful pieces in Argentinian prog history, meets the best of both worlds: symphonic keyboard layers and conterpoints, and a melancholy twist in the jazzy rhtyhm section during the instrumental closure. For the listener who understands Spanish, the lyrics will resound as an overwhelming testimony of self-pity and extremely emotional confusion: a letter from the darkest side of García's mind. The symphonic thing is more prominent in tracks 2 and 3, which alternately explore the most somber and the most playful side of García's own persona, respectively: the former, loosely inspired by Marilyn Monroe's tragic figure, features some sinister Moog lines over the disturbing guitar-and-bass riff that comes near the closing climax, while the latter includes some stylish string arrangements that properly enhance the optimistic candour conveyed in the lyrics (an "always look at the bright side of life" kind of thing). Like many other connoseurs of Latin America prog, LMDHP is not one of my top 3 fav Argentinian bands, yet there's no doubt in my mind that 'Películas' is a very good album - sure it doesn't have a 8+ or 10+ minute suite in it, but it certainly contains plenty of good and well performed musical ideas.
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Posted Tuesday, May 25, 2004 | Review Permalink
5 stars This is even more progressive, there are no vestiges of folk anymore here, and is my favorite between the two albums of Maquina, the instrumental tracks (Obertura 777 y Por las calles de Costa Rica) are not too long, but they're very nice, one track that I really like here is Que se puede hacer (salvo ver peliculas), you can imagine watching a 70's movie and the song really fits, all in all this album presents very soft music compared with the diversity of sounds of their debut. Sadly this band would not continue an evolution becuase Charly splitted the band and formed Seru Giran, however this band is regarded as one of the greatest numbers in porgressive music in Argentina.
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Posted Thursday, June 24, 2004 | Review Permalink
5 stars This is the second (and last) album of LA MAQUINA DE HACER PAJAROS. After this record Charly and Oscar (the drummer of the group) leave the group to form SERU GIRAN. This album sound like: "Obscured by clouds" (PINK FLOYD), "The inner mounting flame" (MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA), "Selling England by the pound" (GENESIS), "Once again" (BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST), "Sheer heart attack" (QUEEN) and "Agitor Lucens V" (ARCO IRIS).
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Posted Friday, March 25, 2005 | Review Permalink
4 stars Like the previous album ... this is a virtuosic and progressive album that needs repeated listens to grasp the beauty of it. This one is more influenced by jazz though. Unfortunately, this album is not as strong as their debut: the melodies are not as memorable. It is a very enjoyable progressive rock album with excellent musicianship.

"Overtura777" starts the album in a great note. It is a complex instrumental piece with great melodies and musicianship. "Marylin" is a nice melodic track with a powerful finale with electric guitars, moog synths, and energetic rhythms. " No Te Dejes Desanimar" is more symphonic than the previous track and features a small orchestra. "Que Se Puede Hacer..." is a jazzier track with some excellent instrumental breaks and a great main melody. "Hipercandombre" is a hard rocking piece full of riffing and is played over a very interesting rhythm, phenomenal track!! "El Vendedor" is weaker in quality than the others, yet is enjoyable in its own... it has great bass guitar work. 'Ruta Perdedora' is another highlight : a symphonic jazz-rock piece with great lyrics/melodies, nice musicianship and great arrangements. "En las Calles de Costa Rica" is a powerful instrumental finale.

1. Obertura 777 (7.5/10) 2. Marilyn, La Cenicienta Y Las Mujeres (7.5/10) 3. No Te Dejes Desanimar (6.5/10) 4. Que Se Puede Hacer Salvo Ver Peliculas (7.5/10) 5. Hipercandombe (9/10) 6. El Vendedor De Las Chicas De Plastico (6.5/10) 7. Ruta Perdedora (9/10) 8. En Las Calles De Costa Rica (7/10)

My Grade : B-

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Posted Saturday, August 20, 2005 | Review Permalink
4 stars I don't like this album as much as their first one.

Even though I agree with some other reviewers that this guys achieved to comprenetate with each other (You can see what I'm talking about in the beautiful RUTA PERDEDORA and HIPERCANDOMBE) I find the individuals track weaker than the tracks in their first album. My highlights for these album are those two, but overall I think this album lacks the energy I found on their first record.

This is still an excellent addition to any prog collection. I give this album 4 stars

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Posted Thursday, November 9, 2006 | Review Permalink
4 stars "What can be done except for seeing films"

About this band already I spoke in the review of "LMDHP"

"Obertura 777": A good beginning for the work. In this piece the emotions abound as much as the keyboards. Perhaps a greater presence of the guitar could be expected, but anyway the result is very good.

"Marilyn, Cenicienta y las mujeres": this song begins like a ballad that lets see something of "synphonism" in the harmony. More ahead the theme advances until arriving at the greater intensity.

"No te dejes desanimar":This beautiful song caused that I began to listen to LMDHP. Per moments it makes me remember Gentle Giant. The piano, the synth-strings and the voices, do of this song one of most exciting of the album.

