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4 stars This is probaly the Mutante's most underrated album. After Rita Lee left the band, Arnaldo and Sergio Dias were a little lost. Arnaldo's evergrowing genius position the band entirely within the progressive rock genre with "O A e o Z", that was already pointed at with "Mutante e Seus Cometas no País do Bauretz". Arnaldo's giant ego and the unsuccess with marketing as the band had lost the popular appeal of Rita soon led the band into dark times, and Arnaldo left leaving Sergio alone.

And Sergio felt progressive rock was his thing, and did not let things pass by, he picked great musicians and, with almost nothing, recorded an almost-flawless record. He wrote songs as complex and intricated as YES's, with more popular structures, borrowing rock and roll, jazz, and pop styles. This, however, did not made the record banal or too easy to listen, it is filled with amazing musicianship, played with love, with lots of details and textures - great rock and roll all over the place.

It is hard to believe that this record was recorded live, and that all of the band was high on LSD (except for Tulio the keyboardist).

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Posted Wednesday, September 15, 2004 | Review Permalink
4 stars The best album by Mutantes, in my opinion. After Rita Lee left the band, they recorded three progressive albums: "O A e o Z"; this one and "Ao Vivo" (live, but with new songs). "Pitágoras" is an instrumental song, others are sung in portuguese. "Desanuviar" and "Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol" are the best ones. You must check it.
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Posted Tuesday, May 24, 2005 | Review Permalink
5 stars "Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol" is really the best Mutantes' album! Besides musicianship, the lyrics are worth of a prog classic. This album shows, above all, the musical matureness of Sérgio Dias, who grouped a great team to build it. Ruy Motta simply fulminates the drums! Túlio Mourão keyboards are thrilling, specially in 'Cidadão da Terra'. A. Pedro de Medeiros does a fine job with the bass, forming a worderful bass-drums background. Sergio Dias makes miracles with the guitar: who does not get excited with his parallel solos in 'Deixe entrar um pouco d'água no quintal' or 'Eu só penso em te ajudar'? In my opinion, this album is among a distinct group of Brazilian Prog 5-stars, like BACAMARTE ("Depois do Fim"), SOM NOSSO DE CADA DIA ("Snegs") and O TERÇO ("O Terço II").
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Posted Tuesday, January 10, 2006 | Review Permalink
Honorary Collaborator / Retired Admin
4 stars Well, I was wondering (wandering?) if Mutantes came from Europe or North America, considering their history, their music, their problems, etc. they could easily top with some 'giants' of the prog-rock as a whole. Instead of half dozen or little more reviews - mostly made by Brazilians, their albums should have hundreds of reviews and several threads on our forum.

The fact is that they were really great - dinosaurs, in the best sense of the word. It is obvious also that they influenced many bands of other parts although they rarely credit them but several known and celebrated musicians, prog and non-prog, when visiting Brazil are seen searching for their work, for some bootleg, some information not only for enjoying Mutantes' sound but also to drain some different tune or chord - even when they were done more than 30 years ago!

This album "Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol" is the climax of a career that started back in 1965 when 2 garage rock bands joined to form an experimental new one called O'Seis that recorded one single so rare and pursued like the Sword of Alexander. Later they changed their name to Mutantes, the pre-history ended and began the history that reached its enlightment era with the present album.

All songs are apparently similar, giving this album the contours of a conceptual one, but this work never sound boring or uninteresting. It flows accordingly and even some production flaws are easily excused - they tried to be and to do the best they could and it's also identified along the tracks that exsudates honesty and sincerity. I am not going to pick any particular song for not being unfair with the album itself and the listeners themselves. All are hearable and pleasant and deserve to be heard.

Ok, this album is much more a landmark than a masterpiece, hence a fantastic, splendid, obligatory add to any music collection. Total: 4.

