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4 stars I've been a Queen fan for quite a long time. but...well... i have known them since 1992 so i have never seen them live in the original line up, but i have seen them with paul rodgers and it was fantastic!

the miracle is one of the albums that is quite underated, because there is no album that could be better than a night at the opera.

there are some people saying "this is the worst Queen studio album - toghether with hot space" . i think it is one of the best albums in Queens history. it features a lot of hits and a lot of good pieces of music.

as it was shown in a kind of magic the band is still able to rock. in this release the rock roots of this band are are stronger. nearly the whole album is very heavy and quite dark. (it is no "miracle" that the follower "innuendo" will be the first real heavy record after Queen 2)

1) party is a funny song. Queen is joking around, singing disharmonic and not in tune. the drumbeat is a loop from the drummashine... i think the producer of the record, david richards, has done a brilliant job.

2) kharshoggis ship is another rock song (by the way: there is no break between party and this one). the band seems to have just fun in the studio. there are no instrumental overdubbs, so this must be a recorded jamsession. nice!

3) the miracle is a song by freddie mercury (even if the credit is "Queen" ) . it was the time when freddie mercury was very ill. this song and especially the lyrics are so optimistic and positiv .... hey: this man knows he has to die in the following years. i could not write such lyrics, when i know i have to die because of aids! by the way: the music is quite proggy aswell! great song!

4) i want it all. this is the classic peace of this album. this hard rock song by brian may is known by every rockfan. so i don't have to explain it that much.

5) the invisible man again is very groovy funky bit. i like it. it is very danceable and ... it reminds me of force 10 by rush.... (the video is made by a genius!)

6) welcome to side no. 2. breakthru: as the invisible man is over breakthru is rolling over! wow! what a song. again a roger taylor comosition (as in "the invible man" ) this song is quite groove, fast and rocks very good. the idea to put a train into the video is not that bad! great song again featuring a superb chorus!

7) now...welcome to the weaker ones! rain must fall is an undynamic, boring and relaxed song.... maybe just a but too relaxed.... a skipper!

8) scandal again is quite good. a darker tune with some great sound effects! again, a brilliant effort of david richards! this song is dedicatet to the press that is getting on Queen's nerves because of freddie's desease ( has not been official, that freddie mercury was hiv positiv)

9) my baby does me. the same as rain must fall... the only difference is: the lyric are dull, aswell...(i'm sorry, but this is not one of your killer songs)

10) the killer song that is closing the album is a very good one! i don't want to wite too much about it, just listen to it! (you can download it here!)

Conclusion: this album is featuring 8 great songs and 2 not so great songs, but it does not matter: the miracle is worth buying, because of features a lot of great music! maybe not that much prog as it should be - to be listed in the great progarchives!

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Posted Wednesday, August 3, 2005 | Review Permalink
5 stars To those who had written Queen off as a pointless pop band, this album not only put Queen at the top with a vengeance, but signalled one of the most prolific writing periods in the band's career. I saw someone mention here that the title track is about Freddie Mercury's illness, which is completely untrue. Yes, this was supposed to be the final Queen album as the band knew he was very ill...this is why the band recorded in upwards of 35 songs during the 88-89 sessions. Sure the song is uplifting and positive...but not about Freddie at all!

Several of the songs here seem a bit rushed, such as "My Baby Does Me" (a pseudo funk throwaway that would have fit on Hot Space) and "Rain Must Fall" which is basically a close cousin to "My Baby...". The rest of this album is wonderful!!!! The pop songs rock more than before and the rock songs just kick serious ass!!! "Party / Khashoggi's Ship", "I Want It All", "Scandal"...great rock tunes here!!!! Sure they have some synth, but it isn't the cheesy synth that can be found on the "Kind Of Magic" album.

This album is TIGHT!!!! The band knew they were on borrowed time with Freddie, and so to stop all the fighting (hmm) they agreed to just write everything as Queen no matter who came up with the original ideas. This is STILL among my Top 5 Queen albums and will probably always remain there.

The final track here "Was It All Worth It" is one of my favorite Queen songs of all time, not only because of the great heaviness, the great riff, the strange interlude in the middle...but also because this could have been Freddie's final song and I would have forever been happy with that! I'm not sure if these were even Freddie's lyrics, but what a wonderful final thought to all of Freddie fans around the world....

Was It All Worth It? Yes, it was worth it...

It's such a shame that Freddie had to be cut down because I believe this album was just the beginning of what could have been a complete Queen revival...proof which was shown even more clearly with 1991's "Inneundo."