"Qué se puede hacer salvo ver películas": In the beginning of this work, the bossa's air surprises. In this song the instrumental piano, and all parts stand out. In addition, on the end, the arrangement of voices is surprising, one of the best that I have listened.

"Hipercandombe": it is a very rythmical and energetic work. Music shows clearly the influences of the tango and other Latin American styles (like candombe). Excellent work of symphonic rock.

"El vendedor de las muñecas de plástico": the music of this work is really good, but the lyrics are done as a game, and is, perhaps, a little obscene (double sense). The title explains everything: "the salesman of the plastic dolls".

"Ruta perdedora": This musical composition is another sample of the "emotivity" to the service of music. This characteristic is the one that it captivates to me of all the bands of "Charly Garcia". A passage in half of the song stands out in this work: a counterpoint between guitar, bass and keyboards, that interchange tunes (melodies) and accompaniment until arriving at climax.

"En las calles de Costa Rica": A good instrumental closing for the album. An excellent summarized sample of the LMDHP music.

An excellent addition to any prog music collection, an essential album of symphonic prog-rock

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Posted Thursday, March 8, 2007 | Review Permalink
4 stars So, you thought only in Europe and in the States are good prog musicians? you're wrong, here in south America there are good progressive bands too, and one of them is La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros. Charly Garcia, member of the folk-rock band Sui Generis, decided to create this band to explore new frontiers in the musical spectrum. And he did it very well, with two fantastic albums, LMDHP and Películas, both with an extraordonary amount of good ideas, followed by beautiful lyrics.

Now, talking about this album, I specially liked Obertura 777, with an spectacular opening with the acoustic guitar and a piano creating a very nice ambient that breaks with the entrance of the drumm played by Oscar Moro. After that, it begins a pretty riff with the sinthezier accompained by some funky chords, good stuff.

Marilyn, La Cencineta y las Mujeres, the tipical rock ballad with good guitar riffs and a good message in the lyrics. No te dejes desanimar, the perfect mix between the tenderness of the verse riff in 7/4 and the progressive passage of the instrumental section.

Que se puede hacer salvo ver Películas, ingenious lyrics accompained by a latin base with the bass and guitar in the beginning...Then we find again another instrumental part.

Hipercandombe is the other one that I most like in this album. Fast and heavy riffs makes this song a permanent running, with excellent guitar riffs, followed by the synth.

El vendedor de las chicas de plástico. Nice lyrics with a relaxed ambient, with some good stuff at the instrumental part were the guitar solo takes place.

Ruta Perdedora, this one reminds me the old Sui Generis songs with good voices work. The instrumental part its just awesome, really good stuff!

En las calles de Costa Rica, instrumental song to close the album, every instrument perfectly engaged to create a versatile composition with a very good work at the bass by Jose Luis Fernandez

For me, Peliculas is an excellent addition to any prog music collection: A very complete album, good voices work and creative instrumentalization. 4 stars


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Posted Wednesday, October 3, 2007 | Review Permalink
Prog-Folk Team
3 stars A cross between the flamenco tinged symphonic prog of mid 1970s Spain and a certain Latin American jazz sensibility, La Maquina were 6 skilled musicians that produced this eclectic album. From the appealing opening instrumental "Obertura 777" to the overtly romantic and Italian sounding "No Te Dejes Desanimar" to the soft jazzy ballad "Que Se Puede Hacer Salvo Ver Peliculas" to the very bass dominated "En Las Calles De Costa Rica", the album has wide cross over appeal. The mix of keyboards and guitars is well balanced, as are the variations in tempo. What it lacks is a piece that really grabs me and gets me to return back regularly for a visit. Nonetheless, many fans here would enjoy this, hence the good rating and special recommendation for fans of the various sub-genres upon which La Maquina touches.
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Posted Saturday, November 10, 2007 | Review Permalink
4 stars La Maquina de hacer Pajaros. This record is more eclectic and ambitious than it's predecesor but , in my opinion , it does not have a standout tune like Ah te vi entre las luces. However it's a really enjoyable release.

When comparing it to the first record one first realizes that Peliculas is much calmer and jazzier. The first track is an instrumental called Obertura 777. It satrts with an acoustic intro and then has a subtle funky beat , it sounds like smooth jazz sometimes. The second track Marilyn , la Cenicienta y las Mujeres reminds me of Garcia's following band Serú Girán. It's a sophisticated rock song including synthetizers and a little chorus. No te dejes desanimar is one of the highlight's here: A majestic ballad with very interesting vocal harmonies , delicate piano playing and some violin that reminds me of Gentle Giant like another reviewer stated. Que se puede hacer... starts like a Santana song , and you can tell Charly's growing appreciation in this song and the following Hipercandombe. "El vendedor de las muñecas de plastico" sounds like a progressive tv advertisement. It's hilarious!! Ruta perdedora is another highlight here , it has emotional lyrics and impressive synthetizer sounds. The record finishes with the jazz -fusion like instrumental "En las calles de Costa Rica"

This record shows us the transition between La Maquina de Hacer Pajaros and Seru Giran , and in spite of not having epic-size tracks it's a very well composed album full of interesting ideas.

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Posted Thursday, February 5, 2009 | Review Permalink

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