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Posted Saturday, January 21, 2006 | Review Permalink
5 stars How can I speak about this extraordinary album? This is not my fisrt album by Mutantes (I bought Ao Vivo before), but this one is a killer. The cover with 'egg painting' and the golden colors are so pretty. 1-Deixa Entrar Um Pouco D'Água No Quintal (Let A Little Water In The Garden) is formidable, one of the bests of prog rock in the world. 2-Pitágoras is a instrumental track which has the most high qualify that I've ever seem. 3-Desanuviar (To Clear) has a sweet melancholy in, but has a beauty and the voice of Sérgio Dias is really beautiful. A melody that haze the mind and hipnotize you and the citar in the end remembering the beatles, ah... 4-Eu Só Penso Em Te Ajudar (I Just Think In Help You) had the best vocals in all the world Sérgio is really fantastic, one simple song became a great and fantastic tune, this is Mutantes! 5-Cidadão Da Terra (Citizen Of The Earth) What a riff! The killer beginning! A Lot of Changes! And the break rhythm are so good to listen to, after that the vocals are so good, a little choral. And the fantastic voice of Sérgio. Antonio shines in the bass in this song (and in the other too!) 6-O Contrário De Nada É Nada (The Opposite Of Nothing Is Nothing) beginning by the tittle song that is fantastic! A little more rock n roll yeah! 7-Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol (All Are Made For The Sun) the title song is a epic song. Ending the most significant album for Brazil and why not by world.

One of the rarest albuns of this sensacional brazilian band, vocals are perfect, line bass, the drums, the guitars, the keys all in this album must be listened carefully and with great happines. With the help of Liminha (the early bass player of the band) in the musics and the lirics.

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Posted Sunday, January 22, 2006 | Review Permalink
5 stars Os Mutantes are best known for their psychedelic 60's output with lead vocalist Rita Lee, but they managed to sneak in and record in 1974 a simply fantastic album that deserves lots of attention. I should start by mentioning that Rita Lee had left the band by the time of recording "Tudo foi feito pelo sol" (All Are Made For The Sun) and vocal duties were handed over to Túlio Mourão. Musically this quartet took a plunge into the land of prog rock and the end result is an album full of beautiful melodies and complex instrumental interplay of the best progressive rock one can find. The vocal harmonies are abundant and work to perfection on the album in combination with the symphonic keyboards of Mourão. Of course there is even a sitar or two tossed into the mix which completes this album. Piano, synths, organ, bass , guitar, drums and an album full of passion and emotion... .what else can you ask for. Definitely a highly recommended album.
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Posted Friday, August 4, 2006 | Review Permalink
PSIKE Team & Band Submissions
4 stars Always the Sun ...

This is the first album for me to judge from OS MUTANTES. I have no comparison with the former released albums with Rita Lee in the line-up. Excepting the portuguese vocals the music sounds very british - space/psychedelic elements have the priority. Especially the guitars are often similar to MAN albums at this time.

Deixa Entrar Um Pouco D'Agua No Quintal is a very good opener with great variety. Pedro de Medeiros takes care of a strong fusion touch with his bass. Pitágoras is an amazing instrumental. The song has a symphonic flavour depending on the good moog and piano playing by Túlio Mourão. Unfortunately the track is only 7 minutes long. Desanuviar is a psychedelic atmospheric ballad and Sérgio Dias Baptista adds some asian feelings with his suitar at the end. Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol belongs to the best songs though the beginning sounds heavily like 'Hold your head up' from ARGENT. But afterwards the band is spinning very sweet melodies supported by beautiful vocals - surprisingly gliding into a groovy bluesy end with guitar playing which remembers me at AGITATION FREE.

The other songs I've not mentioned are also interesting to hear. But not so important for me because they are in a more Rock n' Roll mood. My summary: very enjoyable - an excellent production which can compete with european space/psychedelic productions without any difficulties.

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Posted Sunday, April 8, 2007 | Review Permalink
5 stars This review is based on the new 2006 Digipack CD release .

