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Marty McFly
Honorary Collaborator
3 stars This is Neo Prog album that explains a lot how this all works. Melodic a lot, however brings also negatives of Ne(o)w Prog genre that can be too much for some (like characteristic singing, however, choir vocals aren't so usual here --- or prominent synth using). Not for me, I'm used to it.

Beautiful guitar solos, fans of these will be pleased a lot. Because I basically like melodic music as it is some kind of base Prog that I'm coming from (you know, like I started with melodic Prog).

There's concept behind this album, I don't know much about it but one can guess by listening and from what I understand so far I like it. I wish I had this booklet.

For example, try to listen first seconds (about 20 seconds) of Wasted Years II: Sleepwalking, it doesn't remind me my shame (as lyrics are telling), but rather Ayreon. And not just this one, it's mostly acoustic guitar that is what both I like and what reminds me it. Strange, probably it means nothing.

review under reconstruction

OK, this is the first time I have completely rewritten the review, because even though I know that some of my reviews aren't example cases of how review should be written, this one was really terrible mess. Not just this, but also full of bad reasons. This time, my rating will be of 1,5 stars higher.

Why ? Because this album deserves it. I have talked a little bit with band's guitarist / vocalist and from what I discovered, I really regret that I don't have physical CD anymore, because there was beautiful more-than-dozens page long booklet that explains the story that I somehow missed. And I like these booklet stories / books added to albums to be honest.

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Posted Wednesday, September 16, 2009 | Review Permalink
4 stars One of My Best Discoveries This Year!

Thanks to the addition of the "Official Review Our Music Board" in the PA forums, I have had the great pleasure of discovering a few generally unknown modern prog acts. One of these acts is Days Before Tomorrow, a band which clearly has a very bright future ahead of them. It's rare that I come across such a professional sounding debut album, which can only make me wonder where this band will be in a few years. Though I'm no fortune teller, I have a hint that Days Before Tomorrow will be doing great things.

The Sky Is Falling is Days Before Tomorrow's first album, but second release if you count their debut self-titled EP. I haven't heard the EP, but all three of the songs on it are contained on The Sky Is Falling. The band contains five core members, but features two guests on piano and keyboards. It's pretty interesting that Days Before Tomorrow doesn't have a full-time keyboard player, considering how important the instrument is in the neo-prog genre. This doesn't affect the quality of the music in any way, though. Keyboards are never overused (which is a good thing), and they really add a lot of depth to the sections where they are present. This is honestly a positive thing, considering all of the synth-drenched Marillion clones out there. I think the guitar-focused sound of DBT gives them their own identity in the crowded prog rock genre.

The sound on The Sky Is Falling is original and fresh. Don't expect anything extremely groundbreaking, but Days Before Tomorrow's blend of AOR and neo-prog coated with a fresh modern sound gives this band a true sense of direction. To me, Days Before Tomorrow sounds like a blend of U2, Spock's Beard, Marillion (during the Hogarth-era especially), and Porcupine Tree (especially on their albums Deadwing and In Absentia). The result is a fantastic modern prog album, well worth hearing for fans of Spock's Beard, Echolyn, and Marillion.

I was given this album from Scott Kahn in an MP3 format, so I am missing out on the 24-page booklet. I've heard that the artwork is fantastic and that the booklet further explains the concept, so it is probably worth getting. I can't comment on this topic though.

The production is professional-sounding, which should be expected considering it was produced by Ron Nevison (The Who, The Rolling Stones, Chicago, Led Zeppelin, Meat Loaf, etc.) and engineered by Grammy-Award winning Earl Cohen. All of the instruments sound perfect, and Eric Scott Klein's vocals are produced perfectly. I can hear all of the instruments clearly, and there's not a blemish in sight. This is how a modern prog album should always sound!