The bonus tracks on this CD version are all B-sides from the singles surrounding the "Miracle" album. Several were simply 12" remixes or extended version which were used to promote the band in the club scene. Included is the CD only track "Chinese Torture", a really cool and way too short instrumental focusing on Brian's chorus guitar effect. The other CD track, "Hang On In There" could be found on the original 1989 CD and the remaster, and it was also one of the band's B-sides.

Unfortunately not included is a great 12" version of "Breakthru" along with several other awesome non-album tracks that appeared only as B-sides, including: "Hijack My Heart" (typical off the wall Roger song), "Stealin" (a great acoustic / rock tune), and "My Life Has Been Saved."

I'm adding all of this detail to prove a point. Along with these many songs already listed above, there were several more that eventually found a place on "Innuendo" and even more that have still not seen the light of day. Although there may be people out there who will bash Freddie Mercury for being bi-sexual, bash him because he died of AIDS (actually it was pneumonia), bash him for his flamboyance and odd songwriting ability, you can never bash his work ethic!!!!

One thing is certain - walking in the shadow of death Freddie Mercury did what he loved doing best, writing music for his fans, as much as he possibly could before his time was up. Yes he was in terrible pain, yes it must have been horrible!! But he did it for all of those who still loved Queen's music.

He loved his music and his fans!!! That's more than could be said about most musicians, and they certainly weren't facing a death sentence at the time. BUY THIS ALBUM if you want to hear some of the last brilliant songs from one of the greatest songwriters, singers, and performers of the last 50 years.

To those who critisize ANYONE'S music: it means nothing until you can write and compose something that is better!!! It's easy to break things down, but can you build them up?????


PS - This gets a 5-star rating not based on "prog or not" but based on the music. Queen is not prog, I love em...they just aren't prog.

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Posted Sunday, February 26, 2006 | Review Permalink
Honorary Collaborator
3 stars I know, this is NOT a great album or masterpiece by the band but .. I love this album. It's probably due to the dynamics and the multi styles offered here with this album. Of course that not all of the songs are good ones as I saw "Invisible Man" and "Breakthru" are quite boring in styles. But the opening part which is energetic and dynamics under "Party" (2:24) has made this album quite attractive for me. It continues beautifully with "Khashoggi's Ship" (2:47). The album title track "Miracle" (5:02) is also a nice one especially on the unique sound of Brian's guitar. My all time favorite track from tis album is "I Want It All" (4:40) because it has strong melody, tight composition and great guitar riffs and solo then remind me to the early years of the band. Another favorite of mine is "Was It All Worth It" which, again, has stunning guitar solo.

It's a good album and I like it very much, especially some excellent tracks.

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Posted Monday, May 7, 2007 | Review Permalink
Honorary Collaborator
4 stars Here's the most stable band's album from the 80's. It doesn't contain a (prog) masterpiece as Innuendo does but it's a great album,with great songwriting, maturity Yes, that's what QUEEN was all about.

"A natural pair"; "Party" and "Khashoggi's Ship" are two killing rock tunes. Great opening, threat jump from one song to another, great musical performance and vocals. And clever, complex details that could be discovered later, because they're full of clever little details. "Party" is actually utilising programmed drum machine rather than drum kit but it still sounds great, it's hard to believe.

After that, we have "The Miracle", self-titled song which is pure pop...pop that is full of tempo changes, reaching the highest level of complexity: complexity that would not be noticed as one by a listener...only after repeated (and repeated) listening. Well, it is a bubblegum pop alright. But that bubblegum is very...cubistic. Or whatever.

Next track, again back to the rock roots in a sweetest possible way: a brilliant rocker "I Want It All" that will hook you instantly. With all the mood changes and solos and stuff.

After the rocker, QUEEN decided to present to the audience more trendy material, so we have "The Invisible Man" - a synth bass driven (so typical for the era) pop tune with great guitar licks, and that's about it.

The side B opens with...what?...gospel?...well, "Breakthru", a great pop-rock tune opens with gospel-like multi vocal harmony and piano and very soon enters into another synth-bas driven pop tune (where a melody, drums, some noises, even the chorus resembles a train). Originally, the band intended two separate tracks: a pure pop track ("Breakthru") and a entire gospel track, but for some reason, those tracks were never finished nor published on disk. Pity.

"Rain Must Fall" and "My Baby Does Me" are two below-par tracks, well, basically fillers, but not the worst possible ones in band's career.