So, finally someone in the label Som Livre Haas awakened and included the there songs from the Single "Cavaleiros Negros" as bonus in the "Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol" Album !! Mutantes was one of the first bands to start making Progressive Rock in Brazil, by 1972, a very good prog song was released in the "Mutantes e Seus Cometas no País dos Baurets" with 12 minutes long . In that time the live shows was very progressive too, much more then their studio work . In 1973 Mutantes recorded an album called "O A e o Z", but the label chooses not release this work, because they considered that work "too Yes Like" ! So, in 1974, with new label, new line-up and after 2 years of silence, "Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol" ( Everything Haas Been Made By The Sun ) are in the stores !!! !!!UAU!!! A very beautiful open cover, and all the tracks !!! The impact at the time was tremendous .... No one ever head so good Progressive Rock made in Brazil before ! The album sold more than twice off the predecessors ... Now, after some historical notes, let's go song by song . 1 . "Deixe Entrar um Pouco Dágua No Quintal" , a good choice to open the album, powerful, complex, with all group members showing what they can do, particularly I like the heavy drums From Ruy Motta, very like Ian Pace . 2 . "Pitagoras" , an instrumental piece composed by the virtuoso keyboardist Túlio Mourão, for me the best song in this album, a very complex arrangement almost mathematical, with Guitar and Sinths dueling all the time ! Beautiful .... 3 . "Desanuviar" is a delicate peace, with moog inviting to trip between clouds, very atmospheric mood . 4 . "Eu Só Penso Em Te Ajudar" opens the side b of original Album, is a more rock oriented, with some prog colors here and there ... 5 . "Cidadão da Terra" , one of my favorites, begins with heavy and complex arrangements, then changes to a conventional prog song, good to be played at radios . 6 . "O Contrário de Nada é Nada" is a Pure rock and roll song . 7 . "Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol" the song that named the Album, a pure Symphonic Progressive piece, very good ! And now, the bonus, this tree songs are included in a Single, recorded in 1975, but release just before "Ao Vivo" Album, probably because some financial issues the band had with the label at the time . This Singles was really rare and hunted by every Brazilian Prog fan, the reason is the main song is probably the best Progressive song Mutantes ever made ! 8 . "Cavaleiros Negros" ( black Knights ) is amazing !!! Very rich keyboard work from Tulio Mourão ( later he will work with Milton Nascimento ) a very strong rhythm section and Sergio Dias showing all your virtuosos . The lyrics ( in Brazilian Portuguese ) is inspired by the nazgull from The Lord of the Rings, until I know is the first prog lyric in that vain witch is very popular today, but in 1975 it was not . 9 . "Tudo Bem" is a pure rock and roll song . 10. "Balada Do Amigo" more acoustic, almost a pastoral song . It is the last studio record from Mutantes, after that only the live album "Mutantes ao Vivo" was released which is a Live record. The band split out int 1978 .

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Posted Tuesday, October 9, 2007 | Review Permalink
Mellotron Storm
3 stars I'm sure this band was popular in Brazil back in the seventies as they have accessible songs that are quite catchy. Yes there are lots of spacey moments throughout.

The first track really stands out from the rest, and not in a good way in my opion.This has a DEEP PURPLE flavour to it with the screaming vocals that come and go and the hammond organ. Nothing spacey about this track,and the vocal harmonies bug me too. "Pitag Oras" is an instrumental with a piano / guitar melody leading off as drums come rumbling in. "Desanuviar" is more like it, as spacey synths and vocals create a dreamy soundscape for 3 1/2 minutes when it gets a little heavier but still remains spacey. Some sitar later on in this slower paced tune that is my favourite.

"Eu So Penso Em Te Ajudar" features lots of piano including a solo.The vocals are quite passionate. "Cidadao Da Terra" has it's focus on the vocals. Some excellent drumming and organ work on this one. Piano, drums and vocals dominate "O Contrario De Nada E Nada", while the final and longest song "Tudo Foi Fieto Pelo Sol" is mostly mellow with some vocal melodies.

Yes I do like this record, but not as much as most here on the site do. 3 stars. It does have some nice moments on it though.

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Posted Monday, October 22, 2007 | Review Permalink
3 stars With this album "Os Mutantes" confirmed in a certain way their proggy move which they initiated in their previous album. But it is of course a daunting task to supersedes "OAEOZ" or even to match it.

The start of this album is somewhat difficult to apprehend. The opening number almost sounding heavy while "Pitágoras" is fully ELP-ish and features a very good piano work, complex and varied. The mood goes from the sweetest delicacy to a much stronger band work. A highlight.

It is very different from the sensitiveness of a song like "Desanuviar". Almost an Italian symphonic song. It is a real pleasure to listen to this band while he sounds like this. From a sweet intro, the song builds up crescendo and ends up in a great maelstrom of keyboards. It is not really elaborate, but so pleasant and accessible. This is my favorite track on "Tudo Foi.".

The band also got back to some rocking mood, like they were used to in some earlier works. This aspect of their music is not the one I prefer. I always feel them just average ("Eu Só Penso.").

The title track is the longest one of this album and to some extent, it is a combination of both atmospheres one can get on this album. Fine and melodic vocals, superb symphonic music combined with a jazzier approach during the final part. Another very good song.

It's a pity that the "Mutantes" didn't dig further into their most prog inspiration. As such, three stars for this good album (but too much dedicated to pure rock music).