The musicians are fantastic on The Sky Is Falling. Lead singer Eric Scott Klein deserves a special mention. What a fantastic singer! He has such a powerful and diverse voice, and really makes listening to this album a pleasure. The vocal harmonies are excellent as well, and add another dimension to the music. The music on The Sky Is Falling is mostly guitar-driven, and both Derek Davodowich and Scott Kahn do a fantastic job. They are both very tight and precise, but deliver some very emotional solos when they need to. The two guitarists really compliment each other well. Rob Maziekien Jr. is a solid bassist with some great basslines throughout the course of the album. Jason Gianni is a tight drummer whose style fits this type of music perfectly. He's not sloppy at all, yet not a technical monster either. Jason plays very tastefully and has some fantastic fills. The two guest musicians on keys (Jason Buchwald and Huub Douma) obviously don't stand out as much as the other five members, but they get the keyboard jobs done.

The Sky Is Falling is a 14-track concept album, lasting 61:56. Some albums that last over an hour get boring and repetitive by the end, but that isn't at all the case here. Every song is memorable and unique in its own way. I would say that the highlights are Wasted Years II:Sleepwalking, Wasted Years III: The Silence Is Deafening, The Sky Is Falling, Lighters, and You're Not The One, but all of the songs are extremely well-crafted. I honestly can't think of a single weak track. Kudos to DBT for making a filler-free album! It's rare I come across an album without even a moment of filler!


The Sky Is Falling is an excellent debut album from Days Before Tomorrow, and I really hope that they build on their already developed sound on future releases. If you're at all interested in modern prog rock, The Sky Is Falling should already be in your collection. This is one of the best prog albums of 2009, and I really wish that I would have heard it earlier. I'm going to be conservative with my rating, and go with a big 4 star rating. I really hope to be giving this band a 5 star review sometime in the future, because they really deserve it. If you are into bands like Marillion, Spock's Beard, Echolyn, U2, and Transatlantic, this is an essential purchase!

4 stars.

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Posted Tuesday, May 18, 2010 | Review Permalink
Honorary Collaborator
3 stars Nice album from this US band.

When we visit a site like this, we will realize that there are hundreds, even thousands of progressive rock bands active that create good music, and that are still unknown. Some of those bands are willing to transcend and be recognized within this realm, and the best way to do that, is elaborating strong albums whose music is interesting and enjoyable.

Days Before Tomorrow, is a band from the USA that is willing to share their music, so thanks to Scott Kahn, who kindly introduced me to their music, specifically to their first full- length album called "The Sky is Falling" released in 2009. They had already recorded in 2006 a self-titled demo which I haven't listened yet. But with this first studio album, they have succeeded, at least with me.

This album is composed by 14 songs which make a total time of 61 minutes. A concept album whose music clearly follows the Neo Progressive path, you will notice it since the very first minutes. The first song, "Lighters" has a very nice sound, the keyboards effects are very nice, kind of special, the guitars are splendid, and the vocals are pretty good. The sound is gentle, in moments it could be repetitive, but good anyway. "Wrong" has something curious, because it reminded me to U2 thanks to the guitars and the first vocal scream. The sound is very light and listenable, the vocals are pretty nice and the instruments in general sound always good, I like a lot that soft "far" keyboard, and the acoustic guitar. However, this is actually not my favorite song here, it is predictable.

"Last Song" begins with acoustic guitar introducing the song, later drums, bass and electric guitars appear along with the vocals. Actually I would like to point out that the vocal work is great here, reaching high notes and reflecting the music's mood. This is a very nice song. "Can't Go Back" has some kind of neo-prog / hard-rock feeling, you will notice in the chorus, due to the vocals and electric guitars. The tune is very catchy, which does not mean it is bad.

There are three parts of "Wasted Years", two of them go together here, while the third will be found almost at the end of this record. The first one is "Confrontation", starts with a nice piano that seconds later will be joined by soft vocals, and the mood shares some kind of melancholy. The song is actually like a ballad, there are nice keyboard orchestrations while the leading piano is playing. After a short stop, the second part called "Sleepwalking" begins with acoustic guitar and nice keyboard tunes, in moments it reminds me to some Ayreon passages. After a minute and a half the song makes a change, the guitars play a main role here, both acoustic and electric, the latter making some nice and always well placed solos.

