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4 stars howdy im an prog fan since 16,I'm now almost 24 i must say when i first heard this cd,I was dissapointed with it,I didnt really hear it on my ipod in the car windows were down blocked out some music i couldnt hear the background stuff... Well im on my 3rd listen now I must say its finally sank in,I put this on my 2500 buck stero system i got which cost me 600 bucks really,ebay and other sites good deals on equipment...

I can now say this cd is almost masterpiece the 2nd part is masterpiece,This is one star short of it im not really good at going into depth bout cds,But i thought i say this cd will take few listens to sink in some prog cds do cuz there so much going on in it..

Final Conclusion 4 out of 5 stars highly recommended!!!!

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Posted Monday, March 3, 2008 | Review Permalink
5 stars The new album from Dominici arraved like a bolt from the blue ! Last year Charlie released excellent 2nd part of his trilogy, Trilogy pt.2 was fantastic mix of modern and very komplex progressive metal. On the new album he perfectly continue on the way he started with already mentioned second album, but the new one is even much more better and very positive thing is the new sound of Charlie´s music, it´s very actual. Trilogy pt.3 is again top class progressive metal full of excellent guitar parties, melodic solos, acoustic atmospheric parts, fantastic drumming and of course one of best voices in hard music: Charlie´s diamond in his throat ! Yes his vocal is absolutely amazing and his style of singing is very spontaneous and professional. For me the new album of Dominici is the first class prog metal at its best and I rank it among my favourites as DT, Fates Warning, Redemption or Threshold !!!
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Posted Thursday, March 6, 2008 | Review Permalink
2 stars I know, I know, but how can I resist? This guy got _thrown out_ of Dream Theater. :D :D :D

Obviously Dominici didn't get the boot for being too subtle because his new album is packed full of battle-axe metal dross. Any concessions to progressiveness are made mostly in the form of non-sequitur instrumental sections or else reside in the themes and lyrics which feign a modern topicality and relevance and are quite honestly terrible, although that's to be expected - it's not fair to rely on hard rock dorks to provide you with poignant social commentary. Additionally, in this case, it's not even fair to expect much entertainment.

This is just another Ayreon style album with a little more US power metal influence, still showcasing the cod-Metallica, cod-Opeth, cod-Maiden, cod-Queensryche, cod-music mastered twenty years ago with no innovation since power-prog sound which, during its short life-span, has evolved into the most stagnant hall-of-mirrors in all of progressive rock. Yes, it's very well played by some bored masters of their art. Yes, it's valid headbanging material. For all that, if you're not a fan of this strain of supposedly intelligent metal then this album won't change your mind, and if you are, you likely own at least five better versions of 03 A 03 Trilogy 03 Part 03, and that's plenty.

Someone give this genre a little more design space; it's incest out here.

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Posted Sunday, May 18, 2008 | Review Permalink
5 stars I'm tired of hearing how a handful of close-minded ProgHeads thrash around Charlie Dominici for his lackluster performance on When Dream and Day Unite in 1989. Sure he's wasn't as good as James LaBrie then. But there are some who embrace his work, like I do. Sure WDADU isn't my most favorite album, and Dominici did't really prove himself, but now his long overdue comeback of insanely epic proportions now draws to a close in 2008, in the form of the final chapter of O3 A Trilogy.

Part 3 is much heavier than Part 2 was, although that is not apparent in the first two minutes of the opening track ''King of Terror''. ''KoT'' basically opens Part 3 the same way ''The Monster'' opened Part 2: with ambience of an ominous nature, before projecting heavy guitar riffs and double-pedals into your ears. ''March Into Hell'' continues the heavy trend, while the subsequent ''So Help Me God'' is seemingly the only soft spot in the entire 56-and-a-half minutes of the disc. The rest of the tracks are very heavy and epic especially the two 10+ minute numbers ''Enemies of God'' and the far more superior of the two, the closing track ''Genesis''. The latter is most grandly epic piece of music I've ever heard Dominici compose. Every musician plays their instruments in such a Godly fashion, everyone briefly stealing the limelight and playing cohesively together for almost five minutes until Charlie comes in with his vocals.

As in Part 2, Charlie sings in his true range: the deeper end of the spectrum, not trying to belt out the high notes like on WDADU.

I cannot recommend this album highly enough, or the entire trilogy for that matter. Any prog fan should get this, any concept album nut should grab this too. DO NOT MISS THIS ALBUM! You will not be disappointed!

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Posted Saturday, July 12, 2008 | Review Permalink
4 stars Being a mediocore fan of Dream Theater, I was very eager to listen this album. The thin connection to Dream Theater disappears completely after listening this piece of music. Well, almost really. Musically, 03 A Trilogy Part 3 is very different from DT, but for my amusement, I find some similiar styles of singing in the work of Dominici and LaBrie. That may be my imagination or just pure desire to realize a connection between the two bands.