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Posted Wednesday, May 21, 2008 | Review Permalink
Errors & Omissions Team
5 stars 01. Deixe Entrar Um Pouco D'Água No Quintal S the entry of battery Rui, more keyboards and palms forward, in unison all the beautiful singing lyrics composed by John himself. Sergio Dias has the most beautiful voice in the whole history of the national rock, just to hear it. The guitars and keyboards permeate the whole song so superb. When Sergio starts to sing the second song pate of regret. Log then eat the loose soil, and return the unison, emphasis on the attacks of Pedro Antonio in bass. Túlio on keyboards is an eternal highlight throughout the disc. Mutants was perfect at that time.

02. Pitagoras It starts with a piano and guitar smart 'shouting' in all directions, making turns in the head, the Brazilian melor guitarist is playing, excuse me, are silent. When you come down and battery is a case of love, the riff is played by Antonio divine, simple and wonderful. And more guitars in the background of everything, a divine restlessness in an infinite ground as the music of them. In the second part of the sound, things change so radical, moving deeper into the mind yet. That end! Agoniante and beautiful! What then to do a guitar back together with the piano. Perfect!

03. Desanuviar I thought that word did not exist when I heard the disc for the first time (laughter), but it exists. Means clear the time, that moment when the clouds go away and the time is clear and beautiful. (more laughter). Turning the song. Unwind painting is a beautiful and magnificent. Sergio hear singing is a gift, while Túlio destroys the Moog. Vai although cloud, go away and do not come anymore. Beautiful! In the middle of the song appears (in the words of Antonio Pedro himself) doing a bishop sermon, which was recorded from a FM radio of the time, it is difficult to understand what he speaks, but it was sensational. The timbre of the instruments of the boys then without a shadow of a doubt are unparalleled, a whim. Back to the letters ... ... ... .. Without words. The staff also caprichou in vocalizations (all band that pride must have good Vocalizations, values the music too). After it explodes, bad time to order! Bad? As Sergio is playing sitar? Impossible.

04. Eu Só Penso Em Te Ajudar Ah, this is a desbunde, And the award for best singer in the world goes to ... Sergio Dias, especially for his work in sensational track I think I just help you in all of the disk was made by Sun in 1974. Exaggeration? I think not! Listen. (Sensacional middle forward! Nonsense total).

05. Cidadão Da Terra Riff great input! Hammonds scattered, low eating loose, destroying the entire battery, guitar? Need to talk? Totally hippie wanders the letter 'I am not here nor there I am in any place / My passport is space am citizen of the earth ...' Without equal. The instrumental end of the song is a case in part because we know that we are the best musicians on the planet.

06. O Contrário De Nada É Nada Anthem of Rock! This music could be. From the beginning the letter existentialist lively, catchy melody. 'If the Greeks and Trojans attack and no longer has his feet where step'. Sensacional Túlio this letter. More emphasis pros voice. The shorter, but the most exciting of the disk, not cost anything more touching in this song KISS FM (Classic Rock Radio on which I very strange, because only play 'classic' ... but do not have national rock classic? Cadê them in programming. And when they touch, touch Titans, Legião Urbana, Ira!, Lobão, love nothing against anyone, but where 's and the classics? Mutants, A Barca Do Sol, Tellah, Sound day our daily, SPT SPT, which shame.)

07. Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol It is beautiful! Melody and lyrics in a perfect marriage that always tells me that there is hope for all. Hope lost? Listen to this song. Here at home when I put the song strangely my younger sister singing along (almost the entire disc in fact), and she looks just like fashions. When I ask how this happened? She answered: In both you hear this disc and I just love decorating! I need to say more?

On a scale from 1 to 10 is 100, and 1-100 is 1,000. A captivating disc from a band that was great. Sergio at that stage was the most expensive in the world [%*!#]ing prog. Everyone should know him by this part, not a mockery of Tropicália trsite of pseudo intelligent as Gil and Caetano (which are strangely respected but are absurdly without talent), the world Jaggers and Richards reverence of life that they are only arremedos while great bands and artists do not have the proper respect. Have you heard Mopho? Pipodélica? Charme Chulo, Pedra?

All are beautiful national bands. Absolutely not! But bands without any piece of bone in telent radios in touch every day.