"Scandal" is another good tune with great, moaning Brian's guitar, a few synth blips just to let us not forget the era when the album was recorded, and great vocals.

"Was It All Worth It" is a great finale for a great album: doubtedly the only prog rock song on the album, and a great one at that: the only thing that could overshadow it as a finale for a career of a great band, it could be only "Innuendo". This is a gorgeous track, very metal at the moments, with nice keyboard parts and a great pseudo-classical section. Yes it was worth it.

The bonus tracks are not outstanding in any sense: they're not better than rest of the album, they're not worse neither. They will just verify overall rating.

"Hang On In There" is a typical (high quality) pop tune form the era, "Chinese Torture" is a guitar-layered instrumental (prog,eh) and "Scandal" and "The Invisible Man" two 12" version, the last one being very psychedelic with that spooky noodling intro.

In conclusion, this is one of the greatest pop-rock albums of the 80's. Progressive elements are few, and they're scattered over the record. A listener will need quite a few listening to get into all the tricky arrangements and melodies.

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Posted Tuesday, October 30, 2007 | Review Permalink
2 stars It was really painful to review the latest works of one of my beloved band from the mid seventies. So many poor releases were quite a shame. But "Queen" were not the first to fall pretty low in terms of quality music during these days.

This album is slightly better than their previous ones, but expecting some grandeur like featured in their first five albums is hopeless. When you listen to the first two songs, you have understood that the worse can be expected even if there are still hopes with songs as "The Miracle". Not brilliant but vocally and melodically above par.

Lots of very average songs are unfortunately available here. "Breakthru" being one of the best. A classic number but waaaaaaay beyond their greatest work.

If ever you were tired of these awful disco beats, press next to avoid to listen to "Rain Must Fall". Just a poor joke of a song. But this album isn't really good. Too much weak songs with average melody. No great rocking numbers. Just a bunch of below average pop songs again.

The band is just releasing another weak album. I know that it is difficult to compare some works of a group but frankly, this album is MILES away to be a miracle. Boring tunes, that's for sure. But innovative music? Forget it!

Even if there are some reviewers rating this album with FIVE stars (a masterpiece ?), I can't go over two. Another poor "Queen" album. Is it necessary to tell you that you shouldn't expect any prog in here. Maybe for their next album?

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Posted Sunday, February 3, 2008 | Review Permalink
3 stars This is a pop album with some heavy guitar and certainly no prog here to be found - but it's a good and very lively album nevertheless. In fact, it's the first one since The Game I was able to listen to, the others in between I couldn't stand. Queen were back on track with this recording from 1989.

I fell in love at once with the wacky tracks Party and Kashoggi's Ship, brilliantly segued so one can consider them as one song - very lively, very funny, very crazy.

The Miracle is a contrasting, lovely mid-tempo number and very controlled except for the end where we can hear a rather wild guitar solo.

I Want It All is a pop stars go heavy metal kind of anthem - nice to listen to and for singing along - but for metal heads it's rather a kind of mockery.

The Invisible Man seems to me ultimately derived from the Ghostbusters song - that says it all, but it's likeable if you're able to have fun below your niveau.

Breakthru is my favourite track on the album. It's a blend: the gospel-like vocals at the beginning remind me of Someone To Love and the following pop part has the liveliness of Don't stop me now. A cool , great track.

Rain must fall - harmless. Skipable, but not necessarily. May be a remnant of the foregoing phase.

Scandal has one of those rhythms or melodies you feel you've heard before though you probably hadn't. OK song.

My baby does me - same as Rain must fall.

Was it all worth it - the killer at the end. The whole song is worth it. Unusually heavy for Queen standards. The show must go on from the following album is a very good song - but too sad and too dark. I prefer to consider Was it all worth it as a fitting swan song for Freddie Mercury and Queen.

Although it's not prog (the madness of Party/Kashoggi's Ship may be an exception) it's a cool record from the masters back on form. 3 well-deserved stars.

Favourites: Party/Kashoggi's Ship, Breakthrough, Was it all worth it

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Posted Sunday, April 13, 2008 | Review Permalink
Queen By-Tor
Honorary Collaborator
2 stars And I want it NOW!

With the 80s coming to an end most people would likely wonder if Queen would ever return to their hard rocking routes as hinted by a few scattered songs over their 80s discography. Well, those who hoped are in luck. 1989's The Miracle is likely Queen's hardest rocking effort since the turn of the decade. The disco-type influences are sill kicking around, but they've been put far to the background on this effort. With 4 hit singles, all of them non-dancable, it's no wonder that Queen finally snapped out of their disco-trance.