"In the Air" Is a short but nice acoustic interlude that opens the door to "The Sky is Falling" which starts heavier but later turns catchier. There is a hard rock feeling I get in this song, though the neo-progressive sound prevails. Before minute three there is a nice intermission where the things calm down, there is only the keyboard sound, but later will be joined by acoustic guitars and drums, and to these, add the bass and electric guitar solos that appear seconds later. The instrumental passage of this song is very good. The next song "Can't Do Anything" starts with the same heavier sound due to the guitar notes. But later it slows down a little bit when vocal appears, however that lasted only some seconds because the hard guitars appear again and will be here during all the song. If you ask me, I would say that this song has some hints of 80s glam rock bands, but I don't really think they have that intention. Anyway, there is a very nice instrumental passage where keyboards and piano appear, and to be honest, the whole song is pretty good, enjoyable.

"Survival" starts with nice guitars and a soft sound, but later the song becomes more adventurous until the vocals appear, then a structure is being built up and the atmosphere created helps a lot to appreciate this piece. Once the song attacks you, you will not escape. "Your Kate" has again that predominant good guitar sound, which is accompanied by a soft keyboard sound as background and drums. Later vocals and bass appear in a slower phase, but later the song rises again and becomes powerful, very nice.

"You're not the one" reminds me immediately to Porcupine Tree, more specific to Blackest Eyes, I don't know if they are one of the band's influences but here it sounds clear due to the guitars. Later the song changes actually, the backing vocals are pretty good and the leading ones are great, there is a soft moments where acoustic Spanish like guitar appears. The song is not a line but a circle, because it rounds and rounds, reaching the same point that appeared a minute ago, yeah It is repetitive, but that's it's grace, I like it.

The third part of Wasted Years appears here, it is called "The Silence is Deafening". It follows the same rhythm and structure of its predecessors so it completes that tierce. It has some nice changes in both, the music and the mood. It has reminiscences of the other two parts, the instruments are always well played, with a clean and strong sound. Nice piano, drums and bass, emotional and great vocals, and an extraordinary guitar work overall. The album ends with "Lighters (reprise)" which is only the last minute that completes The Sky is Falling.

This is a very good album, an extraordinary debut (forget the demo) of this promising US band whose talent is evident here. I listened to this album several times before writing this review, because I wanted to be fair and write it properly. Now, I can say I enjoy it, I like the songs, but in moments I really feel it repetitive and boring in instants. However I consider it a strong example of a modern neo prog album. My final grade will be three stars, good but non-essential, anyway I invite everyone checking Days Before Tomorrow out.

Enjoy it!

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Posted Saturday, July 3, 2010 | Review Permalink
Conor Fynes
4 stars 'The Sky Is Falling' - Days Before Tomorrow (7/10)

Fresh from the growing US prog scene are Days Before Tomorrow, a talented ensemble that develops on the legacy of bands before with a fresh, upbeat and song-based approach to what is generally considered to be an increasingly tired genre. This being their official full- length debut, Days Before Tomorrow bursts onto the scene with their best foot forward, giving a promising piece of music that will undoubtedly be tailed by ever-improving follow ups throughout this band's career.

While much progressive rock can admittedly get lost in its own ambition, the focus for DBT's music is always the song itself. While the album is interspersed with recurring motifs and flows quite well, you can always expect a catchy chorus and sense of restraint in every song. While this adherence to convention obviously restricts the band from really showcasing the extent of their technical talents to an extent, it also means that the tracks shine on their own, as well as being parts of the greater whole. With this in mind however, there is no doubt that this is progressive rock.

Much in the tradition of Neo-Prog, strong melodic sensibilities and larger-than-life choruses are foiled well by a heavy synth presence and the sort of artistic depth one would expect from 'progressively' labelled music. While many of the songs follow the same verse/verse/chorus structure and cover very similar emotional ground, each is memorable in its own right, helped in no small part by the sheer quality of the soaring hooks the band fashions in their music.