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Posted Friday, January 2, 2009 | Review Permalink
5 stars Os Mutantes last album, for real. After O 'A' E O 'Z', those guys keep the prog rolling, and this is one of the best prog albums from Brazil. It was underrated by media. From the first track, Deixe Entrar Um Pouco D'Água No Quintal (one of the highlights of the album) to last, I have not found a bad song. The keyboards/moog here are wonderful. Os Mutantes reaches the top of the brazilian progressive rock. If the whole world knows the brazilian hard times and history that Os Mutantes and other bands from the same era have lived, they would be placed beside the most influential prog rock bands.
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Posted Thursday, May 16, 2013 | Review Permalink
5 stars Tudo foi feito pelo sol, marks the first record with full control of Sergio Dias. Although I do prefer "o A e o Z", this album stands behind only in genre, not exactly in composition and musicianship. The strong presence of keyboards with the setady rythm of a clear Chris Squire influence made this version of the Os Mutantes a even more hippie version of Yes.

If the last work have a more steady persona of the band, this is a clear venture inside the world of Yes and the Sgt. Pepper, as the indian passages as there to demonstrate.

The five stars, thinking in this two works, that come as a pair ("Tudo foi feito..." and "o A e o Z") is more in the establishment of Os Mutantes as a true Progressive/Psychdelic band - and even definign the style itself.

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Posted Thursday, August 15, 2013 | Review Permalink
3 stars Coming at a point in Os Mutantes career where the influence of that distinctly Brazilian style of psychedelia known as tropicalia had ebbed from their music to be replaced by wide-ranging and globally informed progressive rock, Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol is a convincing prog workout that makes space for extended instrumental jams which combine a few psychedelic undertones with a decent standard of musicianship. Fumbling around for a new direction in the wake of the departure of a number of key members of the band, at points the combination puts me in mind of early Krautrock bands, particularly a less Middle Eastern-flavoured Agitation Free or a less tripped-out Amon Duul II. In short, it's the sound of Os Mutantes entering a mutated maturity, though I keep getting the nagging feeling whilst listening to it that I'd be happier just giving Tanz der Lemminge another spin.
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Posted Sunday, February 2, 2014 | Review Permalink
Honorary Collaborator
3 stars Reputedly the reason why Polygram did not release ''O "A" e o "Z" in time was because the members of Os Mutantes were recording the album under the experience of LSD drugs.This prooved to be a fact, when Arnaldo Baptista left the band in 1973, following depression symptoms due to the use of LSD and the end of his marriage.Dinho Leme also left the band in 1974, followed by Liminho, who abandoned the ship after inner disagreements.Sergio Dias Baptista found himself alone, but decided to move on with new members.Tulio Mourao on keyboards, Antonio Pedro on bass and Rui Motta on drums, all joined in the same year and the new formation recorded the album ''Tudo foi feito pelo sol'' for the Som Livre label.

Change of members brought reasonably a slight change in sound for Os Mutantes, which remained deeply progressive but a bit more on the psychedelic side compared to the more symphonic sound of their non-released previous sessions.All newcomers had fully adapted the band's spirit towards intricate and challenging arrangements and the style presented here is a YES/FLASH-influenced Progressive Rock with less emphasis on symphonic arrangements and a tendency towards innovative rhythms and atmospheres with Classical, jazzy and spacey nuances.Of course the piano interludes and the frantic time signatures are still involved in the music of Os Mutantes, there is also a good bunch of interplays with a British Prog color, but the addition of the former psychedelic elements and the surface of jazzy lines led the band towards more loose structures with long instrumental parts.Acoustic inventions and changing keyboard parts may remind of the mighty GENTLE GIANT or compatriots TERRENO BALDIO at some point with the band still sinking into complex Progressive Rock patterns.You should pay attention though to the softer textures with the synths and the calm rhythms in evidence, the creation of spacey keyboard soundscapes and the smooth vocal department.''Tudo foi feito pelo sol'' sounds like a mix of the old and new Os Mutantes in the very end.It's still a very British-sounding band, which now explores the more outlandish vibes of PINK FLOYD along with the return of some early textures from their psychedelic days.

Interesting even if a bit of a chaotic release without certain consistency.A mixture of extended psychedelic and spacey instrumentals with captivating inspirations from Classic Prog and Jazz Rock.Recommended.

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Posted Saturday, September 27, 2014 | Review Permalink
Tarcisio Moura
4 stars For such well known, groundbreaking and respected band like Mutantes, Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol got surprisingly few comments and reviews, which contribuited to my desire to write mine. By the time this album was out the only remaining original band member was guitarist Sergio Dias Baptista. Mutantes had lost not only the creative mind of Arnaldo Dias Baptista but also the services of the celebrated bass player Liminha (who would in future years become one of the best and most sought of producers in south america). Sergio was never really comfortable as a band leader and although he did find excellent musicians to fill in the blanks, the group never regain their former status or groundbreaking production. Still, they were capable of delivering a superb prog album with Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol.