A mix of stadium rock and a tiny bit of progressive influence, but mostly just the hard-rocking the band used to do, The Miracle comes as just that to some of us Queen fans, a miracle. While there are still a few weak or un-noteworthy tracks they're all, for the most part, excellent songs. All of the hit singles from the album are also actually worth mentioning and not pop-garbage! The title track with it's worldly lyrics, I Want It All with it's killer (Brain) May licks and solos, The Invisible Man with it's infectious bass riff and Breakthru with it's break-neck pacing - each one a work of rock glory and with none of the pop moments of some of their recent albums.

It's not all good, however, as some of that disco is still sticking around, even if it sounds a bit more rock like now. The first two tracks are rather forgettable even if they're still good, and the three tracks following Breakthru are all 80s-synth laden pieces that most prog heads won't enjoy. Rain Must Fall keeps the typical synth beat that expects the audience to bust a move while Scandal just presses on the keys a bit to heavily.

Coming to the end however, we're given an unexpected gem. Was It All Worth It is likely the standout of the album with it's almost Iron Maiden-esque riff as it chugs along carrying Mercury's voice as it was meant to be performed - at top volume.

A couple of bonus tracks are included on recent remasters, Hang On In There is a typical rocker and Chinese Torture, a quick 'n dirty, good instrumental.

Not Queen's best album but by no means their worst this one is quite good. 2.5 stars really! Not essential, but certainly not disappointing, still recommended mostly to fans of the band and fans of hard rock. Most prog fans may not find a lot to like.

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Posted Tuesday, April 29, 2008 | Review Permalink
1 stars Horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible. From the opening seconds of 'Party' I knew I was not in for a treat listening to this one. Absolutely, undisputedly terrible. The title track could of been better if it wasn't for the awful production, and 'I Want it All' and Breakthru' aren't bad, but I can't stand anything else on here. I can't understand why the rating on here is so high. isn't 3.12 stars ABOVE AVERAGE. WHY!? I am even the first to give this a one star rating!

Anyway after hearin the last track 'Was it all Worth It' I decided: no, it wasn't all worth it. Maybe the title of the album is because it is a Miracle for people used to albums such as Queen II to listen to it from start to end.

One Star, and I'm being generous. In fact unwillingly generous since I cannot give 0 star. In fact consider this a zero star rating. If I could I would rate it negatively. In fact I would go back in time and make sure this album was never created if I could, meaning no one could rate it, giving it what it deserves: 0 stars. Please do not torture your ears by listening to this. If you want to hear the 'not bad' songs I mentioned earlier, just by their greatest hits II.

Interesting Point: all the albums I haev rated one star thus far (a grand total of three so do not think me harsh with my ratings) have come from my parents collection.

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Posted Wednesday, May 14, 2008 | Review Permalink
Symphonic Team
3 stars A miraculous album?

I really like Queen's last three genuine albums (A Kind Of Magic, The Miracle and Innuendo). Brian's guitar work is amazing on these albums! Freddie's vocal performance is fantastic! Roger Taylor's powerful drumming! And it would be unfair not to mention John Deacon's bass skills. Sure, a few of the songs here still have that definitive 80's sound and production that might put you off; The Invisible Man, Rain Must Fall and My Baby Does Me are a little bit of an embarrassment. But the incredible guitar solo saves The Invisible Man (By the way, notice the resemblance with the theme song from the film Ghost Busters!). Even Rain Must Fall, though quite awful otherwise, has a great guitar break. Even with a few weak tracks, this album, like the previous one, is something of a "breakthru"!

The best and most progressive tracks are probably the border-line Metal I Want It All, and the orchestral and autobiographical Was It All Worth It?

I must mention again the guitar work of Brian May; almost every single track on this album has a blistering guitar solo that just has to be responded to with playing air guitar. May is one of the best and most unique guitarists in the history of rock music and for me he is up there with Steve Howe and Steve Hackett as my favourite guitarists of all time.

And the vocals? What can you say, Freddie is the best rock singer of all time. Perfect and very powerful (and the other members backing vocals are a trademark of the band's sound as well).

The previous album, A Kind Of Magic, was a return to form for Queen and the best album since A Day At The Races in the mid-70's. The present album continues in the same strong fashion. The next album, Innuendo, would be even stronger. Sadly that would also be the last album they ever could do. But The Miracle is a very good album too.