Nonetheless, I like this album very much. Yes, the eternal problem of defining the term 'progressive' is back again. There are great number of songs here, that have very simple structure. But some interesting structure ideas as well. The musicians are extremely talented, this album includes amazing solos, and some complicated compositions. This is an album, that needs more than just a couple of spins. Very catchy choruses and vocal melodies. Here we have both prog and non-prog factors in the album. I don't, and actually can't say anything else about the progness of this album.

What really gives me the vibes, are the massive mosh-your-as*-off-guitarriffs. There are couple of great riffs. Dominici's singing is very power metallish. I have been a fan of that genre from my childhood, so that is actually a very good flavor. The drummer is just great, marvelous, very talented.

This album has lots of stuff. Great riffs, marvelous, cathcy choruses, talented instrument playing, killer solos, high vocals, attitude, and of course, the key to all successful album: the obligatory epic hero guitar melody at the end of [B]March Into Hell[/B]. I recommend this album to any fan of metal and progmetal. This is very refreshing music from 21st century. It is not essential, as it doesn't satisfy a great number of prog or metal fans, but I still recommend it. Give it a try. 4/5 skeletons.

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Posted Tuesday, July 22, 2008 | Review Permalink
4 stars Continuing right where the second part ended, and coming a year after it in 2008 the third part of Dominici's grand tale of the big terrorist plan and the lone cop pursuing it does not disappoint.

The band is the same as previously and so is the quality of music. If something, I feel that the energy levels have been increased and the emphasis has shifted a bit more to the metallic side of things. That's not a big change as the music is as enjoyable as in the previous installment. This time I can hear elements of power metal too, and while I usually don't like power metal at all, I don't mind the influences here as they are only minor. You can notice the change in Dominici's voice as well, he seems to sing a bit more aggressively here and with a bit of a growl in his voice in some parts. It's all good.

If anything, the story grows out of all proportions, and without revealing too much, handles the destruction of mankind. Sounds ridicilous enough, but for some weird reason it works for me. Some parts of the lyrics are weaker than before, with phrases like "their eyes were black, a soul they lack, I can't go back" being quite bad. That's a very minor flaw as the main story develops quite naturally.

The production seems to reflect the change in music as it's more powerful and all the instruments can be heard quite clearly while the focus is on drums and guitar. Especially the drums thunder and pound like there's no tomorrow.

A great ending to a trilogy which is outrageously weird in its concept. 4 stars.

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Posted Thursday, August 13, 2009 | Review Permalink
3 stars Third part and of course the final one from the trilogy released in 2008 is another good progressive metal album, but I think is less spectacular then previous work. All the ingredients from second part are here, but this time the music is more metalized, in places is rougher, and I don't think is a winning card, if they kept the same sound and manner of composing like on second part would be much better release. The voice is again good , the instrumental passages are no more that intristing, maybe because Dominici who is the main composer wanted to sound more rougher then on predecesors, some parts sound like power metal, not far from morther band of the musicians Solid Vision. Tipical in manner of composing with an american band this third part is nothing really exciting even the musicianship is top notch again, the ideas and all is a little on the same with the hundred progressive metal bands who invaded the market in last years. For ex opening track King of terror is a pure power metal pieces and almost forgetable in my opinion, not a good stars for the album, where is that brilliant Monster opener from previous album?? All pieces stands for me as good but the magic is gone, a usual progressive metal album this time, but still leasent most of the time. Not a piece is in front, all have same level. I will give 3 stars for this third part. Something caught my attention while reading the booklet of the CD, is that all 3 parts of the trilogy is dedicated to Tigger Dominici, maybe you wonder who reperesents this name, being curious I've started to search his offcial site and discovered that the name is from his beloved cat who died in january 2008 while he was in the studio making this album. Because I love animals and specially cats I was very emotional touched about this dedication, is even a picture of his cat on the last page of the booklet. He got from me a big white ball because of that, bigger then for the music. What a great guy.
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Posted Friday, December 25, 2009 | Review Permalink
Andy Webb
Retired Admin
3 stars A brilliant show of continuity and traditional metal.

At last, we have the final installment of Dominci's epic trilogy, 03, the story of a terrorist who's mission was to essentially end the world by converting 02 (oxygen we breathe) into 03 (ozone, poisonous to breathe). From each edition, Dominici tweaks and messes with his sound. On the first album, he debuted as a solo acoustic guitar/singer, on the second he debuted his top-notch Italian prog metal band in an epic foray of great progressive metal, and on his third album, he continues this prog metal, but mixes a great many spices (some of them a wee bit stale) of traditional metal and thrash metal that dampens the great taste he had on the last album. Now, the last album was essentially another Dream Theater album with Vanden Plas mixed in, but it was still a great album. On this album, he tales all that and adds some not-so desirable influences. The album as a whole is good, but it's not spectacular. For the plot, it has broken completely from the main character (who has presumably died) and focuses on the entire world as an omniscient character, with some focuses on the detective (apparently named Anthony Dam).