When it came out it was met by a good reception from the prog audience in Brazil - it sold pretty well for the style - and, not entirely surprising, received some quite harsh remarks from critics, who called them mere copycats of "foreign music". Without Arnaldo Dias Batista genial touch and Rita Lee's penchant for mockery Mutantes were incapable of being the anarchic, original and musical mixed bag they once were famous for. And although part of it was true, I (and many others) always felt the "new" Mutantes did have their own take of prog music and some of their brazilian roots were still there.

Listening to the album nowadays I still think they were really fantastic and wish this line up could hold on and deliver a follow up (personnel changes plagued the band from then on), but they would not. Songs like the instrumental Pitagoras, Desanuviar and the title track are fine prog tunes that made us feel so proud of having our own symphonic progressive band during the heyday of the style. We were starving for something like that! Other more rocking tracks like O Contrario de Nada ' Nada and Eu So Penso em Te Ajudar were also good ones and sure live favorites to dance to, but clearly were not the best of their repertoire (a whole prog album would be more fitting, but then they'd be even more criticized if they did so). Anyway, the point is: all songs are at least good, inspired and very well performed and produced. That in a time when recording facilities in Brazil were few and people who actually knew how to use it even rarer. The instrumental parts are really powerful but one thing that really stands out for me are the vocals: although Sergio does not have the greatest voice, he knew how to sing even the most difficult parts and the harmonies were elaborated, original and spot on, something most brazilian bands lacked badly, then and now.

All in all a very good prog album that stood well the test of time. I know it is not like their previous works, but it is an excellent effort, specially if you like symphonic prog, with strong Yes and Italian influences.

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Posted Monday, August 13, 2018 | Review Permalink
3 stars According to Google Translate, the Portuguese title of this album is equivalent to "Everything Was Done by the Sun" in English.

The opening trio of songs, "Deixe Entrar Um Pouco D'Água No Quintal" ("Let a Little Water Go in the Backyard"), Pitágoras ("Pythagoras"), and Desanuviar ("Unwind," or possibly "Brighten") sounds in places like San Francisco groups Santana and Jefferson Airplane - - especially in the verse and chorus sections. But in other passages I hear Genesis and Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Both the psychedelic and symphonic influences recur throughout Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol. Interestingly, some passages make me wonder whether os Mutantes may have influenced bands like Styx and Supertramp, or if there were mutual influences at work.

Later, on "Cidadão Da Terra" ("Earth Citizen," or more likely, "Citizen of the Earth") and "O Contrário Do Nada É Nada" ("The Opposite of Nothing is Nothing"), the band strays more obviously into what today we'd call "classic rock," even sound a bit like Creedence Clearwater Revival on the latter. The eclectic "Eu Só Penso Em Te Ajudar" ("I Only Think About Helping You") also has contemporary rock aspects but moves into progressive territory soon enough.

The sound quality is OK, though below what I'd expect from a remastered recording from 1974. However: I downloaded this from freegal, a platform which doesn't provide much information about its music files. The website says "1974 Som Livre," but since the download includes bonus tracks, it seemed safe to assume that I've been listening to Som Livre 0500-2, a 2006 reissue.

Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol is a good period piece. Apparently it has historical importance as well in the realm of Brazilian rock music. I'd recommend it to 1970s prog enthusiasts interested in the scene outside of Europe and North America.

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Posted Wednesday, June 5, 2019 | Review Permalink
5 stars Wow!!, what an almost "mind blowing" suprise listening to this one for the first time - after I've decided to do some more exploring of Latin American Prog, which I (as an European) began on about 10 years ago. You could almost write an entire book about this album, so diverse and eclectic it is, and uncommon for the very most of the Prog - that is maybe except from Avant-Prog which this album isn't. And I don't know yet what to do with it as it has some (Pop) elements common with the later coming Neo-Prog - which is not exactly my cup of tea - but I'm surely going to listen some more to this album, and I can't imagine else than decide to make it a part of my collection, as strange and very exiting it is.

After second listen: "truelly amazing expression of creative mind and life happy energy!!", and in no doubt about must having it! Plus, it's somehow amazingly consistent considering how incredibly eclectic this album is - and that thought of a person very fond of homogenous albums. And maybe, it's most appropiate to consider it as Avant-Prog but of a very catchy type.

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Posted Thursday, April 22, 2021 | Review Permalink

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