Highly recommended!

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Posted Wednesday, November 19, 2008 | Review Permalink
3 stars The miracle from 1989 is a Queen album all the way in musical terms, and the best from the'80's from them no doupt. Some realy good pieces I can point out:Miracle, Breakthru, Scandal (one of my fav Queen pieces ever) and Chinese Torture an instrumental piece available only if you have like me the Cd version from Capitol records, the rest are not bad but not special either. Some improvement is made with this album, in comparation with Kind of magic, much more mature and intrsting arrangements, great composed and well played. Queen always knew how to catch the usual listner with that pop rock sound combined with the intristing and unique voice of Mercury, this album is no exception. So, to The miracle a big 3 stars, a good album for sure but not something special, still far from the early recordings.
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Posted Saturday, March 28, 2009 | Review Permalink
3 stars If I can ever say about some band that I love them, it's clear - Queen. But this album is one of average. Look, it's end of 80's, so sound is sometimes different from other prog albs. 80's is for me era of typical pop. Unfortunately, this rigged Queen, too. But Freddie's voice and Brian's very nice red guitar give that it's not typical album. There's something what I can't nail down. Every song is ... different. (If you don't believe me, try to compare rockin' in 'I Want It All' with slower piece like 'Rain Must Fall' and you'll see :-)) I'll use lyrics - ...but it's a miracle... This album is just a little miracle, I think. This album is good, but not so good like some eldest things from Queen. It's simply 'good things' and 'good things' in Queen's music. I will rate it 3,5 *. I can't better.
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Posted Sunday, July 26, 2009 | Review Permalink
2 stars The Miracle ? 1989 (1/6/5) Nearly one star 7 ? Best Song: Miracle?

And thus begins Queen's dance of death, the grand hoax that ends the career to a band that once had real style and real melodies, now it's just this repetitive groove rocking without any stomach to it, no punch and?did they have Brian May on board just to strum one goddamn riff on the whole [%*!#]ing record? I can see it now, they took him away from his duties as food-and-drink boy, and said 'here take this thing, I think you know how to use it' and handed the poor fellow an old rusted electric guitar that can barely even handle itself, then they all guffaw and poke fun at him while he tries as hard as he can to play as much as he can (which shows up in pretty much only "party'), and while he's playing, the band members are tossing cups at him and sneering hatefully. That's how I picture it, anyway. The rest of the record is a revisiting of A Kind of Magic, with maybe a harder rock edge (again without guitars?how the hell do they come up with such bad ideas?). Much of the songs seem idiotic and hokey on further inspection. 'The Invisible Man' is Freddie's take on the Ghostbuster's theme. I'm not lying to you, either. Do you want to know exactly what the title references? It's talking about how it's a damned miracle how I can still be alive after hearing this album all the way through. Yeah, that was a crap joke, but it fits a crap album, now doesn't it?

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Posted Wednesday, May 11, 2011 | Review Permalink
4 stars 8/10

There is something in The Miracle makes it different from its predecessors of the 80s. As already had been following the Queen was slowly returning to its roots and here they are more attuned to the sound they produced in its origins. The result is a work of genius!

First, you will see that the first two songs, Party and Khashoggy's Ship, are interlinked and obviously will remember the connection of the songs We Will Rock You / We Are the Champions. It is more or less the same thing. It's a different way to open the album, and it shows how much the band appreciated the material of the past. This is most evident with the title track that follows, with keyboards emulates stringed instruments. Actually plastic synthesizers were more or less abolished and gave rise to keyboards that emulate orchestrations, remembering the influence that classical music had on the band in the 70s. And I Want It All we see that the heavy metal was not forgotten, in fact he is triumphant in this next album and oh yeah, I love it! Of course they have not forgotten your "pop side", but The Invisible Man is a pop song of undeniable quality, besides being the only song where the band members' names are said (Rrrrrroger Taylor!). And there's no forgetting your clip, which I remember watching when I was a child and live in my memory until today (having seen it too often in recent days).

What about Breakthru? God, I love this song. The introduction, with harmonies of strong influence of gospel music soon gives way to another pop song, but I love her anyway! (and your recorded clip on the train is unforgettable). Rain Must Fall is the rotten apple that album, I really can not stand that synthesized percussion (I mean, I think it was a synthesizer that did it, is not it?) And I must admit that soil from May unnerves me. Scandal is another strong song, a hard rock and typical anso 80 which is followed by the funk My Baby Does Me, a song with nothing special. Fortunately they end the album with a powerful song: It Was Al woth It. The best was left to the end, do not doubt it!