While 'The Sky Is Falling' is first and foremost; a track-by-track based venture, the album is tied together by a somewhat derivative science fiction storyline. While the song lyrics do not lend much in terms of depth to the story, the general theme of an alien invasion on Earth and an ensuing resistance movement against the oppressing force flows throughout the course of 'The Sky Is Falling.' It is not made clear whether or not this is a complete story, or if this is only the first part of a greater plot arc. In any case, the lyrics are certainly not a reason to check out the music of Days Before Tomorrow. While functional and on par with many lyrics in rock music, the lyrics are kept very simple; feeling more like a vessel for strong melodies as opposed to a medium of poetry. What really leaves an impression is the vocal execution however. With this debut, lead singer Eric Klein has solidified himself as one of the stronger frontmen on the scene. Soaring, higher register vocals can often be reminiscent of Steve Hogarth's work with Marillion. However, Klein has a distinctive voice all his own, and it only helps to improve the quality of the music here.

It is not often that a debut album of this professionalism is crafted. Having a top-notch producer (Ron Nevison, of Led Zeppelin fame) at the mixing helm seems to have given Days Before Tomorrow a perfect way to put their best foot forward into the music world. 'The Sky Is Falling' is certainly not an instant classic; neither is it groundbreaking by any stretch of the imagination. However, Days Before Tomorrow has made an excellent debut here that readily rivals more experienced groups out there. Although the band is very early into their career, 'The Sky Is Falling' makes it clear that this group will be going places in the future.

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Posted Wednesday, August 11, 2010 | Review Permalink
Tarcisio Moura
3 stars Well, when I heard about this american band I rushed to get a CD, since I´m a big fan of the neo prog genre. After repeated listens, however, I´m still wondering why Days Before Tomorrow was labeled as such. Their debut album The sky Is Falling has nothing to do with neo prog as far as I´m concerned (unless you´re one of those who think neo prog is actually pop music disguised as prog, of course). DBT plays a kind of melodic hard rock/AOR/Arena rock with some hints of prog here and there. So if you´re thinking of something similar to Marillion, IQ, Collage, Flamborough Head or other great ones, forget it. On the other hand, if you enjoy energetic, well crafted, pop rock songs, welcome aboard!

The Sky Is Falling has many fine moments of arena/melodic rock . Singer Eric Scott Klein has an excellent clean and strong. voice for this kind of music (in the vein of other classic ones like Foreigner´s Lou Gramm or Boston´s Brad Delp). The instrumentation is also very good, with an excellent guitar work by Scott Kahn and Derek Davodowich. The rhyhtm section is also very good and versatile. All arrangements are very tasteful, including some typical backing vocals. The CD seems to be a concept album of sorts, but except for a couple of vignettes there are no fillers. Their powerful sound is helped a lot by the very clean production.

Conclusion: an excellent melodic rock CD, no less. If PA was an AOR site I´d gladly give The Sky Is Falling a four star rating, or pehaps even more. But since this is a prog site, and Days Before Tomorrow has few (if any) real prog credentials, a 3 star rating is more than adequate.

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Posted Thursday, August 12, 2010 | Review Permalink
3 stars Days Before Tomorrow is an amrican band who release their first album in 2009 named The sky is falling, Well, from the start I must mention that this is not neo prog as it label here, has nothing to do with this genre at all, this is kind of art pop/ with AOR influences and maybe here and there some crossover prog but in limited amount. This album even is quite easy to listen, is not bad at all, is melodic to the maximum with some good passages, specially the vocalist done a good job here, he fits perfectly in this kind of music. The pieces are most of the time energic, well performed, but the problem is that is to mainstream for my taste, while nothing is bad overall. The highlits are first three pieces, Lighters, Wrong and Last song, great vocalist , competent with great range, also the drumer is more then ok. The rest of the album is ok, not bad , nothing special either. The sky is falling is the album that works very well while I have something to work and he runs in the background. So, overall pleasent, but I can't give more then 3 stars, great cover art.
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Posted Wednesday, February 8, 2012 | Review Permalink

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