The King of Terror outlines the current state of the world at war. It talks about the absolute chaos the population is currently in, after the massive explosion/terror attack that the main character had initiated. Musically, the song is quite diverse, starting out as a slow and somber track, but at one point it blasts into a metallic fury, which is actually quite a blast. The music is a little boring at times, but the lyrics, as always in this trilogy, are actually quite creative and poignant.

March Into Hell continues with the story of the chaotic state of humanity, delving deeper into the fact that the apocalypse is coming quite soon (if it hasn't already happened). Musically, the song is a little harsh. Dominici really strains is vocal chords this time with some crunchy vocals in the verses... it's a little alienating. The music sounds a little traditional, with some interesting instrumental sections and some pretty simple soloing, not like the complex solos heard in the last album.

So Help Me God focuses on the Detective Anthony Dam. Dam is praying to the Gods who he blames for the most part for the tragedy. He prays to stop it and get him out of this, which is legitimate. Some really great lines can be found in here lyrically, with some fantastic meanings. Musically, this track is another "eh" track. Of all the tracks, it is the most "eh" track. I mean, it borders on pop. Everything about it screams cheesy ballad, which is a little sad for the great metal man Dominici.

Liquid Lightning is one of my favorite tracks on the album, with some actually pretty cool riffing and instrumental and vocal pieces happening through the album. This track details how the armies of the world are experiencing the first signs of divine or extraterrestrial influence in the wars. This shows how the Anti-Christ wars detailed in the book of Revelation (I'll get to that in a second) are beginning. Musically, as I said before, this song for the most part ends the trend of boring tracks on the album. However, this track is one of the more Metallica-inspired tracks with a little but more thrashy roots, with much more "prog spice" thrown in as well, making this one of the better tracks on the album.

Enemies of God (the first 10+ minute track he's made! hooray!) is the next in line for this album's better tracks. This track details someone's (most likely the detective's) experiences with some kind of capture (most likely of a divine nature). Musically, it is again pretty interesting, with a lot more divergence from the typical thrash metal of the rest of the album. Typical of any good "epic", there is some really nice dynamic changes, from the hard metal to a softer proggish sound. Overall, this is one of the better tracks on the album.

Revelation is, sadly, an "eh" track in a chain of great tracks. Lyrically, it is essential, detailing how the detective dug "deep" and found a long lost (gasp) bible! In the bible, he found the (gasp!) book of Revelation, which essentially told the same story as what was happening around him. Musically, I call it an "eh" track only because the tracks surrounding it are bounds better than it, but it is bounds better than the tracks before Liquid Lighting (the "very eh" section). The music can get a little but traditional pop-metal at times, but then it breaks into some really cool experimental soling and prog metal-sounding soloing.

Hell on Earth is a good track, although Dominici's vocals sound rather strained again. It tells of the Gods' disappointment with humanity because of their failure to do anything they (he? she? it? I don't know) told us to do. Musically, the song is rather interesting, with some rather creative sections, and some more traditional sections, which continues the amazing continuity of traditional metal throughout the album.

Genesis is no doubt the best track on the album. Nearly no boring repetitive metal sections are found in this quintessential track. This track, lyrically, is purely amazing. The God's take Anthony Dam, the last living human on earth to a secluded garden where he is to live the rest of his days. His name tag when he is first captures reads "A. Dam," so the divine figures refer to him as Adam. They take some human DNA from his ribcage to make a female counterpart for him so they can live in harmony, restarting the cycle of life. Musically, it is spectacular, opening with an infective little proggy riff on the keyboards, which quickly is matched by the guitar, bass, and drums. This creative riffing changes throughout the song, but is still incredibly proggy and creative. The song puts such a great twist to the story and ends the trilogy spectacularly. Bravo!

ALBUM OVERALL: The epic conclusion to an epic trilogy is... not as epic as I just made it sound. At the forefront of this album, one may begin to believe Dominici had fallen into the grasp of popular metal. The music is a stale combination of the prog metal that most of us love, and the thrashy metal that most of... don't. As the album progresses (how fitting), the music gets progressively (ha ha) more progressive! Traditional song structure breaks down, songs get longer, all that good stuff. The story line is really what holds this album up above a lower rating, however. Dominci's lyrical skills haven't diminished since he helped Dream Theater way back in 1989, and this album's great lyrics and story really hit a chord. Overall, 03 part 3 is good, but it's not a must-have. 3+ stars.

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Posted Friday, December 31, 2010 | Review Permalink
2 stars Hey, Charlie finally released an album that doesn't sound entirely like Dream Theater!

Odd, since there's no separation at all from this and the previous record.