4 stars. And that comes Innuendo!

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Posted Sunday, April 29, 2012 | Review Permalink
Prog Metal / JRFC / PSIKE Teams
3 stars The 80s turned out to be a bit of a tough decade for Queen; while the 70s saw the band playing hit after hit and making some of the best records of that time, the Queen of the 80s really struggled in terms of quality and consistency. 1982's Hot Space was especially ruinous to the band's popularity, trading in rock anthems for pretty bizarre dance numbers. The Works, while it could have been good, suffered from rehashing too many musical ideas. A Kind of Magic was a partial return to the band's roots, but it didn't do as well commercially as the band hoped. On top of all this, the recording of the 1989 album the The Miracle was especially emotional as guitarist Brian May was trying to recover from his divorce and Freddie Mercury was diagnosed with AIDS. So with all of this in mind, it was understandable for so many people to expect this record to be a disaster. Luckily, that's not the case; in fact, this is the best Queen record since 1978's Jazz.

The biggest thing to point out here is that The Miracle has more of the traditional Queen vibe than the band's last few albums. The sound is bigger and more bombastic once again, and the music doesn't sound as artificial as on The Works or Hot Space. Granted, there are a few heavily synth-laden songs such as "The Invisible Man" and "The Miracle," but they are so much more bearable (even good enough to be considered some of the album highlights) than the ones on the other 80s records (barring The Game). As for the hard-rocking songs, there are quite a few. The first two songs on the album are of this variety, but bring sort of a fun, dance-oriented vibe that sets a nice entertaining tone for the rest of the album. Going back to the synthrock songs though, they strangely end up being some of the best songs as I said. "The Invisible Man" benefits from Roger Taylor's percussive drumwork and the sort of suave atmosphere you'd hear in a James Bond film. The title track, on the other hand, is quite an unusual song for the band; the keyboards exude a "mystical" feel as Freddie Mercury sings about the miracles and other strange occurrences that happen in everyday life. The chorus is very inspirational-sounding as vocal harmonies are smoothly included in the song and the synthesizer work becomes a bit more expansive in sound.

And that's when it was hitting me: the reason this album is so good is because it sounds like the band members actually care again! They sound more invested in the songwriting and emotive melodies throughout the album and don't sound as fake as they did on their last few albums (perhaps excluding A Kind of Magic). Also contributing to that aspect are the heavier tunes; Brian May and John Deacon really shine here as they are scorching their fretboards with some great songs. "I Want It All" should be familiar with most rock fans by now, with the heavily multilayered vocals in the chorus and the almost punk-esque solo section where Roger Taylor's fast drumming kicks things up a notch. However, many people seem to forget about "Was It All Worth It." This song is exactly what Queen needed to get back on track. A beautifully arranged intro with the keyboards and guitar leads into one of the band's most metal-oriented riffs; this is Queen with the same ferocity they had in songs like "Ogre Battle" or "Liar," and it really rocks. Freddie Mercury swiftly changes between a gravelly vocal style and emotional melodic singing with ease, and he fits well with the arrangement of the song. Overall, it's quite mindblowing.

But is the entire album mindblowing? Sadly, it is not. There are certainly some throwaway tracks, the two most obvious ones being "Rain Must Fall" and "My Baby Does Me." Both fall into the category of synth-oriented soul/funk music and they really don't go anywhere. The arrangements are bland and Freddie doesn't seem very invested in terms of his vocal work. On top of that, Brian May barely does anything on these songs except for the occasional solo here and there. The other song that's a little 'meh' is "Scandal." This song details the media attention given to Queen about Brian May's divorce and Freddie Mercury's declining health; while the song has its moments (for instance, another great synth/guitar intro), the midtempo sound of it feels a little forced. The song wears out its welcome at about the 2:30 mark as it starts repeating itself a bit too much after that. These songs aren't horrendous, but they're just a bit too average compared to the rest of the album's quality.

But speaking about the album's quality, this is still a fantastic release. Yeah, it has flaws, but with The Miracle, Queen finally managed to get more of their old touch back. The rockers are great, a good number of the synthrock songs are surprisingly good, and the band functions more as a cohesive unit here. Just skip a few of the 'meh' tracks and you'll be all set. Luckily, the highlights are just too damn good. I consider this one of Queen's most underrated efforts, so get this album whenever you can.

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Posted Tuesday, July 28, 2015 | Review Permalink

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