It's a bit more refined style that Dominici has developed here, and a more unique style at that. He finally managed to come into his own here. Just, one problem though; it's boring.

The entire album is boring.

The concept is still brilliant, and "King Of Terror" captures my attention, but fails to develop. It's simple, straight up progressive metal, like simple, straight up bourbon. Both are terribly by itself. They both need substance, flavor, that extra spice to make it something special. "Liquid Lightning" is one of the most interesting of the tracks, but I'd still prefer a DT album compared to this.

It's almost a "same song, different song" format, especially with "Enemies Of God". Again, it's straight up prog metal, just rehashed in a different way to become a different track. "Revelation" is more interesting as it starts off in a nice "Iron Maiden"-esque bass line (almost sounds like them at times) as the end of the album comes into sight, and tracks improve as well as "Hell On Earth" comes o....

Wait, I spoke too soon. Guess Dominici still wants to imitate DT.

It's not bad though, I must say. Even though I bashed Pt. 2 because it was too DT sounding, "Hell On Earth" starts off in DT fashion, and it's not bad. Then it gets heavier, slower and Dominici just throws up on this song.

At least he goes out with a bang. "Genesis" is probably the most worthwhile of tracks here on this record, and guess what it sounds like most?! I must say, though, it is well played, well recorded and well composed. Unfortunately, it didn't exactly save this album from failure.

So, Dominici couldn't save his job with Dream Theater. He couldn't make an album that sounded like Dream Theater, and yet he could make a good album without imitating Dream Theater in some of his songs!

Maybe Charlie should get an account on ProgArchives here. Save his reputation a bit.

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Posted Friday, September 9, 2011 | Review Permalink
3 stars (7/10)

Dominici stuck with the plan that had served them well on "O3 A Trilogy Part 2", for the conclusion, "O3 A Trilogy Part 3". The result is a fitting finale to an interesting and original concept, that keeps the sense of fun and drama going admirably. Music-wise, I have nothing much to add to my review of part 2. The rhythm section is pounding away energetically, the production is still good, the keyboards are just as essential as before, bass follows well though doesn't dominate much, Brian Maillard continues to dazzle on guitar, and Charlie continues bringing this original and imaginative concept to life with his vocals.

Whilst not quite as consistent at part 2, which I marginally prefer, "O3 A Trilogy Part 3" serves as a fitting climax to this enjoyable and unlikely trilogy. In fact, the last song, "Genesis" is probably the best that Dominici has to offer across the whole trilogy, dealing with the aftermath of the apocalyptic catastrophe unleashed by terrorists, as aliens come down and explain everything. What fun! It provides and epic ending to an epic trilogy, Charlie Dominici adopts a harsher singing voice for the aliens, and the instrumental power is very much set to 11. The song ends with the first words of the introduction in "O3 A Trilogy Part 1", the line 'Why was I planted here?' as detective Anthony Dam (A. Dam) is left to recreate society by the alien overlords.

I think overall the the ambitious O3 trilogy is a success, and worth hearing for prog metal fans, especially those interested in Charlie Dominici. There is nothing groundbreaking here, but there is a lot to enjoy, and one thing we can say for certain is that there is an impressive amount of life left in Charlie Dominici after all these years.

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Posted Monday, December 17, 2012 | Review Permalink
4 stars Dominici is back to finish what would be a daunting undertaking for the most accomplished of bands, with this, the third and final part of his 'O3' trilogy. And I sure hope you enjoyed the previous installment if you're listening to this, because this takes everything that was great with its predecessor and jacks it up with enough steroids to get a lifetime ban from playing sports! (Huh?)

Picking up where 'Part 2' left off, 'O3: A Trilogy Part 3' is practically identical in every way. The production sounds the same, the music sounds the same (although it's certainly a lot heavier and more intense this time around), the vocals and lyrical content for the most part is all the same, this really is just a continuation of the trilogy.

And it's a damn good one, at that.

Bringing a close to Dominici's trilogy, the storyline itself is somewhat over-the-top and almost convoluted. It makes sense, but it certainly takes a lot of twists and turns that steer it completely off-path from where the story started. Not that that's really a criticism or anything, as the music itself is still fantastic and will definitely please fans of the genre. A true highlight of this album is the guitar work of Brian Maillard (who?). This guy has some incredible chops and holds the distinction of playing some of the heaviest riffs known to man. 'King of Terror', 'Liquid Lightning', 'Hell on Earth' and 'Revelation' are relentlessly heavy assaults on the listeners senses, and a sure treat for fans of heavy music, progressive or not.

With songwriting and musicianship that seems a lot more polished, tighter and consistent than before, this is, in my opinion, the best chapter of the trilogy, and brings to a close a fine collection of albums that belongs in every progressive metal fans collection.

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Posted Monday, June 12, 2017 | Review Permalink

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